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The Circle = Multiple Directions
The most visible characterisic of this Museum is its unusual form.
The site, surrounded by three streets, is accessible from multiple
directions, which led to the actual plan of circularity. Anyone can
enter the Museum through any entrance which helps to facilitate
easy access and a sense of closeness between the building and the
Horiontality = !ocation of "acility
#$hibition rooms, restaurant, and art library are located in a
horiontal place, so that the Museum loo%s spread out as if the
visitors were in downtown area. The natural &ow of the Museum
enables visitors easily to view each area.
Transparency = 'roducing (penness
The use of glass walls, inside and out, produces transparency and
brightness. )t also enhances a sense of encounter, an awareness of
each other*s presence, and unity among the visitors, whether they
are at inside or outside of the building.

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