DELHI-Companies and Consultants

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IIS Scientifc Computing Ltd
Specialisation: Oil & gas exploration software, GIS, 2D!D imaging, C"#
software & ser$ices
%e&site: www'iisinc'com
#mail: c(a)ra*iisinc'com
Location: +ew Del(i
IIC# ,ec(nologies Ltd
Specialisation: %e& & #-training, Internet solutions, .lacements
%e&site: www'we&comtec(nologiesusa'com
#mail: president*we&comtec(nologiesusa'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Infonox Software .$t Ltd
Specialisation: ,ransaction processing solutions and securit/
%e&site: www'infonox'com
#mail: $eeres(*infonox'com
Location: +ew Del(i and .une
Icon Data 0anagement Ltd
Specialisation: 1ac) o2ce operations, e-C30, we& centre
%e&site: www'icondatamanagement'com
#mail: &c4ain*g(clindia'com
Location: +oida
Infnite Computers Solutions 5India6 .$t Ltd
Specialisation: %e& and #-Commerce, Data&ases
%e&site: www'infcs'com
#mail: c(andra7na$in*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Informatics Computer S/stems
Specialisation: ,urn)e/ Computer #ducation .rogrammes
Location: +ew Del(i
Icon Information S/stems .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: Information ,ec(nolog/ "d$isor/ Ser$ices, 829
Solutions, 1an)ing, 1espo)e De$elopment
#mail: )ewal*iconinfo'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Intelligent Information S/stems .$t Ltd
Specialisation: O:s(ore Software De$elopment, 3eengineering,
"pplication de$elopment
#mail: iisdel*del!'$snl'net'in
Location: +oida
Indo-;apan ,rade Centre 5.6 Ltd'
Specialisation: #m&edded S/stems : <irmware & Software, %indows
&ased software=ace>"rial si?e>2@
%e&site: www'i4tc'com
#mail: indo4ap*nda'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
Infogain India 5.6 Ltd'
Specialisation: <ront O2ce Solutions, #3. Solutions, "pplication
S/stem #ngineering Ser$ices, Internet Integration Ser$ices
%e&site: www'infogain'com
#mail: $ed*india'infogain'com
Location: +oida

Infoedge Solutions .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: 0icrosoft Aisual Studio Suite 5Aisual 1asic, Aisual
<, Aisual CBB6, SCL Ser$er, Oracle, Ot(er OD1C compliant
data&ases, "cti$eD, CO0DCO0, "DO, "S. ,ec(nologies
%e&site: www'Info#dgeSolutions'com
#mail: .i/es(*Info#dgeSolutions'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Information ,ec(nologies 5India6 Limited' 5I','I'L'6
Specialisation: Client-Ser$er Data&ase "pplications, +etwor)ing
S/stem Software, Group %are, %indows C# products
%e&site: www'itil'com
#mail: m)tg*itil'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Info?ec( Software .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: ,elecom 1illing, Customers Care & ,elecom "udit
Ser$ices, Internet, Euman 3esources Software, Semi - Conduct
%e&site: www'info?ec('com
#mail: an)ur*info?ec('com
Location: +ew Del(i
I,&, Limited
Specialisation: I, infrastructure management, networ) Integration,
S/stems Integration, #-ena&ling of applications
%e&site: www'ittindia'com
#mail: (emant*ittindia'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Interra Software 5India6 .$t Ltd
Specialisation: #nterprise 1usiness "pplications, Internet #-
Commerce, I10 mianframe, 0aintenance 0igration
%e&site: www'interrait'com
#mail: )al/an&*interra'com
Location: +oida

I,L Infotec( Limited
Specialisation: Software De$elopment, I, ena&led ser$ices, Internet
ser$ice pro$iders, Onsite and o:s(ore pro4ects
%e&site: www'itlinfotec('com
#mail: itlinfo*mantraonline'com
Location: +ew Del(i

India #ducation Centre Software Ltd'
Specialisation: Data Capture Ser$ices, Data .rocessing, O: S(ore
Ser$ices, ,raining, ,urn)e/ .ro4ects, Data con$ersion
%e&site: www'iecsoftwares'com
#mail: iecsoft*&ol'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
Inox Glo&al Ser$ices Ltd
Specialisation: Call centre, 1ac) o2ce operations, %e& ena&lement
#mail: inox7glo&al*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i

Intertec( 3esources Ltd
Specialisation: Consultanc/ for Call centre operation, Euman resource
de$elopment & ons(ore pro4ects
#mail: intertec(*sat/am'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
Interglo&e ,ec(nologies .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Software De$elopment, I, #na&led Ser$ices, %e&site
de$elopment & 0aintenance
%e&site: www'interglo&etec(nologies'com
#mail: rames('arora*interglo&etec(nologies'com
Location: Gurgaon
India Online .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Internet application, 0icrosoft ,ec(nologies, %indows
%e&site: www'iolpl'com
#mail: a$des(*iolpl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
I1IL, ,ec(nologies Ltd
Specialisation: Information Strateg/ planning, #nterprise 1usiness
"pplication, %e& ,ransformation, +etwor) Design & implementation,
9nowledge & Data mining
%e&site: www'i&iltec(nologies'com
#mail: as(o)*i&iltec(nologies'com
Location: +ew Del(i
;9 ,ec(nosoft Ltd
Specialisation: Consultanc/ - De$elopment - ,raining on .3OG3#SS,
De$elopment and deplo/ment of internet transaction processing
applications , 0<G' .3O implementation
%e&site: www'4)tec('com
#mail: progress*4)tec('com
Location: +ew Del(i
;aipuria Institute of Information
Specialisation: I, ,raining in (ig(-end latest programming languages &
3D10S, #-&usiness trainer
%e&site: www'ginnigroup'com
#mail: ginni*giasdlFG'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
9urade I- +et .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: Internet, Software De$elopment, #- Commerce, %e&
%e&site: www')urade'com
#mail: inet7ltd*/a(oo'com
Location: +ew Del(i
9LG S/stel Ltd'
Specialisation: Computer "ided Design & #ngineering 5C"DC"#6,
.ro4ect 0anagement, Suppl/ C(ain Solutions and 0anufacturing
#xecution S/stems, 1usiness to 1usiness Internet Solutions,
0anufacturing and "utomation S/stem, Consulting - De$elopment and
%e&site: www')lgs/stel'com
Location: +ew Del(i
9CC Software Ltd
Specialisation: Software De$elopment, Internet & #-Commerce, I ,
,rainning, On-stie ser$ices
%e&site: www')cc-india'com
#mail: )ccsw*nda'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
Logicsoft International .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: Data&ase 0anagement Solutions, #nterprise Computing
Solutions, Internet and Intranet, 0ultimedia and 3ealtime .resentation
%e&site: www'logic-soft'net
#mail: info*logic-soft'net
Location: +ew Del(i

Lotus De$elopment International Corporation
Specialisation: 0essaging, 9nowledge management, framewor)s,
Des)top .roducti$it/, Lotus e-suite famil/ of ;a$a-&ased &usiness
producti$it/ solutions
%e&site: www'lotus'com
#mail: &iren4it7sac(ar*lotus'com
Location: +ew Del(i
0icrowa$e Communications Ltd
Specialisation: Call centre, Content de$elopment"nimation
#mail: mdeepa)*giasdlFG'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
0ax India Ltd 5I, Ser$ices6
Specialisation: O:-s(oreonsite software de$elopment, e-&i?
infrastructure, I, ena&led ser$ices - 0,
%e&site: www'maxindia'com
#mail: rpatil*maxindia'com
Location: +ew Del(i
0agic Software .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: CD-3om ,itles, %e& .u&lis(ing, 0ultimedia Content
.roduction, Software Solutions
%e&site: www'magicsw'com
#mail: mail*magicsw'com
Location: +ew Del(i
0iner$a ,elelin) .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: 3emote Data .rocessing
%e&site: www'miner$atelelin)'com
#mail: a4a/&(artia*miner$a(olding'com
Location: +ew Del(i

0icrosoft Corporation 5India6 .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: 1usiness software, Internet tec(nologies, Operating
s/stems and ser$ers, Consulting and education ser$ices
%e&site: www'microsoft'com
#mail: indinfod*microsoft'com
Location: +ew Del(i
0L Infomap .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: De$elopment of GIS and 3emote Sensing applications,
Digital 0ap .roducts for India, Satellite Image "nal/sis and map data
con$ersion, Internet tec(nologies for mapping
%e&site: www'mlinfomap'com
#mail: post*mlinfomap'com
Location: +ew Del(i

0omentum India .ri$ate Limited
Specialisation: Internet #-commerce, %e& ena&ling of applications,
Linux applications, Software s/stem integration
%e&site: www'momentumindia'com
#mail: pan)a4*momentumindia'com
Location: +ew Del(i
0,C 5India6 .ri$ate Limited
Specialisation: Custom Software De$elopment 5o:s(ore onsite6, #-
1usiness Solutions, Internet ,ec(nologies, Onsite Consulting,
#n$ironmental Software .roducts, 0edical ,ranscription & e-
%e&site: www'mtcindia'com
#mail: s)a(u4a*mcindia'com
Location: +oida
0indmill Software Ltd
Specialisation: %e& ena&led client-ser$er application, communication
software , signature entr/ in C# & .almtop application
%e&site: www'mindmillsoftware'com
#mail: suc(in'gupta*mindmillsoftware'com
Location: +ew Del(i

0ar&le Infotec( Ltd'
Specialisation: #3. Solutions, Aisual Software de$elopment, C30, e-
%e&site: www'&(us(an-group'com
#mail: &ssl*&(us(an-group'com
Location: +ew Del(i
,ele "tlas India .$t Ltd
Specialisation: GIS 5Digital 0apping6, +a$igation, Software
%e&site: www'teleatlas'com
#mail: .(illippe'<unc)en*,eleatlas'com
Location: +oida
,G9 5India6 Limited
Specialisation: Software De$elopment 5In Oracle6, #3. Consultanc/, #-
commerce Solutions, #ducation 5Oracle6
#mail: tg)*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i

,ata Consultanc/ Ser$ices
Specialisation: <inancial ser$ices - &an)ing, insurance, securities,
0anufacturing industries and retail, ,elecommunications, ,ransport and
%e&site: www'tcs'com
#mail: ram*mum&ai'tcs'co'in
Location: +ew Del(i
,CIL 1ellsout( Ltd'
Specialisation: ,elecom Operation Support S/stems, +etwor) planning
for ,elecom +etwor), Customised Software products and
Implementation Ser$ices
%e&site: www't&ladm'com
#mail: t&l*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
,ec(span India .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: %e& #na&led #nterprise "pplications 5%##"6, ,elecom
+etwor) 0anagement S/stems 5,+0S6, Solutions 5Customer
3elations(ip 0anagement6
%e&site: www'tec(span'com
#mail: (ars('lo(it*india'tec(span'com
Location: +oida
,elecommunications Consultants India Ltd'
Specialisation: ,elecom "dministration Software, Eospital
"dministration, +etwor)ing, 829 Solution, Internet Ser$ice .ro$ider
%e&site: www'tcil-india'com
#mail: $)umar*tcil-india'com
Location: +ew Del(i
,(ree S Solutions Ltd
Specialisation: #ngineering Ser$ices 53&D6, Implementation of C.C,
3emote legac/ Data 0igration, O:s(ore ,ransaction .rocessing
%e&site: www't(reeonline'com
#mail: nasscom*t(reesonline'com
Location: +ew Del(i

,ec)info Solutions .$t' Ltd
Specialisation: Call Centre, Internat Intranet &ased Solutions,
Customer care & 1illing, 0essaging &wor) How solutions
%e&site: www'tec)info'com
#mail: nalin*tec)info'com
Location: +ew Del(i
,risoft S/stem .$t' Ltd
Specialisation: #- Commerce, %"., C30, 0ultimedia
%e&site: www'trisoft'net
#mail: (emants*trisoft'net
Location: +ew Del(i
Is(a 0artin Infotec( Ltd
Specialisation: Software solutions pro$ider, #-&usiness, ,elecom OSS
products, Software products
%e&site: www'umitl'com
#mail: arun')apur*umitl'com
Location: Gurgaon
I#C Sail Information ,ec(nolog/ limited
Specialisation: #3. solutions for Sted, 0etals and ot(er process
industries, Customi?ation and implementation of O3"CL# and 1""+
#3., O:-s(ore de$elopment, #-commerce, Inter net, Intranet and
Ot(ers %e& &ased applications
%e&site: www'usit'co'in
#mail: &rat(*usit'co'in
Location: +ew Del(i
Initec( Software Solutions Ltd
Specialisation: Software de$elopment, ,raining & de$elopment,
3esource fulflment, applucation ser$ice pro$ider
%e&site: www'unissl'com
#mail: info*unissl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Aintron Informatics Limited
Specialisation: Software .roduct De$elopment, Dataware(ousing
Datamining, %e& ,ec(nologies Intenet , Intranet
%e&site: www'cr/stalsoftus'com
#mail: cr/stalinfos/s*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Aelocient ,ec(nologies Ltd'
Specialisation: n ,ec(nolog/ - 0icrosoft, Oracle & I10, In 1usiness -
#3., #-commerce, ,elecom, Insurance, .rofessional Ser$ices,
Con$ersion & 0igration Ser$ices
%e&site: www'$elocient'com
#mail: anu4'gupta*u)'$elocient'com
Location: +ew Del(i

$Customer Ser$ices India .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Customer ser$ice, ,ec(nical ser$ice
%e&site: www'$customer'com
#mail: a2liations*$customergroup'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Aenire I, Ltd
Specialisation: "pplication De$elopment and 0aintenance, #-&usiness
"pplication Software and Solutions
%e&site: www'$enire-it'com
#mail: c)s*$enire'com
Location: Gurgaon
$t.lex 5India6 .$t Ltd'
Specialisation: e-C30 5Con$ergent6, 1ac)-o2ce processing, "utomated
transaction processing
%e&site: www'$tplex'com
#mail: pra&ir*$tplex'com
Location: +ew Del(i
%ind 3i$er Compan/
Specialisation: 3eal ,ime Operating S/stem 53,OS6, Control design
software, +etwor)ing software products related to 3,OS, Consulting
and engineering ser$ices related to 3,OS
%e&site: www'isi'com
Location: +ew Del(i

%(itestar Software Ltd
Specialisation: Software de$elopmentsolutions, %e& solutions, "S.,
Internet ,ec(nologies
#mail: care*&(aratnet'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Derox 0odicorp Ltd'
Specialisation: 1usiness .rocess 3e-engineering, S". Implementation,
8ear 2FFF Solutions, %or)How 0anagement, %e& &ased applications,
.rinting S/stems Software
%e&site: www'xerox'com
#mail: (&ala'modi*intl'rx'xerox'com
Location: Gurgaon

Dansa 5India6 Ltd
Specialisation: ,urn)e/, <ixed price Software Solutions, OnSite
Consulting, O:s(ore Software de$elopment, #uro, 8ear 2FFF Solutions
and Ser$ices, Software .roduct mar)eting and Support, I, #ducation
and ,raining
%e&site: www'iisinc'com
#mail: saura&(*iis'stpn'soft'net
Location: +oida
Sparesindia'com Ltd
Specialisation: %e& ena&ling ser$ices, suppl/ c(ain management,
customer relations(ip
%e&site: www'sparesindia'com
#mail: atul*sparesindia'com
Location: +ew Del(i
S(/ama Software Solutions 5I6 .$t Ltd
Specialisation: %e& centric & extranet solutions, #-commerce
application, GIS data&ase & application de$elopment, 0ultimedia
&ased content de$elopment
%e&site: www's(/amasoft'com
#mail: &inod*s(/amasoft'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Sapp(ire Callnet .$t Ltd
Specialisation: I, trainning, Call centre consulting, trainning &
manpower pro$ider, I, ena&led ser$ices pro$ider,
%e&site: www'callnetindia'com
#mail: ma(endra7saxena*(otmail'com
Location: +ew Del(i

Spectramind eSer$ices .ri$ate Limited
Specialisation: I',' #na&led Ser$ices, Internet-&ased%e& ena&led
Ser$ices, 3emote O2ce .rocessing Ser$ices, ,ransaction .rocessing
and fulflment
%e&site: www'spectramind'com
#mail: raman'ro/*spectramind'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Software ,ec(nolog/ Group International Ltd
Specialisation: I, ,raining, o:-s(ore ser$ices, software de$elopment
%e&site: www'stgintl'com
#mail: snanda*stgintl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Sampatti'com Limited
Specialisation: .ropert/ & 3eal #state
%e&site: www'sampatti'com
#mail: info*sampatti'com
Location: +ew Del(i

Software Eori?on India Ltd'
Specialisation: .ortal De$elopment, #- Commerce, I, Consultant
%e&site: www'indiagoodmorning'com
#mail: diwa)ar*usa'com
Location: +ew Del(i
SD3C India .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: C"D C"0 C"#, .D0 - .roduct Data 0anagement,
3e$erse engineering, Cualit/ ,esting and Inspection, Consultanc/ &
%e&site: www'sdrc'com
Location: Gurgaon
Selectronic #Juipment Ser$ices .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: 0edical transcription, Data .rocessing
%e&site: www'selectronicmt'com
#mail: $eers*del2'$snl'net'in
Location: Gurgoan
Softe) Limited
Specialisation: "pplication 3e-engineering using client ser$er
tec(nolog/, .roduct de$elopment and support, Custom "pplication
De$elopment, 0aintenance support and porting, On-Site Ser$ices
%e&site: www'softe)limited'com
#mail: softe)dc*giasdlGFG'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
Solutions Infos/stems .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: e1usiness,e0ar)ets, ,ec(nolog/ "udits & course
%e&site: www'siworldwide'com
#mail: anil*siworldwide'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Summit Information ,ec(nologies .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: +ewspaper & .u&lis(ing Industr/, Indian Languages,
<ont Digiti?ation, e-Commerce Solutions
%e&site: www'summitindia'com
#mail: r)apoor*summitindia'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Supertec( Software & Eardware .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: Commercial Software De$elopment, %e&-site designing
& (osting 5"lso a$aila&le in Eindi6, 0ultimedia CD-3O0 de$elopment
5#ducational & Commercial6 O:s(ore Software De$elopment, 829
Solutions, #uro Currenc/ Con$ersion, De$elopment of E,0L &ased
%e&site: www'smart-sc(ools'com
#mail: an4alir*ndf'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
S/stems "merica 5India6 .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Implementation, Sta: "ugmentation, Outsourcing,
%e&site: www's/stemsamerica'com
#mail: saindia*s/stemsindia'com
Location: +ew Del(i
S/stems 0anagement & Information ,ec(nolog/ "cadem/ 5S0I,"6
Specialisation: %e& page design, de$elopment and maintenance,
Interacti$e multimedia presentation, Corporate training
#mail: sswarup*mantraonline'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Santa Cru? Operations, Incorporations
Specialisation: S/stems software, +etwor)ing operating s/stem, %e&
ena&ling & integration, Internet, e-&usiness, e-commerce platform
%e&site: www'sco'com
#mail: ra4a*sco'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Solutions Integrated 0ar)eting Ser$ices .$t Ltd'
Specialisation: Call Centers, C(annel & Distri&ution support,
Direct0ar)eting, %e& & Internet support, Customer "cJuisition support
%e&site: www'solutions-intg'com
#mail: sri)ant*solutions-intg'com
Location: +ew Del(i
S 0 ,eles/s Ltd
Specialisation: Computerising ca&le networ), GIS, Computerised
paging, .ro4ect feasi&ilit/
%e&site: www'smesltd'com
#mail: smes*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i

Sapient Corporation .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Integrated strategies, Creati$es, tec(nolog/, #xperience
%e&site: www'sapient'com
#mail: ago$il*sapient'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Sar Softec( .ri$ate Ltd
Specialisation: Software de$elopment, I, #na&led Ser$ices 5GISC"D6,
#-commerce, Internet, Dataware(ousing, Data .rocessing
%e&site: www'sarsoftec('com
#mail: sarsoft*sarsoftec('com
Location: +ew Del(i
Signal,ree Solutions 5India6 Ltd
Specialisation: Consultanc/ ser$ices in Cualit/ 0anagement, ,urn)e/
O:s(ore de$elopment pro4ects & maintenance of large legac/ s/stems,
3&D for Client-ser$er en$iroments
%e&site: www'signaltreesolutions'com
#mail: ds'madan*psinets'com
Location: +oida
Software 0oguls 5India6 .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Software de$elopment, Distant Learning Online, %e&site
de$elopment & 0anagement, Logistic Solutions
%e&site: www'smipl'com
#mail: sandeep*smipl'com
Location: +oida

Second <oundation Inc'
Specialisation: S/stems Integration, Consultanc/, Software Solutions
%e&site: www'secf'com
#mail: ssing(*secf'com
Location: +ew Del(i

Solitar S/stems 5India6 .$t Ltd
Specialisation: e-C30, e-learning, e-commerce, e-&usiness applications
%e&site: www'solitar/s/stems'com
#mail: a')umar*solitar/s/stems'com
Location: Gurgaon
Samtec( Infonet Ltd
Specialisation: #-commerce, Data centre ser$ices, +etwor) ser$ices,
S/stems Integration
%e&site: www'samtec(infonet'com
#mail: sepl*giasdlFG'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i

Sat/a Infosoft .$t Ltd
Specialisation: #-&usiness solutions, %e& solutions, 0-commerce
&usiness solutions, I, Consulting & ,raining
%e&site: www'sispl'com
#mail: /ogendra*sispl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Software ,#c(nolog/ .ar)s of India
Specialisation: Eig( Speed Data Communication, Infrastructure for
Software De$elopment
%e&site: www'stpi'soft'net
#mail: manas*stpi'soft'net
Location: +ew Del(i
+ational Institute of <as(ion ,ec(nolog/
Specialisation: ,rainingK Consultanc/K .roduct De$elopment
%e&site: www'niftindia'com
#mail: l$sapt(aris(i*(otmail'com
Location: +ew Del(i

+CL Infotec( .ri$ate Ltd'
Specialisation: Onsite O: S(ore Ser$ices, Consultanc/, Data
.rocessing, ,urn)e/ .ro4ects, .ac)aged Software
%e&site: www'nclsoft'com
#mail: ra$i'c(allu*nclsoft'com
Location: +ew Del(i

+etAantage International Ltd
Specialisation: e-commerce, m-commerce, e-procurementsuppl/ c(ain
management, 1road&and +etwor)ing ser$ices
%e&site: www'e-net$antage'com
#mail: info*e-net$antage'com
Location: +ew Del(i
+II, Limited
Specialisation: Software Ser$ice - #ngineering, 3e-engineering,
Consulting and O:s(ore De$elopment Centers, S/stems Integration, I,
,raining, #ducational 0ultimedia
%e&site: www'niit'com
#mail: niit'we&master*niit'com
Location: +ew Del(i

+o)ia ,elecommunications .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: GS0 #Juipment, Cellular Eandsets, ,elecom #Juipment,
%e&site: www'no)ia'com
#mail: sannamari'rie))inen*ntc'no)ia'com
Location: +ew Del(i
+ucleus Software #xports Ltd'
Specialisation: Solutions & Ser$ices for t(e 1an)ing & <inancial
Ser$ices Segment, Software De$elopment & 0aintenance &ased on t(e
o:s(ore model, %e& &ased wor)How & transaction processing
applications, #nd-to-end solution for lending &usinesses
%e&site: www'nucleussoftware'com
#mail: $is(nu*nuleussoftware'com
Location: +ew Del(i

+ext1ric) Solutions Ltd'
Specialisation: Consultanc/ and .ro4ects, S/stems Integration, Internet
.rofessional Ser$ices, I, ena&led ser$ices
%e&site: www'next&ric)'net
#mail: "$ant(i 's(a(*(/tex'net
Location: +ew Del(i

+ 8 Dox Ser$ices Ltd
Specialisation: I, #na&led ser$ices, 0edical transcription
%e&site: www'n/doxser$ices'com
#mail: info*&om'nandn'com
Location: +ew Del(i
+etaJuila Solutions .$t Ltd
Specialisation: 0icrosoft "S., Aisual Inter-De$elopment, 0acromedia
Design Studio, ;a$a,;S., "do&e 3ange of Desig( .roducts
%e&site: www'netaJuila'com
#mail: anup*netaJuila'com
Location: +ew Del(i
+etLIndia Ltd
Specialisation: e1usiness solutions, Intranets, #xtranets, eCommerce,
e1usiness Strateg/, e1usiness Design, e1usiness De$elopment,
e1usiness .romotion
%e&site: www'netLindia'com
#mail: info*netLindia'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Omega +et India 5.6 Ltd
Specialisation: "SLFFF Software ser$ices, ;a$a & #-commerce
Solutions, .artners in #3. retail implementation
#mail: omeganet*$snl'net
Location: +ew Del(i
O+IC3" Credit 3ating "genc/ of India Ltd
Specialisation: Indi$idual Credit 3ating
#mail: onicra*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Open ,ec(nologies India .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: +etwor)ing Solutions, #- Commerce and %e& related
%e&site: www'opentec(india'com
#mail: gd(illon*opentec('stpn'soft'net
Location: +oida
Oracle Software India Ltd'
Specialisation: 3D10S, #nterprise 3esource .lanning Software
#nterprise "pplication De$elopment ,ools, Dataware(ousing, #-
commerce, #-Go$ernance
%e&site: www'oracle-india'com
#mail: dsan/al*'in'oracle'com
Location: +ew Del(i
O/ster Software Solutions 5.$t6 Ltd
Specialisation: I, Consultanc/ & "pplication De$elopment, Consultanc/
in t(e domains of 1an)ing & <inancial Ser$ices, Insurance & #-
%e&site: www'o/stersol'com
#mail: gopal'sarma*o/ster'com
Location: +ew Del(i
.asco Info-,ec(
Specialisation: 1ac) o2ce operations, Call centres
#mail: pautoend*$snl'net'in
Location: Gurgaon
.a(arpur 1usiness Centre
Specialisation: Instant Ei-,ec( O2ce <acilities, State-of-t(e-art
telecommunication facilities, "llied Ser$ices - ,ours & ,ra$el %or)face
< & 1 3ecruitment & ,raining
%e&site: www'p&cnet'com
#mail: meattle*p&cnet'com
Location: +ew Del(i
.arsec ,ec(nologies 5India6 Ltd'
Specialisation: Call Center Solutions, O:S(ore Call Center Ser$ices,
Consultation, Aoice 0ail, .repaid Calling Card Solutions and 0ars C,
%e&site: www'parsec'co'in
#mail: pra&(at'a*parsec'co'in
Location: Gurgaon

.olar Software Ltd'
Specialisation: #3., Dataware(ousing Datamining, #-commerce,
Software consulting
%e&site: www'polarinc'com
#mail: sns*psl'polanic'com
Location: +oida
.G Softec( Ltd'
Specialisation: Eig(-end career training, On-site ser$ices, I10 #-
&usiness "ut(orised training, #-&usiness solutions
%e&site: www'pgsoftec('com
#mail: contact*pgsoftec('com
Location: +ew Del(i
.lanet .CI Infotec( Ltd
Specialisation: Customised Software De$elopment, 0aintenance and
0odifcations to existing programs, Con$ersion of applications
in$ol$ing c(anges of OS, Language, 3D10S, Data #ntr/ and OC3
%e&site: www'primegroupindia'com
#mail: ras(mi*prime-pci'com
Location: Gurgaon
.ipal Software Solutions 5India6 .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: Software De$elopment Ser$ices, Internet %e&
ena&lementK 3e-engineering .orting Ser$ices K 3esource .ro$isioning
%e&site: www'pipalsoftware'com
#mail: pipal*pipalsoftware'com
Location: +ew Del(i
.owersol$ India .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: %e& ena&ling solutions, C30, 3D10S, 3e- #ngineering,
0iddleware application
%e&site: www'powersol$-inc'com
#mail: /tripat(i*powersol$india'com
Location: Gurgaon
.rologic <irst India .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Client-ser$er de$elopment, .ac)aged software for
(otels, clu&s and restaurants, Intranet and Internet &ased transaction
processing, Internet, #-commerce
#mail: amlan*prologicfrst'com
Location: +ew Del(i
+eptune Information Solutions Ltd'
Specialisation: Client Ser$er &ased &usiness applications on Oracle,
Groupware Solutions on +otes Domino, "rc(itecture independent
en$ironment on uniface, #-commerce applications on ;a$a and Domino
%e&site: www'nisl'com
#mail: rgarg*nisl'com
Location: Gurgaon

+et"cross Communications Ltd'
Specialisation: e1usiness solutions, Intranets M for impro$ing &usiness
e2ciencies, #xtranets M for en(ancing &usiness relations(ips and
eCommerce M for increasing &usiness competiti$eness, e1usiness
Strateg/, e1usiness Design, e1usiness De$elopment, e1usiness
%e&site: www'netacross'com
#mail: mmodi*netacross'com
Location: +ew Del(i
+ewgen Software ,ec(nologies Limited
Specialisation: Software De$elopment .ro4ects - O:s(ore or Onsite,
Software .roduct De$elopment in t(e arrea of Document 0anagement,
Imaging, COLD, %or)How and %e&-&ased &usiness automation
solutions in ,elecom, 1an)ing and <inance Sectors, 0anpower &
Outsourcing Ser$
%e&site: www'newgensoft'com
#mail: newgen*newgensoft'com
Location: +ew Del(i
C"I 5India6 Ltd'
Specialisation: Software .rocess Impro$ement, S#I C00 ISO NFFF
Implementation, ,esting, Cualit/ "ssurance
%e&site: www'Jaiindia'com
#mail: mo(not*Jaiindia'com
Location: +ew Del(i

Cuadrant Infotec( 5India6 .ri$ate Ltd
Specialisation: Data entr/ of text and numeric data
5accurac/@NN'NNOP6, Data entr/ from images and (andwritten forms,
3apid turn around )e/ing pro4ects 5G2-2L (ours6, O:s(ore email
%e&site: www'Juadrantindia'com
#mail: &ri4*Juadrantindia'com
Location: Gurgaon
Cuantum Information S/stems Ltd
Specialisation: Eig( end Internet &ased education
%e&site: www'Juantum'edu
#mail: information*Juantrum'edu
Location: +ew Del(i
3ICO Softec( Ltd
Specialisation: C"DC"0C"#, .ro4ects, ser$ices & training, software
de$elopment, product de$elopment, consultanc/ ser$ices
%e&site: www'ricosoftec('com
#mail: ra)es()apur*ricoauto'com
Location: Gurgaon
3amtec( Corporation Limited
Specialisation: Software De$elopment, Consultanc/ and sale of
pac)aged software
%e&site: www'ramtec(-corp'com
Location: +ew Del(i
3adix Softwares .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: 0icro #3.- <or small and medium enterprises, #uro
con$ersion, O$erseas pro4ects for we& de$elopment and client-ser$er
application de$elopment
%e&site: www'radix-infotec('com
#mail: siro(i*mail'com
Location: +ew Del(i
3eser$ation Data 0aintenance 5India6 .$t' ltd'
Specialisation: ,ra$el 3elated Ser$ices, On-line data processing,
O:s(ore and onsite software de$elopment, OO.S, %e& tec(nologies,
Client-ser$er computing
%e&site: www'rdmindia'com
#mail: an)ur'&(atia*t(e&irdgroup'com
Location: +ew Del(i
3 S/stems 5I6 .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: Onsite Ser$ices, Consultanc/, .ac)aged Software, O:
s(ore ser$ices, S/stems Integration, ,urn)e/ .ro4ects
Location: +oida

3e&us Software .$t Ltd
Specialisation: "reas of 9nowledge ,ransition 0anagement,
"pplications 0anagement, "pplications De$elopment, .roduction
Support, I, Consultanc/, e1usiness Consultanc/ and C30 strateg/,
planning and implementation' Specialised s)ills in "SLFF and ;a$a#;1
%e&site: www're&usgroup'com
#mail: re&us*$snl'com
Location: Gurgaon

3i$er 3un Software Group
Specialisation: 0o&ile Computing 53emote wireless connecti$it/ to
enterprise on Eand(eld .Cs and Laptops6, ,elecommunications
5#m&edded s/stems for telecom testing, Customer care s/stems,
%ireless Local Loop and Computer telep(on/ integration6, +etwor)
management, Commu
%e&site: www'ri$errun'com
#mail: ran4it'sing(*ri$errun'com
Location: +oida
3 0 S I
Specialisation: Geograp(ic Information S/stems, 0ap Drawing data
con$ersion, GIS software applications, +atural (a?ard ris) engineering
%e&site: www'rmsinet'com
#mail: rmsi*ris)inc'com
Location: +oida
.an 1usiness Lists .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Data collection, Data 0anagement Ser$ices
%e&site: www'pan&usiness'net
#mail: p&l*delQ'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
+et Consult India .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: Content Generation, Specialised sites, +ews, Aiews,
"nal/sis for .ortals, %e& Solutions
%e&site: www'netconsultindia'com
#mail: r)alra*naradonline'com
Location: +ew Del(i
"1O Software .ri$ate Limited
Specialisation: 121 .roducts, #lectronic Data Interc(ange, D0L, O&4ect
Oriented .rogramming, CBB, ,elecommunication
%e&site: www'a&osoftware'com
#mail: a4a/*a&osoftware'com
Location: +ew Del(i
"do&e S/stems India .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: %e& and Des)top .u&lis(ing Software
%e&site: www'ado&e'com
#mail: nsman/an*ado&e'com
Location: +oida

"droit Computer ,ec(niJue .$t Ltd'
Specialisation: "pplication Software De$elopment and ,urn)e/
Consultanc/, ,ransaction Oriented %e&-1ased Solutions, #3. solution
for S0# - 0anufacturing and +on-manufacturing Organisations,
1usiness .rocess 3# -#ngineering and <easi&ilit/ Studies
%e&site: www'adroitindia'com
#mail: sandeept*adroitindia'com
Location: +ew Del(i
"1+ "03O "sia Corporate <inance 5I6 .$t Ltd
Specialisation: 0 & ", 3estructuring, "D3GD3#C0 products- I.O,
%e&site: www'a&na&ro'com
#mail: fran)'(ancoc)*ap'a&namro'com
Location: +ew Del(i
"lcatel India Ltd'
Specialisation: #nd-to-end +etwor) 0anagement, +ext Generation I+
%e&site: www'alcatel'com
#mail: Su&(as('1ana*alcatel'fr
Location: Gurgaon
"lnis(a Software Limited
Specialisation: Consultanc/, .ro4ects, .roducts
%e&site: www'alnis(a'com
#mail: alnis(asoft*(otmail'com
Location: +ew Del(i
"merican #xpress 5India6 Ltd
Specialisation: Data 0anagement and Information "nal/sis & Control
%e&site: www'americanexpress'com
#mail: San4a/'2'Gupta*aexp'com
Location: +ew Del(i
"mpersand Info-,ec( .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: Client-ser$er programming, S/stems programming
under Inix+,, Internet computing, Li&rar/ Online ser$ices, S".
computing, Document management
%e&site: www'aitpl'com
#mail: info*aitpl'stpn'soft'net
Location: +ew Del(i
"mSoft S/stems .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: +ew 0edia, %e& ,ec(nologies & Open S/stems,
#m&edded S/stems & Signal .rocessing, "#I & #xpert S/stems
%e&site: www'amsoftindia'com
#mail: pan)a4'set(i*amsoft'net
Location: +ew Del(i
"0S8S Infotec( .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Client-ser$er application, e-commerce, 1an)ing &
%e&site: www'ams/sinfotec('com
#mail: )ul&ir*ams/sinfotec('com
Location: +oida
"+-+#, Infotec( Limited
Specialisation: #-Commerce Ser$ices, +et-ena&led Ser$ices, #m&edded
Software, S/stem 3e-engineering
%e&site: www'an-netinfotec('com
#mail: as(o)mal(otra*an-netinfotec('com
Location: +ew Del(i

"nsal Eousing & Construction Ltd'
Specialisation: 3eal #state De$elopment, 0anagement of Clu&s,
De$elopment of Infrastructure for I, par)s, De$elopment of Eospitalit/
%e&site: www'ansal(ousingltd'com
#mail: dansal*del!'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
"AL India Software .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Client-ser$er&usiness "pp, Internet &ased application,
realtime s/stemsem&edded, software re-engineering
%e&site: www'a$lindsoft'com
#mail: S(antanu'Das(*a$l'com
Location: Gurgaon

" . ,ec(nosis Ltd
Specialisation: Software de$elopment 5;a$a, A1, "S.6, O:s(ore
ser$ices, Consultanc/
%e&site: www'aptec(nosis'com
#mail: aptec(ltd*$snl'net
Location: +oida
"stral ,eleR<oundation .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: ,elecommunications 1illing and Customer Care S/stem,
Call Centre "pplications, %e&-1ased "pplications, Operation 3esearc(
%e&site: www'astraltel'com
#mail: astral*del2'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
"rt(ur "ndersen India .ri$ate Limited
Specialisation: 1usiness Consulting, "ssurance and 1usiness "d$isor/,
Corporate <inance, ,ax, 3egulator/ and 1usiness "d$isor/
%e&site: www'art(urandersen'com
#mail: ammet'pari)(*in'art(urandersen'com
Location: +ew Del(i
"LS,O0 S/stems Limited
Specialisation: Super$isor/ Control and Data "cJuisition S/stem
5SC"D"6 for .ower and Industrial .rocesses, ,erminal "utomation
S/stem for Oil Gas sector, .roduct de$elopment for 3eal ,ime
%e&site: www'alstom'com
#mail: cegelec*giasdlFG'$snl'net'in
Location: +oida
"nni) S/stems .$t Ltd
Specialisation: O:s(ore software de$elopment, we& &ased
applications, A1, "S., SCL Ser$er, 0icrosoft ,ec(nologies, CO0B, '+#,,
OL"., Data %are(ousing, Data 0ining, "d$anced 3eporting solutions
%e&site: www'anni)s/stems'com
#mail: ra(ul*anni)s/stems'com
Location: +ew Del(i
"utumn Leaf ,ec(nologies 5.6 Ltd
Specialisation: %e&site De$elopment, #-commerce application
%e&site: www'o)s('com
#mail: info*autleaf'com
Location: +ew Del(i
"it(ent ,ec(nologies .$t Ltd
Specialisation: .ac)aged Software, ,urn)e/ .ro4ects, Eealt(care
Industr/, <inance sector
#mail: s$ad(era*ssind'stpn'soft'net
Location: +ew Del(i
"n Internet "rc(itect 5India6 .$t Ltd
Specialisation: 3e$erse auction, internet ena&led &usiness, e-
commerce application, tra$el management
%e&site: www'ra?orfnis('com
#mail: (arpreet*ra?orfnis('com
Location: +ew Del(i
"SL ,ec(nologies Ltd'
Specialisation: Interner & e-commerce, %". for mcommerce, Data&ase
management, Client-ser$er, ,ec(nical Support, +etwor)ing
%e&site: www'asltec(nologies'com
#mail: m)tg*asltec(nologies'com
Location: +ew Del(i

"tari Informatics Ltd'
Specialisation: I, #ducation & ,raining, E3 Ser$ices 5Consultanc/6, I,
#na&led ser$ices & ,raining 50, & Call centre6, %e& designing &
%e&site: www'atarimto'com
#mail: (o*atarimto'com
Location: +ew Del(i
"ll e ,ec(nologies
Specialisation: C30, #ntreprise Information s/stems, Internet 1usiness
%e&site: www'alletec'com
#mail: amian*alletec'com
Location: +oida
1us/ Infotec( .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: 1usiness "ccounting
%e&site: www'&us/infotec('com
#mail: dines(*&us/infotec('com
Location: +ew Del(i
1(ilwara Infotec( Limited
Specialisation: O:s(ore, Onsite Software De$elopment, Consultanc/,
Internet, #-Commerce, C30, Call Centre, I, #na&led Ser$ices
%e&site: www'&(ilwarainfo'com
#mail: contact*&(ilwarainfo'com
Location: +oida

1inar/ Semantics Limited
Specialisation: ,urn)e/ Software Solutions and Consulting Ser$ices,
O:s(ore Software Ser$ices, Onsite Consulting Ser$ices, 9nowledge
Data&ases and Scientifc 3esearc( Software, 0anufacturing and
#nterprise 3esource .lanning Solutions, Software Distri&ution
%e&site: www'&slindia'com
#mail: m&pande/*&slindia'com
Location: Gurgaon
1irlasoft Limited
Specialisation: Client Ser$er-&ased applications,829 .ro4ects, #C#DI
.roducts & Ser$ices, Software 0aintenance Ser$ices
%e&site: www'&irlasoft'com
#mail: atanu'&aner4i*india'&irlasoft'com
Location: +oida
1, 5%orldwide6 Ltd'
Specialisation: Glo&al Data ,ransmission, 0anaged Data Ser$ices,
Glo&al Call Centre Communication Ser$ices
%e&site: www'&t'com
#mail: set(a*india'&tap'&t'com
Location: +ew Del(i
1.1 .u&lications
Specialisation: Computer &oo)s, CD 3O0s and Software
%e&site: www'&p&pu&'com
#mail: &p&*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
1un)a Orient India .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: De$elopment and distri&ution of "cti$e D components,
Consulting Ser$ices on 0icrosoft tec(nologies for Internet and Intranet
solutions, 0ar)eting, Support and Implementation of Aertical 0ar)et
Solutions, Support and training on 0icrosoft De$eloper platfor
%e&site: www'&oi'co'in
#mail: info*&oi'co'in&aner4ee4*&oi'co'in
Location: +ew Del(i

1(arti ,elesoft Ltd'
Specialisation: OnsiteO:s(ore ser$ices, I, #na&led Ser$ices, Internet &
#- Commerce,+etwor)ing, ,elecom
%e&site: www'&(artitelesoft'com
#mail: swarup*&(artitelesoft'com
Location: +ew Del(i
1,+ Infotec( India .$t Ltd
Specialisation: I, #$ents, Software outsourcing
%e&site: www'gateLindia'com
#mail: del(i*india2)orea'com
Location: +ew Del(i
1rainswa$e ,ec(nologies .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Customised Software De$elopment, Software .roducts
for (ospitals, &lood &an)s, %e& 1ased .ortals, On-site & O: s(ore
software Consulting
%e&site: www'&rainswa$e'com
#mail: s4&(alla*&rainwa$e'com
Location: .une
1ersoft Infotec( .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Client Ser$er 0S NS %indows, 0anufacturing-In$entr/
Control, #ducation-Sc(ool 0onitar/ S/stem, <ield <orce 0onitering
%e&site: www'&ersoftinfotec('com
#mail: contact*&ersoftinfotec('com
Location: Ear/ana
1a/pac)ets ,ec(nologies .$t Ltd
Specialisation: ,elecommunication Software & Solutions, Internet,
Software .roduct De$elopment
%e&site: www'&a/pac)ets'com
#mail: san4ee$'c(awla*&a/pac)ets'com
Location: +ew Del(i
C/&erC Consulting .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Cualit/ assurance consultanc/, C00 facilitation,
software metrics consultanc/, ISO NFFG facilitation
%e&site: www'c/&erJindia'com
#mail: c/&erg*ndf'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i

Consulting #ngineering Ser$ices 5I6 Ltd
Specialisation: GIS & C"D &ased studies, 0IS solutions, %e&-&ased
solutions, Customised software de$elopment
%e&site: www'cesinter'com
#mail: cesstp*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i

CLC ,ec(nologies Ltd
Specialisation: Software for "pparel Industr/, I, #na&led Ser$ices,
O:s(ore customise using SCL ser$eraccess &cr/stal as tools
#mail: info*clctec(nologies'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Core Solucomm Ltd
Specialisation: De$elop software & tec(nolog/ for Call centre, de$elop
C30 pac)ages for call centre,
#mail: sgoel*coresolucomm'com
Location: +ew Del(i

Cadence Design S/stems 5India6 .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: #D" ,ools, #D" Consulting Ser$ices
%e&site: www'cadence'com
#mail: ;assi*Cadence'com
Location: +oida
Canon India .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: #m&edded software for printers, scanners and ot(er
o2ce eJuipments, Document management software, De$ice dri$ers,
Image processing
%e&site: www'canon-asia'com
#mail: Eemant*sdc'canon-in'com
Location: +ew Del(i
C# Info S/stems .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: Complete spatial software solutions &ased on GIS for
$ertical industries li)e ,elecom 51asic & Cellular6, 3etail & Distri&ution,
.olice etc', Digitising ser$ices for digital maps at
G:OF,FFF2O,FFFG,FFF scales &eing topo s(eets, Satellite imageries
%e&site: www'mappls'com
#mail: ceinfo*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i

Centre for De$elopment of ,elematics
Specialisation: ,elecom software de$elopment, Inix and 3eal ,ime
operating s/stems, Software engineering tools
%e&site: www'cdot'com
#mail: site*cdotd'ernet'in
Location: +ew Del(i
C(urc(ill India 5.6 Limited
Specialisation: "pplication De$elopment and 0aintenance, S/stems
Integration, Con$ersion and 0igration, Specialised and Customised I,
solutions, 0anagement of Aer/ Large Data 1ases, .erformance ,uning,
Eardware Si?ing & Confguration
%e&site: amit*c(urc(ill'co'u)
#mail: amit'gupta*c(urc(ill'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Cisco S/stems India .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: +etwor)ing #Juipment for Internet
%e&site: www'cisco'com
#mail: mano4c*cisco'com
Location: +ew Del(i
C0C Limited
Specialisation: Eardware maintenance eJuipment suppl/ &
#n$ironmental #ngineering, "pplications in .orts & Cargo "utomation,
Insurance, Imaging & SC"D" , 1an)ing, Stoc) #xc(anges & <ingerprint
"utomation, #ducation & ,raining and Computer +etwor)ing Ser$ices
%e&site: www'cmcltd'com
#mail: sud(irs*corp'cmc'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
Computer Clinic India .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: Sc(ool #ducation & ,raining, 0aintenance pro$ider,
0ar)eting Computer Solutions, Onsite Ser$ices
%e&site: www'cciplindia'com
#mail: ccipl*del2'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
Crescent Software Solutions .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: 03. - 0anufacturing solutions, Software de$elopment
and consultanc/, Data&ase management, Distri&ution and support of
client-ser$er related ser$ices
#mail: psdel(i'crecent*axcess'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
Cresco ,ec(nolog/ 5.6 Ltd'
Specialisation: Internet Solutions, 0ultimedia Solutions, General
%e&site: www'crescotec'com
#mail: manis(a*crescotec'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Cap Gemini #rnst & 8oung Consulting India .$t Ltd
Specialisation: .ac)age #na&led 3e-engineering 5S"., 1""+, ;D
#dwards6, I, Strateg/ and .rogram 0anagement, S(ared Ser$ices
50anagement, .rocess & Operations6, 1usiness Strateg/
%e&site: www'capgemini'com
#mail: Salil'.are)(*I+'CG#8C'CO0
Location: +ew Del(i

Cosmic Infotec( Solutions
Specialisation: On site Consulting, O:- S(ore De$elopment, %e&-
#na&led ,ec(nologies, #- commerce, 0- Commerce
%e&site: www'citiesindia'com
#mail: info*citesindia'com$i$e)*citesindia'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Consolidated <uturistic Solutions Limited
Specialisation: #m&edded S% & 3, S/stem, +etwor) 0anagement
S/stem, C,I, Eospital 0anagement S/stem
%e&site: www'cofuture'com
#mail: ra4i$'s(a(*cofuture'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Care & Cure International Ltd
Specialisation: .ortal de$elopment, software de$elopment & solutions,
#-commerce, .rinting & pu&lis(ing
%e&site: www'carecure'com
#mail: care*carecure'com
Location: +ew Del(i
C/&i?Call 5International6 Ltd
Specialisation: Consultanc/ <inance, I, #na&led, Software
#mail: samc(opra*c/&i?call'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Cellnext Solutions Ltd
Specialisation: %ireless applications for wireless ena&ling &usinesses
on S0S, %". and G.3S, I.-creation in t(e 0iddleware space, wireless
applications design & de$elopment, s/stem integration & networ)ing
solutions, %ireless "S. ser$ices
%e&site: www'cellnext'com
#mail: atanu'mandal*cellnext'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Crossword Software .$t Ltd
Specialisation: ,elecom operational support s/stems application,
Customer care - applications - call centre - C30, Software Ser$ices,
professional Ser$ices
%e&site: www'crosswordsoftware'com
#mail: )umar7dasgupta*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Cogito ,ec(nologies Ltd
Specialisation: Software De$elopment, .roduct De$elopment,
Customised e-Commerce Solutions, 0ultimedia #ducational Software &
"utomation Software Solutions for 0anufacturing, <as(ion Industr/ &
"d$ertising & #ducation
%e&site: www'cogitotec('com
#mail: contact*cogitotec('com
Location: +ew Del(i
Con$erg/s India Ser$ices .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Contact Centre Ser$ices, 1illing & Customer Care
Software & Ser$ices
%e&site: www'con$erg/s'com
#mail: g(umman*$snl'com
Location: Gurgaon
DC0 ,ec(nologies Limited
Specialisation: "SIC Design and Aerifcation, %ireless ,ec(nologies,
%e& ,ec(nologies, #m&edded Software
%e&site: www'dcmtec('com
#mail: (&rTdcmtec('com
Location: +ew Del(i
DC0 Datas/stems Ltd'
Specialisation: ALSI Design, Communications Software, S/stem
Software, %e& "pplications
%e&site: www'dcmds'com
#mail: del(i'dcmds*axcess'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
Delsoft India .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: #'D'"', C(ip Design "SIC Design,%e& Content
De$elopment, DA,
%e&site: www'delsoft'com
#mail: san4a/*delsoft'com
Location: +oida
Damco "d$anced ,ec(nologies
Specialisation: "SLFF Solutions - De$elopment and 0aintenance,
Client Ser$er "pplications, #-commerce, %e& Design & Internet
"pplications, #uro Con$ersions, 8ear 2FFF Impact "nal/sis, Con$ersion
& ,esting, ,raining "SLFF and #-commerce'
%e&site: www'damcogroup'com
#mail: info*damcogroup'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Di:erential ,ec(nologies .$t Ltd
Specialisation: %e& ena&led Ser$ices, Dot Com incu&ation Ser$ices,
%e& &ased corporate solution
%e&site: www'worldofdt'com
#mail: na$een*worldofdt'com
Location: Gurgaon
Da)s('com eSer$ices .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Outsourced email (el(des) ser$ices, eC30 consulting &
Solutions, outsourced c(at (el(des) ser$ices, )nowledge management
%e&site: www'da)s('com
#mail: san4ee$'aggarwal*da)s('com
Location: Gurgaon
Di$as O:s(ore Software ,ec(nologies 5.6 Ltd
Specialisation: <inancial Software Ser$ices, #m&edded S/stems,
,elecom Solutions, #ntreprise Integration
%e&site: www'di$assoftware'com
#mail: di$as*di$assoftware'com
Location: +ew Del(i
#xcel Infotec( Ltd
Specialisation: Software De$elopment, #-Commerce, 0edical
,ranscription, IS.
%e&site: www'eiitindia'com
#mail: gsma(es(wari*usa'net
Location: +ew Del(i
#clipse S/stems .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: "pplication and s/stems programming, 31D0S
"pplication De$elopment, 1uilding %e&sites, 0icrosoft %indows
.rogramming, 0ultimedia "pplication De$elopment, #ngineering
%e&site: www'eclipseindia'com
#mail: eclipse*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i

#ducomp Datamatics 5.6 Ltd'
Specialisation: Client Ser$er, ;a$a, #nterprise 0anagement Software
%e&site: www'edumatics'com
#mail: sp*edumatics'com
Location: +ew Del(i
#S.L S/stems .ri$ate Ltd'
Specialisation: #xpertise on Inix, 3 & D on 0icroprocessor &ased
pac)aging mac(ines, #ngineering and 0anufacturing
#mail: cmd*eelindia'com
Location: +ew Del(i

#uro Info S/stems .$t Ltd
Specialisation: #3. #1S, Oracle and D29
%e&site: www'euroinfo's/s'com
#mail: asapra*euroinfos/s'com
Location: +oida
#scosoft ,ec(nologies Limited
Specialisation: #3. Implementation, #nterprise 0anagement Solutions,
#-Commerce, I, #na&led Ser$ices
%e&site: www'escosoft-tec('com
#mail: adme(ta*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i

e<unds International .ri$ate Limited
Specialisation: 1an)ing, I, #na&led Ser$ices
%e&site: www'idlx'com
#mail: pradeep'saxena*in'idlx'com
Location: Gurgaon
#lcom India eCommerce .$t Ltd
Specialisation: e.rocurement, e0ar)et places, eprocurement ser$ices
%e&site: www'in'elcom'com
#mail: info'india*elcom'com
Location: +ew Del(i
e ,(ree 3 Info S/stems .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Callcontact centre, &ac) o2ce operations, call centre
training, manpower resourcing
%e&site: www'e!r'net
#mail: rps!FFQ*(otmail'com
Location: +ew Del(i

#-Ser$e ,ec(nologies Ltd
Specialisation: Call centre -In&ound & out&ound, "ccounting ser$ices,
,ransaction processing, E3 Ser$ices
%e&site: www'eser$eglo&al'com
#mail: $ineet'na//ar*(psglo&al'com
Location: +oida
eSamsung I0I, Infotec( .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Software De$elopment and S/stems Integration &
Consulting for #m&edded & ,elecom Software, DataComm .rotocols,
12112C #xc(ange, Groupware & %or)How, #nterprise 3elations(ip
0gmt, #nterprise "pplication Integration & #3.
%e&site: www'esamsungumit'com
#mail: sid(art(*esamsung'com
Location: Gurgaon

e-ena&le ,ec(nologies .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Groupware Solutions 5Lotus notes Domino, C3.
Solutions, "SLFF 5,raining6, "ut(ori?ed ,raining on I10 & Lotus
%e&site: www'safewa/india'com
#mail: info*safewa/india'com
Location: +ew Del(i

#astern Software S/stems Ltd'
Specialisation: "pplication Software .roducts li)e #3., Eospital
0anagement, Distri&ution
%e&site: www'essindia'com
#mail: as(is(t*ecomena&le'com
Location: +ew Del(i
<ate( Computer Ser$ices Limited
Specialisation: %e& &ased application de$elopment #-commerce, #3.
5S"., Oracle "pplications6, .orting .ro4ects 5Client Ser$er "rc(itecture6,
S/stem .rogramming 5DLL Data transfer6
%e&site: www'fcsltd'com
#mail: (elpdes)*fcsltd'com
Location: +oida, I.
<reemar)ets Ser$ices 5.6 Ltd
Specialisation: De$elop & maintain software applications, 3esearc( &
)nowledge management, De$elop software solutions
%e&site: www'freemar)ets'com
#mail: rsarin*freemar)ets'com
Location: Gurgaon

Gate21i? .$t Ltd
Specialisation: 121 e-commerce, e-procurement, e-mar)etplaces,
catalogue management
%e&site: www'gate2&i?'com
#mail: sures('nanda*commerceone'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Glo&al Infos/stems Ltd
Specialisation: I, Consultanc/, I, cources, Internet ser$ices,
Customised pro4ects
%e&site: wwwglo&alinfos/s'org
#mail: gloinfo*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
G# Capital Ser$ices India
Specialisation: 1ac) O2ce Operations, Call Centre, Data .rocessing,
3e$enue "ccounting, C1,%1, Content De$elopment
%e&site: www'ge'com
#mail: gecis'(elpline*geind'ge'com
Location: Gurgaon
Glo&al Information S/stems ,ec(nolog/ .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: S/stems Integration, ,urn)e/ 1usiness "utomation, Iser
Interfaces, +etwor)ing Consultanc/
#mail: gistdel*nd&'$snl'net'in
Location: +ew Del(i
Geine ,ec(nologies India .$t Ltd
Specialisation: eC30, .ortal de$elopment, %e&site designing &
de$eloping, e-commerce
%e&site: www'geinetec('com
#mail: geinetec(*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
0s' Uen & "rt Of Client Ser$er Computing Inc,
email: india*?enart'com
we&site: www'?enart'com
0s' I, Soft ,ec(nologies .$t' Ltd',
+ew Del(i - S
email: itsoft*del!'$snl'net'in
0s' #astern Software S/stems Ltd',
+ew Del(i-2F
email: ess'del(i*smO'sprintrpg'ems'$snl'net'in
0s' ,elepost India .$t' Ltd',
+ew Del(i-GN
email: amital*tesent'com
0anager 5E36,
,elecompetance India,
U-2L, Eau? 9(a?,
email: neposind*giasdlFG'$snl'net'in
Group 0anager,
3esource 0anagement Group,
0s' +II, Limited,
+ew Del(i - GGF FGN
email: niitrmg*niitdelG'niit'co'in
,E# 0"+"G#3 - 30G,
0s ECL .#3O, S8S,#0S,
0s' I, Soft ,ec(nologies .$t' Ltd',
+ew Del(i - S
email: itsoft*del!'$snl'net'in
0s' #astern Software S/stems Ltd',
+ew Del(i-2F
email: ess'del(i*smO'sprintrpg'ems'$snl'net'in
0s' ,elepost India .$t' Ltd',
+ew Del(i-GN
email: amital*tesent'com
3SI Inc,
email: rag&ir*nde'$snl'net'in
Iris Software .$t' Ltd',
1-GL!, Eau? 9(as,
+ew Del(i-GQ
email: w/siw/g*irissoftware'com
www'irissoftware'com 5 online resume 6
1enar/ Semantic Ltd',
+ew Del(i
email: resume*ici&sl'com
IIS Infotec( Ltd',
email: careers*iis'stpn'soft'net
,ranstec( Infomatic S/stems .$t' Ltd',
+ew Del(i
email: $gro$er*trans'tec('com
5 oracle appln &ased pro4ects funcl exp6
5 <or +oida -'''''
rmg*&(i'stpn'soft'net 5 +oida6

Glo&al Groupware Solutions .$t Ltd
Specialisation: Customer 3elation 0anagement, %or)How "pplications
%e&site: www'glo&algroupware'com
#mail: s)*c(ipsoftgroup'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Glo&alsoft .$t' Ltd'
Specialisation: 1roadcasting Software, "d$anced ,ransactions &ased
we& poratls, onsite consulting, #m&edded S/stemssoftware
%e&site: www'glo&alsoft-online'com
#mail: glo&alsoft*$snl'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Eiperworld C/&ertec( Ltd
Specialisation: # Commerce-+et&ased, %"., S0S, "pplication Ser$ice
.ro$ider, 121, 0ar)et.lace, SC0, DC0, C30, .a/ment gatewa/
%e&site: www'(iperworld'com
#mail: as*(iperworld'com
Location: +ew Del(i
ECL .erot S/stems Ltd'
Specialisation: In$estment 1an)ing, ,elecom, #nerg/, 0igration, #-
Ser$ices, O&4ect De$elopment
%e&site: www'(clperot'com
#mail: cp'gurnani*(psglo&al'com
Location: +oida

ECL ,ec(nologies Limited
Specialisation: Client Ser$er, Imaging, %or)How & #3., 0ainframe,
Legac/ S/stems and "S LFF &ased solutions, ,elecom, +etwor)ing,
+etcentric software & #-Commerce, #m&edded S/stems, DS., "SIC
Cores & S/stem Software
%e&site: www'(cltec('com
#mail: suna/na*(clcomnet'co'in
Location: +oida
EO.# ,ec(nologies Ltd'
Specialisation: C"D, C"0 C"#, GIS, %e& ena&led electronic cataloging
%e&site: www'(opeindia'com
#mail: amit'duttagupta*(ope-consulting'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Eero Corporate Ser$ices Ltd'
Specialisation: #3. Implementation, I, #na&led Ser$ices, C30, 1ac)-
O2ce .rocessing
%e&site: www'(erogroup'com
#mail: s)m(n4al*(erogroup'com
Location: +ew Del(i
Eouston ,ec(nologies Ltd
Specialisation: S/stems Integration, I, #na&led ser$ices, Internet V #-
Commerce, O:-s(ore Ser$ices
%e&site: www'(oustontec(nologies'com
#mail: &a(u4a*(ousontec(nologies'com
Location: +ew Del(i

ECL Infos/stems
Specialisation: "pplication de$elopmentmaintenance, ,ec(nical (elp-
des) ser$ices, S". implementation"1". programming, Infrastructure
%e&site: www'(clinfos/stems'com
#mail: a)cd*(clins/s'com
Location: +oida
Eug(es Software Sustems
Specialisation: .rotocol stac)s - telecom and data communication,
Internet and #lectronic Commerce o:erings, +etwor) 0anagement and
0ediation De$ice S/stems, Intelligent +etwor)s & Switc(ing Solutions
%e&site: www'(ssworld'com
#mail: info*(ss'(ns'com
Location: Gurgaon
s' %indows Consultants .$t' Ltd',
Del(i-GGF FN2
email: wintotal*giasdlFG'$snl'net'in
0s' .0 Consultants,
1-OO2F, #)ta Gardens,
N, I'.' #xtension,
+ew Del(i-N2
email: pradipmn*nda'$snl'net'in
0s' S/nerg/ Consultants,
L2F, "nsal ,ower, !S, +e(ru .lace,
+ew Del(i-GN
email: s/nerg/india*$snl'com
Goodwill 0anagement Consultants
+ew Del(i
email: gmc*del!'$snl'net'in
Douglas & 0oore 0anagement Group,
+ew Del(i
email: douglas'moore*aworld'net
SS; Solutions,
email: ss4*del!'$snl'net'in
,(e Eead Eunters5India6
+ew Del(i
emailK (ead(unter'del*rm&'sprintrpg'ems'$snl'net'in
C(andres( D(e&ar50anaging Director6
Career Catal/st,
!FV, ,ec(nolog/ "partment,
+ew Del(i-N2
email: d(e&ar*del2'$snl'net'in
0s' %indows Consultants .$t' Ltd',
Del(i-GGF FN2
email: wintotal*giasdlFG'$snl'net'in
0s' .0 Consultants,
1-OO2F, #)ta Gardens,
N, I'.' #xtension,
+ew Del(i-N2
email: pradipmn*nda'$snl'net'in
0s' S/nerg/ Consultants,
L2F, "nsal ,ower, !S, +e(ru .lace,
+ew Del(i-GN
email: s/nerg/india*$snl'com
0s O0 Solutions
+ew Del(i
email: f$em*nda'$snl'net'in

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