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06 July, 2012 Computers

Q: These discussions of subatomic particles, how are they relevant to larger things we see in
life, things humans can touch, see and use?
A: Just as the subatomic base particles are the buildings blocks, the bricks of all physical
substance, so operate many things in your existence. Chemistry is possibly the ideal example;
the atoms, molecules and compounds they form demonstrate the interaction of the energies we
have discussed in the God particle, Higgs boson entries.

Q: How does chemistry relate?
A: Rapid chemical reactions are called fire or explosions; slow ones are called rust. These are
instances of energy of the atom, the rotation of the subparticles used to alter that of the ever
larger objects created. So operate your computers.

Q: Binary language?
A: Yes; the 0s and 1s of binary code are but the same thing as the negative, neutral and
positive charges of the subatomic particles – the rotating tetrahedrons of these pieces – that
build the substance. Your computers work much the way the energy of your mind manifests.

Q: Think it and it is created?
A: Yes; your thought causes realignment of the components – you call them quarks? – that
eventually create what you think. In your vibration of Earth, the neutrons and protons are
rotating at 40 times your speed of light, and so to detect them you cannot. In the higher
vibrations of what you call Heaven – and we like this term as it’s used and understood on Earth
– the speed is higher still, by several logarithms – and thus energy of thought when applied
realigns and creates the object much as a computer screen creates the image of what is typed or

Q: Is this how bullets are stopped?
A: Yes; allow us some math. A powerful rifle you would consider, will propel its bullet at
your speed of three thousand feet per second or 1/982,080,000 the speed of light. Vibration at
40 times the speed of light makes the bullet that much slower by comparison, as it moves at
1/39,283,200,000 and thus vibration at higher levels – which can be achieved by your collective
will – can make a bullet easy to stop. You are 39 billion times faster – this was demonstrated
most recently in your moves called The Matrix – and can make objects appear stopped.

Q: So computers are nothing more than manifestation of energy and relations of objects as
they exist in the universe? The building blocks of data are what construct all matter, in a base
binary code?
A: Indeed, yes. No different.

Q: It all seems too simple.
A: The unknown always seems this way until true nature is revealed. This is Heaven as it is on
Earth and that will remain.

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