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Pakistan’s real estate market is expecte expected d to regain this year some of the sheen it had lost in 2014. Last year had proved to be a very dull year for the property market market because of security and political conditions as !ell as other inherent factors that hampered gro!th gro!th of this sector said "kber #heikh a ma$or developer from Lahore.

Pakistan received %1&bn in remittances in the last 'nancial year. (f this %2) *bn !as directly invested in real estate. #o anyone !ho has some savings prefers to invest in property since the market has never seen a crash like the stock market+ he concluded. Published in Dawn, Economic & Business, January 12th, 2015 Decrease in interest rate ,urrently

the prices of properties in Pakistan

are -uite high !hich is merely due to high ination in the country. /ecause of  the oods of previous three years prices of commodities have increased drastically aecting badly the purchasing po!er of people in the country country..  he lo! purchasing po!er po!er is the main hurdle for people to secure or even apply for a decent mortgage deal. he overnment in collaboration !ith the #tate /ank of Pakistan is not only trying to curb ination but also decrease the interest rate on home loans. he #tate /ank of Pakistan slashed do!n the interest rate from 143 to 1*.03 during 2011. his sho!s that the government governme nt is seriously interested to increase the purchasing po!er of people to help them secure a better mortgage deal for themselves. 5urther decrease in interest rate is expected during the follo!ing years !hich !ould increase the demand of properties in the country. 6iminishing the disparity bet!een demand and supply !ould bring prices do!n and setPakistan7s real estate sector back on track.

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