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Cover letter: My name is Sudhir Kudesia, MD, BS and I have worked as an Academic Dean in diffe rent Oriental Medicine Colleges for over seven years. I was the Academic Dean o f Kansas College of Chinese Medicine located in Wichita, Kansas until May 30, 20 10. I was laid off due to inability of the College to pay my salary. In short duration of my work at this college I have got this college Federal fin ancial aid (Title IV) approval by myself, VA approval, New Mexico Board of Orien tal Medicine approval and I-17 petition approval. I am well aware of processes o f accreditation from accrediting agencies and State approvals. I got this colleg e re-approved from KS State Board of Regents (KSBR) twice. The Secretary of KSBR , Ms. Jacqueline Johnson wrote a nice note on my well-organized file. I submitte d annual and biannual reports to the accrediting agency. The President of this c ollege always has excellent recommendation for me. I am including several letter s of recommendations with my application including one from the current employer . I can oversee and do almost everything in academics in a college but I have work ed more often than not even beyond that. I have worked for both for-profit and f or non-profit colleges although more for-profit Colleges. I know accreditation p rocess and obtaining approvals from required authorities very well. I am well versed in the administrative, academic and accreditation requirements of a college. Under my academic leadership and direction, the colleges where I w orked have all obtained 5years accreditation from the accrediting agency (ACAOM for Oriental Medicine)) and site visitors have always had positive comments for my work and me. As an Academic Dean, I took great pleasure in playing an active role both for the college and its students. I am focused, detailed oriented and multi task person. In my current and previous academic roles, I held faculty meetings, provided CEU to all faculty members every year, helped develop curricula and tests and taugh t faculty how to prepare syllabi and course objectives. For the sake of the stud ents and administration I have myself completed Post Baccalaureate Science teach ing certification education. I gladly take extra time to help teachers teach mor e effectively. In an emergency, or sometimes as a role model, I am able to teach any biology and Western Medical course any day. This keeps me in touch with th e students and keeps my teaching skills sharp. Additionally, I take great intere st in recruiting students and addressing any points of concern. I attend recruit ing job fairs and promote the college I would say aggressively. I have experienc e in financial aid and almost in any aspect of College. I have been a PDSO for about four years in Colleges I worked. As a matter of fac t I got them approved for I-20. I am very focused and detailed oriented on my jo b that serves the College well. I understand the process from the very beginning . I know extensively well hiring, evaluations and release processes of Internati onal and domestic students and faculty members. In short, I have a multi-faceted and well-rounded understanding of colleges. I e ffectively utilize "Evidence Based Education" for efficient, productive and mean ingful outcomes and constantly progress through the process. I am computer literate and I can handle both Mac and IBM compatible computers. I also take workshops for teachers and students who want to learn about computers specially preparing Power point presentations and Excel programs. Although I am not a computer professional but I know fairly enough to run our college compute r media, different soft wares/computer programs and about copying machines. It i s not a burden for me but I get my work done on time and I drive pleasure in hel ping others.

I am a citizen of USA. I am able to come for an interview any day. I am very flexible for time. I gladly work evenings and weekends to complete the work, meet the dead lines or simply complete the work as perfect as required. I am used to or inherently finish the work ahead of time and do not wait until th e deadlines. Knowing almost all aspects of academic functions of colleges and knowing how to delegate and or get work done, I feel very confident in being an excellent Emplo yee if the opportunity is granted. Please feel free to contact me for any further information that you may need tow ards my application. I will appreciate if you kindly acknowledge my e-mail. Thank you for your time and consideration, have a great day. Signed SSK Sincerely, Sudhir Kudesia, MD 352-275-7064 cell.

RESUME Dr. Sudhir Kudesia, MD, BS 24 Raymond Street Medford, MA 02155

Date: November 11, 2010 E-mail address: [email protected] Telephone: 352-275-7064 (Cell) Ref: Dean/ Academic Dean/ Associate Dean or a Similar Administrative position Citizen: USA Education: Institution Location Date Degree/Certificate In USA 1. UTPB TX. Odessa, TX 79762 08/00-05/01 Post Baccalaureate Teaching Certification 2. TTU HSC Odessa, TX 79764 06/97-06/99 Post Graduate Medical Education-Resident Physician, MD family medicine In UP, India 3. SBR High School Patiyali 1962 Passed UP Board of High Schools 4. K. P. College, Allahabad 1964 Passed UP Board of

Colleges Biology, Chemistry and Physics 5. CMP College Allahabad 1966 University Of Allahabad.

B. S. Botany, Zoology and Chemistry Medical degree

6. King George's medical College 12/71 University of Lucknow.

7.King George's Medical College 08/75 MD Post graduate University of Lucknow. Medical education in Internal Medicine. MD thesis & Research: Cardiology-Ischemic heart diseases. Boards and certifications: 1. ECFMG Certified (USMLE part 1, 2 and English passed) 2. FLEX part 1 & 2 passed (Federation Medical Licensing Examination), Medical Board passed 3. TX State Education Board: Certified post baccalaureate teaching in Science-co ntent subject Associations: Ex member AMA and TCCA (TX community college association) Honors: Ophthalmology and Pharmacology during medical education 1990-2008 Employment & Experiences: I. I was laid off as of June 01/2010 from the following position . The College cannot pay my salary and a letter to the effect and a letter of re commendation from the last employer are attached. II. August 08 to May 31, 2010: Academic Dean Kansas College of Chinese Medicine, Wichita, KS 67207

III. December 2003 to August 2008 I worked as an academic dean and professor of Western Medical Courses in differe nt acupuncture and Oriental Medicine colleges in Texas and Florida. As an acade mic dean I have been truly an academic leader. Under my academic leadership coll eges received 5 years accreditation from ACAOM. I maintain a high standard of ed ucation by providing guidance and assistance in attaining vision, mission, goals and objectives of an institution. I am dedicated, focused and detailed oriented person and believe in documentation of education in an institution. CUEs that I give to teachers and the faculty meetings that I hold give me opportunity to sm ooth running of the college. Teachers teach as they were taught. Teachers are ex cellent source of information but do more often than not lack in methods and mea ns of imparting the information to the students since no professional colleges t each how to teach. I did not know this as an MD but I learned it while I was tak ing post baccalaureate science teaching certification education in a University in US. My CEUs provide teachers deep understanding of education in sense of pro viding it to others and how. I understand that our new students are born with Nintendo and now with cell, wit h eye & hand coordination need great interaction and enormous amount of visual i nput in their learning. I become an outstanding academic leader in health field due to my medical backgr ound with university education on "Education" and extensive teaching experience

at different levels. I do have excellent recommendations from supervisors, colleagues and outstanding evaluations from the students. I. 1991-2003 Associate Professor and Instructor of Biology in Colleges in TX- An atomy & Physiology and Microbiology II. 1976-1990 Administrative Physician & Acting Regional Health Officer for a Go vernment Department of Health out of USA. Skills: Computer literate-MSW, Power point, Excel, seeing typing, can operate al l multimedia equipment. I also conduct workshops on use of multimedia in college . I teach teachers on Education and give them CEUs. Professional references: Letters of recommendations are enclosed. 1.Dr. Qjzhi Gao, Diplomate OM, DOM. President and Founder of Kansas College of Chinese Medicine located in Wichita, KS. E-mail address: "Qz Gau" <[email protected]>, Telephone 316-207-8868 This is the last employer and yes, you can contact. 5.Dr. Mark Hanson, DC, L. Ac. President and owner of DCOM, Dallas, TX, E-Mail address: President Telephone 214-616-3355 2.Dr. Autumn Grubb, Ph. D. Director & CEO. DRCOM, Gainesville, Florida. E-mail address: director, Telephone 352-371-2833 Ext 26 3.Ruth Hayes-Morrison, M. Ed. Dean of Academic Affairs, DRCOM, Gainesville, FL E-mail address: "Ruth Hayes-Morrison" <[email protected]>, 4. Dr. Kathleen Leavy, MAOM, L. Ac, Dip. OM. DOM, DRCOM Founding member, Member of Board of Directors and Clinic Director, E-mail address: [email protected] Telephone: 352-22501230 6.Dr. Leon Coelho, DC, Ph. D. Chief Executive Officer of DCOM, TX E-mail address: [email protected] Telephone: 972-390-0212 SSK Sudhir Kudesia, MD November, 11, 2010

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