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The Virtual Enterprise Program at New Dorp High School Mrs. Deirdre DeAngelis, Principal Mr. Paul Presti, Coordinator

Volume VI, Issue III December Issue 2010

December 2010

Presentation Clicker: Mohamed Safa

From Left to Right: Julio Mejia, Nick Venier, Kelly Nelson, Steven Heyer, Erum Zubair, Klea Papuli, Roy Dieudonne

Pg.1 Business Plan Competition

California Trade Fair


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On December 13th 2010, New Dorp High School hosted the business plan competition where seven VE firms: Ovea (Tottenville High School), VE Law (New Dorp High School), The Printing Depot (Fort Hamilton), Universal Promotions(Edward R. Murrow), Bon Voyage (Fort Hamilton), Office Universe (Port Richmond) and VEMI (New Dorp High School) competed. The competition took place in New Dorp High School’s auditorium from 1-4 p.m. Each presentation team went up to the stage and presented their Business Plans and answered the questions the judges asked them. Each team did their best in the competition, but in the end, VE Law took 1st (New Dorp High School), The Printing Depot took 2nd (Fort Hamilton) and Universal Promotions took 3rd (Edward R. Murrow). Even though VEMI didn’t place, they are still qualified for the Citywide Business Plan Competition on January 14, 2011 at the Deloitte & Touche CPA firm in Manahattan. By: Jose Haley

The 2010 California Trade Fair turned out to be a great experience. We were proudly represented by our Director of Operations, Nicholas Venier. We went there projected to make $50,000 and ended up making more then double the amount. Our firm ended up making $110,000 by selling our policies. This turned out to be a very huge success for us. Nick Venier The business portion of the California Trade Fair was very important, but it was also a great opportunity to visit a different place. It also was an opportunity to see other schools and see how their VE firms operate. The experience also opened up an opportunity to set up a strategic alliance with one of the other firms in the future. A strategic alliance should be able to increase business for both parties. This proved to be beneficial from a business standpoint as well as a great learning experience.

By Stefan Vulichevich

Q: How much money were we projected to make in the California Trade fair? A: “We were projected to make $50,000.” Q: How much money did we make during the trade fair? A: “We made over $110,000.” Q: Which of our policies sold the most? A: “Our workers compensation policy sold the most with over 50 sold.” Q: Which schools impressed you the most during your time there? A: Earth-wise, and another was Infinity Tours.”

California Trade Fair

Q: What did you learn from this experience, and how can this help us during the New York trade fair that’s coming up? A: “ I learned to speak with others more properly. I learned the true meaning of a strategic alliance and how it can help our firm.” Q: Is there any firm that you think would make a good strategic alliance with our firm? A: “Earthwise, because they had a strong foundation for their business, by selling green products, and it was a new unique firm. It would benefit us greatly because they can refer us to their new customers.” Q: How would you describe your overall experience? A: “My overall experience was incredible, the things I’ve seen, people I met, and things I experienced were amazing. I hope other people can experience the same.”

Q.What or who inspired you to become a teacher? A.“My teachers in high school have inspired me to lead in this career path. My business teacher who is well known in the VE program, Iris Blanc, had inspired me to be a business teacher.” Q. How long have you been working for New Dorp High School? A.“I came to New Dorp in 2001.” Q.What made you get so involved in the Virtual Enterprise Competitions? A.“I think VE is one of the best High School programs in the country. I wanted to be a part of it and make students achieve the best and to have a real experience in the business world.” Q.What did you think about this year’s VE program at New Dorp High School? A.“I am very excited about this year’s group of students. This year’s group is very hard working, dedicated, and smart and I know that they will achieve the best, because they have the ability to do it.” Q.Is there any advise that you would like to give to VEMI and their presenters? A. "The presenters were amazing at the competition. They have displayed a great confidence in their performance and now they have to show that confidence in answering the questions and then they will achieve success.”

Ms. Christine Drucker

For the month of December, our celebrity of the month is Ms. Christine Drucker, who is the Assistant Principal of Corprate Center at New Dorp High School. This month she assisted VEMI’s presenters with the Business Plan Competition. For the past month Ms. Drucker has helped prepare the presenters for the difficult task they had coming. VEMI would like to thank her for the advice and the help she has given us. We spoke to Ms. Drucker and she had this to say:
By: Alena Te

Cyber Insurance Premium: $2,100

E-commerce Liability Premium: $1,500

Disability Insurance Premium: Males- $35 Females- $55

Workers Compensation Insurance Premium:$1,400 (Per Employee)

General Liability Insurance Premium:$500

Risk Assessment Anaylsis Fee: $1,000

Product Liability Insurance Premium: Price based on product

Healthcare InsurancePremium: $ 320

January 1: New Year’s Day January 17: Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

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