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Atlanta Regional Workforce Area Youth Health Care Employment Project
Collaboration among the Atlanta Regional Workforce Board (ARWB) Youth Council, the nonprofit Hearts to Nourish Hope agency, the ARWB Clayton Career Resource Center, Clayton College and State University, CVS Pharmacy, and Southern Regional Medical Center resulted in the submission and subsequent award of a grant from United Way and the Enterprise Foundation for a Youth Healthcare Employment Project. The project targets the emerging worker population, youth aged 18-25, and focuses on providing a Health Care Career Facilitator who acts as a bridge for the population group into occupations in allied health, fitness and other critical health care areas. The facilitator oversees the ARWB “Black Bag” medical assessment, and assists youth with career exploration as they choose one of the three program training options: Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Phlebotomy, or Pharmacy Technician. The Health Care Facilitator also serves as a bridge to the health care industry in the seven counties ARWB serves, and develops opportunities to address the critical shortages in health care and allied health occupational areas. As part of this initiative, all health care community partners were invited to a symposium to address needs in the South Metro area. The partnership with Clayton College and State University will provide CNA training, including a clinical training opportunity at Southern Regional Medical Center. They will also provide referrals to the Hospital Phlebotomy training program. CVS Pharmacy will provide work experience and employment opportunities as pharmacy associates with options for career advancement. A model for the project was developed through an ARWB customized training project with CVS Pharmacy funded for 35 training opportunities in one of three industry tiers: pharmacy associate, pharmacy technician, or lead pharmacy technician. Ninety trainees have actually been provided training at no additional cost, and have received 119 different certifications. Many of the trainees have completed more than one tier, thus moving up the CVS career ladder, earning pay increases, and performing higher level job duties with greater responsibility. For additional information, please contact: Atlanta Regional Workforce Area (404) 463-3327 or 1-800-516-5872

February 7, 2005

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