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Crash , directed by Paul Haggis in 2004, is a thriller/drama/crime movie that reports us several stories all linked for the same themes prejudice, discrimination and

racism. In just over 24 hours, the lives of almost all the characters collide into each other, in several situations, in the city of Los Angeles (USA). All the characters are very important for the progress of stories and, each one represents a race, a nationality, a social class or, just as an ordinary person. The story presents: a wealthy young couple, Jean (Sandra Bullock) and Rick (Brandan Fraser), in which Jean soon shows signs of prejudice and racism on this case, , in relation to two black boys, Peter (Larenz Tate) and Anthony (Chris Ludracrs i Bridges), who passed near, and even end up being assaulted by them(after all they were car thieves); another wealthy young couple, Cameron (TerranceHoward) and his wife, Christine (Thandie Newton), but this time, the man was black and, for that reason they were sent to stop by two policemen, Ryan (Matt Dillon) and Tom Hansen (Ryan Philippe). Ryan was a veteran police, who hates black people, and Tom was his young partner, who doesn t agree with his actions; there are two detectives, a black man, Graham (Don Cheadle), who is Peter s brother, and a Latin woman, Ria (Jennifer Esposito); a Mexican man, Daniel (Michael Pena), a locksmith, who has a daughter, Lara (Ashlyn Sanchez); an Iranian immigrant, Farhad (Shaun Toub), who has a story that is robbed, due to he s origin. Is through these characters that we watch scenes of prejudice, racism, xenophobia, intolerance and abuse of power. The movie represents very well the society in which we introduce, a society essentially prejudiced, where anything can serve as an example of this, the skin color, the social class, the religion and many others things. Crash the movie s name represents the many crashes that occur

throughout the movie, collisions not only physical such as car accidents; as well as the collisions on the different personality of the characters, as theirs ideas and their

We live in a world full of diverse cultures with different beliefs and characteristics and we must acce t this reality But the truth is that most often we think that our race our religion, our culture, particularly, what we represent, is what is the correct and everything else sucks Is for that reason, and for the creation of stereotypes in our minds, that e ist prejudice For e ample, in movie, e ist a Me ican man who looks like a bad boy , but in the reality he is an amazing father and a man of family, very loving, who makes everything to support and protect his family; in this case, the appearance deceives us Humans judge without reasons to believe that, but this is not a problem of today, this always happened and will continue to hap pen in the


I liked the movie; it is very realistic and, as I said, our society is very well represented. I like the way that humans appear characterized because is shown that

don t e ist people totally good or bad

for e ample, the two cases of policemen; first,

one police hurt a couple and then help the woman, for her doesn t die; second, the other police, that was against racism and this, kills a young man, essentially, for his appearance. The movie turns out to be a reflection that also makes us think about these problems which only undermine the world and the human relations.


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