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Discussion Questions and response
Paula Willacy
Did you like the movie?
Yes, I found the movie very interesting and an eye-opener. I absolutely love the way that the
director of the film was able to integrate the people’s lives together and how one person does has
an effect on another person even though they may not even know the person. he different
stereotypes that we use in everyday language with people that we come in contact with, shows
that we are more racially derogatory, and then a person may believe they are.
!hy do you think "ick, the district attorney, wanted to cover up the fact that his car was stolen
by two black men? !here his ideas for #handling# the situation appropriate? !hy or why not?
o answer the first part of the $uestion, I believe that break wanted to cover up the fact is car was
stolen by two black man because anyway he would%ve portrayed it said the news, the public
would%ve looked at it as being a racial issue. wo black men stealing a predominantly wealthy
and highly publici&ed white person%s car could be twisted and turned by the media in so many
different ways it would have affected his reelection status. It%s sad to say but even in every day
actions people of high status, have to consider the public’s reactions in every aspect of your life,
even though it may not be portrayed as a racial issue to him, in anyone%s eyes it could%ve been.
'hould ommy parentheses police officer parentheses have done anything differently to stop
office sir (ohn "yan from treating the hayer%s the way he did when he pulled them over? !hat
should he have done?
ommy could%ve stopped )fficer. (ohn "yan from doing what he did but I feel that ommy being
the rookie in the situation really did not have authority to tell his senior officer not to do or to do
anything. I feel that in any situation when you%re the new person on the *ob, it%s hard to find a
way to correct a senior at doing their *ob, when you haven%t been there and you don%t have the
authority to do so. I feel that )fficer. ommy could%ve told his superiors about what had
happened but he could%ve also been taking a chance with them attempting to cover the issue up
especially if the hayer%s didn%t make a report, it would%ve been one officer against another
officer. +ut then if the hayer%s would have made a report, and he was asked what happened, he
could%ve potentially lost his *ob. ,nyway for ommy, I feel it would%ve been a lose situation, so
the best thing he could have done was to keep his mouth shut, like he did.
-ave you ever been stereotyped? -ow to make you feel?
I%ve been stereotyped the whole entire life. +eing a black female is not all that it%s cracked up to
be. )n one hand ." picture is being an illiterate opinionated female and then another moment
you can be considered as literally and nobody. ,fter a while you *ust kind of you go with the
flow, as sad as it sounds. You try to make your way so that things don%t bother you as much, even
though they do. I am a firm believer that once someone has their mind made up about you it%s
very hard to change that opinion. +ut it is possible.
!here do you think )fficer (ohn "yan’s feelings about black people came from?
I feel that his feelings came from his interactions with them in his line of work. I would believe
that being a law enforcement officer/ you see the negative side of all people, and in this case
black people. I believe that with any person who works with people on a day to day basis, have
stereotypes about people. I know that when I get certain cases, I subconsciously stereotype the
cases before I even meet the people. 'ometimes I am right and sometimes I am wrong, but I feel
that it builds a person’s guard up.
!hat do you think pushed officer (ohn "yan to risk his own life to save 0rs. hayer?
o be perfectly honest with you, I think that his conscience was what pushed him to say that
woman. I feel that even though he acted as though it didn%t bother him what he did to her,
subconsciously it did bother. ,nd I felt that he saving her life was his way of asking for
forgiveness fur’s actions.
Do you believe that 'usan should be able to purchase and possessed guns? !hy are why not? If
so, what stipulations do you think there should be on purchasing imposition of gun?
o me this is a tough $uestion to answer because there%s nothing really you can say that%s going to
be ethically correct. I do believe that people should have the right to purchase and possessed
guns because everybody has the right to protect themselves or to hunt or for whatever reason you
want your gun. If one were to take away someone%s right to own guns in the sense you taking
away some people%s livelihood and a long legacy of hunting and whatever else they may do. I
believe that the stipulations that are in place now for purchasing and possessing a gun are fine. I
feel like purchasing and possessing guns will be a topic that nobody can correct 1223 but they
will try as hard as they can, but will never be successful. 4ven if tomorrow the government
decided that no one can possessor by guns and everyone had to turn their guns in, could be
someone who wouldn%t turn their guns in it if anything they%re *ust be a high demand of black-
market guns which are I feel more dangerous than ones being purchased.
!hen the hayer%s were pulled over by )fficer (ohn "yan, 0r. hayer chose to apologi&e to
avoid being arrested? !hat were the conse$uences? Do you think he made the right decision?
!hy or why not?
I felt that he chose to apologi&e because he knew that it wasn%t going to be a good situation if you
would%ve tried to rebel. -e would%ve ended up having his wife being molested by the officer and
going to *ail apart from *ust apologi&ing *ust having his wife go to *ail. I don%t feel that what he
did was the wrong decision but I don%t think that it was the right decision either. I think that she%s
being a situation like that there is no right or wrong being black is a hard enough *ob, sometimes
you *ust have to choose your battles.
his movie is set in 5os ,ngeles, a city "ichie diversely? Do you think that an area with such
diverse he would be more open or close minded about differences? !hy?
I feel that cities like 5os ,ngeles are very rich diversely because they have people coming from
all walks of life and all nationalities living in one common area. I feel that with that being said
people coming from other places may have a close mind about different people some different
ethnicities. 'o to say that that area would be more or less diverse I would really believe that it
had all to do with the area in which that you were in at that time. I would feel that the certain
areas would not be as open-minded as other areas that would feel that no matter what happens
you%re always going have close minded people.
Is it appropriate to ask someone their ethnic background? !hy or why not? !ould you prefer to
have someone ask you about your background or assume it?
I feel that it is appropriate to ask someone the ethnic background more than to assume it. I feel
that when you assume you don%t always get things right in assuming can hurt people’s feelings.
6or e7ample with me being (amaican I hate when people assume that I am -aitian. o (amaicans
that%s in a sense, an insult because out of all the 8aribbean islands -aitians was looked at as the
poorest. ,t times I feel like a person could do more damage by assuming and they can buy *ust
asking someone%s background and where they were from.
!hat do you think cause if they did be so defensive about being black? !hat lessons, if any, did
each of the characters learned? !hat lessons in life do you think teach people to be more
accepting of others differences?
Detained you I don%t know why ,nthony was so defensive about being black. I *ust feel like there
are some black people who are *ust bitter and will find every single reason under the sun to be
upset about being black. 0ost people, who aren%t educated, sometimes feel like that. I%ve always
noticed that the loudest person in the group is usually the weakest link of the group and I feel
like as for black people that hold true to us as well. I feel that the lessons that each of the
characters learned in this movie was that we all know matter what color or race we are have
feelings and nobody wants to be treated unfairly. I feel that most people learn to e7cept others
differences when a person is taken from their comfort level and place into something that is
unfamiliar is not so comfortable to them.
!hich character was the most unethical? !hy?
)ut of all the characters in this movie the one that I had the problem with was )fficer (ohn "yan.
I did not like the way that he took his authority as a police officer and violated a woman. 0any
things in the movie upset me but I feel like that was the one thing that *ust didn%t sit right with
me. 6or man to violate a woman is *ust the lowest thing in my book that anyone can do it I *ust
doing have any respect anybody who can do something like that.
!hich character was the most ethical? !hy?
I feel that 5ara was the most ethical character. I felt that she was in a rough place herself, the fact
that her parents were not from this country and being of this country, kind of put her in a weird
position. 'he knew where her parents were coming from but then she also knew how ,mericans
were. 'he tried to make the best of the two and I feel that during the movie, she *ust try to do
what was right to help her family which anyone would do.
!hat characters did you like the least? !hy?
,gain I feel that officer (ohn "yan was the characters that I did not like at all but I also did not
like ,nthony. hese two characters *ust something about the two of them *ust to sit right with me
I hate him for ,frican-,mericans to act as though they know everything but then again don%t
have anything to show for their knowledge and somebody who takes their power, and abuses it.
-ow did language barriers create problems in this film? -ow can we help to prevent such
I feel that it%s only human nature for people to fear what they do not understand. I feel that after
the whole 911 incident a lot of people became weary of people from the 0iddle 4ast instead of
trying to understand people assume. I feel like when people assume that%s where the danger lies. I
feel that to prevent such misunderstandings from happening again one can *ust stop assuming
people need to become more open-minded and understand other cultures in to learn that not only
our culture is right.

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