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By Ahmed S. Ali

Table Contents
y Brief history y How is it used today y Effect in our life:
y Advantages y Disadvantages

y Leading improvements in :
y Quality y Safety y Efficiency

y Future y Closing comment

Brief History
y As early as the 1640's mechanical calculators are manufactured for

sale. Records exist of earlier machines, but Blaise Pascal invents the first commercial calculator, a hand powered adding machine
y Bell Labs complete work on the transistor (John Bardeen,

Walter Brattain and William Shockley )receive the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1956), and by 1948 teams around the world work on a "stored program" machine. The first, nicknamed "Baby", is a prototype of a much larger machine under construction in Britain and is shown in June 1948.

Brief History
y The first real computer was made by IBM in July 1980 which

takes up a complete room which is a size 10 x 10 M.

How is it used today
y Computers these days run 4000 to 8000 (processing speed)

faster the when they started which shows the jump in technology . y Now are they are used every where , homes ,work, PDA·s, even cars and TV's.

Effect in our life
y Computers touch our life in many ways however I will list

them as advantages and disadvantages : y Advantages :
y In dependable on jobs. y Accurate in details. y Fast in processing. y Highly efficient. y No need for supervision .

Effect in our life
y Disadvantages:
y Vulnerable for virus and other types of attacks. y Need maintenance from time to time. y Require update frequently. y Need to be in a highly cooled areas. y And could crash for no reason «

Leading improvements in: Quality
y Computers can increase the quality in work and in time

where it could keep a certain job going for the same time and same accuracy.

Leading improvements in: Safety
y Now a days fire systems are controlled by computers and

they alert the firemen or fire department to the location . y In other major plants they control the major shutdowns if detected any danger. y Computerized driving schools are best examples in safety from others.

Leading improvements in: Efficiency
y Numerical calculations, document preparation, record

retrieval are just a few common tasks which become much more efficient when computerized.

y The future is unlimited for computers they are developed for

our needs and our requirements . y They have been even connect to real human flush to organize heart beats and so on. y 3D computers are becoming a new hit as some demos are being presented at the present time.

Closing comment
y As you could imagine there is not limit to what computers

could do what stops them is you .

y Please feel free to ask .

Thank you

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