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Essay Writing Form
Shamma Salim Compare and Contrast Remarks

What do you prefer ? Fast food or home-made meals ?
Nowadays, people prefer fast food more than home-made meals.
Actually , there are some similarities and differences between
Both fast food and home-made meals can be cooked at the
time when you want to eat. Also, both of them can contain the
same ingredients.
On the other hand , there are some differences between fast
food and home-made meals. Fast food can cost a lot of money , so
it is more expensive than home-made meals.
In addition , home-made meals are more healthy than fast
food , because fast food contains a lot of fats , oils and salts. Also ,
home-made meals are cooked in a clean way with a high quality of
ingredients ,but fast food used to cook with a bad quality of
ingredients , so ˄ surly it will affect negatively on people's health.
Nevertheless , you may have your home-cooked meal at your
home, but you can have your fast food outdoor such as in a
luxurious restaurant or in a tiny cafeteria.
Therefore, home-cooked meals needs a lot of time until it get
ready , but fast food can be ready in few minutes.
Eventually , fast food might be better in saving time while
home-cooked meals are more healthy than fast food and it is better
in quality. In my opinion home-cooked meals are better than fast
food , because it is good for our health.

Ww / P / Cap


P / Cap / Sp


SVA / SVA / wrong
use of the
This serves better
in the body

Final Notes:
1. Good work; Shamma.
2. You should pay more attention to your organization. A 5-paragraph organizer
might help.
3. You are writing very short paragraphs – which is not convenient in writing such an
essay. More than one of your paragraphs consist ONLY of one sentence.

SP = spelling error / P = punctuation (full stop, comma, question mark...etc ) / CAP= capital letter / WO = word order
/ WW = wrong word / # = plural or singular/ ?M = unclear meaning / VF = verb form (gerund, participle …….etc ) /
VT= verb tense / SVA = subject - verb agreement / G = grammar mistake /X =omit this / ^ = missing word / WF =
word form (noun, verb, adjective, adverb…..etc)

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