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Miszkiewicz 1 Anna Miszkiewicz Professor Caruso UWRT 1103 16 November 201 T!e Tru"! Abou" Abou" #eneric vs$ Name %ran& Me&ica"ion W!en 'eo'(e cons"an"() "a(k abou" a con"roversia( "o'ic* +ues"ions arise$ ,ues"ions "!a" !ave no" )e" been be en answere& c!a((en-e researc!ers an& sc!o(ars "o &iscover  more abou" "!e "o'ic a" !an&$ Wi"! Wi"! "!e "o'ic of w!e"!er or no" -eneric me&ica"ions are as -oo& as name bran& me&ica"ion* "!ere is muc! informa"ion in "!e wor(& su''or"in- bo"! si&es$ T!e wi&e varie") of informa"ion informa"ion for eac! si&e can (ea& (ea& someone "o won&er !ow of"en sources con"ainin- .fac"s/ are cre&ib(e$ W!en &iscussin- "!e &ifference & ifference be"ween -eneric an& name bran& me&ica"ions* rea&in- ourna(s crea"e& b) me&ica( e'er"s an& sc!o(ars are "!e bes" wa)s wa)s "o -ain an un&ers"an&in- of w!a" is ac"ua(() "rue$ Researc! !as s!own "!a" "!e effec"iveness of a cer"ain &ru- is no" base& on w!e"!er a me&ica"ion is a  bran& name or no"* in fac" "!e) are (e-a(() "!e same &ru-$ n "!e 'as"* "!ere !ave been cer"ain circums"ances "!a" !ave cause& 'eo'(e "o "!ink "!a" "!ere is a &ifference be"ween "!e "wo$ A("!ou-! uncommon* some 'eo'(e e'erience in&ifferen" reac"ions o"!er "!an "!e in"en"iona( reac"ions "o "!e -eneric bran& ra"!er "!an "!e name bran&$ Man) conversa"ions re-ar&in- name bran& &ru-s an& "!eir -eneric coun"er'ar"s s'ira( in"o "!e +ues"ion are -eneric bran&s "ru() as effec"ive as bran& name me&ica"ions4 W!i(e "!e answer wi(( vas"() remain ar-ue&* muc! is &one "o ensure "!e me&ica"ions are a(mos" i&en"ica($ Man) s"ron-() be(ieve "!a" since since -enerics are c!ea'er* "!e) sim'() &o no" work as we(($ T!e 5oo& an& ru- A&minis"ra"ion* !owever* s"ric"() s"ric"() re-u(a"es "!e


Miszkiewicz 2  'ro&uc"ion of -eneric forms of &ru-s "o -uaran"ee "!a" "!e +ua(i") is no"!in- (ess "!an "!a" of "!e bran& name form$ n fac"* "!e 5A &irec"() &irec"() s"a"es "!a" -eneric forms un&er-o man) "es"s "o ensure "!a" "!e) !ave "!e .same .same !i-! +ua(i")* s"ren-"!* 'uri") an& s"abi(i") as  bran&7name &ru-s/ before "!e) are re(ease& on "!e marke" 8.Un&ers"an&in- #eneric/9$ T!ere is a(so con"rovers) abou" a&&e& in-re&ien"s in a -eneric form* bu" "!e 5A !as ensure& "!a" a(( ac"ive in-re&ien"s are "!e same an& "!a" "!e me&ica"ion works in "!e same wa)$ T!e -eneric an& bran& name me&ica"ions ma) -o "!rou-! man) "ria(s of "es"in before "!e) are a''rove&* bu" no" ever)one wi(( reac" "!e same "o a me&ica"ion$ T!e ac"ive in-re&ien"s are re+uire& "o be "!e same in bo"! forms of "!e &ru-s* bu" o"!er a&&e& in-re&ien"s cou(& 'ossib() be &ifferen"$ &ifferen"$ :vera((* effec"iveness is "!e same in -eneric an& name bran& me&icines* bu" .in&ivi&ua( res'onses "o an) &ru- ma) var)/ 8Pe"ers9$ 8Pe"ers9$ An ar"ic(e from a me&ica( ourna( s"a"e& "!a" a four"een7)ear7o(& c!i(& w!o !a& &eve(o'e& au"ism* bi'o(ar affec"ive &isor&er* an& in"e((ec"ua( &isabi(i") a" a )oun- a-e encoun"ere& ra'i& weakenin- of !is men"a( s"a"e af"er swi"c!in- "o a -eneric form of "!e me&ica"ion !e !a& been "akin- "!rou-!ou" !is (ife$ ;is fami() ma&e "!e "!e conscious &ecision "o 'u" !im  back on "!e name bran& me&ica"ion !e was ori-ina(() 'rescribe& an& !is men"a( s"a"e im'rove& a(mos" imme&ia"e()$ imme&ia"e()$ T!ou-! "es"in- was com'(e"e& an& "!e 5A 'asse& 'asse& "!e -eneric form of "!e &ru-* a !an&fu( of 'eo'(e wi(( sim'() no" !ave "!e same &esire& ou"come as o"!ers$ 8Pe"ers9 8<amue(9 #eneric me&ica"ion !as become an increasin-() 'o'u(ar c!oice over "!e 'as" &eca&e &ue "o "!eir eas) access$ T!e cos" a(one '(a)s a maor maor ro(e in "!e u'risinu'risin- of -eneric &ru-s$ Curren"()* .63= of 'rescri'"ions are are fi((e& wi"! -eneric &ru-s/ &ru-s/ an& "!e


Miszkiewicz 3 number kee's risin- &ue !ow cos" efficien" "!e -eneric forms are 8Pe"ers9$ 8Pe"ers9$ Wi" Wi"! ! "!e -eneric &ru- in&us"r) -rowin-* "!e s"an&ar&s for -eneric -ener ic me&ica"ions !ave risen* a(onwi"! "!e s'en&in-$ 5rom 1>>> "o 2003 "!e "o"a( e'en&i"ures for -eneric &ru-s increase& from [email protected][email protected] bi((ion "o ?36$6 bi((ion/ bi((ion/ 8<"a-ni""i9$ T!e (os" cos" forms forms !ave !e('e& 'eo'(e -ain access "o me&ica"ions "!a" "!e) cou(& no" !ave before$ Peo'(e are sim'() 'a)in- (es (esss for "!e same me&ica"ion$ W!i(e "!e &ru-s m ma) a) (ook &ifferen"* "!e) con"ain "!e same .c!emica( subs"ance "!a" makes "!e &ru- work/ 8#eneric an& %ran&9$ A("!ou-! researc! s!ows "!a" "!ere are no" c(ear &ifferences be"ween a 'ioneer &ru- an& i"s -eneric coun"er'ar"* "!ere are some s(i-!" &ifferences "!a" cou(& !ave some effec"* &e'en&in- on "!e in&ivi&ua($ A re+uiremen" se" in "!e &eve(o'men" s"a-es of a -eneric &ru- s"a"es [email protected]= "o 12= of "!e &ru- mus" en"er "!eB b(oo&s"ream from a -eneric me&ica"ion com'are& "o "!e ori-ina( &ru-/ &ru-/ 8Coo'erman9$ T!is means "!a" a  'erson "akin- a -eneric me&ica"ion ma) be -e""in- more or (ess ac"ive in-re&ien" in eac! &ose of a me&ica"ion$ T!e varie& ac"ive in-re&ien" amoun"s can cause "!e bo&) "o res'on& &ifferen"()$ &ifferen"()$ Ano"!er con"roversia( conversa"ion comes abou" w!en &iscussin&iscussin- "!e in-re&ien"s (is" of bo"! -eneric an& non7-eneric &ru-s$ Man) be(ieve "!a" "!e &ru-s ar aree i&en"ica( an& mos" 'er!a's are* bu" bu " b) (aw* -eneric me&ica"ion mus" !ave "!e same in-re&ien"s (abe( as "!e name bran& even if "!e (is" !as s(i-!" &ifferences$ &ifferences$ T!e "wo forms of "!e &ru- can a''ear "o be "!e same because "!e bo""(e sa)s "!e) are i&en"ica(* w!en "!e "wo ma) con"ain com'(e"e() com'(e"e() &ifferen" in-re&ien"s$ 8.#eneric ru- abe(in-/9 :vera((* bran& name &ru-s an& "!eir "!e ir -eneric coun"er'ar"s are i&en"ica(D in&ivi&ua(s !owever* ma) e'erience a &ifferen" reac"ion &ue "o a&&e& in-re&ien"s or o"!er fac"ors$ C!arac"eris"ics suc! as a-e* bo&) wei-!"* an& -ene"ics can '(a) a (ar-e ro(e in !ow "!e


Miszkiewicz E  bo&) wi(( reac" "o a me&ica"ion$ A-e can !ave an effec"* es'ecia(() if one is ver) )ounor ver) o(& in w!ic! "!e "! e bo&) is more sensi"ive an& reac"ions ma) occur b) sim'() "akinw!a" cou(& be a norma( &oes "o "o a mi&&(e a-e& 'erson$ %o&) wei-!" '(a)s a maor ro(e ro(e in "!e wa) "!a" a me&ica"ion worksD for eam'(e* a sma((er 'erson ma) "ake (ess of a &rucom'are& "o someone w!o is (ar-er$ A(so* some c!i(&ren wi(( !ave a((er a((er-ies -ies "o cer"ain &ru-s "!a" were 'asse& &own "o "!em from 'aren"s* causin- me&ica"ions "o !ave aan n a("ere& effec"$ Ano"!er fac" "!a" '(a)s a (ar-e ro(e ro(e in reac"ions "o me&ica"ions is !ow man) me&icines a 'erson is "akin- a" one "ime$ <ome 'eo'(e "ake mu("i'(e me&ica"ions &ai() an& "wo me&ica"ions ma) !ave an abnorma( reac"ion "o one ano"!er* w!ic! cou(& cause !arm "o an in&ivi&ua($ 8Robbins9 T!e fac" "!a" some 'eo'(e res'on& &ifferen"() is no" because "!e "wo forms are &ifferen"* bu" more so because of o"!er fac"ors no" re(a"in- "o "o "!e me&ica"ion$ A("!ou-! some in&ivi&ua(s wou(& ra"!er 'a) more mone) for "!e name bran& "o be on "!e .safe si&e/ "!ere are no 'roven s"u&ies "!a" s!ow name bran& me&ica"ions are be""er$ " a(( &e'en&s on "!e consumerFs 'ersona( 'reference$ T!e 'ro&uc" use& "o &is'(a) "!e informa"ion "!a" was researc!e& is "wo bo""(es re'resen"in- a -eneric me&ica"ion an& a name bran& me&ica"ion$ T!e basic i&ea is "o "o s!ow "!a" w!i(e "!e me&ica"ions are in &ifferen" & ifferen" bo""(es an& ma) (ook &ifferen"* "!e) con"ain "!e same ac"ive in-re&ien"s an& work in "!e same wa) wa)$$ T!e re'(ica of "!e "wo &ifferen" forms of a &ru- wou(& be '(ace& in a me&ica( office or a !os'i"a( "o inform  'eo'(e "!a" -enerics are a more soun& c!oice &ue "o "!e fac" "!a" "!e) are more cos" efficien" an& work in an i&en"ica( wa) com'are& co m'are& "o name bran& me&ica"ion$


Miszkiewicz  Works Ci"e& New

Generic and Brand Name Drugs: Understanding the Basics n$ 'a-$ %<A$ Web$ Web$ 16

 Nov$ 201$ Pe"ers* Go!n R$ H#eneric ru-s 7 <afe* Iffec"ive* an& Aff Affor&ab(e$H or&ab(e$H Wi Wiley ley Online Library$ erma"o(o-ic T!era')* 6 Ma) 200>$ 200 >$ Web$ Web$ 0> Nov$ 201$ Robbins* Go!n$ HW!) Peo'(e Res'on& ifferen"() "o ru-s J Me&ica"ions$H  EMedicalGuild Health Infrmatin !im"lified $ 23 Ma) 2013$ Web$ Web$ 12 Nov$ 201$

<"a-ni""i* Marie N$ HTren&s in %ran& Name an& #eneric Prescribe& Me&icine U"i(iza"ion an& I'en&i"ures* 1>>> an& 2003$H n$ 'a-$ :c"$ 2006$ Web$ Web$ > Nov$ 201$ <amue(* Rani* Aziza! A""ar&* an& Marinos K)riako'ou(os$ HMen"a( <"a"e e"eriora"ion af"er <wi"c!in- from %ran&7name "o #eneric :(anza'ine in an A&o(escen" wi"! %i'o(ar Affec"ive isor&er* Au"ism an& n"e((ec"ua( isabi(i") A Case < <"u&)$ "u&)$HH  BM# $sychiatry$ E :c"$ 2013$ Web$ Web$ 0> Nov$ 201$ Original

Coo'erman* To&$ HW!a" Lou Lou Nee& "o Know Abou" #eneric ru-s$H What %u Need t  &n' (but Generic Drugs$ T!e r$ :z <!ow* [email protected] A'r$ 2013$ Web$ 16 Nov$ 201$

H#eneric ru- abe(in-$H G$h($ #eneric P!armaceu"ica( Associa"ion* Web$ Web$ 16 Nov$ 201$ HUn&ers"an&in- #eneric ru-s$H U)!) *d and Drug (dministratin$  :c"$ 201$ Web$ Web$ 12 Nov$ 201$

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