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C Class

Name: Starting Cookie
Actual Name: Brave Cookie or something
Ability Name: Bravery
Ability: Bravely runs
Notes: His ability does absolutely nothing at all levels
Item: Gives 5 extra starting health.
+9: Gives 15 extra starting health.
Hand Candy: Candy Cane

Name: The Girl
Actual Name: Cheerful Cookie
To Unlock: Get 30,000 points
Ability: Gets 5-12% bonus XP
Notes: You can buy her if you want
Item: Gives 2% bonus XP
+9: Gives 7% bonus XP
Hand Candy: Lollipop

B Class

Name: Strawberry Cookie
Actual Name: Strawberry Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Have 3 friends (on Cookie Run, not in real life)
Ability: Gets 1-5 extra seconds in Bonus Time
Notes: He or she was the best cookie for a few hours, before a hotfix took it back to it's place at the
Item: Gives 1 extra second in bonus time
+9: Gives 2 extra seconds in bonus time
Hand Candy: Sucker

Name: Granny Cookie
Actual Name: Cookies and Cream Cookie
To Unlock: Reach level 8
Ability: Health lasts 10-17% longer
Notes: I used this cookie for way too long when I started playing. Brain Gum is like twice as
effective! Skater level 2 trumps her. So does any S class cookie. And the Zombie.
Item: Makes health last 3% longer
+9: Makes health last 4% longer
Hand Candy: Old lady cane with a Granny Smith Apple for a tennis ball

Name: Shaggy Shepherd
Actual Name: probably the same thing
To Unlock: Get 5 pets
Ability: Power-ups last 15-35% longer
Notes: This cookie is not good at all. I'm not sure of its gender either. More power-up duration is
good, but when that's all the cookie does it's kind of dumb.
Item: Makes power-ups last 5% longer
+9: Makes power-ups last 6% longer
Hand Candy: Rainbow Cane

Name: Butter Cream Choco
Actual Name: Butter Cream
Full Name: Butter Cream Choco Cookie
To Unlock: Get 180,000 points
Ability: Gets 5%-25% more coins
Notes: 25% more coins is a lot. He's one of the best cookies. He's also the only dark skinned cookie.
I most commonly use him for my relay when farming coins. How does he get those coins? Usury.
Item: Gives 3% more coins
+9: Gives 4% more coins
Hand Candy: Just a cane

A Class

Name: Santa Cookie
Actual Name: Santa Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Participate in the Christmas event in December
Ability: Gets 13-20% more coins and 3-10% bonus XP
Notes: Inferior to Butter Cream Choco, even in terms of getting XP.
Butter cream can buy a double XP boost with the extra 5% he gets and still have more coins than
Item: Has perhaps a 30%-50% chance to give you 100 gift points each day.
(I sold it to make room for other items.)
Hand Candy: Candy Cane, Bag of Presents

Name: Coffee Cookie
Actual Name: Coffee Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Reach level 15
Ability: Health potions give 20-29% more health
Notes: I had an incorrect ability for her. It was a carry-over from Rose's blog :\
Item: Gives you 5% more health from health potions
+9: Gives you 6% more health from health potions
Hand Candy: Coffee

Name: Skater Cookie
Actual Name: Skateboarder Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Get 300,000 points
Ability: Goes 15-35% faster
Notes: He or she is the The skater is an essential cookie, similar to Butter Cream Choco
or the Angel.
Item: Makes you go 5% faster
+9: Makes you go 10% faster
Hand Candy: Candy Cane Skateboard

Name: Princess Cookie
Actual Name: Princess Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Upgrade Jellies to level 15
Ability: Takes 30%-50% less damage from collisions
Notes: You're still gonna die
Item: Reduces crash damage by 5%
+9: Reduces crash damage by 6%
Hand Candy: Royal Scepter

Name: Knight Cookie
Actual Name: Knight Flavor Cookie probably
To Unlock: Upgrade health to level 15
Ability: Goes much faster with the speed power-up... also he gets on a horse
Notes: The difference isn't noticeable at level 1, but at level 8 it's hyperspeed. Great with the garlic
Item: Go 5% faster during speed power-up
+9: Go 10% faster during speed power-up
Item note: Why not get an item that makes you go 10% faster all the time... that is better until stage
Hand Candy: Sword-length jousting pole???

Name: Massively Muscled Masked Mexican Wrestler Cookie
Actual Name: Muscle Flavor Cookie (Silence of the Grahams)
To Unlock: Get 450,000 points
Ability: Has a 50-75% chance to knock away obstacles he collides with
Notes: The rest of the time he takes damage. I'm sure anyone can see the problem with trying to use
his ability.
There is a mystery boost which does the same thing as his ability (70% chance). If you use that boost
with this cookie, he knocks 100% of obstacles away. He would knock 145% of obstacles away if he
Item: Gives 500 points when you knock away an obstacle
+9: Gives 600 points when you knock away an obstacle
Hand Candy: Beat stick

Name: Zombie Cookie
Actual Name: Zombie Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Get 50 friends or get it free by sending 20 cookie run invites
Ability: Comes back to life when he dies. 1x with 30 health at level 1, 8x with 17 health at level 8
Notes: Doesn't come back to life if he falls. Add up his zombie lives to know his real amount of health.
Item: Brings you back to life one time with 10-20 health (unless you fall)
Hand Candy: Bone

S Class

Name: Angel Cookie
Actual Name: Angel Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Reach level 30
Ability: Magnetic force - pulls most beneficial things toward her
Notes: Definitely buy this cookie at level 30 and get her to level 8 for her item. At level 1, her power is
With the item, she pulls in everything (unless you go to the top of the screen in bonus time).
Item: Gives a tiny magnetic field
+9: Gives a decent magnetic field
Item notes: You will never un-equip this item. Upgrading from +8 to +9 finally allows you to grab all
the coins in bonus time, but also makes large health potions unavoidable without the size power-up
(you can jump over them).
Hand Candy: Wand

Name: Ninja Cookie
Actual Name: Ninja Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Get 600,000 points
Ability: Extra jumps in the air
Notes: The game is designed to be played with double-jump only, so it's hard to justify using him. At
level 8 you can jump 10 times without coming down. The way that works is you can fly off the screen,
avoiding all obstacles. Just watch where you land...
Item: Gives 1 extra jump
+9: Gives 3 extra jumps
Hand Candy: Katana hidden in a cane

Name: Pirate Cookie (Ghost Pirate)
Actual Name: Pirate Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Get 100 friends
Ability: Upon death, he rises again as a ghost with 90-160 health that passes through all obstacles.
Notes: Pirates > Ninjas
In life, he has no special abilities. If you fall and die, you don't get the ghost. Well, you do, but the
ghost dies immediately. Also, the ghost can't get health potions.
Item: Brings you back to life once with 20 health
+9: Brings you back to life once with 30 health
Item note: Works the same as the Zombie cookie's item, but gives more health
Hand Candy: Pirate Hook

Name: Figure Skater Cookie
Actual Name: Figure Skater Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Reach level 45
Ability: When you double jump, you get some points depending on what jellies you just got. You
might have noticed there is a trail of sparkles behind your cookie. This is supposedly what
determines the points you get.
Notes: She has to constantly double jump to get points. You are lucky to get over 9000 points in one
double jump. It doesn't amount to much at the end of the game.
Item: Works exactly the same as the cookie, but gives much fewer points
+9: Gives more points than that
Hand Candy: Scepter

Name: Hero
Actual Name: Hero Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Get 150 friends (i.e. buy him with crystals)
Ability: After reading a book for several seconds, he transforms into Ironman and flies with increased
speed and magnetism. He is also invincible for the duration, and at the end he gets recovery time.
Notes: He's pretty much the best Cookie.
Apparently turning into Ironman gradually erases his short-term memory, because he has to read the
book again to figure out how to be Ironman again.
Item: Makes your health last 5% longer
+9: 6% longer
Hand Candy: Book

Name: The Cheerleader
Actual Name: Cheerleader Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Get 12 pets to max level
Ability: After you jump about 30 times, 6 cheerleaders in pyramid formation will rush in from behind
you and knock away all obstacles in your path, while also throwing off coins and stars (for points).
After a few seconds they quickly rush away, and you do not get recovery time. Jump 30 more times
and they come back. Etc. (22 at lvl 8)
Extra bonus: Hold up! What's that green banner under the (S)? Well, I'll tell you. It means she does
something even when you are using a different cookie. If you use the Hero Cookie, for instance, the
Cheerleader will pop in for a second (actually like 3-4 seconds) to cheer you on and give you a little
bit of health. That's after you buy her. Before you buy her, she won't do anything.
Notes: She shows up like 95% of the time. The other 5% of the time she will leave you in the
lurch. She will also pop in to cheer herself on, thus being in two places at once.
Item: Your relay cookie starts with 40 more health
+9: Starts with 140 more health
Item note: see the Fairy Cookie's item
Hand Candy: Pom-poms

(For more info on green banner cookies, see Game Mechanics)

Name: Rambo Girl (or Female Commando)
Actual Name: who cares
To Unlock: Get 10 cookies to level 8
Ability: While upright on the ground at normal speed, she fires a constant barrage of stars from her
machine gun that give hella points and often destroy obstacles. If she jumps, slides, or gets a speed
power-up, she doesn't shoot.
Extra bonus: While using any cookie, she pops in and calls down a missile strike which destroys all
obstacles for several seconds and leaves behind stars for points. Shows up 99% of the time.
Notes: They buffed her ability recently. If there is space between the obstacles, she will usually
destroy them.
Item: Gives 600 points when you knock away an obstacle
+9: Gives 700 points when you knock away an obstacle
Hand Candy: Machine Gun

Name: El Diablo
Actual Name: Devil Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Reach level 50
Ability: While playing as the devil, you will notice there are souls flying slowly on the screen. Anyway,
the souls can't be attracted by magnetism and after you collect 20-ish souls, you turn into a giant,
invincible, flying devil head with increased speed. It doesn't last as long as the Hero Cookie's
transformation, but it works similarly.
Ability #2: In bonus time, he spreads his wings and become bigger.
Notes: He's the devil.
Item: Pink Bear Jellies give 140 more points
+9: They give 320 more points
Hand Candy: Pitch Fork

Name: The Korean Robin Hood
Actual Name: uh-ee jock Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Upgrade jellies to level 40 (Only obtainable for a few days for certain Korean holidays)
Ability: He is basically like the ninja, except if you hit the slide button while in the air, he teleports to
the ground. He gets the same number of jumps as the ninja (3 to 10).
Notes: Best used with his partner, Windy, for a higher score. When you hit the slide button, he really
teleports. He does not quickly dive. He does not pass through obstacles between him and the
ground, thus he does not crash going through them. He does not pass through coins or jellies
between him and the ground, thus he does not collect them while teleporting.
Hand Candy: Bo Staff

Name: Gumiho (9-Tailed Fox)
Actual Name: Gumiho Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Reach level 55 (Only obtainable for a few days for certain Korean holidays)
Ability: After you jump 9 times she turns into a fox. Jump 9 times more and she turns back into a
humanoid. Amazing. In humanoid form, all the bear jellies get hearts for eyes. Wowwwww.
Notes: I'm still figuring her out. You can get a really high score with her and her pet (20-30 million,
depending on how much you crash). I think it's because of her synergy bonus with the Foxfire.
Item: When you're big, you get 30 more points from jellies, I think
+9: 60 more
Hand Candy: Fan

Name: Wizard/Sorcerer/Magician Cookie
Actual Name: Mabober Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Get 16 pets to level 8
Ability: At regular intervals he uses his magic to turn an obstacle into jellies. If there are nearby
obstacles, the magic will bounce to them and turn them into jellies too. If there are no obstacles on the
screen, he will fire a cluster of about 10 jellies. At the end of the 5th interval, he flips out and starts
spinning and flying, turning all obstacles into jellies. While flipping out, he goes faster and has
increased magnetism. He gains recovery time at the end. Then the process repeats. He has two cast
bars—one for his regular spell, and one for flipping out.
Notes: You can easily reach 20 million points with this cookie and his pet (with upgrades, items, relay,
Item: Gives you 1 coin every time you knock away an obstacle
+9: 4 coins
Item note: I think it sucks
Hand Candy: Magic Staff

Name: Fairy Cookie
Actual Name: Fairy Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Have 5 items upgraded fully (+9)
Ability: She is similar to the Angel, but her magnetism comes from a shield. It isn't stronger at level 8.
When the fairy crashes into an obstacle, she loses her shield, along with the magnetism. However,
she doesn't lose health on that collision. She also gains a cast bar, and after what seems like a whole
minute, gets her shield back.
Extra bonus: She pops in and gives your cookie the same shield! Well, sometimes she does. <50%
of the time.
Notes: She is most likely to give you the shield when you have 5 seconds of health left. She will also
pop in to give herself the shield, which acts separately to her regular shield. It will be a double shield;
crash once and you will still have a shield. For other cookies, the shield will transfer to the Pirate
ghost or resurrections, but not the relay cookie. ALSO -- crashing with the shield on triggers recovery
Item: Gives your relay cookie 50 more starting health
+9: Gives it 150 more health
Item note: Exactly like the cheerleader's item, but gives 10 more health.
Hand Candy: Wand

Name: Rock Star Cookie
Actual Name: Rock Star Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Have 20 items
Ability: When you slide, he starts playing his guitar. When you quit sliding, he shoots musical notes
from his guitar. The longer you slide, the more notes he will shoot. There is a cast bar that shows up.
If you reach the end of the cast bar, releasing the notes will obliterate obstacles directly in front of him.
He makes a sound with his guitar when you reach the end of the cast bar. The notes give a lot of
Notes: He has his own unique background music. If you're just starting out, he would be a relatively
easy S class cookie to unlock for high scores... if you want to go that way
Item: Makes health decrease 4% more slowly and makes health potions give 4% more health
+9: 5% for both.
Hand Candy: Guitar

Name: Cherry Cookie
Actual Name: Cherry Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Have 9 items upgraded fully (+9)
Ability: At regular intervals, she tosses out 3 or 4 cherry bombs that blow up obstacles and each
leave behind a ring of 10-ish cherry shaped jellies. If you level her up, she throws them more often
(like once every 4 seconds at level 8). Nothing interrupts her throws.
Notes: She's pretty cool. I don't know how many points her cherry jellies give. The downside is that
the jelly clusters sometimes hide obstacles that they didn't destroy (bees, etc.), and you can crash
trying to collect them.
Item: Gives you 500 points when you knock away an obstacle.
+9: Gives you 800 points when you knock away an obstacle
Hand Candy: Cherry Bombs

Name: Pine Siren (Christmas Tree Minstrel Cookie)
Actual Name: probably the same thing
To Unlock: Reach level 57
Ability: She has 3 abilities. Jumping 7 times makes her switch abilities at all levels. The abilities
always go in the same sequence. Health → Jellies → Coins. She always starts on
health. For health she gains a small sliver of health—one tick basically. For jellies, she turns most of
the obstacles on the screen into jellies—a massive amount of them (way more than the Wizard).
For coins, she puts 3 coin flowers in front of her, which amount to 50 coins.
All of these occur at regular intervals, starting with a cast the instant you switch abilities.
Notes: She is good for getting coins--as good as Butter Cream Choco. Out of the 3 abilities, this is
her strong suit. Also, the coin flowers can spawn in obstacles, where you can't get to them, but they
can't spawn over holes.
Item: All Jellies give 10 more points
+9: Jellies give 20 more points
Hand Candy: Harp

Name: The Eskimancer
Actual Name: Snow Sugar Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Have 12 S-class items in your inventory
Ability: Every few seconds he summons a bouncing narwhal which destroys obstacles it hits and
leaves behind a trail of snowflakes. If you collect enough snowflakes, the Eskimancer summons a
giant cake monster thing and rides on top of it.The cake monster has full magnetism, can't fall, and
destroys all obstacles by shooting snowflakes at them, which he then collects for points.
Notes: It's easy to crash or fall when you're trying to collect the snowflakes because the Narwhal
doesn't destroy all the obstacles in his path, and can bounce off a hole. But you get a lot of points
from the snowflakes........
Item: Saves you from falling once and gives 25 extra starting health to your relay cookie
+9: Saves you from falling twice and gives 70 extra starting health to your relay cookie
Item Note: Brings all the boys to the yard
Hand Candy: Magic Staff

Name: Space Cupid
Actual Name: Pink Choco Cookie
To Unlock: Get 160 friends
Ability: She has a green cast bar, and when it fills she shoots her gun. Her gun destroys obstacles
and leaves a heart shaped ring of stationary pink bear jellies and a cluster of enamored flying pink
bear jellies.
Hand Candy: Laser Gun

Name: Fortune Cookie
Actual Name: probably Fortune Cookie
To Unlock: Get 20 cookies to level 8
Ability: He has a green cast bar, and when it fills he reveals a fortune and then inserts a tract of land
into your path which has different jellies, coins, power-ups, and obstacles based on what fortune you
Notes: It's pretty crazy
Item: Gives you a small percentage chance of getting 2 crystals on your first visit of the day
+9: 30% maybe
Hand Candy: Crystal Ball

Name: Pistachio Cookie (Amazon Cookie? Pikeman Cookie?)
Actual Name: Pistachio Flavor
To Unlock: Reach level 60
Ability: She has a green cast bar, and when it's full, she rises briefly and dashes for a few seconds,
similar to the speed power-up. Not sure why she jumps when she does it, other than to be annoying.
Notes: She makes annoying shell rustling sounds in game. I think a Korean pistachio distributor
payed Devsisters to make this cookie. Remember Psy's pistachio commercial in the Super Bowl?
Hand Candy: Spear/Lance and Shield

Name: Alchemist Cookie
Actual Name: probably the same
To Unlock: not sure. I heard it was 11 +9'ed items, but I only have 10. So... not sure.
Ability: Another green cast bar cookie. Jumping toggles between your 3 choices: coins, bear jellies,
or power-ups.The choice switches upon landing after a jump, so it doesn't matter if you single or
double jump. When the cast bar is full, you can double jump to shoot out whichever one you have
selected. Simultaneously, the alchemist activates coin magic, as if she touched a coin-magic
jelly. That way, you don't have to worry about crashing (usually) when you collect your 160 coins,
160,000 points worth of jellies, or cluster of power-ups (~50% chance for health potion).
Notes: She is similar to the Pine Siren, but better. She's a jack of all trades. Or Jane-of-all-trades. If
you use a scale pet, it matters less which alchemy you get. If you get power-ups, you won't really
miss out on coins or points. Plus, you'll go farther. It makes a sound when her cast bar fills up.
Item: 15-25% of the time, coin magic will turn the obstacle into gold coins instead of silver.
Hand candy: Round-bottom flask and pamphlet or wallet or something

Name: Wine Monster Cookie
Actual Name: Vampire Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Have 17 S-Class items
Ability: At the end of his green cast bar he turns into a flying wine glass and goes fast. In his Twilight
vampire form, he eats obstacles every so often, which nullifies them and sends out a flying red
drop. The drops restore like 1 or 2 health if you can get them.
Notes: The obstacle nullification can chain to other nearby obstacles. He gains recovery time after he
quits being a wine glass. As a wine glass you can fly by tapping the jump button. If you get the 30%
speed mystery boost, pair him with the garlic pet, and have a speed item, he is the fastest
cookie. You'll find it hard to fly, though...
Item: Reduces crash damage and does something else
Hand Candy: Glass of red wine (or possibly blood, but I wouldn't count on it)

Name: Ganguro Kid
Actual name: Green/unripe Apple Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Upgrade your health to level 50.
Ability: Barfs out bonus time letters that float in bubbles (aka magnetism immune). She has a green
cast bar. When it fills, she gives herself 3 or 4 random bonus time letters. The exception is the first
time--she gives you all the letters. If you miss some, she will give you ones that you need until you
get your first bonus time. Also her bonus time is different. It has a bunch of floating apples for points
and the background is drawn in crayon.
Notes: I will probably never use her. Mostly because going to bonus time over and over gets
seriously old.
Item: More points in bonus time I think
Hand Candy: Apple Balloons

Name: Roarin' 20s Rich Girl
Actual Name: Cheesecake Flavor Cookie
To Unlock: Get at least 24 pets
Ability: There are flying envelopes and they work exactly like the Devil's souls. Coincidence? Anyway,
collect enough of them and she'll show you fireworks! Fireworks made of coins! It gives you 300-ish
coins. At level 1, you need 25 envelopes. They destroy obstacles and she also becomes immune to
crashing (just in case?).
Extra Bonus: Coin fireworks. Looks exactly the same as her regular ability, but gives slightly fewer.
Notes: It's confusing when both happen at the same time. Her ability will resume after bonus time,
her extra bonus fireworks will not. True to the green banner nature, she will sometimes show up right
as you die (0 fireworks).
She and her pet are the least straightforward pet & cookie in the game. I'm not absolutely sure how
they work.
I also previously had a derogatory name for her. But, she gives me coins almost every game, so I'm
showing her more respect.
Item: Speed plus coin bonus
Hand Candy: Goggles on a stick

Name: Surfer
Actual Name:
Soda Flavor
To Unlock: 24
Cookies Max
Whenever he
gets a health
potion, he
starts surfing
(goes faster
and is
invincible) for
a short
time. The
higher level he
is, the longer
he surfs.
Notes: Pretty
Item: don't
Hand Candy:

name: dunno
To Unlock:
200 friends
Ability: Every
couple of
levels he will
turn a hole into
a portal to a
dungeon. It's
kind of like the
fortune cookie,
except that you
have to touch
the portal. It's
pretty easy to
usually. And if
you miss the
portals, this
cookie does
Notes: The
reason to use
this cookie is
you can get an
extra flying
box in his
probably once
per game if
you don't miss
portals. Thus...
you can maybe
get the L class
pet/cookies a
little sooner by
using him.
Item: Exp/coin
bonus; exactly
like spotlight's
lightbulb but
Hand Candy:
Either a lasso,
a whip, or just
a short length
of rope
L Class

Name: Nidalee, a girl and her tiger, jungle cookie?
To Unlock: Play Episode 2 a bajillion times

Name: Hades
To Unlock: Play Episod

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