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December 2011


VOLUNTEER PHYSICIANS NETWORK SPREADS ITS WINGS Liberty Lauer is married and has three children. But like many families today, unable to afford basic insurance. After coming to the Garden City Community Clinic last spring, Dr. Dan Reed suspected she might have melanoma. Liberty’s family works hard for their income, but because of it, they were not eligible for other assistance programs that require a person to have practically nothing in order to qualify. With the risk of skin cancer looming, what is a patient going to do in a circumstance like this?

Flu Vaccine Shots


Give yourself the gift of health this holiday seasoncome for a free flu shot at Garden City Clinic –Dec 16

Annual Dinner


Come join the fun of gathering with other like-minded people in support of Genesis World Mission—March 4th.

Donated surgical services are among many specialties coordinated by VPN


In 2006, the Volunteer Physicians Network (VPN) was established for cases like this. Safety-net clinics like Garden City Community Clinic (GCCC) and Family Medicine Health Center (FMHC) are just the first stop for many people who have not been able to afford even primary health care. But primary care can’t do everything and eventually help is needed that reaches into specialty care.



Through VPN, Liberty was referred to Dr. Jared Scott of Idaho Skin Surgery Center. The diagnosis and labs alone would have cost a selfpaying patient $387. Unfortunately, Dr. Scott confirmed that she had advanced melanoma requiring surgery. OVER FIVE 1/2 YEARS, VPN HAS HELPED FACILITATE MORE THAN $5.2 MILLION IN DONATED SPECIALTY CARE

Healthcare requires a team of people working together on patient needs and the foundation of the VPN is to collaborate with partners and respect (Continued on page 3)


Board Member Dave Hall (left) and International  Director Tracy Haworth pose with the community leaders in Burangi Kenya who will be responsible for organizing the construction of a new clinic there. Construction will begin in January.


CLINIC LEANS INTO PREVENTION The Garden City Community Clinic continues to increase emphasis on prevention efforts. Eight times a year, Clinic staff assists with the Ada County—Idaho State University community health screenings for the public. For more information about this free screening, visit On December 16, from 11 AM—3, the Clinic will be offering free flu vaccination shots to those over the age of 10. No appointment is necessary and if that time doesn’t work for you, call ahead for an appointment at 384-5200. CORPORATE SPONSOR Five Locations To Serve you

Boise (3) Eagle Meridian 367-8222





As part of our Ada County grant this fall, we were able to hire a social services coordinator to increase our mental health services. Joe Ramaker a Licensed Professional Counselor, began October 3 and already we are able to serve three times as many patients in mental health and counseling services as before. Working in tandem with medical providers is allowing for an efficient and effective way of coordinating a person’s overall health. “Mental un-health can be as fatal as many medical complications,” says Joe. As an example, one out of every ten individuals who suffer from depression will attempt to take their life as a way out. “Jeffrey” is a patient who came to us for some medical symptoms. After speaking with a social worker, his PHQ-9 (a depression screening tool) showed that he was struggling with severe depression. His medical provider used this information to ask more questions which revealed that he had multiple close relatives who had succeeded in taking their lives a high risk indicator for suicide. He then admitted he had a plan to attempt suicide that night.

After speaking with a mental health counselor, Jeffrey agreed to get help and was admitted to the hospital where he stayed for 10 days. He recently came back to visit and said, “Your clinic saved my life. I would have gone through with my plan if you hadn’t stopped me. Thank you for being here.” When a person who has had a job all their life suddenly becomes “terminally unemployed,” and then gets foreclosed on, and then ends up homeless, and then has medical problems…you can imagine how very quickly this reaches a crisis point. Admitting you need help with any thing is difficult and humbling. Admitting you need help with managing your mind is even harder and mental illnesses often goes untreated until discovered as an ancillary need to medical problems. As the number of people needing mental health treatment continues to grow, we are finding more and more resources to connect them to services with counseling, support groups, churches, and other community agencies and services.

ORGANIZING, OPERATING AND INSPIRING What can we truly call our own work at Genesis World Mission? Over the years we have owned and operated successful projects like the Garden City Community Clinic and Volunteer Physicians Network. But Genesis also takes an active role in multiplying these works by using its expertise to help others get their organizations off the ground.


The Caldwell clinic established itself in 2010 with the help of Genesis World Mission. Now it provides primary care clinic services just like we do in Garden City. We’ve assisted other clinics in Burley, McCall and Ontario and recently helped organize the first statewide gathering of free clinics.

The PEFA Mercy Medical Centre opened in Kenya in 2007 with significant assistance from Genesis. We are in the fifth and final year of start-up funding for the clinic which is all but financially self-sustainable and also reaches out to serve even more desperate communities than its own.

Burangi Village in Kenya is now organizing its health care needs out of our partnership with them and MAP International. Ground will be broken on a clinic in January; but more important than a building is a catalyzed community who now has a sustainable vision for meeting their own healthcare needs


the parameters of all services agreed upon. Specialists and service providers agree to see referred patients for a specific and limited number of appointments each month. They agree to donate that consult at no charge. Referrals are for medically necessary conditions, and care is for the least restrictive, most conservative treatment. YOU LIKE TO HAVE FUN WITH FRIENDS Admit it: it’s more fun to hang out with people who are like-minded. The kind of people who come to our dinner and auction are community oriented, compassionate, friendly, and generous—just like you! NO RUBBER CHICKENS The Riverside Hotel’s executive chef Dean Fuller has pleased our palates every year. In 2011, he treated us to a Kenyan fusion meal with Mandazi Bites, East African Chapati Bread, Za-Atar Spiced Carrots, and Kenyan Spicy Fish Fillets. Who knows what he’ll cook up this year. UNIQUE ITEMS TO BID ON Where else can you bid on an opportunity to fly RC Airplanes with the National Family Physician of the Year or get yourself one of several elegantly designed flower arrangements in unique hand-blown glass vases? WORLD CLASS SPEAKER Our keynote speaker is Mark Russell, CEO of Russell Media, who has done extensive work in areas of poverty, community empowerment, and other economic development initiatives. He’s travelled to over 70 countries, got a hot new book called “Our Souls at Work,” and can be really funny too. GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS GOOD NEWS You’ll be inspired as we update you on the work Genesis has accomplished in the past year and see what’s coming up in the years ahead.

With an ever-increasing need for better coordination, VPN has expanded its staff this fall so that there are just 1-2 people handling the referral process rather than a variety of people from multiple clinics. GCCC and FMHC are the first two clinics to receive a dedicated “clinic rep” on VPN staff. This arrangement saves them even more time and money rather than having a nurse or social worker managing the process Since the beginning of the program, VPN has managed its relationships and agreements in a way that has earned the trust of the specialists’ community and hospitals. With an increasing centralization of specialists coming under hospital systems, both St. Luke’s and Saint Alphonsus health systems have agreed to continue expanding access to more of their physicians and services. This will significantly increase the numbers of referrals and array of specialties that are available to VPN. VPN helped arrange the surgical procedure that Liberty needed and she is healthy once again and has a whole new lease on life. “I will forever be thankful to each of you for your care, your time, and your sacrifice that you care for those in need,” says Liberty. “I just want you to know how grateful my family and I are and that we look for ways to ‘pay it forward.’” This fall, VPN welcomed The Friendship Clinic in Boise and Community Care Clinic in McCall to allow for them to begin referring patients to long-needed specialists; the Canyon County Community Clinic also participates. We are also reaching out to other area clinics that serve the medically vulnerable populations that fall within VPN’s scope and look forward to helping other geographic areas create their own VPN’s. We are very grateful for the opportunity to facilitate access to more people across our region through our generous community partners.






Honorary Gifts

Recent Grants  Pacific Source Health Plans, $25,000  Bank of America Foundation, $2,500

 Cynthia Jonsson in honor of Roland Holmer  Pinnacle EMS in honor of Troy Hagen

How You Can Give Edwin V. “Win” Apel (1949-2011) We honor our friend Win Apel, who inspired us with his intense pursuit of life and the Lord. He was a well known attorney in Boise for Morrison Knudson, Washington Group International and Hawley Troxell Ennis and Hawley before moving to NJ in 2008. Win ran 76 marathons in all 50 states, on all seven continents and visited over 35 foreign countries. He was married to Lorrie Apel, who managed the Garden City Community Clinic from 2004-2008.

Monthly Donations

No Cheesy Gifts

Planned Gifts = Legacy

We have multiple options for those who want to make one -time or recurring donations and partner to inspire, organize, and operate community healthcare solutions.

This Christmas, honor your friendships by NOT buying them a stale can of flavored popcorn. Give online and we’ll send a card to your friend telling them how much you care.

We can help you make sure your riches are well utilized to help the poor after you’re “done with them.” If you’d like to know about planned giving options, call us at 208-854-3942

Automated Checking Withdrawal, Credit Cards, and PayPal are available.

Donate At 215 W 35 St Garden City ID 83714

Non-Profit Org US Postage PAID Permit #845 BOISE ID 215 W 35th Street Garden City ID 83714

UNITED WAY OF TREASURE VALLEY CONDUCTS COMMUNITY ASSESSMENT Many people don’t know it, but the Treasure Valley is home to one of the most progressive and effective United Way affiliates in the nation. This year, UWTV conducted a community assessment that will help drive their future activities and which involved more than 1500 surveys conducted with stakeholders and within affected populations. This will provide a baseline for collaboration and alignment of funding to move the needle on priority indicators. We are excited to be an active participant in these conversations and decisions which reflect the value we place on community-based solutions to healthcare challenges. For more information, visit



BREAKING GROUND IN BURANGI Our delegation just returned from Burangi Kenya in planning for the clinic we will assist with building there. Our partners have developed a simple, two room plan that will provide a place to begin ongoing medical services to this remote community. The Burangi villagers will be self-funding 1/4 of the initial cost through donated labor, materials and land totaling $16,000. Now we’re looking to match their commitment to build this clinic with $48,000 which will cover the cost of construction supervision, materials, latrines, and shipping a container of medical equipment. Now is when we need your help!!

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