Computer Multiple Choice Questions

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Computer Multiple Choice Questions?
1. The Internet was orginally a a. LAN at MIT b. Code-cracking network during World War II by the U.S. Defense Department c. A network cooperatively created by several large hardware and software companies d. A small experimental research network called ARPANET e. A Microsoft product that quickly became too big for the company to control 2. Where is the Internet's central hub and control center located? a. Near Washington D.C. b. Near the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington c. In a top-secret location d. In Silicon Valley e. Nowhere, the Internet has no central hub 3. Which of these domains is restricted to qualified organizations? a. .com b. .org c. .net d. .edu e. None are restricted; anyone can have a URL in any of these domains 4. Which of these types of Internet connections is typically the slowest? a. Direct connection through T1 lines b. Dial-up modem connections through phone lines c. DSL connections through phone lines d. Cable modem connections through cable TV lines e. Satellite connections through satellite dishes 5. Which of these services would you probably not be able to get from a typical Internet service provider (ISP)? a. An email address b. Access to a Web server c. A connection to the Internet d. Technical help e. Free Windows upgrades 6. Specialized servers are used on the Internet to a. Function like email post offices b. Accept FTP requests to upload the download files c. Store applications that are rented or leased by large corporations d. Store and send Web pages e. All of the above 7. The first Web pages were a. Strictly hypertext with no multimedia content b. Designed to simulate printed pages using HTML's table tools c. The first true multimedia documents to be published on the Internet d. Viewable only with proprietary Microsoft software e. Sent via email from Doug Engelbart's office on the Stanford campus

8. Quicktime, RealOne, and Shockwave are among the most popular Web browser a. Plug-ins b. Cookies c. Cascading stylesheets d. Search engines e. Security tools 9. An online shopping catalog for a large outdoor outfitter is almost certainly a. A data-driven Web site that seperates site content from design b. Carefully hand-coded in pure HTML to minimize errors c. Designed to work without cookies d. Limited to work with a single type of Web browser for consistency e. All of the above 10. The Internet will change drastically in the next decade, but what is the one thing that is likely to remain relatively unchanged? a. The dominance of HTML as a Web page creation language b. The metaphor of the page as the container of Internet information c. The TCP/IP protocol that's used to send and recieve Internet messages d. The ownership of the Internet by Microsoft e. The percentage of non-U.S. Internet users 11. Which of the following is the formof push technology that has been embraced by most Internet users? a. Peer-to-peer sharing b. Web searching c. FTP d. email e. grid computing 12. What kind of people are drawn to grid computing? a. People who need a massive amount of electricity b. People who need a massive amount of raw computing power c. People who need super-reliable access to the Web d. People who recieve an extremely large amount of email e. All of the above 13. What do you call specialized software tools designed to make e-commerce solutions easier to implement and maintain? a. Firewalls b. Peer-to-peer networks c. Grid tools d. Object-oriented programming languages e. Web services 14. What do you call software that prevents certain Web pages from being displayed? a. Child-safe software b. Dutch dike software c. Filtering software d. Spam blockers e. Underage software 15. Which country attempts to limit its residents' access to controversial Web content by routing all incoming Internet traffic through a single control center? a. Germany

b. North Korea c. People's Republic of China d. Saudi Arabia e. United States 
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