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Correct! Cookie in short is a Internet File. The complete definition of
acomputer Cookie is simply an HTTP headerthat consists of a text-only string
that gets entered into the memoryof your browser. This string contains the
domain, path, lifetime, andvalue of a variable that you set. If the lifetime of
this variable islonger than the time the user spends at your site, then this string
issaved to file for future reference.
Many believe that computer cookies aredangerous and are a privacy concern.
However cookies are stored onyour computer hard disk drive and only
accessible by the page it wascreated or the user of the computer. Some
examples of how computercookies can help you are:
1. Store on your hard disk drive your personal information and preferences
for a web site such as a Internet Store. This information can only be
accessed by that store and is used to help direct you faster to places
that most interest you.
2. Store information about your preferences for a start page. If you have a
customized start page which contains information such as local weather
and news this information is placed on the web page by looking at
information from a cookie.
The above are just a few good examplesof computer cookies, to help
understand what exactly they are used for.
Of the 54,385 people who have answered this quiz question 41,361 have
answered it correctly and 13,024 have answered it incorrectly. Based off these
results this question has been given a difficulty level of medium.

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