Cyberpunk 2020 Magazine Articles

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Cyberpunk Magazine Articles



'Rackmodulo Inc' Ken & Jo Walton & Graydon Sauders Arcane #9 Aug '96 41 scenario
'Generation Hex' Anthony Johnston #11 Oct '96 22 the Cyberpunk information guide
'The Call of Cyberthulhu' Sandy Antunes #20 Jun '97 37 Cyberpunk Call of Cthulhu
Cyberpunk Armor Penetration and
Damage, Sheeley, Craig, 53-66
Cyberpunk Black Market, Schmid,
Justin, 77-50
Cyberpunk Bridge Work, LaBossiere,
Micheal, 73-54
Cyberpunk CADS, McRae, Legion G,
Cyberpunk Competition, Schmid,
Justin, 71-68
Cyberpunk Conversions, Kufner, David,
Cyberpunk Curiosity Killed the Cat,
Sheeley, Craig, 51-50
Cyberpunk Cyberskills, Seter, Magnus,
Cyberpunk Dark Side of the Moon,
LaBossiere, Micheal, 66-60
Cyberpunk Dead Time, LaBossiere,
Micheal, 46-58
Cyberpunk DOA, Manuelian, Laura K,
Cyberpunk Fiberpunk, Schmid, Justin,
Cyberpunk Fun with the Trauma Team,
Sheats, Patrick & Andrew Cather, 62-55
Cyberpunk Go Tell the Spartans,
McRae, Legion G, 72-56
Cyberpunk Guderlan Dreams, McRae,
Legion G, 70-56
Cyberpunk Hot Metal Rain, LaBossiere,
Micheal, 60-54
Cyberpunk In the News, LaBossiere,
Micheal, 58-64
Cyberpunk It Came From Cyberspace,
Rowland, Marcus, 54-64
Cyberpunk Live Eye, LaBossiere,
Micheal, 57-62
Cyberpunk Martial Arts, Wood, Robert
K, 74-56
Cyberpunk Panzers, McRae, Legion G,
Cyberpunk Psiberpunk, McRae, Legion
G, 47-68
Cyberpunk Send in the Clowns,

Sheeley, Craig, 59-1/2
Cyberpunk Street-Slang Dictionary,
Perry, David, 68-52
Cyberpunk The Beast of Boston,
LaBossiere, Micheal, 52-68
Cyberpunk The Dank Pit, McRae,
Legion G, 65-56
Cyberpunk Through the Looking Glass
Eye, McRae, Legion G, 50-82
Cyberpunk Tiger, LaBossiere, Micheal,
Cyberpunk Tigr Happy, Sheeley, Craig,
Cyberpunk VTA: Hevy-Duty Air
Support, Manuelian, Laura K, 61-58
Cyberpunk What Goes Up, LaBossiere,
Micheal, 67-42
Cyberpunk Wrecking Zone,
LaBossiere, Micheal, 49-62
'Wired & Ready' Michael LeBossiere #166 Feb '91 10 running a Cyberpunk style RPG
Games Master International:
'To Serve & Protect' Jonathan Turner #1 Aug '90 56 law enforcement in 2020
'Weapons in Cyberpunk' David Perry #5 Dec '90 54
'Collateral Damage' Mark Galeotti #8 Mar '91 32 scenario
Last Province:
'Cyberjunk' Scott Mackay #1 29 drugs in Cyberpunk
'Loving the Dead' Laurence McNaughton #17 Jan/Feb '96 28 scenario H
Roleplayer Independent Vol. 1:
'Cthulhu Punk' Darren Graham Issue 2 Jan '93 13 CoC meets Cyberpunk
'The Immortals' David Perry Issue 4 Mar '93 8 Arasaka's experimental cyber
'Sushi Girl' Nick Gillot Issue 5 Apr '93 29 adventure
'A Rough Guide to Africa' Nick Gillot Issue 5 Apr '93 35
'Uniarms Winter Catalogue' David Perry Issue 8 Jul '93 14 - cyber, guns, & drugs
'Street Traders' Darren Graham Issue 9 Aug '93 22 - Bladerunner street stalls
White Wolf:
'A Look at the Braindance', Colin Fisk #18 13-16 H
'Fireball', by Justin Schmid #26 4-9 - Adventure H
'The World of Future Darkness' Deirdre Brooks #36 14 - Interlock to World of Dar
kness Pt1' Deirdre Brooks conversions for running Vampire 2020 H
'The World of Future Darkness Pt2' Deirdre Brooks #37 48 - A darker Night City H
'The World of Future Darkness Pt3' Deirdre Brooks #38 14 - Adventure
'The Killing Arts' David Perry #49 46 - martial artists H

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