Compare and Contrast

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Guide To Compare and Contrast Essays
Compare and contrast essays are particularly common in TOEFL exams, universities and higher
levels of school.
How to Brainstorm a Compare and Contrast Essay
The most efficient way to brainstorm Compare and contrast essays is to put the similarities in
the middle and differences to either side. This gives you a clear idea of how much they have in
common and how much difference there is.
n introduction should include two or three sentences of bac!ground information and a Thesis
statement. Thesis statement can be"
● #hich you thin! is better
Many people believe that Pepsi is better than Coca Cola.
● $ow similar they are to each other
There are relatively few differences between Pepsi and Coca Cola.
● $ow different they are.
There are many differences between Pepsi and Coca Cola.
%age & Of ' (ore )reat *esources at" http"++www.,!
.tem & .tem /
Choosing a Main Body Structure
There are three main ways to organi0e your essay"
-eparate similarities and
-ub,ect by -ub,ect
Criteria organi0ation
1%oint by point2
Type of Essay" #hat they have in
common and then
one sub,ect and then
the other.
3iscuss it point by point.
The most important
points come first
4o. of
similarities 5
bout the same of each )enerally more
differences than
3oes not matter. 1.f
there a lot of similarities,
group them together in
an initial paragraph.2
6seful #hen" There is little need to
give bac!ground on the
#ant to discuss
individual sub,ects in
more detail. Often used
when readers are
familiar with one sub,ect
and not the other.
6sed a lot in decision
ma!ing to clearly
highlight important
London 7s
● English spea!ing
● Train networ!
● 8uses
● %ar!s
● 9oo
● #eather
● ttractions
● 8eaches
● English spea!ing
● Train networ!
● 8uses
● %ar!s
● 9oo
● #eather
● ttractions
● English spea!ing
● Train networ!
● 8uses
● %ar!s
● 9oo
● #eather
● ttractions
● 8eaches
%oint 8y %oint
● English spea!ing
● Train networ!
● 8uses
● %ar!s
● 9oo
● #eather
● ttractions
● 8eaches
Concluding Your assignment
Once you have analy0ed the !ey points either conclude by choosing the better alternative,
highlight the differences or state that they are very similar.
%age / Of ' (ore )reat *esources at" http"++www.,!
Key Vocaulary
Similarities !i""erences
in the same way different from
li!e in contrast to
both compared with
and unli!e
in addition but
on the one hand...
...on the other hand
li!ewise conversely
similarly in contrast
%age : Of ' (ore )reat *esources at" http"++www.,!
Teacher#s $otes
Vocaulary Teaching Ideas
● The 7ocabulary can be cut up for use in a matching exercise
● ;ou could put the ideas in a hat and each student has to ma!e a sentence using the
vocabulary given.
.t is useful to encourage students to use the brainstorming tool given. .t is often called a 7enn
3iagram and is designed specifically for this !ind of exercise.
!i""erent Types o" Compare and Contrast Essay
There are a number of different names for the types of organi0ation including"
● 8loc! Layout < -ub,ect by sub,ect organi0ation although some people would also
include -eparate Compare and contrast in this group.
● Essays that focus on similarities or contrasts < One might argue that those essays
should be called similarity essays or contrasting essays.
Guided E%ample Essays
There are a number of example compare and contrast essays on the site ,!
including" T7 7s 8oo!s and comparative reviews. 8oth can be found at"
%age ' Of ' (ore )reat *esources at" http"++www.,!

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