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CSU Long Beach – Center for International Education Financial Affidavit Name of Student (Print Clearly)

Student’s CSULB ID Number

Financial Information
Admitted students holding or applying for an F 1 student visa are required to provide documentation of financial capability before a form I-20 can be issued. This includes the following: • Completed and signed financial affidavit. • Official bank statements from all sponsors showing the availability of at least $28,896 (undergraduates) or $28,180 (graduates) in liquid assets. We do not consider investment and retirement accounts as liquid assets. • Copy of passport (picture page only). Some programs, offered through the College of Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE), MBA, and credential require higher tuition fees.
Estimate of Expenses (fall and spring unless otherwise specified): Undergraduate (24 units/ 2 semesters): Graduate (18 units/ 2 semesters):

Nonresident tuition Registration fees Books and Supplies Room and Meals Insurance (12 months) TOTAL

$8,928 $6,240 $1,656 $11,294 $778 $28,896

$6,696 $7,506 $1,656 $11,294 $1,028 $28,180

Family Members: For those students who will be accompanied by spouse and/or children additional support of $4,700 is required for spouse and $3,900 for each child. Other family members such as parents or siblings cannot be included on the I-20. Please indicate the spouse and/or child(ren) below that will be included on the I-20. Use an additional sheet if necessary.

By signing below, the student and sponsor(s), if applicable, certify that sufficient financial resources will be available to cover all expenses (refer to the table of expenses above) for the duration of studies at CSU Long Beach. Further, by signing below the student agrees to be responsible for all expenses not covered by sponsors and to obtain and maintain adequate health insurance throughout your time at CSULB. Sponsor’s Name(s) – Type Clearly Relationship to Student (check only one for each sponsor)

_______________________________________  Family member  Employer  Government  Other (Indicate) _____________________ _______________________________________  Family member  Employer  Government  Other (Indicate) _____________________ Sponsor’s Signature(s) __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Student’s Signature __________________________________________________ Date___________________________ Date___________________________ Date___________________________

Dependant Information
If spouse and/or children will be included on the I-20, please provide a copy of passport (picture page) and the following information (use an additional sheet if necessary): Spouse _____________________________________________ (Family Name) (Given Name) Date of Birth __________ Gender:  Male  Female Country of Birth _____________________________ Citizenship_______________________ Date of Birth __________ Gender:  Male  Female Country of Birth _____________________________ Citizenship_______________________


_____________________________________________ (Family Name) (Given Name)

This form may be faxed with bank statement(s) to (562) 985-1725, emailed to [email protected] for applicants and [email protected] for current students or mailed to: CSU Long Beach – Center for International Education 1250 Bellflower Blvd., BH 201 Long Beach, CA 90840 U.S.A.

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