Data Mining

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Data Mining UNIT-I Defn of data mining-data mining vs query tools-machine learningTaxonomy of data mining tasks-steps in data mining process-overview of data minig techniques 2.Data Warehousing Defn-multidimensional data model-data cube-dimension modelingOLAP operations-warehouse schema-data warehouse architecture-data mart-meta data-types of meta data-data warehouse back end processdevelopment lifecycle 3. Data preprocessing and characterization Data cleaning-data integration and transformation-data reductiondiscretization and concept-hierarchy generation-primitives-data mining query language-generalization-summarization-analytical characterization and comparison-association rule-mining multi dimensional data from transactional database and relational database 4.Classification Classification-Decision tree induction-Baysian Classificationprediction-back propagation-cluster analysis-Hierarchical methoddensity based method-grid based method-outlier analysis 5. Application Tools-Application-Case study Author 1. Paulraj ponniah,”Data warehousing fundamentals,Wiley publisher 2001 2. Jia wei han,michaline kamber,”data mining concepts and techniques”morgan kaufman publisher 2000 Reference 1. Usama m.fayyad,Gregory piatetsky Shapiro padhraj smyth,ramasamy

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