Death Penalty

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Death Penalty



"Justice means that the death sentence can never be an option no matter what the
Two men executed, two more on death row. Yet the same
crimes exist. What does the death penalty achieve?
Australia is one of the countries which lucily don!t implement the death penalty for
the most severe crimes, but unfortunately, countries overseas such as the "#
continue to use the death penalty, a punishment which some people believe is
inhumane, while others thin it!s the ri$ht thin$ to do for the worst o%enders. &or
'ic (erry, Texas )overnor, he believes capital punishment is the correct decision
for *umberto +eal, despite pleas from "# (resident ,arrac -bama and the "#
#tate .epartment for a reprieve. +eal was sentenced to death row for the rape,
torture, and murder of Adria #auceda in /ay 01, 1223. *e unfortunately was
executed by lethal in4ection on July 5, 0611. .oes the execution of +eal really
chan$e anythin$? *as 4ustice been really served?
'ather than sentencin$ o%enders to death row, they should be $iven the
opportunity to rehabilitate themselves. -ne of the main reasons criminals are
sentenced to 4ail is for them to become the correct law citi7en, and those sent to
death row aren!t $iven that opportunity. /ore often than not, criminals! troubled
past leads them to commit such crimes. &or *umberto +eal and /ar #troman, also
sentenced to death row, this is very much the case. &or +eal, his past is as
disturbin$ as his crime which sent him death row. *e su%ered from brain dama$e
and was sexually abused by a priest as a child. To +eal, his actions may have been
an act of reven$e for what the priest had done to him or what he believed is normal.
,y looin$ at his past, many of us would a$ree this man would be better suited to a
second opportunity of life in the ri$ht direction throu$h external $uidance, instead
of an execution. /ar #troman!s past is very similar of +eal!s. #troman was
dia$nosed as su%erin$ mental health problems in childhood, but it was never
properly treated. *e be$an "treatin$" himself with dru$s at the a$e of 11 and $rew
up in a troubled household, where he learned to solve problems throu$h violence
and be suspicious of people not lie him. &ollowin$ the events of 2811, he murdered
0 people who he believed were of /iddle 9astern descent. *e lost his half:sister in
the World Trade ;entre. While his crimes are not excusable, it does $ive it context.
&or both of these o%enders, many people have supported them for their sentence to
be reprieved. +eal $ained the support of (resident ,arrac -bama and the "# #tate
.epartment, and #troman $ained the support of one the unliely people : 'ais
,huiyan, the person #troman shot in the face, yet he miraculously survived and
recovered to stop the execution of #troman. "nfortunately, in both cases, the
appeals from the most hi$h pro<le of people in both cases proved ine%ective, and
both +eal and #troman were executed on July 5th and 01st, 0611 respectively.
#o what can be done to prevent further people from bein$ sentenced to death row?
#andra +. ,abcoc, attorney for the late *umberto +eal stated that "=t is shameful
that /r. +eal will pay the price for our inaction. The need for ;on$ressional action to
restore our reputation and protect our citi7ens is more ur$ent than ever." This is
more of a reason for true 4ustice, meanin$ that the death penalty will no lon$er be a
viable option for punishment re$ardless of the circumstances. =f chan$e to the
death penalty is met, this may save the lives of two members of the ,ali >ine :
Andrew ;han and /yuran #uumaran. They have already shown si$ns of
rehabilitation. As their lawyer Julian /c/ahon reports "#lowly, over six years in 4ail,
they have become really decent men. &rom the typical narcissistic, unimpressive
youn$ men = <rst met in 066?, they are now mature and carin$, lots of love, always
$enerous, very en4oyable company, sharp witted and full of life." This supports the
notion that 4ail is a place for people for rehabilitate themselves to $et their live bac
on trac permanently. While all may not choose to that, it seems that they should be
$iven the opportunity to do so. &or +eal and #troman, they did not receive that
opportunity, but no more people should be refused a chance to set their lives
strai$ht and sent to death row.
Throu$h Albert ;amus! words "&or centuries the death penalty, often accompanied
by barbarous re<nements, has been tryin$ to hold crime in [email protected] yet crime
persists" we can as ourselves, what does the death penalty actually achieve? =t
clearly does not deter people from committin$ the most serious of crimes and rarely
"saves other people!s lives" as former "# (resident )eor$e W. ,ush stated. We are
no lon$er in the period where witches were burnt and heretics decapitated. #ociety
should loo to <nd more humane alternatives to punishment because after all, they
are people 4ust lie us. &or +eal and #troman, unfortunately time $ot the better of
them, but for Andrew ;han and /yuran #uumaran, their lives are on the line, and
this is where society needs to help them $et over the <nal hurdle to the road to

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