Data Backup and Retention Policy

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Data Backup and Retention Policy

Backup Strategy: Fox and CFHS have implemented a backup strategy that utilizes hard disk based storage to back up all the data and the system configuration. Fox uses both onsite and off-site backup processes. The onsite backup process is implemented to ensure that, any minor onsite service disruption can be immediately recovered from, using the backed up data and configuration taken onsite. The off-site back ensures that the Company has access to the most updated critical data for recovery in the event of a major disaster or disruption. The data and configuration is first stored in the hard disk of a dedicated standby server and then to an external hard disk based storage device. Then, the backup data is transferred using VPN site-to-site tunnel to the backup storage server in the off-site location. The data and configuration of all the services are backed up at least daily, both on the onsite back up storage, and to the off-site location. According to the priority of the data, for some services the data is backed incrementally every 30 minutes. The daily backup process is completely automated, and it is monitored daily by the IT system administrators.

Data Retention Policy: Fox and all of its contractors are required to retain member specific data and associated processing records for a minimum of 10 years. Apart from member specific data and records, other data and records should be retained for a period of 3 years.

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