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Curriculum Vitae of Wynn Gerald Hamonic



#810 - 1039 View Street Victoria, B.C. 250-298-0895 [email protected]

_____________________________________________________________________________ FILM AND TELEVISION STUDIES SCHOLAR
History of World Cinema Film Theory and Analysis Film Genre Studies Film Criticism

Accomplished and results-driven film and television studies professional holding a Doctor of Philosophy in Film and Television Studies with demonstrated success in teaching, and a commitment to student growth, development, and academic success. Subject matter expert in film studies, film library and archives research specialist, author of a variety of published articles in the area of film, and demonstrated experience in theatrical and film production. Holds a Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning specializing in distance education pedagogy. Exceptional instructor focused on development of film studies courses that challenge and motivate all students.
_____________________________________________________________________________________ EDUCATION/CREDENTIALS 2012 2011 Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Film and Television Studies, Brunel University, London, England

Dissertation: “Disney is the Tiffany’s and I am the Woolworth’s of the Business”: A Critical Re-Analysis of the Business Philosophies, Production Values and Studio Practices of Animator-Producer Paul Houlton Terry.

Areas of Film Expertise
Film Theory and Analysis  History of World Cinema, 1895-Present  Film Genre Studies  Animation Studies  Film Library and Archival Research  Film Noir  Science Fiction and Apocalyptic Cinema  Horror and Supernatural Film

1997 1990 1988

Masters Degree, Library and Information Science, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario Bachelor’s Degree, Paralegal Studies, University of Great Falls, Great Falls, Montana Associates of Science Degree, Paralegal Studies, University of Great Falls, Great Falls, Montana

_____________________________________________________________________________________ 1

• • • • The accuracy of science (e.g., cosmology, geophysics, genetic engineering, meteorology, volcanology, quantum physics, and robotics) found within Apocalyptic Cinema Uses and exploitation of propaganda films in Germany during the Third Reich, 1933-1945 Representations of supernatural forces, demons, evil spirits, and forces of darkness in Hollywood horror films in light of contemporary religious teachings Quantitative analyses of the production components of animated cartoon shorts produced during the “Golden Age of American Animation” (1930-1955)


Reference Librarian (Bibliographic Instruction) Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Sunrise Branch, Las Vegas, NV Provided reference and other research services over the telephone and in person to library patrons and Library District staff by searching files, print collection, and automated library systems to locate requested information or materials. Assisted patrons in the use of on-line services, circulating collections and materials, automated library systems, various indexes, and non-book materials by delivering online instructional courses and programs to educate and inform end users.  Applied professional expertise in adult learning to deliver a variety of innovative learning and training activities, techniques and tools. Designed and developed courses and prepared training manuals and handouts for patron end-uses. Lead the delivery of online training sessions to library patrons instructing on the use of information systems and tools, online databases, and library catalogues Monitored, evaluated and reviewed the quality and effectiveness of training, assessment and outcomes of courses delivered.

 

Private Tutor, English as a Second Language Info-Quest Information Research Inc. Kamloops, B.C. Provided instruction on an hourly fee basis to small groups of Asian students or taught one-on-one. Undertook a needs assessment of the student to determine student strengths and weaknesses, prepared lesson plans to meet specific student needs, and delivered the lessons. 2

Private Tutor, French Language College of Great Falls Great Falls, Montana Provided instruction on an hourly fee basis one-on-one to college students enrolled in French Language courses. Undertook a needs assessment of the student to determine student strengths and weaknesses, assisted student with completion of class assignments, and reviewed classroom lessons to ensure student achieved peak performance. _____________________________________________________________________________________

“Gargantuan Bugs, Radioactive Sea Monsters, and Carnivorous Arachnids: Atomic Anxieties and Fears of Radiation Reflected in Mutant Monsters Films, 1953-1962” “The Unstoppable Dark Force and The RKO Noir-Horror Trinity: Jacques Tourneur, Nicholas Musaraca, and Albert S. D’Agostino” “Famous Last Words: What’s the best animated movie of all time?” Famous Magazine, vol. 10, no. 11, p. 62. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Who’s Who in Animated Film: A Biographical Encyclopedia of Over 5,000 Producers, Directors, Animators, Cartoonists, Background Artists, Character Designers, Storyboard Artists, Writers, Musicians, Composers, Vocal Actors, Technicians, and other Noteworthy Production Staff, 1895 – 1980 • The most authoritative and comprehensive reference source on the lives and careers of over 5,000 animated film personalities from around the world ranging from major personalities such as Walt Disney and Chuck Jones to the most obscure. Each entry will contain full biographical details on birth date and place, education, career history, family background, artistic influences, memberships, honours and awards, studio credits, and citations to published sources on the personality.

Terrytoons: The Story of Paul Terry and His Classic Cartoon Factory • The definitive biography on the life and career of Paul Houlton Terry (1887-1971)

Famous British Columbians: A Biographical Encyclopedia of Noteworthy British Columbians Past and Present


A comprehensive and authoritative reference source which is planned to contain 2,500 biographies on notable British Columbians both past and present

_____________________________________________________________________________________ Academic Honours and Awards Recipient of numerous academic awards, honors and scholarly achievement including the Dean’s List during undergraduate studies and the Lily F.W. Chiu award for highest GPA for incoming graduate students (University of Western Ontario). Dissertation Abstract Animator-producer Paul Houlton Terry has been portrayed as having little passion for the animation he produced and being more concerned with making a profit than producing entertaining cartoons with high production values. The purpose of the dissertation is to re-evaluate Terry’s legacy to animated cartooning by analyzing his business philosophies, production values, and studio practices. Application of four psychodynamic factors to the early life and career of Terry, 1887-1929, found that his economic decision making was characterized by: an external locus of control, risk-averse financial behaviour, extreme saving behaviour through precaution, and shrewd money management practices. Based on Terry’s historical responses to twelve major economic, technological, or institutional forces of change for the period 1929-1955, the psychodynamic factors were found to provide accurate explanations for his studio practices and production decisions. There was no evidence to support the conclusion that three early career disappointments undermined Terry’s intrinsic motivation to create animated cartoons. Rather, Terry’s lack of risk taking, external locus of control, tight studio production schedule, desire to compete with neighbour studio Fleischer, difficulty in separating financial rewards from creative processes in animation, and practice of undertaking surveillance measures on staff may have undermined his and his studio’s creativity. Archival research found Terry to possess strong passions for and to have made significant creative contributions to the field of animation. Biographical research found that Terry retained a stable nucleus of highly talented artists who dedicated a significant portion of their working careers to the studio. An analysis of the cel aesthetics of a random sample of animated cartoons produced during the years 1930-1955 found that Terry created animated cartoons with above average cel aesthetics when compared to the other studios thereby supporting an inference that Terry was motivated to producing quality crafted animation. Further research is suggested into the role psychodynamic factors and economic decision-making play in the film production process and a clarification of Terry’s legacy to the field of animated cartoons. Associations Association of Animation Studies _________________________________________________________________________________


References Dr. Paul Ward School of Media, Arts University College at Bournemouth Wallisdown, Poole, Dorset BH12 5HH United Kingdom [email protected] Dr. Ron Smith 150 Promenade Drive, Apartment 307 Nanaimo, BC V9R 6M6 (250) 755-1220 [email protected] Leslie Cox Team Lead HR Technical Operations Public Service Agency 810 Blanshard Street Victoria, B.C. V8W 2H2 (250) 387-0767 [email protected]


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