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Sixth Trimester 2012 Sub: Competency Based Recruitment & Selection Faculty: Subramanyam Degala E mail: [email protected]

Course Outline Of Competency Based Recruitment & Selection
The major purpose of this subject is make pupils understand various issues associated with recruitment and selection. Before coming to that point we have to tell them something about business plan and how these business plans are made. What is the strategy for implementing the business plan and how these strategies do are implemented. Students should have good understanding about business plan and how to write one and importance of the plan for organizational survival and growth. From the business plan emanates the Human Resource plan which is pre cursor to recruitment and selection. In addition to that we have to make pupil understand who they strategize to get the good talent. Talent Identification, Acquisition, development and retention become part of it. The emphasis will be on competencies and how these competencies are used in selection.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: To enable to student to understand        To introduce the basic concepts, functions and processes of Strategic Management How to make or prepare business plan – its composition Strategy implementation How to do Human Resource planning How important is the recruitment strategy is How to strategize to get right people for right positions Assessment of prospective candidates

   

Importance of competencies in selection Importance and validity of psychometric tests Interview process Orientation of new joinees

Pedagogy: Pedagogy includes       Video Clippings Brain storming Presentations Case studies Group discussion on presentation Complete involvement of each and every individual is ensured

Duration of the class: Duration of the class will be 3 hours continuously because whole course structure is based on Case studies, exercise and presentation method. Depending on the top one or two groups will make a presentation on same topic and it will take 2 hours and 45 minutes for summing up and last 15 minutes will be for queries and clarifications.

Evaluation:     There is continuous evaluation of the students during class Based on their presentation skills, their initiative and ability to participate will earn those marks to the extent of 10. One quiz will be conducted for 10 marks Two assignments will be given to test their understanding of theoretical aspects of Human resource management which will earn them 40 marks.

TOPICS: Module 1 :   Business Plan Article on strategy Case Study Of GE

Teaching time: 6 hours Module 2:  Human Resource planning Case Study

Teaching time: 3 hours

Module 3:    Rebuild your recruitment Strategy Making the Most on Online Recruitment Online Hiring? Do it right? Case Study : Jindi Enterprise

Teaching time: 6 hours Module4:   Job Evaluation, Job Description, & Job specification Competencies & Competency Mapping Case Study : The very model of Modern Senior Manager

Teaching time: 6 hours Module 5:   Strategic Importance of Hiring and Selection Finding A Fit between a Person and Position Case study : Bit Stream

Teaching time: 3 hours

Module 6:  Assessing The Quality Of Prediction Personality Tests in Hiring

Teaching time: 3 hours

Module 7:    Interview Process ABCs Of Job Interviewing Competency Based Interviewing Exercise

Teaching time : 3 hours

Module 8: Joining Formalities and Orientation Programme for New Employees

Teaching Hours : 3 hours

READING MATERIAL: 1. 2. 3. 4. Handouts from various sources Human Resource management – Gary Dressler Human Resource Management - Ivancevich War For Talent – Ed Michaels

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