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[Defense] Current Affairs compilation 2012-13: missiles, joint exercises, operations, organizations 1. Intro 2. Defense exercises 3. Missiles, weapons and vehicles •


Aircraft destroyer


avy ! "u#$arine


&an's and artillery

(ifles! unifor$s

Indian (adars and "onars





avy "hip

Coast guard ships

Coast guard vs avy

. avy- ew #ases . /lue water navy


0. Defense "*s . Di li$it 4. 5xhi#itions 6. ara$ilitary forces7 18.I$portant organi9ations 11. 11.Moc' :uestions

ntro •

Agni, rithvi, &rishul;;whe &rishul;;whenever never you<re preparing for *"C, "tate "C, I/", I /", ""C or =IC you<ve to prepare these things over and over again. "o$eti$es it feels as if Indian >overn$ent tests these $issiles $issiles not only to annoy China and a'istan a'istan #ut also to annoy the co$petitive exa$ aspirants. Anyways, Anyways, earlier I gave the t he co$pilation for persons in news 2812%13. clic' $e if you haven<t read it already. ow here a new article dealing with defense related current affairs ?2812%[email protected] and #asic stuff. If you feel any i$portant i $portant ter$ is $issing, do $ention it in the co$$ents #elow.

Defense exercises inda one of the $ost i$portant i $portant topics for C"A C"A& & paper I. It<s not that *"C as's defense exercises every year #ut Bust #ecause it was as'ed once or twice then it #eco$es i$portant forever, especially when it has a catchy na$e hahaha.




#ol$ %uru&s'etra

India, "ingapore in *

Ar$y ?&an'[email protected]

Cormorant (tri&e ii

India, "rilan'a, China, a'istan, /angladesh and Maldives. ?held in "ri =an'[email protected]

All 3

)aru$ ('a&ti

India, Indonesia



India, *"



India, (ussia, #i annual



India, roso#oron export?([email protected]

ron ist

nly India. In (aBasthan

Air orce


India, apan



India, *





India,[email protected]



India, *"



India Ind ia and and 1 1 othe otherr countr countries ies-- Aust Austral ralia, ia, /an /angla glades desh h etc. etc.

avy avy


India, apan



India only, in orth 5ast


e$ lag ('a&ti

India, *" in evada


India, rance in *ttara'hand



India, *" in California

Ar$y [email protected]

('oor eer

nly India, (aBasthan #order



India, "ingapore



&(5FG&heatre =evel perational (eadiness 5xercise.India only


 ajra ra'ar

India, *" in *ttara'hand

Ar$y ?"pecial [email protected]

 aruna  5u$' A'"as

India, rance India, *" in (aBasthan

avy Ar$y ?&an'[email protected]

Hthis is one of the uses of

/issiles, 6eapons an$ *e'icles  Agni •

"urface to surface $issile #y D(D.

(ange increases as version increases. •

Agni% 

888'$s. It is India<s first Intercontinental #allistic $issile ?IC/[email protected] India is the th country to have IC/M. ther 0 areG *", (ussia, China, *, rance and Israel. orth orea is also developing an IC/M na$ed &aepodong%2.

Agni% 888'$s  Agni% 3888'$s 3 Agni% 2 2888'$s. a'istan<s )A&% ?>[email protected] has range of a#out 1388 '$s. Agni% 88'$s ?so$e ?so$e #oo's!$aga9ine #oo's!$aga9iness say 488 488 #ut India India 2813 Jear#oo' says 88 so I 'eep 'eep it [email protected][email protected]



rit'i*i •

"urface to surface. "hort range ?18%3[email protected]

(ange increases as nu$#er increases- rithvi IG18, IIG28 and IIIG38'$s I IIG38'$s

Its naval version is 'nown as Dhanush. Dhanush can #e launched fro$ avy ships.

 Aircraft $estro"er

"urface to air ?"[email protected] It can destroy $any targets at once, using (aBendra radar syste$. Its range is higher than trishul.

Air to air $issile to destroy ene$y aircrafts.




&rishu l

"urface to air ?"[email protected] Destroy low level flying o#Bects. 5.g. fro$ a ship against low flying attac'ing ene$y $issiles.

Cruise •


268 '$ range. nly "upersonic cruise $issile in the world. ?speed close to 3 [email protected] a$ed after two rivers- /rah$aputra of India and the Mos'va of (ussia. can #e used against ship and land targets. Can #e installed on ships, su#$arines K aircraft and ground vehicles Can receive navigation signals fro$ #oth >" ?*"[email protected] and >=A""?([email protected]

!ir'a"  •

su#%sonic Tomahawk,, a long%range, su#%sonic cruise ir#hay iscruise India<s$issile e:uivalent of Tomahawk $issile, developed #y the *.". developed #y Defence (esearch and Develop$ent rganisation ?D(D@ will travel at a su#%sonic speed ?less than the speed of [email protected]

!a*" 7 (umarine •


%-18 (agari&a


It is the naval version of rithvi II $issile. u'e capa#le. 38'$s Can #e launched fro$ su#$arines. (ange a#t 88'$s.




Lill #e used fro$ nuclear powered su#$arines ?li'e [email protected]

Anti%su#$arine torpedo

 Anti-4an&  9;!  A 



!A/%   A  Invar

&he helicopter%fired version of ag ?anti%tan' [email protected] )elina G)elicopter E ag =aser )o$ing Attac' or =aser )o$ing Anti%&an' $issile will #e used in the upgraded ArBun #attle tan's. fire and forget< anti%tan' $issile. can destroy ene$y tan's four '$ away AMICAGcarrierr of A> $issile. AMICAGcarrie /oth of the$ did not perfor$ well during field trials in (aBasthan.

It is a vehicle to carry and launch A> $issles. Anti%tan' Missiles that can #e launched fro$ ArBun &%68 tan's. India will #uy these fro$ (ussia

Adrush Adr ushya ya Anti%t Anti%tan' an' $ine. $ine. /y D(D D(D

4an&s an$ artiller"  ArBu ArBun n ABeya "A(+A&( A DA" DA ") ) ina ina'a 'a

Main Main #a #att ttle le tan' tan'.. ?&6 ?&[email protected] [email protected]a anc ncha hanG nGna na$e $e of the the ar$ ar$ou ourr use used d on on tthi hiss ttan an'. '. &%2 tan' Mo#ile #ridge laying syste$. "o ar$y<s tan's and vehicles can cross rivers. It is a rro# o#ot otic ic vehi vehicl clee for for disa disa#l #lin ing g I5D I5D ?ex ?expl plos osiv ives [email protected] @.


Mult Multi# i#ar arre rell roc' roc'et et sy syste$ ste$ ?it ?it loo loo's 's li' li'ee a truc truc' ' with with lot lot of of roc' roc'et etss on its its sho shoul ulde [email protected] [email protected] 1$$ artillery gun. ?these type of guns are 'nown as [email protected] /ofors is also a howit9er.

/M% /M %2 2

In Infa fant ntry ry co$ co$#a #att v veh ehic icle le.. &o &o ttra rans nspo port rt so sold ldie iers rs in th thee #at #attl tlef efie ield ld..

ifles7 uniforms •



it is a self loading rifle ?"=(@ #y D(D. I"A"GIndian s$all ar$s syste$. /efore I"A", we had I")A(5 "=(.

Co$pact co$$unication and electronic warfare suit


/a#y viper

An e:uip$ent for clearing land $ines. /y D(D

n$ian a$ars an$ (onars irst understand the difference.



(Adio Detection and (anging

"und avigation And (anging

*ses radio waves Mostly used a#ove water [email protected]

*ses sound waves

aster response

*nderwater. "lower ?#ecause speed of sound is slower than radio waves and depends on $ediu$ through which it [email protected]

1. aeria aeriall and and nava navall navigation 2. ai airr def defen ense se 3. chec'i chec'ing ng weathe weatherr patterns

1. =ocate =ocate su#$ari su#$arines nes and $ines $ines in the the sea 2. underwater underwater surveillan surveillance ce and and co$$unicati co$$unication on 3. $apping $apping under underwate waterr terrains terrains

ow let<s chec' the D(D proBects related to (adars and "onars (ADA(


(evati (eva ti ?3 ?3d d rad radar ar fo forr navy [email protected]@ (ohini ?3d radar for [email protected]

)*M" )*M"A A ?shi ?ship# p#or orne [email protected]@

Indra (aBendra

anchendriya, *"*") ?"u#[email protected] &adpole Darpan

MI)I( ?air#[email protected]

3D Car 3D Central Ac:uisition (adar

H$ost of these Jear#oo', that<s why i$portant for MCPs. t hese are given in India Jear#oo',

 Aircrafts ?list is definitely not [email protected] "*38% MI Dornier% 224 "aras =CA % 1

ighter Bets, India will #uy the$ fro$ (ussia. &ransport aircraft &ransport aircraft =ight co$#at aircraft, aval prototype 1.India<s first indigenous naval fighter Bet ?that can


#e used fro$ aircraft carrier ships such as I" +i'[email protected] It has "&/A( capa#ility. "&/A(G "'i &a'eoff #ut arrested recovery. Lakshya- Advances pilotiess target aircraft ii nishant

*n$anned aerial vehicles =ight co$#at aircraft. [email protected]averiGna$e of &eBas<s engine. It is India<s first indigenous gas tur#ine engine.

&eBas It single seat, single engine, supersonic, light%weight, all%weather, $ulti%role aircraft. Darin%II Dari n%IIII

It is upgraded upgraded version version of aguar aguar fighter fighter.. Developed Developed #y )industa )industan n Aerona Aeronautic uticss ltd. Air#orne 5arly warning and control syste$. it is a really huge airplane , with high tech radar syste$. It can detect ene$y aircraft, ships and vehicles at long ranges.


Mira Mi rag ge

ig igh hter ai airc rcrraft, ft, r ro$ fra france nce



/y the way, fifth generation air%craft were separately discussed in another article long ti$e #ac'. Clic' $e

9elicopters Attac' helicopter, India will #uy the$ fro$ (ussia.Can carry out operation in any weather, any terrain, day n night E disaster, "earch%rescue operations. Attac' helicopter.

Mi%1 v (udra Dhruv, Cheetal, Cheta'

*tility helicopterG transporting very few $en, $aterial etc.

Agusta Agu staL Lestlan estland d

&ran &ranspo sport rt heli helicop copter ter.. ro$ ro$ Italy Italy #ut #ut deal deal is stuc stuc' ' due to to sca$. sca$.

<A7Drones NISHANT, Rustom-I, Lakshya-I

&hese are *A+G *n$anned Aerial vehicles. Developed #y D(D


Mini%*A+. C( will use it to fight naxals. /" in counter%insurgency.It loo's li'e that helicopter Mr.=o#o was #uilding in 3%idiots ?and then heconveniently co$$itted suicide so that A$ir han could fix it and dance on a [email protected]

)arpy, )eron, )arop

&hese *A+ are #ought fro$ Israel.


(umarines uclear su#$arine. Le rented this fro$ (ussia.nly *", *, (ussia, rance and China had such nu'e su#$arines. ?we are the sixth [email protected] ucl uclea earr su# su#$a $ari rine ne.. Cur Curre rent ntly ly un unde derrgo goin ing g tr tria ial. l.

I" Cha'ra I" I " Arih Arihan antt I" "indhura'sha'

"u#$arine, #ought fro$ (ussia

!a*" ('ip "tealth frigate.roBect 1G Indian navy is #uilding stealth frigates under this proBect. &hese are also stealth frigates. India #ought these fro$ (ussia.&hese will #e used for anti%piracy operations. Indi ndian n naavy ship ip.. It It is is on on sa sailing ing ex expedi dittion to to A"5A A"5A  na nati tio ons.

I" "ahyadri &eg, &ar'ash, &ri'and "uda udarshin inii I" +i'ra$aditya

Aircraft carrier ship. riginally 'nown as Ad$iral >orsh'ov. India #ought this fro$ (ussia.

Coast guar$ s'ips Again list not exhaustive, #ut following na$es were in news "a$udra aheredar (ani A##a''a Dahanu (aB'a$al

ollution control atrolling. /y the way (ani A##a''a ruled over coastal parts of arnata'a, had fought against ortugese in late 10th centuar  centuary y. patrolling ?$ ?$ainly Maharashtra cco [email protected] atrolling

Coast guar$ *s !a*"  !a*"

Coast guar$


Director general

verall Mariti$e verall Mariti$e%sec %security urity Anti%piracy (eports to Defense $inistry

Coastal Coastal secu security rity in &erritori erritorial al waters waters Anti%s$uggling "a$e )elp fisher$en in distress"earch and rescue Marine pollution, environ$ent protection

!a*": !e6 ases Dweep (a'sha'

Indian avy<s new #ase in =as'hweep islands.


Indian avy<s new #ase in Anda$an Islands.


#lue 6ater na*"  •

It is a really powerful navy navy,, can operate across the deep waters in open oceans. 5.g *" avy. Indian navy also wishes wi shes to #e a /lue water navy. &he purchase!induction of +i'ra$aditya, +i'ra$aditya, nuclear su#$arines, fifth generation air crafts etc. are part of that strategy.

Defense (<s •

&o run ar$y, navy, navy, airforce, coast guards or any other force you need weapons, vehicles, unifor$s etc. so who provides these $aterials7G [email protected] via i$port fro$ (ussia, *", Israel, etc. E [email protected] do$estic production via D(D, defense factories and "*s. ften, we i$port stuff fro$ other countries, then our "*s will refit the$ to suit Indian terrain and re:uire$ents. ow let<s ta'e a loo' at the organi9ations related with do$estic production &he $ain N#ossO is Dept of Defense production QDefence $inistry *nder this Depart$ent Depart$ent of defense production, you<ve two type of organi9ations

Defense factories

Ma'e a$$unition, explosives, weapons, unifor$s etc.

Defense underta'ing ?or "*[email protected]

)A=, /5=, other shipyards. shipyards.

D(D is a separate (KD organi9ation that directly reports to t o Defense $inistry. $inistry. D(D does the research QDevelop$ent stuff. nce that is co$plete, $ass production starts with the help of factories ! "*s. &agline of D(D G /alasya Mula$ +igyana$ G the source of strength is science. ?lol9 #ut first you need $oney to finance the scientific research, so then what is the source of [email protected]

Defense <n$erta&ing +(<s ?list not [email protected] )A=


)industan Aeronautics ltd. )AL Bet trainer "*%38 MI =CA

Dornier ?transport [email protected] Dhruv ?light [email protected]


Cheetal!Cheta' ?)[email protected]

navratna co$pany

spanning fighter aircraft.

Multirole transprt aircrft wid russia.

th generatn fightr aircrft.


constr. "C(55 su#$arines....nd... su#$arines.. ..nd.....$issile ..$issile D5"&(J5(" D5"&(J 5(" for indn A+J A+J..

MID)A I •

I(D5" )

/harat dyna$ics li$ited

>oa Q patrol vessels of steel nd alu$iniu$, $issile #oats, survey vehicles, landing craft utility vehicles,........ventrd wid grp?glass reinfrcd [email protected] #oats.

/5M= =i$ited

access syst$s li'e ho$elnd secrty syst$s nd selct non%defense applicns.

)industan%%%%%east coast of india, su#$arines, sov, for lpd, govt Q%.30 cr. >arden (each, ol'ata Ma9agon, Mu$#ai ?and not >[email protected]%%%$iniratna c$pny%%%const.. warships,su#$arines, ;..virtual reality centres has #een started....shore integrtn [email protected] prvds co$#at syst$ integrtn....


/harat #anglore in 16..ran'%06th radar n fire ctrl, eletr voting $achines, ta#let pcs, ic, "onar, co$$unication devices, electronic syste$s for tan's, aircrafts. Also develops solar cells, 5+M ?electronic voting [email protected] etc.

MIshra%D)atu Iga$ ltd. rovides high :uality $etals, alloys, $aterials re:uired for air%craft, tan', weapons production. /IM5DICA= i$pacts. Defense $ining and construction rail K $etro ational institute for (esearch and Develop$ent in Defense "hip#uilding. or self%reliance in defense production related to navy. ear o9hi'ode, erala It is not a "* #ut an autono$ous society. Anti%tan' guided $issiles, surface to air weapon syste$s, under water weapons, test e:uip$ents.


ri*ate sector •

/efore 2881, private sector wasn<t allowed in defense production. /ut now

20R DI is allowed in Defense sector.

Issue- 20R is very low. It doesn<t encourage foreign players transfer their defense technologies in clic' India,$etherefore Co$$erce to read the news article$inistry wants this DI li$it to #e increased to R. for $ore,  $ore,

x'iitions •

A5( india- air force related. 2813<s show held in /engaluru. Defexpo India- weapons, $achines related r elated to =and, aval and Internal "ecurity. 2812<s 2812<s show held in ew Delhi.

aramilitar" forces= •

Different #oo's give different definitions of what is $eant #y Nara$ilitary forcesO. or exa$ple, so$e would say ara$ilitary G those fall under )o$e $inistry and not under Defense $inistry. 5.g. C(, /", I&/ etc. thers will counter it saying forces li'e I/ and C/I also fall under )o$e $inistry #ut #y no $eans they<re para$ilitary. In 2811, >overn$ent of India $ade the for$al definition- ara$ilitary force Gheaded #y Military officer ?and not an I" [email protected] C(, /", C(, /", I&/ etc are all headed #y NDirector >eneralsO #ut these director generals are actually I" officers ?and not $ilitary [email protected] )ence going #y that definition, we are left with only three NrealO para$ilitary forces

1. As Assa sa$ $ (ifle (ifless 2. "pec "pecial ial ronti rontier er orce 3. Co Coas astt >uar >uard d ' then 1. what are C(, C(, /", /", I&/, I&/, CI" and ""/7 Gthese are NCentral Ar$ed olice orces ?CA@.O 2. &hen what are (AL (AL and I/ G they are intelligence intelligence gathering agencies ?internal ?internal and [email protected]


and IAG they are law enforce$ent agencies. agencies. 3. &hen what are C/I and

>rganizations 5sta#lish$ent Jears Jears are not i$portant #ut the chronology is. •

143  Assam ifles 

140  1 •

162 4A  8 •

163 C 6

16 C# 1

16 9ome )uar$s 0

16 !CC


originally Catchar =evy. Also 'nown as N"entinels of orth 5astO and Nriends of the hill peopleO ?'inda too clichSd, hence unli'ely for [email protected] alls under )o$e $inistry ?and not Defense [email protected] )owever, its D> is an ar$y officer, officer, hence it is a Ntrue!realO para$ilitary para$ilitar y force.?and the oldest [email protected] It also protects the Indo%Myan$ar #order. ?""/ loo's after epal, /hutan #[email protected] (ailway protection force. Its evolution can #e traced to Indian police Act $ade in 1401. *nder that Act, part of the /ritish police $anpower was deployed for protection of railways. &erritorial ar$y. alls under Defense Ministry. &his is li'e a part ti$e Bo#. A $e$#er can continue his routine Bo# ! #usiness as a civilian and every year he has to render service in &erritorial ar$y for a few $onths. "i$ilar force in *"A G 'nown as ational >uards. C( ?originally Crown representative<s [email protected] "ardar atel rena$ed it to Central (eserve olice force. alls under )o$e $inistry. &his is the $ain fighting force against naxal and internal distur#ances. *nder special police esta#lish$ent Act. =ater turned into C/I. [email protected] n &+ channels, you often hear Congies giving argu$ent that C/I is NindependentO #ecause doesn<t fall under )o$e $inistry so NweO are not controlling C/I. It is a #ogus argu$ent #ecause C/I reports to Depart$ent of personnel and training, and personnel $inistry falls under ri$e Minister. Although for corruption cases, C/I reports to C+C. "i$ilar force in *"AG/I. )o$e guards. ?Ar$y has si$ilar force 'nown as &erritorial [email protected] &hese are N+oluntaryO forces ?part ti$e Bo#@. Lor'- bandobast  during   during election, rioting, traffic, disasters etc. )o$e $inistry fra$es the policies, functions, training for ho$e guards. &he cost of force is shared #etween centre Estates. ational cadet Corps.




160 4# 2

160 ( 2

160 ((# 3

160 #( 

160 A?  4

160 C( 6

164 () 

166   8 166 A 2


• •

Motto- *nity and Discipline ?5'ta aur [email protected] Indo &i#etan #order police. "etup in the wa'e of Chinese aggression. KASAB’s security It was also responsi#le for KASAB’s  security in Mu$#ai Bail. &hen they as'ed crores of rupees and Maharashtra >overn$ent refused to pay. pay. alls under )o$e Ministry. "pecial rontier orce. or carrying guerilla operations #ehind Chinese lines. alls under Defense $inistry. riginally "pecial service #ureau, now "ashastra "ee$a /al. It protects epal and /hutan #order. /order security force. During war ti$e, /" will do the policing wor' in any ene$y territories captured #y Indian Ar$y E ta'ing care of refugees and prisoner of war ?[email protected] (esearch and Analysis wing ?([email protected] Doesn<t fall under )o$e ! Defense ! oreign $inistry. &his organi9ation directly reports to M. "i$ilar force in *"AGCIA, (ussiaG"/ ?earlier >/@, IsraelG Mossad, ChinaGM"". (AL loo's into 5xternal intelligence gathering. I/ ?Intelligence #[email protected] under )o$e $inistry loo's into Internal intelligence gathering. /efore (AL was created [email protected], this I/ used to do #oth internal and external intelligence gathering. Central Industrial security force. rotection of airports, "*s, nu'e la#s and powerplants. force $eaning its cost is #orne #y the CI" is a cost-reimbursement force $eaning client and not the taxpayer. 5.g. if airport is getting CI" cover, then air port has to pay the$ ?so ulti$ately air%passengers have to [email protected] Info In fosy syss is the first private co$pany to get CI" protection. "pecial protection group. "etup after Indira<s assassination. rovides security to M, and his fa$ily. (ashtriya (ifles. Counter insurgency in ash$ir. It is part of Ar$y ?hence defense [email protected] (apid Action force Made fro$ C(


288 C>#A  4

288 !A  6

It was setup $ainly for controlling riots. /ut nowadays also used in disaster Manage$ent, anti%naxal ops, * peace 'eeping ops. +aBraG riot control vehicle of (A. alls under )o$e $inistry. Co$#at #attalion for resolution action. Made fro$ C(. C(. &o fight naxals. "i$ilar force of Andhra police Is 'nown as N>rey%houndsO. ational investigation agency. After 20!11 attac's. ust li'e C/I, this one also reports to ersonnel Ministry.

=et<ss try to consolidate so$e i$portant stuff fro$ a#ove ta#le =et<

Defense ministr" *s 9ome ministr"  Defense $inistry 1. 2. 3. . .


)o$e securityGC(, (A, C/(A, 1. Interna" securityGC(, Assa$ (ifles?[email protected], CI" ?"*s, Airports Ar$y- (ashtriya (ashtriya (ifles, &erritorial ar$y [email protected] avy securityG""/ ?epal /[email protected], /" 2. Bor$er securityG""/ Airf Airfor orce ce ?a', /[email protected], I&/ ?&i#[email protected], Assa$ (ifles Coas Coastt g gua uard rd [email protected] or s!ecia" o!s# Marcos o!s# Marcos ?[email protected], %nforcementGC/I, IA- #ut they 3. Law %nforcementGC/I, >aruda [email protected], >hata' [email protected], don<t report to ho$e $inistry. "pecial rontier orce. Inte""i&enceGI/ . Inte""i&ence GI/ [email protected] E (AL [email protected] CC #ut (AL falls directly under M. o!erationsG"> . or s!ecia" o!erationsG">

(pecial forces across 6orl$ or "urgical operations li'e airplane hiBac', terrorist!hostage situation. "> "A" Delta orce >">%6 >I> "har%et% $at'al

India * *" >er$an y rance Israel

/oc& @uestions 1. Lhich of the the following following is not a *A *A+7 1. i ish shan antt


2. (u (ussto to$ $ 3. e etr traa . Dhruv 2. Lhich of the the following following has highes highestt range in '$s7 '$s7 1. r rit ithv hvii 2. /r /rah ah$o $oss 3. Dh Dhan anus ush h . Ag Agn ni% i%+ + 3. Lhich of the following following country country doesn<t doesn<t have IC/M $issiles7 $issiles7 1. In Ind dia 2. China 3. *"A . "o "out uth h orea orea.. . Lhich of the followin following g is not a "urface to surface surface $issile $issile 1. Agni 2. r rit ithv hvii 3. &ri rish shul ul . on onee of of a#ov a#ove. e. . Lhat is the the DI li$it li$it in Defense Defense sector sector in India7 India7 1. 8 2. 20 3. 6 .  0. Lha Lhatt is I(D I(D5") 5")77


1. "tate of the art electronic electronic co$$unica co$$unication tion syste$ syste$ for avy 2. An organi9ation organi9ation for $a'ing India self%reliant in defense technology technology 3. oint naval naval exercise exercise #etween #etween India India and *"A . o one ne of of a#ov a#ovee . Cor Correc rectt state$ state$ent ent 1. >arden (each (each ship#uild ship#uildersG ersG Andhra 2. Ma9 Ma9ago agon n doc'G doc'G >oa 3. /o /oth th A and and / . one 4. In ter$s of range, range, find correct correct order- fro$ lower lower to higher7 higher7 1. Agni +, "agari'a, Dhanush, /rah$os /rah$os 2. "agar "agari'a, i'a, Dhanush, Dhanush, /rah$os, /rah$os, Agni + 3. /rah$o /rah$os, s, Dhanush, Dhanush, "agari'a, "agari'a, Agni + . on onee of of a#ov a#ove. e. 6. in ind d the the odd odd ter$ ter$ 1. )e )eli lin na 2. i ir# r#ha hay y 3. "a "aga gari ri'a 'a . i ird rdes esh h 18.ind the odd se:uence 1. Indra, (aBend (aBendra, ra, Mihir, Mihir, (evati (evati 2. Mihir Mihir,, anchendriya anchendriya,, *"*"), (aBendra (aBendra 3. Indra, (aBen (aBendra, dra, (ohini, (ohini, (evati (evati . on onee of of a#ov a#ove. e.


11.incorrect Match 1. Mir Mirage ageG(u G(ussi ssiaa 2. 3 31G 1Ga apan pan 3. "*3 "*38%M 8%MIG IG". ".ore oreaa . Al Alll of a# a#ov ove. e. 12.averi is an engine Developed for 1. I" Ar Arih ihan antt 2. =ig =ight ht co$#at co$#at aircra aircraft ft 3. &68 ArB ArBun un tan' tan' . no none ne of of a#ove a#ove 13.Lhich of the following ship can #e used during oil spills7 1. "a "ahy hyad adri ri 2. Ar Arih ihan antt 3. Ch Chaa'r 'raa . "a$ "a$udr udraa ahered aheredar ar 1.Correct Match 1. Dweep (a'sha'-I (a'sha'-Indian ndian avy<s avy<s new #ase #ase in Anda$an Anda$an 2. /aa9- Indian Indian avy<s avy<s new new #ase in Maldives. Maldives. 3. /o /oth th A and and / . one 1.irst private sector co$pany to get CI" cover was 1. &C" 2. LI LI ( 3. "at aty ya$


. in info fosy syss 10.Lhich of the following is not a central ar$ed police force7 1. /" 2. C( 3. CI" . (as (ashtr htriya iya (ifle (ifless 1.Lhich of the following is not a central para$ilitary force7 1. As Assa sa$ $ (ifle (ifless 2. "peci "pecial al ront rontier ier orce 3. Co Coas astt >uar >uard d . "> 14.Lhich of the following doesn<t report to ho$e $inistry 1. (A 2. C( 3. ""/ . (AL  Q Main Main article stop here. ow Bust so$e filler $aterial.

>perations this is too cliched for the MCPs. peration



year 281 1


5vacuate Indians fro$ =i#ya


/lac' &ornado

ill terrorists respon#ile for 20!11


288 4


5vacuate Indians during Israel%=e#anon conflict.


288 0

Madath, "ea Laves, Castor, >a$#hir, (ain#ow, (ahat

(elief after 288 tsuna$i


288 


5nduring reedo$

It was *" operation in Afghanistan #ut India navy escored A$erican ships through straight of Malacca

&alwar [email protected]

avy avy

166 6 Airforc 166

argil war



&o prevent coup in Maldives

e All 3


eace 'eeping in "ri =an'a



Capturing "iachen glacier


&riden, ython

Attac'ing arachi port


+iBay [email protected]

Capture of >oa, Da$an and Diu and AnBidiv Islands



)ydera#ad freedo$


"afed sagar

ow "o$e $ore $isc. > that is not $uch i$portant for MCPs. •

ield for$ation, in ter$s of no. soldiersG soldiersG corps  division  #rigade  #attalion  co$pany  platoon  section. In gallantry awards- ara$ +ir  Maharvir  +ir. Asho' cha'ra G e:uivalent of ara$ +ir char'a, given for #ravery in peaceti$e. ?e.g. given to police officers who $artyred during [email protected] Medal of )onor G A$erican e:uivalent of ara$ +ir Cha'ra. )ighest ran' in Indian Ar$y is not >eneral #ut ield $arshal. "o far only two field $arshals- Cariappa and Mane'shaw. In A$erican A$erican syste$, these two are Nfive star generalsO and rest ?e.g. +.."ingh, +.."ingh, /i'ra$ "ingh, @ are Nfour starO generals. IndiaG (AL (AL ?external [email protected] , I/ [email protected] "i$ilarly * G MI ?internal [email protected] and MI0 ?external [email protected]

inally so$e ti$e pass :uestions! food for thought 1. If India has has C/I and *" has has /I then then what does does * have7 have7 2. 5very country would need a (AL (AL #ut not a C/I why7 why7

288 1 166 6

6 164 4 164  164  16 1 160 1 16 4


Marshalls. /I loo's after federal federal investigation and *" Marshalls< Marshalls< do 3. *"A has /I E *" Marshalls. the transporting of federal prisoners, serving warrants and securing federal courts. n that logic, Lhile India has C/I, #ut why doesn<t India have Indian $arshals7 Answers for ti$e pass :uestions 1. othing. /ecause /ecause * is not a federal federal country. country. Although * does have special police forces to fight organi9ed cri$e and narcotics. /ut in ter$s of Burisdiction and functions, they<re not e:uivalent to C/I!/I. 2. )in )intt given given in answ answer er 1. 3. #ecause $ost of the NfederalO prisoners in India are either out on #ail or doing Aiyaashi in

the Bail so separate police to transport prisonersGnot needed.

*(= to article- http-!!$!2813!83!defense%current%affa http-!!$!2813!83!defense%current%affairs%co$pilation%2812%13% irs%co$pilation%2812%13% $$l osted /y Mrunal n 24!83!2813 T 23-23 In the category "cience Clic'  here to print. Clic' Adrushya $ine%%%%%conte$prry i$$o#ilised #attle tan's

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