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lbu are going to hear
someone talking about "*&¡rt-lrrugrrjnnr.

Which of the following words do you think she uses? hairdresser music teenagers homework posters reviews stadium journalists sport adverts holidavs sales

2 Buzzis as 3 Hits! is less

......... as Hits! ......... than Buzz.



part againand tick the correctmagazines. Listento the second
Hits! Buzz Smash

Which magiazinez
is the newest? has got the most reviews? is the most expensive? has the most adverts?


Look at A3 and A4. Which exerciseis about comparing two things? Which exerciseis about comparing more than two things?



m Gomparativeand superlative adiectives
Comparingtwo people or things:
¡ü At Yr

Buzz is the most expensiue (magazine). Hits! is the least expensiae (magazine).

Som ::., ' -;-.¿

Hits! is smaller thanBuzz. We make comparative and superlative adjectiveslike this:
adiective one syllable: long ending in -e nice
ending in one vowel + -b, -d, -9, -fl, -p ot -t big +'er --> longer
+-f é nicer

Advr ¡dr



. - .' ¡

+ -est ---> the longest

: -\i

+ -sú --+ the nicest double the last letter + -est --->the biggest

t'Í'. '


double the last letter + -er --> bigger

two svllables: famous ending in -y dirty three syllables: popular
+ n'Lore \ -+ more popular \ + the most ---> the most popular + more --> more famous + the most ---> the most famous

Som .,,,I

ítk : ' .¿¡

¡r and + -ier --->dirtier

aand + -icst -> the dirtiest




A Someadjectivesare irregular: good + better+ the best,bad + worse+ the worshfar + further + thefurthest His latestsongis better than his last one.He'sthe best singerin the band. This magazineis worse than that one. It's the worst magazineI'ue euerread. as and less... than to comparethings: We also use (not) as... Hits! orBuzz lslesspopularthanHits! (=Hitst ismorepopularthan Buzzisn'taspopulara,s Buzz.) When two things are the same,we say: Buzz is ¿spopular¿s Hits! L4

I { ir-. >rlt;

cou I-lu' ilir,

; {



Hits! is morecolourfultlwnBuzz. Buzz isn'tas/socolourfulas Hits! / Buzz is lesscolourfulthan Hits! Blzz is as colourfulas Hits!
Smash is the most interesting magazine. Bttzz is the least interesting magazine.

{ less
= the same


A the most

V the least


Gomparativeand superlative adverbs

Sometimes we compare how we do something: \-ou can read Hits! tnore easily thanBuzz. The Smash journalists write better than some national journalists. Adverbs ending in -ly form comparatives and superlatives like this:
adverb slowly comparative
more slowly more beautLfully more easily

the most slowly


the mostbeautifully
rhe most easily

and superlativeslike short adjectives: Other adverbsform comparatives -> --> harder hardest hard the hard,est. hariler than I do but Alex worles worÍes My sister Someadverbsare irregular: well-> better-->the best,badly -+ worse-> the worst but he plays theguitar better than me.Robplqys lotsof instruments I plry theguitar well. Rob plays the guitar the best. A We don't use superlativeadverbsvery often.

nouns ffi Gomparing
We use more/the nxostto compare both countable an Smash has more reviews than Hits! Hits! has the most aduerts. Smash contains the most information. We use fewer / the fewest to compare countable nouns: There are fewer aduerts in Smash than ln Hits ! Hits! has the fewest posters.

ncountable nouns:

We use less/ the least to compare uncountable nouns: There'sless rubbish in Smash than in Bu Z Z . Smash contains the least rubbish.




thun Paolabut Daisy designedhers |ill designedher clothes .:rno-Y.A...W-e.f.*!1y..

IIy.. e#'-s.fu Jk..mpsj...

6 |ill colouredher drawings her designs 7 Paolaexplained

......... than Daisybut Paolacolouredhers ......... than Daisybut Jill explainedhers than Paolabut Jill sewedhers

8 Daisysewedher clothes.............

[[$ Match the words on the left with their oppositeson the right.

Look at the pictures of three houses for sale and correct the sentences below.


din isgir2oo,offi :rwo'uCuiboms',
sitting bat,hroom, ,,óne, 'iüom;'kiiChent skms ' ,1¡ofn'r,cltt''céntre

Built2004 f,l55,000 Threebedrooms, two bathiooms, iiiiing qn, kitchen; in city

I 9e4, f,ges, O0O: :B.uilf

ó¡tl, ¿eiiii* !kms,r¡{*

,l'11? bát{j roó* i iti iu-ü, ;;;*, -, ", liit¿h"áni ¡ing'io¡*, Í1n ,"r ,

bedifoorni, inráá

. 1, C is the smallesthouse.*:s... 2 A is the 3 B has the most untidy garden..F...h*:..... house..F...i:.......... 4 B is the most expensive 5 A is the nearestto the city cent.e. .4...p.. Now complete these sentencesabout the three housesusing rnore,Ínost,fewer ot fewest. 6 B has 8 B has rooms than A. ......... rooms. ......... bedroomsthan C. L7 9 A has the .......... 10 C has bedrooms. 7 C has the .......... ......... bathroomsthan B.

Writing Part 1
Hereare some sentences abouta radiostation. Foreachquestion, complete the secondsentence so that it meansthe sameas the first. Use no more than three words. Example: 255 is my favourite 0 Radio radiostation. Ithink Radio 255 is .....,..b.5!J.g:, ........ than the other radio stations.

7I\ -

7e -

Otherradiostations havefewer listeners than Radio 255. Radio 255 has listenersthan other radio stations.

SteveWood is funnierthan all the otherdiscjockeys. Steve Wood is the I find the sportsprogrammes interesting. | ................. in the sports programmes. disc jockey.

The musicprogrammes are less popular than the news programmes. The music programmes aren't ..1................. the news programmes.

likely to win.

ca; ñ; .o*ptrt¿ ¡;"ú ¡r in"** l"rrr"rr*es in a different way so:it stiil Áean* ih* irmer 0 Otherradiostations aren't Radio255.
1 Radio 255 has the ........,. 2.The other :disc iockeysaren't 4 The news progxammesare than the rnusic'programmes.
,,'-'"',.....,-...,".. ..,,.,- ,.:,,,. . ,- ' ,.1'..-..'.- .,i.- ,.- .-,.'.,.,...--.., -..,.-...,,



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