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Abstract Introduction History Focus on Mobility 10 5. Advantages of Mobile Agent Technology 12 6. Disadvantage of Mobile Agent technology 16 7. Examples Of Mobile Agent Technology 31 8. Implementation 33 9. Conclusion 34 321712101 2-3 4 5-





Before I get into the actual report, I would like to add a few heartfelt words for the people, who were part of this report in numerous ways, people who gave unending support right from the Stage the report idea was conceived. I would like to convey my sincere thanks to whole MCA Department, AMRAPALI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND COMPUTER APPLICATION, HALDWANI for giving me the opportunity to get education in such a Premier institute and giving me all the facilities at this institute. I am also grateful to Dr. M.K.Sharma(HOD of AIMCA) for his invaluable support without his help the project could not reach to its success. I also express my heartfelt thanks to all other faculty members of

AIMCA, Haldwani, who directly or indirectly helped me to complete this project.

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