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Our Ref : A0940-00525-2012 22 November 2012 Commissioner of Building Control Building & Construction Authority 5 Maxwell Road #02-00 Tower Block MND Complex Singapore 069110 Attention: Mr. LUNG HIAN HAO Dear Sir, PROPOSED NEW ERECTION OF 1 UNIT OF 3-STOREY SEMI-DETACHED HOUSE WITH A SWIMMING POOL ON LOT 00807V MK 23 AT 40E PAYA LEBAR CRESCENT ON LOT(S) 00807V MK23 AT 40E PAYA LEBAR CRESCENT SINGAPORE 536086 We refer to your WD dated 08-11-2012. form BEV/B1_Appendix1; attached herewith. form BEV/B1_Appendix2; attached herewith. The 2-Sty bldg to be demolished was one of the semi-detached house with neighbor. However, the neighbor was demolished & re-constructed as a new 3-Sty semi-detached house 2 years ago. So the continuity issue does not arise & also no leakage/ seepage. 4. Pre-construction survey has been carried out and attached herewith. 5. Location plan showing the building to be demolished is attached. 6. Pneumatic hand-held breakers will be used for hacking.
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Your kind assistance and understanding is highly appreciated. We thank you and remain, Yours faithfully, T S LEE CIVIL STRUCTURAL ASSOCIATES Er.Lee Tat Sang cc. Owner

336 SMITH STREET #06-305 NEW BRIDGE CENTRE SINGAPORE 050336 Tel: 6224-9339, 6223-4507, 6225-1776 FAX: 6223-5008

Email : [email protected]

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