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For a playschool you do not require registration, it is like taking private tuitions! (check bookmark page)

check out the legal stuff first! Licensed, insured, etc; You want to make sure you're protected in case something happens or a parent is dissatisfied. I also agree that lots of colors, shapes, reading and writing stuff should be around, but if you can, have a community computer. Young kids should be comfortable with learning programs and games to help them not only retain information, but build a foundation for what is most certainly going to be a computer-centric future.

Make sure that you are licensed! After you do this you should have no more questions because they will explain everything to you. You will also meet others who have done similar projects who can help you, and give good advice. This will save you lots of money and trouble down the line. Sounds like a great idea, but when dealing with kids you gotta go by the book or risk legal trouble. Good insurance never hurt anybody either!

First of all you decorate walls with Fruits, Vegitables Flowers ,Alphabets with colourful figures and made it attraction. Next you select Playing articles with differnt options like balls with numbers , fruits like play articles, light weight kushions sitting seats to be attractive and colourful

Running your own day care can both be fun and rewarding. It can however be a lot of work as well. You need to have a plan in place of what you're going to offer at your daycare, and then you are going to need to make a proposal of things that you're going to have to think about when you create your daycare. There are several of things that you have to consider in order to run a daycare that is successful. PICKING THE PLACE This section has two sections which is what is on the outside, and then what is in the inside. A)OUTSIDE -- Find a daycare that has a large parking lot that can be used for a games area, or find a property that has a large field that you're able to do wide games and other sort of activities in the outdoors. -- Find an area that is in a quiet neighborhood or on a quiet street. Do not be near a really busy street as this can be dangerous if the kids want to run out into the middle of the street after a ball or something that they are playing with. -- Find an area that is not known for large wild animals such as bears, wolves etc. and also the area should be free of dirty needles, rubbers, and other drugs, and alcohol.

-- The area should not be near a heavy thicketed area as this is easy for people to hide behind. Also a busy area is not a good idea as well, since abductions and other things like that can happen to children. -- Should have a playground in the settings that is safe and that is approved by the safety board for childcare societies. -- Use an attractive color on the building and make it look nice and airy. B) INSIDE THE ESTABLISHMENT -- Use paint that is lead free, and that has little or no odors -- Make sure that the electrical plugs have the plastic prongs in them to ensure that the little ones don't stick things in the sockets. -- If you are going to have stairs, make sure that you have that rubber mat material on, to prevent falling. The mats must be tightly secured into the stair to prevent tripping as well. -- Make sure that you have mats or basinettes for sleeping if you have infants or toddlers. -- Make sure that all of the chemicals and other dangerous products are behind a childproof lock. -- Make sure that you have a sink or small tub to clean children if you have toddlers or younger ones. -- Make sure that you have toys and other things that can be easily cleaned and disinfected. -- Make sure that you have some cabinets and drawers for various things. Also, make sure that you have really good sterile containers. -- Also have some bookcases and other sort of things like that. -- Also have sure you have an activities section, and also a snack area. ACTIVITIES There are a few sections in this category. The ones that you need to be concerned about in this section are: Cabinets, and Activities. A) CABINETS -- In the various cabinets you should have drawers that have the following things. One cabinet should be arts and crafts supplies and then one should be for office supplies and writing medias a) ART AND CRAFT SUPPLIES -- Glitter -- Finger Paints -- Clay and Play Dough -- Pipe Cleaners and Pom Poms -- Paint brushes -- Ribbon -- Google Eyes -- Felt and other fabrics -- Styrofoam Balls

b) WRITING SUPPLIES/OFFICE SUPPLIES -- Pencils -- Pens -- Felt Tip Markers -- Pencil Crayons -- Crayons B) ACTIVITIES -- Arts and Crafts such as drawing, making models i.e. santa claus etc. -- Watching movies -- Acting out different situations -- Reading Books -- Playing Board Games --Going on Field trips -- Playing Active Wide Games such as red rover SAFETY In this section there are a few different sections. The main topics would be fire safety, hot water safety, road safety, and stranger safety. a) FIRE SAFETY -- Show children when it is a good idea to call 911 and show them when not to call 911. -- Show them an escape route and when to use it, and then a meeting place. -- Tell them that playing with matches is not a good idea -- If possible either bring a firefighter into the day care to explain to the children about fire safety, or visit a local fire hall for a tour. b) HOT WATER SAFETY -- If you are cooking, make sure that you always keep the handles turned inwards, so little hands can not pour the hot water onto themselves. -- Also make sure that the water is tepid, and not too warm. c) ROAD SAFETY -- Tell them not to enter the road unless they have an adult or someone older supervising them. -- Tell them to remember to look both ways before crossing the road. -- Tell them to disembark their bikes if they are riding bicycles before crossing the road. d) STRANGER SAFETY -- Tell them to recognize when an adult is trying to coerce them into their car. -- Tell them to tell the person no.

-- Tell them to avoid the pitfalls i.e. looking for a lost puppy etc. -- If possible, get a police officer to come in and talk to them about safety around people who they do not know

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