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COMPUTERS Computers play an important role in all walks of life. They are extensively used in the field of communication, banking, education, medical, hospitals, research and entertainment etc. with the help of computer and the internet, the world wide web (www) is a huge resource of information. It enables file transferring and sharing, on-line chat, gaming, to share knowledge, ideas and experiences, electronic mail (e-mail), storing and forwarding information. Computer and internet have brought the entire globe in a box in one room. The people can read current news, know about diseases and their remedies or treatment methods, information regarding weather conditions, travel and hotel reservations etc. They can get information regarding specific countries, their culture, know or learn about education and job opportunities, special or particular products etc. Since their invention in 1942, the computers to-day have exhibited a remarkable progress. They have become extremely fast, the output is very quick, efficient, exact and properly arranged. Their use is most beneficial, meaningful, fruitful and advantageous for people in remote areas. They have great utility, particularly for the handicapped and disabled. Many universities provide on-line education, training and degrees. A great revolution in industries, improved means of production and all round efficiency have provided a great impetus to the economy of the country. Most of the school, colleges and other institution, companies, organizations impart education, training, knowledge and understanding for the proper use of computer and using it logically, rationally and methodically.

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