Companies Bill 2012

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Incorporating recommendations of the Standing Committee, the Companies Bill, 2012 was introduced and passed in Lok Sabha on 18th ecember, 2012! " detailed anal#tical stud# of Companies Bill 2011 was contributed b# the team of $ Sagar "ssociates, "d%ocates and Solicitors in ecember 2011 &CL" 10'()*! notable changes in companies bill 2012+ 1!Inclusion of whole,time director in the definition of -ke# managerial personnel. /Clause 2&'1*0 2! efinition of -pri%ate placement. and further sanctions on raising of capital b# companies /Clauses 21&2* and )20 1!2unishment for fraudulentl# inducing persons to in%est mone# /Clause 13 &c*0 )!4o restriction on %oting rights and right of a securit# holder to transfer securities during rectification of register of members /Clause '5&1*0 '! Chairperson of a listed compan# can be a member but not chairperson of 4omination and 6emuneration Committee 3!"llowing the same person to be the Chairperson and 7 or C89 in certain cases :!;ransfer of proceedings 8! 6epeals and sa%ings

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