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Scale and Efficiency in Data Center Networks  Amin Vahdat Computer Science and Engineering Center for Networked Systems UC San Diego [email protected]

UC San Diego Center for Networked Systems

Research Interests Member Companies Center Faculty

Project Proposals

Diverse Research Projects - Multiple Multiple faculty - Multiple Multiple students

-Multidisciplinary -  CNS CNS Research Theme

Current Team ! 

Mohammad Al-Fares

Hamid Bazzaz

!  Radhika Niranjan Mysore !  George Papen !  George Porter

!  ! 

Harshit Chitalia Sambit Das

Sivasankar !  Radhakrishnan

Shaya Fainman

Nathan Farrington

Brian Kantor

Harsha Madhyastha

Pardis Miri

 Amin Vahdat

!  Erik Rubow !  Aram Shahinfard !  Vikram Subramanya Malveeka a Tewari Tewari !  Malveek !  Meg Walraed-Sullivan

Acknowledgements ! 

Industry •  Ericsson, HP, Cisco, Facebook, Yahoo!, Google, Broadcom 

Government •  National Science Foundation: building ~300 node “data center network” prototype

 Academia •  Stanford (NetFPGA + OpenFlow)


Walmart’s Data Center

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