Compare and Contrast(1)

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Compare and Contrast(1)



ENG 106, Comp. II
Assignment 1
Comparison Contrast
Big Mac, Little Mac
Background: We will read most of the essays from Is !ast !ood the New "o#a$$o%& 'e(eral of these
essays were paired to present opposite #iases. As s)$h, they $o)ld easily #e $ontrasted. *e$a)se they
share a similar p)rpose +i.e. to pers)ade or inform, and a $ommon topi$ +fast food,, it is also )sef)l to
$ompare the similarities. *efore #eginning writing, yo) sho)ld #e a#le to ma-e $riti$al $onne$tions
#etween the food people eat and the s)#.e$ts of responsi#ility, health, ed)$ation, and $)lt)re.
In addition, yo) m)st )nderstand $ertain rhetori$al elements. We will dis$)ss how p)rpose, tone, and
a)dien$e affe$t ea$h other and essays as a whole. Identifying these elements will help yo) e(al)ate #ias
and will pro(ide yo) with )sef)l tools for $omparing essays at an a$ademi$ le(el.
Task: /i$- two essays we0(e read on the s)#.e$t of food. E(al)ate the two #y arg)ing how one is more
effe$ti(e than the other, $onsidering rhetori$al aspe$ts whi$h we will dis$)ss +primarily a)dien$e,
p)rpose, and tone,. !or ea$h aspe$t, e1plain why one essay is more effe$ti(e than the other, and
pro(ide $on$rete details and e1amples from the te1ts to s)pport yo)r reasoning. Conne$t yo)r
e(al)ation to the thesis2o(erall arg)ment. Compare them #y pointing o)t the signifi$ant similarities.
Contrast them #y pointing o)t the signifi$ant differen$es. Con$l)de with a refle$tion on the
signifi$an$e of yo)r $omparison $ontrast and e(al)ation.
Significant topics might in$l)de #)t are not limited to:
• ')#.e$t
• /osition or Arg)ment
• 3rgani4ation
• "one
• /)rpose
• A)dien$e
• Follow directions and assignment guidelines
• Demonstrate required effort in prewriting and drafting stages
• Thesis or main point is always clear, and supported
• Essay is organized, uses transitions, and connects ideas with elaboration and explanation as needed
• Proofread for grammar and readability
• Balance summary and analysis appropriately
• Use rhetorical terms such as tone, purpose, and audience so they are significant to the essay’s
structure and organization
• Introduce and cite sources properly
Length and format: 4-5 pages, not including header; for the header include name, class, instructor,
assignment, and date; 12 point font, double spaced, Times New Roman

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