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CORE VALUES: The CSU vision and mission are ably supported by six (! "ore values #hi"h "onstitute a $ormidable base to %uide and support the CSU administration in the operation o$ all its pro%rams and pro&e"ts' The "ore values are "aptured in the ta%lish) a"ronym *A+CARE'

*rodu"tivity , Cagayan State University is committed to developing its human and non-human resources to sustain its operations and realize its mandates.

 A""essibility , Cagayan State University is committed to intellectualiz  A""essibility intellectualizing ing the youth by allowing them to have greater access to higher education.

Compassion , Cagayan State University is committed to alleviating or reducing the  poverty incidence incidence of the co communitie mmunitiess through advance hi higher gher education, iinnovative nnovative researches and responsive extension and training programs.

 A""ountability , Cagayan State University is committed to building competent  A""ountability  professionals, leaders, leaders, scholars, researchers an and d entrepreneurs rresponsible esponsible in building building  just, peaceful, stable and and progressive com communities. munities.

Relevan"e , Cagayan State University is committed to nurturing the youth by  providing meaningful meaningful educa education. tion.

Ex"ellen"e , Cagayan State University is committed to offering uality teaching and  resources to enable its students to succeed.

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