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Short school presentation about why computers are useful.



It is well known that since prehistoric times mankind has been searching for means to make its life and its work easier, thus the invention of tools, clothing, household objects and vehicles. But amongst the most important inventions of all times, witch bring a tremendous influence to our lives, is the computer. Since the idea of a device that can calculate numbers for us, witch obviously took birth in a mathematician’s mind; computers have nowadays become an irreplaceable aid to our work, but most importantly a social and even cultural, global phenomena. nd yet if they make our lives this much easier, why do some embrace them more than others! nd what are the negative aspects of this matter! "irst of all the reason computers have become irreplaceable to our work is that they can allow for production to be automated, monitored, and archived faster and easier. "urthermore because the majority of modern technological advancements in almost every particular domain have computer parts incorporated, companies re#uire their employees to have basic knowledge of operating their respective devices. nd while everyone is at work another computer calculates their payment salaries and ta$es. In fact, because most of the economics are saved on an electronic database, new concepts such as virtual money or virtual possessions have been made possible. Second of all, if we look this matter from a different perspective we cannot help notice that computers have become a very popular cultural current as nowadays society is very found of science%fiction literature, electronic music and too many movies in witch characters speak with computers in their homes or onboard their vehicles. &onsters seem to have been replaced by robots and romance by artificial intelligence. In stead of the classic fairy tales and ghost stories a very popular modern theme witch seems to get people scared is that one day mankind will create a supercomputer so smart it will take over the world and e$tinguish human life.

'owever when it comes to the social aspect of this matter, opinions are debated. lthough computers are a very good way to entertain ourselves and to stay in touch with others, from at home, some people illusively consider them a liability for the youth because they may find them addictive. (he truth however is different. )eople need to reali*e that computers e$ist weather we wish it or not and the only solution to this problem is to educate the youth around them. It must be comforting for parents and teachers to point fingers else ware when they’re failing, but they just cannot blame computers because they do not act by themselves. lso related to this social aspect, recent psychological studies show that people can be catalogued by analy*ing the information stored on their personal computer and conclusions can be drawn about ones intimate preoccupations by looking at what kind of video%games, movies and music he+she likes.

ll in all, in the near future computers will become a prere#uisite to an ordinary life, however, for the moment, we cannot establish weather this is a positive or negative aspect of this future. Because they are not programmed by the laws of morality, computers can also support malevolent intentions. It is well known that nuclear warheads have processors incorporated. nd yet there are some that believe that if handled with care and responsibility computers are able to solve at least the mathematical problems of our e$istence.

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