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United States Department of State

Telephone Directory

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Organizational Directory
United States Department of State 2201 C Street NW, Washington, DC 20520
Office of the Secretary (S)
Secretary Hillary Clinton 7th Floor Office Manager Claire Coleman 7226 Counselor and Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills 7226 Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations Huma Abedin 7226 Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy Jacob Sullivan 7226 Scheduling Lona Valmoro 7226 Scheduling Linda Dewan 7226 Executive Assistant Joseph Macmanus 7226 Special Assistant Laura Lucas 7226 Special Assistant Timmy T. Davis 7226 Staff Assistant Lauren Jiloty 7226 Staff Assistant Daniel Fogarty 7226 202-647-5291 202-647-7098 202-647-5548 202-647-9572 202-647-9572 202-647-9071 202-647-5733 202-647-9572 202-647-9573 202-647-6822 202-647-5298 202-647-9572 Editor Editor 7516 The Watch 7516 Crisis Management Staff 7516 Emergency and Evacuations Planning 7516 Emergency Relocation 7516 Military Representative Lt. Col. Paul Matier 7516 202-647-1512 202-647-1512 202-647-7640 202-647-7640 202-647-7640 202-647-6097

Office of the Executive Director (S/ES-EX)
Executive Director, Deputy Executive Secretary Tulinabo S. Mushingi 7507 Deputy Executive Director Mark R. Brandt 7507 Personnel Officer Cynthia J. Motley 7515 Budget Officer Reginald J. Green 7515 General Services Officer T. Clifford Reed 7519 202-647-7457 202-647-5467 202-647-5638 202-647-9794 202-647-8647

Ombudsman for Civil Service Employees (S/CSO) Executive Secretariat (S/ES)
Special Assistant to the Secretary and the Executive Secretary of the Department Stephen D. Mull 7224 Deputy Executive Secretary Julieta Valls Noyes 7224 Deputy Executive Secretary Theodore Allegra 7224 Deputy Executive Secretary Pamela Quanrud 7224 202-647-5301 202-647-8448 202-647-5302 202-647-5302 Ombudsman Shireen Dodson 7428 202-647-9387

Executive Secretary of the Foreign Services Grievance Board (S/FSG)
Chairman Ira F. Jaffe 3100 S SA15 Executive Secretary E. Charles Ash 3100 S SA15 703-875-5175 703-875-5175

Special Envoy for Climate Change (S/SECC) Secretariat Staff (S/ES-S)
Director Mark Libby 7241 Deputy Director Mario M. Mesquita 7241 Interagency Coordinator Saadia E. Sarkis 7241 Secretariat Staff 7241 202-647-9935 202-647-9936 202-647-6590 202-647-8879 Special Envoy Todd Stern 1427 Deputy Envoy Jonathan Pershing 1427 Chief of Staff Peter Ogden 1427 Special Assistant Daniel Rochberg 1427 Executive Assistant Marjorie Jackson 1427 202-647-9884 202-647-9816 202-647-9807 202-647-9874 202-647-9884

Office of Correspondence and Records (S/ES-CR)
Director Clarence N. Finney, Jr. 7512 Senior Correspondence Review Officer Barbara Hambrick 7512 Senior Correspondence Review Officer Natalie Chagnon 7512 Quality Control Supervisor Corey Nightengale 7512 Operations Supervisor Debra Keene 7512 Records Research Unit 7512 Correspondence Unit 7512 202-647-3574 202-647-8046 202-647-8461 202-647-0053 202-647-0140 202-647-0140 202-647-8046

Office of Information Resource Management (S/ES-IRM)
Director John A. Bentel 7528 Deputy Director Milton V. Green 7528 Deputy Director Yvette R. Jacks 7528 ISSO (For S/ES Only) Mark B. Horowitz 9th Floor POEMS System Administrator Cindy Trodden Almodovar 7528 IMO Mobile Communications William K. Broughton 7528 202-647-2977 202-647-2977 202-647-2977 202-647-8676 202-647-8328 202-647-0214

Operations Center (S/ES-O)
Director Rena Bitter 7516 Deputy Director for the Watch Michael Pascual 7516 Crisis Management Coordinator Maria Olson 7516 Crisis Management Coordinator Ken Roy 7516 Senior Watch Officer (24 Hours Per Day) 7516 202-647-2522 202-647-2522 202-647-7640 202-647-7640 202-647-1512

Office of the Deputy Secretary (D)
Deputy Secretary of State
Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg 7220 Chief of Staff Bathsheba Crocker 7220 Personal Assistant Laura Updegrove 7220 202-647-8636 202-647-8931 202-647-8636


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Special Assistant Akunna Cook 7220 Special Assistant Amy Scanlon 7220 Special Assistant Casey Mace 7220 Special Assistant Lourdes Cué 7220 Special Assistant Dawn Schrepel 7220 Staff Assistant Patrica Kidd 7220 Staff Assistant Anne Schroeder 7220 Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Thomas Nides 7240 Chief of Staff Stephanie S. Sullivan 7240 Personal Assistant Nadia Shepherd 7240 Senior Advisor Dana Hyde 7240 Senior Advisor Maya Seiden 7240 Special Assistant Samantha Carl-Yoder 7240 Staff Assistant Joyce D. Cook 7240 Staff Assistant Stephanie R. Newman 7240 Special Assistant Thomas J Mancinelli 3800 Special Assistant Ariella R Viehe 3800 Special Assistant Raphael Carland 7240 Senior Advisor Rodney G. Bent 7240 Special Assistant Brian G. Heath 7420 Special Assistant Andy O'Connell 7420

202-647-8690 202-647-8198 202-647-5889 202-647-5290 202-647-5256 202-647-8931 202-647-9640 202-647-5073 202-647-5173 202-647-5073 202-647-5095 202-647-8630 202-647-5094 202-647-5084 202-647-5079 202-647-3758 202-647-8384 202-647-5632 202-647-0009 202-647-5089 202-647-4009

Counselor Cheryl Mills 7234A Personal Assistant Joanne Lasczcych 7234A Special Assistant Nora Toiv 7234A Senior Adviser Caitlin Klevorick 7249A Senior Adviser Meghann Curtis 7253 Senior Adviser Cindy Huang 1511 202-647-5548 202-647-5548 202-647-8633 202-647-6115 202-647-4654 202-647-2911

Office of the Chief of Protocol (S/CPR)
Chief Of Protocol
Reception Desk - General Information 1238 Chief of Protocol Capricia Penavic Marshall 1232 Special Assisant Carl C. Gray 1232 Deputy Chief of Protocol Mark E. Walsh 1232 Deputy Chief of Protocol Natalie R. Jones 1232 Senior Advisor Grace Ann Garcia 1238 Assistant Chief of Protocol for Diplomatic Affairs Gladys Boluda 1238 Assistant Chief of Protocol for Management Rosemarie Pauli 1238 Assistant Chief of Protocol for Visits Paul R. Hegarty 1238 Assistant Chief of Protocol for Ceremonials Jessica D. Zielke 1237 Assistant Chief /General Manager of Blair House Randell D. Bumgardner Blair House Assistant Chief of Protocol for Diplomatic Partnerships Sarah Nolan 1232 Special Assistant Carl C. Gray 1232 Deputy Chief of Protocol Natalie R. Jones 1232 Assistant Chief of Protocol for Ceremonials Jessica D. Zielke 1043 202-647-2663 202-647-4543 202-647-4121 202-647-4120 202-647-1144 202 647-2299 202-647-1985 202-647-1700 202-647-1277 202-647-3064 202-566-8003 202 647-9439 202-641-4121 202-647-1144 202-647-3064

Office of the Director of U.S. Foreign Assistance (F)
Deputy Director of U.S. Foreign Assistance Robert H. Goldberg 5923 Chief Operating Officer Wade Warren, Acting 5480 Personal Assistant to the Deputy Director Christy Roman 5923 Executive Assistant Jennifer Wicks 5927 Managing Director Khushali Shah 5480 Senior Advisor Karen Simpson 5480 Congressional Relations Specialist Justin Pressfield 5923 Office Director for Program Management James Painter 3871 Regional Director; Africa Region Roberta Cavitt 1916 Regional Director; South Central Asia Region Lesley Ziman, Acting 5480 Regional Director - Europe & Eurasia Region David Goldberg 5480 Regional Director; East Asia & Pacific Region Ernesto Uribe, Acting 1916 Regional Director; Near East Asia Region Laura Hall, Acting 5480 Regional Director - Western Hemisphere Region Jane Zimmerman 1916 Office Director - Global/Functional Paula Reed Lynch 5472 Coordinator for Resources and Appropriations Pat Sommers 3871 Coordinator for Program Integration Peter Davis, Acting 3953 Special Assistant Emily Waechter 5923 202-647-2608 202-647-2676 202-647-2608 202-647-2627 202-647-2877 202-647-2713 202-647-2701 202-647-2734 202-736-4751 202-647-2666 202-647-2646 202-647-2660 202-7364902 202-736-4750 202-647-2758 202-647-2605 202-647-2798 202-647-2699

Coordinator for Counterterrorism (S/CT)
Coordinator for Counterterrorism
Ambassador-at-Large & Coordinator Daniel S. Benjamin 2509 Principal Deputy Coordinator Robert F. Godec 2509 Special Assistant Samuel (Sam) Pineda, Acting 2509 Personal Assistant Gloria Hubbard 2509 Staff Assistant Johanna Peet 2509 Deputy Coordinator for Homeland Security Anne A. Witkowsky 2509 Deputy Coordinator for Operations Mark I. Thompson SA-4C Deputy Coordinator for Programs, Policy and Budget Gina K. Abercrombie-Winstanley 2509 Deputy Coordinator for Regional and Regional Strategic Initiative Affairs Shari Villarosa 202-647-5810 Office Director for Regional Affairs Jonathan L. Fishbein 2250 Press and Public Affairs Advisor Rhonda Shore 2509 Legislative Affairs Advisor Rhonda Shore, Acting 2509 202-647-9892 202-647-8949 202-647-7035 202-647-9892 202-647-9892 202-647-7223 202-776-8359 202-647-2183 2509

202-647-2184 202-647-1845 202-647-1845

Counselor of the Department (C) 8/8/2011

Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


(S/GHFSI) Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization (S/CRS)
Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization
Coordinator Ambassador Robert G Loftis 7100 SA3 Principal Deputy Coordinator John McNamara 7100 SA3 Deputy Coordinator Gary Russell 7100 SA3 Deputy Coordinator (USAID) William Jeffers 7100 SA3 Director, Planning Todd Wilson 202 SA18 Director, Resource Management Wilna Ray 1150 SA15 Director, Strategic Communications Michael Greenwald 7100 SA3 Director, Conflict Prevention Melinda Tabler-Stone 1150 SA15 Director, KMIT James Stansell 1150 SA15 202-663-0307 202-663-0803 202-663-0815 703-452-8780 703-452-8708 703-875-6743 202-663-0185 703-875-6741 703-875-6815

Office Staff:
office main number Acting Deputy Coordinator of Diplomacy Jonathan Shrier 1509 Senior Advisor Cindy Huang 1509 FtF Program Officer Caitlin Welsh 1509 Nutrition, Public Diplomacy Kate Franko 1509 Senior Advisor-Franklin Fellow Alan Tomkins 1509 Office Management Specialist Steven Johnson 1509 202-647-4027 202-647-2908 202-647-2911 202-647-4021 202-647-7604 202-647-4137 202-647-4027

Office of the Haiti Special Coordinator (S/HSC)
Office Staff:
Haiti Special Coordinator Thomas ADAMS 12B63 HST OMS, Coordinator Antoinette WILSON 12B63 HST Deputy Coordinator and Office Director Kara MCDONALD 12B63 HST Deputy Coordinator for Programs Eileen SMITH 12B63 HST OMS, Deputy Coordinator Nicola TUCKER-BEY 12B63 HST Executive Secretary Stacy WILLIAMS 12B63 HST Haiti Desk, Political Affairs Joelle BASTIEN 12B63 HST Haiti Desk, Multilateral Affairs Victor MARSH 12B63 HST Economics Officer Shamim KAZEMI 12B63 HST Security Sector Officer Daniel FRIEDMAN 12B63 HST Haiti Desk, Consular Affairs Rebecca ALVARADO 12B63 HST Public Affairs Officer Preeti SHAH 12B63 HST Public Affairs Officer Lisa HIBBERT-SIMPSON 12B63 HST Congressional Affairs Officer John BORIS 12B63 HST Program and Budget Officer Holli BAKER 12B63 HST Governance Officer Sarah FARNSWORTH 12B63 HST Senior Infrastructure Officer Nancy CONVARD 12B63 HST Senior Industrial Parks Advisor Mark D'Sa 12B63 HST Energy Officer Ganapathisubramanian KRISHNAN 12B63 HST Justice Officer Martha SAVAGE 12B63 Health Officer Katherine NEITZKEE 12B63 7-9510 7-9510 7-9510 7-9510 7-9471 7-1338 7-9375 7-9465 7-9467 7-9215 7-9338 7-9468 7-9662 7-9477 7-9318 7-8798 7-9318 7-9510 7-0739 7-2429 7-9461

Office of the U.S. Global Aids Coordinator (S/GAC)
U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator Ambassador Eric Goosby, M.D. Suite 200 SA29 Principal Deputy Coordinator Deborah J. Von Zinkernagel Suite 200 SA29 Chief of Staff Ann Gavaghan Suite 200 SA29 Deputy Coordinator for Strategic Information and Management and Budget Paul D. Bouey Suite 200 SA-29 Deputy Coordinator for Programs Julia C. Martin Suite 200 SA-29 Special Advisor for Global Health Partnerships John T. Monahan Suite 200 SA29 Assistant Coordinator and Special Advisor for Gender Michele A. Moloney-Kitts Suite 200, SA-29 Director of Management and Budget Mark N. Brown Suite 200 SA-29 Executive Director William E. Dilday Suite 200 SA-29 Director of Multilateral Diplomacy Margaret G. Lidstone Suite 200 SA-29 Legal Advisor Stephen D. McCreary Suite 6420 HST Acting Director of Country Program Support Marie F. McLeod Suite 200 SA-29 Senior Technical Advisor for Most At-Risk Populations Richard H. Needle Suite 200 SA-29 Director of Private Sector Engagement British A. Robinson Suite 200 SA29 Director of Technical Leadership Caroline A. Ryan Suite 200 SA-29 Acting Director of Congressional Relations Jyoti Schlesinger Suite 200 SA29 Director of External Relations and Senior Advisor Thomas J. Walsh Suite 200 SA29 Main Number/Reception Main Number/Reception Suite 200 SA29 Add: Unclassified Fax Suite 200 SA29 202-663-2462 202-663-2802 202-663-2242 202-663-2417

202-663-2339 202-663-2310 202-663-2704 202-663-2464 202-663-2571 202-663-2586 202-647-4731 202-663-2589 202-663-2954 202-663-2577 202-663-2684 202-663-1977 202-663-2639 202-663-2440 202-663-2979

Office of Civil Rights (S/OCR)
Director and Chief Diversity Officer John M. Robinson 7428 Deputy Director Gregory B. Smith 7428 Senior Attorney-Advisor (Acting) Jenniffer De Heer 7428 202-647-9294 202-647-9294 202-647-9295

Office of the Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative (S/GHFSI) 8/8/2011 Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


7428 Chief Intake and Resolution Jacqueline A. Canton 7428 Senior Attorney-Advisor (Acting) David J. King 7428 OMS Ardis Ward-Stott 7428

Speechwriter Tomicah Tillemann 7311 202-647-9295 202-647-9295 202-647-9294


Open Forum

Ambassador at Large for War Crimes Issues (S/WCI) Ombudsman (S/O)
Ombudsman (vacant) Deputy Associate Ombudsman Greg Smith 7430 202-647-5658

Ambassador-At-Large Stephen Rapp 7419A OMS Anne Luehrs 7419A Deputy Diane Orentlicher 7419A Special Advisor Jennifer Harkin 7419A Foreign Affairs Officer Brendan Doherty 7419A Military Advisor Natalie Kolb 7419A Special Advisor Dean Kaplan 7419A Franklin Fellow Wendy Reid 7419A Special Advisor Jennifer Stein 202-647-9620 FSN-Zagreb, Croatia Dubravko Bolsec VIA IVG Special Assistant Carole Jackson 7419A 202-647-6051 202-647-8218 202-647-9880 202-647-5543 202-647-5201 202-647-6751 202-647-5093 202-647-5234 7419A 8-444-2413 202-647-8219

Office of Policy Planning (S/P)
Director Jacob J. Sullivan 7311 Principal Deputy Director Sheba N. Crocker 7311 Deputy Director Edward J. Lacey 7311 Chief of Staff Marisa S. McAuliffe 7311 Personal Assistant to the Director Stephanie R. Gent 7311 Assistant to Principal Deputy Director Samantha Raddatz 7311 Secretary Linda A. Mura 7311 202-647-2972 202-647-2372 202-647-3580 202-647-1985 202-647-2972 202-647-2372

Office of the Under Secretary for Political Affairs (P)
Under Secretary
202-647-3536 Under Secretary for Political Affairs William J. Burns 7250 Personal Assistant Mary L. Dubose 7250 Executive Assistant Uzra Zeya 7250 Special Assistant [NEA | S/CT] Elisa Catalano 7250 Special Assistant [IO | G8 | S/P | PA | R | IIP] William E. Haldeman (P) 7246g Special Assistant [EAP | T | PM | AVC | ISN | INR] Nancy W. Leou 7246f Special Assistant [EUR | L | S/GC | S/WCI / H] Alejandro X. ("Hoot") Baez 7250 Special Assistant [SCA | INL | S/CRS] David A. Holmes 7246f Special Assistant [AF | G | DRL | PRM | AID] Dorothy M. Ngutter 7246b Special Assistant [WHA | CA | E | S/EEE | OES] David M. Schnier 7244b Personal Assistant Mary Jo Fuhrer 7250 Personal Assistant Linda S. Landers 7250 Staff Assistant Mavis Davis 7250 Staff Assistant Maggie Robinson 7250 Staff Assistant Cynthia Dial 7246 Special Advisor Suzanne Maloney 7247a 202-647-2471 202-647-2471 202-647-1598 202-647-4314 202-647-5092 202-647-4315 202-647-1973 202-647-0994 202-647-5944 202-647-1033 202-647-1598 202-647-1598 202-647-0995 202-647-1574 202-647-0192 202-647-4107

Members of the Policy Planning Staff
Member Raymond V. Arnaudo 7311 Member Steedman Hinckley 7312 Member Peter Harrell 7312 Member William Burke-White 7312 Member Daniel Kurtz-Phelan 7312 Member Jillian Burns 7312 Member Jennifer Harris 7312 Member Jonathan Shrier 7312 Member Peter Mandaville 7312 Member Dick Sokolsky 7312 Member Theodore Andrews 7311 Member Thomas Jung 7312 Member Lauren Baer 7312 Member Andrew Miller 7310 Member Nazanin Ash 7311 Member Janey Wright 7312 Member Dafna Rand 7310 Special Assistant Mira Patel 7311 Special Assistant Michael Fuchs 7311 Special Assistant Case Button 7311 Member Tom Navratil 7312 Member Emily Parker 7310 Member Matt Walsh 7310 202-647-3490 202-647-4967 202-647-2236 202-647-8657 202-647-7361 202-647-0724 202-647-0531 202-647-4487 202-736-2781 202-647-2457 202-647-4293 202-647-8662 202-647-8656 202-647-4635 202-647-3541 202-647-2289 202-647-4635 202-647-1178 202-647-1709 202-647-9943 202-736-7308 202-647-4704 202-647-4702

Office of the Under Secretary for Economic, Energy, and Agricultural Affairs (E)
Under Secretary
Under Secretary Robert D. Hormats 7256 Personal Assistant Ellen Y. Bero 7256 Executive Assistant Thomas D. Smitham 7256 Senior Advisor John D. Duncan, Jr. 7256 Senior Advisor Matthew P. Goodman 223/EEOB Senior Economist Jane Haltmaier 7256 Special Assistant Sara S. Yun 7256 202-647-7575 202-647-7575 202-647-7674 202-647-3393 202-456-9296 202-647-7448 202-647-4092

Chief Speechwriter Josh Daniel 7311 Speechwriter Desson Thomson 7312 Speechwriter Megan Rooney 7311 Speechwriter Lauren Baer 7310 Speechwriter Daniel Benaim 7312 202-647-9841 202-647-2706 202-647-7203 202-647-8656 202-647-2706


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Special Assistant Heidi N. Gomez 7256 Special Assistant Alexander E. Whittington 7256 Special Assistant Vishal P. Patel 7256 Special Assistant Kim V. Tuminaro 7256 Public Affairs Ariel M. Ratner 202-647-7449 Staff Assistant Yvette Y. Jenkins 7256 Staff Assistant Hanna Tezera 7256

202-647-9038 202-647-8141 202-647-7327 202-647-7190 7256 202-647-8854 202-647-7688

Diplomatic Reception Rooms (M/FA)
Director and Curator Marcee F. Craighill 8th Fl. Registrar, Collections Manager Lynn M. Turner 8th Fl. Museum Specialist Virginia B. Hart 8th Fl. Project Coordinator Brianne E. Brophy 8th Fl. Curator, Blair House Candace S. Shireman 202-647-1990 202-647-1990 202-647-1990 202-647-1990 202-566-8009

Office of the Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security (T)
Under Secretary
Under Secretary of State Ellen O. Tauscher 7208 Personal Assistant Madeline Paniagua 7208 Senior Advisor James Timbie 7208 Executive Assistant Wade Boese 7208 Senior Advisor Maureen Tucker 7208 Senior Advisor Jofi Joseph 7208 Special Assistant Jonathan Kaplan 7208 Special Assistant John Erath 7208 Special Assistant Joshua Kirshner 7208 Staff Assistant Madeline Paniagua 7208 Secretary Louise Archer 7208 202-647-1049 202-647-1522 202-647-4404 202-647-6634 202-647-0302 202-647-7016 202-736-7960 202-647-4397 202-647-0071 202-647-0173 (202) 647-4226

Office of the Under Secretary for Democracy and Global Affairs and Coordinator (G)
Under Secretary
Under Secretary Maria Otero 7261 Personal Assistant Caroline P. Mauldin 7261 Executive Assistant David J. Young 7261 Senior Adviser Sharon Waxman 7261 Special Assistant Lisa Sherman B-864 Special Assistant Eric Richardson 7261 Special Assistant Laura Pena 7261 Special Assistant Jeannette Windon B-864 Staff Assistant Laurie Mitchell 7261 Staff Assistant Agnes Liptak 7261 Special Assistant Cindy Quezada 7261 202-647-1189 202-647-7512 202-647-7609 202-647-7818 202-647-7196 202-647-1190 202-647-7556 202-647-9810 202-647-8877 202-647-6205 202-647-4096

International Security Advisory Board (ISAB)
Executive Director George Look 3209 202-647-9501

Office of the Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary (G/STAS)
Science and Technology Adviser Nina Federoff 3240 Deputy S&T Adviser Andrew Reynolds 3240 Office Management Specialist Joyce Brown 3240 Senior Scientist and Policy Adviser Alex Dehgan 3240/410 SA23 Senior Counselor for Science, Technology and Foreign Policy Walter Kelly 3240 Senior Counselor for International Security and S&T Affairs (Vacant) AAAS Science and Diplomacy Fellow Olga Cabello 410 SA23 AAAS Science and Diplomacy Fellow Lawrence Lin 410 SA23 202-647-8725 202-647-8694 202-647-8725 202-663-3240 202-647-8939

Office of the Under Secretary for Management (M)
Under Secretary
Under Secretary Patrick F. Kennedy 7207 Executive Assistant Kathleen Austin-Ferguson 7207 Personal Assistant Kathleen Helton-Floyd 7207 Special Assistant Suzanne McPartland 7207 Special Assistant Peggy Petrovich 7207 Special Assistant Erfana Dar 7207 Staff Assistant (vacant) 7207 Program Analyst Jessica Wallace 7207 Staff Assistant Brenda P. Harris 7207 202-647-1500 202-647-1501 202-647-1500 202-647-0188 202-647-0728 202-647-1787 202-647-1501 202-647-0166 202-647-0167

202-663-3244 202-663-3243

Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking (G/TIP) Office of Management Policy, Rightsizing and Policy. (M/PRI)
Director Marguerite Coffey 5214 Managing Director Stephanie Sullivan 5214 Staff Director Leon Galanos 5310 Staff Director Kay Gotoh 3822a Staff Directors Leon Galanos 5310 Staff Director Kay Gotoh 3822A 202-647-0093 202-647-0768 202-647-7997 202-647-6483 202-647-7997 202-647-6483 Ambassador/Office Director Luis CdeBaca 2201 SA22 Deputy Office Director Nan E. Kennelly 2201 SA22 Senior Coordinator for Reports and Political Affairs Mark B. Taylor 2201 SA22 Senior Coordinator for International Programs Jane N. Sigmon 2201 SA22 Senior Coordinator for Public Affairs Alison Friedman 2201 SA22 Senior Advisor Paula R. Goode 2201 SA-22 202-312-9644 202-312-9827 202-312-9643 202-312-9887 202-312-9645 202-312-9882

Office of White House Liason (M/WHL)
Senior Advisor for Appointments Heather Samuelson 7245 White House Liaison Steven Diminuco 7245 Special Assistant De'Ara Balenger 7245 Deputy White House Liaison Ethan Gelber 7245 202-647-0646

International Women's Issues (G/IWI)
202-647-0314 202-647-2553 202-647-4820 Senior Coordinator (vacant) SA22 Suite 2135 Deputy Director (vacant) SA22 Suite 2135 Special Advisor Saundra Lineberry SA22 Suite 2135 202-312-9664 202-312-9786 202-312-9633


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Staff Assistant David McMillian SA22 Suite 2135 Foreign Affairs Officer/PA Officer Ruth Bennett SA22 Suite 2135 Senior Advisor for BMENA (vacant) SA22 Suite 2135 Senior Advisor for Afghanistan (vacant) SA22 Suite 2135 Foreign Affairs Officer (Vacant) SA22 Suite 2135 AAAS Fellow Penny Rechkemmer SA22 Suite 2135 Office Manager/Events Coordinator Valerie Keitt SA22 Suite 2135 Program Assistant for Iraq Lida Noory SA22 Suite 2135

202-312-9664 202-312-9865 202-312-9867 202-312-9669 202-312-9675 202-312-9879 202-312-9678 202-312-9743

Avian Influenza Action Group (G/AIAG)
Special Representative on Avian & Pandemic Influenza Robert G. Loftis 3880 Special Projects, IPAPI Susie Boggess 2734 ECON, Exercises, Borders Bill Brooks 2734 USDA Liaison Helen Reed-Rowe 2734 Office Management Talia Holston 2734 IO, G8, AF Peggy Jones 2734 Programs & International Budget Jeff Lutz Telework Public Diplomacy Caroline Meirs Telework EAP Charles "Pat" Patterson 2734 HHS Liaison Craig Shapiro 2734 Office Management Maureen Longus 2734 NEA, Reporting David Winn 2734 202-647-1169 202-647-6837 202-647-3649 202-647-4689 202-647-1805 202-736-7112 919-967-9335 970-277-3662 202-647-3058 202-647-3625 202-647-4909 202-647-4542

Senior Military Advisor Major Rob Ludington SA-5 5-U04 Social Science Analyst Juliet Dulles SA-5 5-U01 PD Officer Michelle Lee SA-5 5-V04 Strategic Planning Officer Graham J. Lampa SA-5 5-X05 PMF Deena Shakir SA 5 5-V03 Social Science Analyst Josh Miller SA-5 5-R01 Business Intelligence Program Manager Joy L. Motheral SA-5 5-R02 Strategic Planning Officer Sehreen I. Noor Ali SA-5 5-W04 Staff Assistant Amanda Ussak SA-5 5-X05 Social Science Analyst Dean Olsen SA-5 5-S01 Program Officer Andy Rabens SA-5 5-X06 Financial Management Officer Rodney Reynolds SA-5 5-S06 Strategic Communications Officer Karen Schinnerer SA-5 5-V01 Budget Analyst Carol Keith SA=5 S02 Business Intelligence Consultant Matthew Thorsen SA-5 5-R02 Senior Evaluation Officer Christopher M. Toppe, Ph.D SA-5 5-S03 Project Coordinator Subrena R. Tumblin SA-5 5-R03 Budget Analyst Lora Prall SA-5 5-U03 Strategic Communications Officer Elizabeth Whitaker SA-5 5-W02 Senior Military Advisor Major Rob Ludington SA-5 5-U04 Intern Alexandra Nemeth SA-5 5-X03

202-632-9915 202-632-3344 202-632-6359 202-632-6432 202-632-2938 202-632-3251 202-632-3254 202-632-6357 202-632-6027 202-632-3335 202-632-6457 202-632-2740 202-632-6193 202-632-3341 202-632-3254 202-632-3315 202-632-3269 202-632-2983 202-632-6309 202-632-9915 202-632-6027

Office of the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs (R)
Under Secretary Judith McHale 5932 OMS to Under Secretary Connie Baker 5932 Chief of Staff Kitty DiMartino 5932 Executive Assistant Maureen Cormack 5932 Special Advisor Corley Kenna 5932 Special Assistant Joe Mellot 5931 Special Assistant Nick Namba 5931 Special Assistant Chris Hensman 5931 Specail Assistant Gabrielle Guimond 5932 Staff Assistant Elizabeth Franke 5931 Staff Assistant Stephanie Newman 5932 OMS to Chief of Staff and Executive Assistant Jeremy Cost 5931 202-647-9199 202-647-9199 202-647-7017 202-647-7062 202-647-1038 202-647-9901 202-647-9905 202-647-9130 202-647-3533 202-647-9145 202-647-7442 202-647-9148

Global Strategic Engagement Center (GSEC)
Acting Director Mark Davidson SA-05/05BB08 Senior Advisor Robert Petersen SA-05/05Z09 Strategic Communications Advisor Lt. Col. Glen Roberts SA-05/05Y09 Strategic Communications Advisor MAJ Eric Schoennauer SA-05/05Y11 Communications Advisor (Middle East) Omar Amach HST/2313 Senior Advisor Katherine Starr SA-05/05Y08 ECA Representative Michael Hindi SA-05/05E04 Communications Advisor Nejla Grabowski SA-05/05X08 Special Advisor Deidra Avendasoroa SA-05/05Z09 Senior Advisor Carol Kalin SA-05/05BB08 202-632-6456 202-632-9401 202-632-9497 202-632-6400 202-647-7917 202-632-3206 202-632-6327 202-632-2994 202-632-3300 202-632-9915

Office of Policy, Planning and Resources (R/PPR)
Director Larry Schwartz SA-5 5-Z02 Director, Resources Staff Jean Manes SA-5 5-Z03 Senior Advisor Lynn Weil SA-5 5-BB08 Senior Advisor for Management Robert J. "Jim" Bigart SA-5 5-T06 Senior Advisor Andrew N. Cedar SA-5 5-W03 Senior Advisor Bill James SA-5 Senior Advisor Elizabeth Whitaker SA-5 5-W02 Senior Business Intelligence Consultant Ketaki Cheema SA-5 5-R02 202-632-2991 202-632-9930 202-632-2990 202-632-6063 202-632-6344 202-632-6164 202-632-6309 202-632-3254

Office of Inspector General (OIG)
Inspector General
Inspector General Vacant Deputy Inspector General Harold W. Geisel 8100, SA-3 Executive Assistant Siobhan Hulihan 8100, SA3 Personal Assistant Sandra K. Jacobs 8100, SA3 Office of Inspector General Main Number 8100, SA3 Staff Assistant Marsha Taylor 8100, SA3 Secretary Romaine N. Owens 8100, SA3 202-663-0361 202-663-0366 202-663-0339 202-663-0340 202-663-0387 202-663-0362


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Director, Congressional & Public Affairs Thomas F. Burgess 8100, SA3 Public Affairs Liaison Douglas P. Welty 8100, SA-3

202-663-0382 202-663-0377

Office of Administration (OIG/EX)
Assistant Inspector General/Executive Director David M. Yeutter 8100, SA3 DAIG for Policy, Planning, and Reports Cynthia Saboe 8100, SA3 DAIG for Management Services Carol I. King 810, SA39 Administrative Operations Terry R. Price-Poindexter 840, SA39 Budget and Fiscal Ovanda D. Rice 840, SA39 Human Resources Vonda L. Richardson 840, SA39 Information Technology Willie J. Thomas 840 SA-39 Reports and Publications Elaine C. John 810, SA39 Security Officer Theodore Aposporos 840, SA39 202-663-0364 202-663-0367 703-284-1861 703-284-1806 703-284-1937 703-284-1816 703-284-1825 703-284-1826 703-284-1743

Office of Audits (OIG/AUD)
Assistant Inspector General Evelyn R. Klemstine 8100, SA3 Deputy Assistant Inspector General Norman P. Brown 720, SA39 Financial Statements Director Gayle L. Voshell 720, SA39 Information Technology Director Jerry W. Rainwaters 720, SA39 Contracts and Grants Director Richard A. Astor 720, SA39 International Programs Director Naomi A. Snell 720, SA39 Security and Intelligence Director Forrest A. Peters 720, SA39 Security and Intelligence Director James Martino 720, SA39 Human Capital and Infrastructure Director Ashton Coleman 720, SA39 Audit Operations Director Kevin Hrynkow 720, SA39 202-663-0372 703-284-2692 703-284-2681 703-284-1841 703-284-2601 703-284-2685 703-284-2690 703-284-1897 703-284-2698 703-284-2713

Office of General Counsel (OIG/OGC)
General Counsel Erich O. Hart 8100, SA3 Deputy General Counsel Karen J. Ouzts 8100, SA3 202-663-0386 202-663-0382

Bureau of Administration (A)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary, Acting William H. Moser 6330 Program Support Specialist Yvonne Ingram 6330 Special Assistant Peter Covington 6330 Special Assistant Peter Schroeder 6330 Special Assistant Renee C, Bemish 6330 Interagency Liaison James Flynn 6330 DoS Interagency Liaison Vacant 6330 Staff Assistant Angela Phillips-Tucker 6330 Intern Sara Girello 6330 202-647-1492 202-647-1492 202-647-4470 202-647-3196 202-647-4461 202-647-0520 703-482-7731 202-647-1436 202-647-4438

Office of Inspections (OIG/ISP)
Assistant Inspector General Robert B. Peterson 8100, SA3 Deputy Assistant Inspector General Charles N. Silver 930, SA39 Consular Evaluations Betsy C. Anderson 930, SA39 Special Projects/Compliance Analysis and Support Sandra J. Lewis 930, SA39 Security and Intelligence Division William P. Urbanski 930, SA39 International Broadcasting Martha K. Goode 930, SA39 Information Technology Evaluations Matthew J. Ragnetti 930,SA39 Thematic and Special Reviews Kristene M. McMinn 930,SA39 202-663-0373 703-284-2715 703-284-2773 703-284-2717 703-284-1893

Office of the Executive Director (A/EX)
703-284-1862 703-284-2644 703-284-2768 Receptionist Receptionist Receptionist Desk Executive Director Matthew S. Klimow 1219 SA27 Deputy Executive Director Judes E. DeBaere 1217 SA27 Deputy Executive Director Janice deGarmo 1212 SA27 Personal Assistant/Office Manager Christine Donley 1221 SA27 Financial Management Division Chief Amelia Sligh 1215 SA27 Working Capital Fund Manager Michael Capozzi 1213 SA27 Procurement and Administrative Services Jacqueline Jones 1238 SA27 Human Resources Division Chief Judes E. DeBaere (A) 929 SA27 Informational Resource Management Division Chief Duke Kelly 1121 SA27 Management and Planning Division Chief Jean Hartung 1113 SA27 703-875-7000 703-875-6000 703-875-7398 703-812-2325 703-875-6001 703-812-2391 703-812-2280 703-875-7357 703-875-7398 703-875-5564 703-812-2369

Office of Investigations (OIG/INV)
Assistant Inspector General Anna S. Gershman 800, 703-284-1952 SA39 Deputy Assistant Inspector General Thuy K. Loi 800, 703-284-1913 SA39 SAC Operations and Administration Brian D. 703-284-1916 Rubendall 800, SA39 SAC Special/General Investigations Ronald J. Koch 703-284-1942 800, SA39 SAC Fraud Division Karin M. Pacheco 800, SA39 703-284-1927 Hotline 1800-409-9926

Middle East Regional Office (OIG/MERO)
Assistant Inspector General Richard G. Arntson 8100, SA-3 Director Patrick A. Dickriede SA-39 202-663-0378 703-284-2708

Office of Emergency Management (A/OEM)
Director Robert Becker 2nd Fl SA4 East Diplomatic Contingency Programs Division Director Art Mock 2nd Fl SA4 East Planning and Preparedness Division Director Lynda Kasonde 2nd Fl SA4 East 202-776-8603 202-776-8600 202-776-8956


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Kasonde 2nd Fl SA4 East

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Logistics Management (A/LM)
Deputy Assistant Secretary William H. Moser 534 SA6 Senior Advisor Vera Pauliwidenhouse 530 SA6 Executive Assistant Robert Lower 6th floor SA6 Special Assistant Teresa Armentrout 536 SA6 Special Assistant Phong Ngo 5th floor SA-6 703-875-6956 703-875-6034 703-875-5822 703-875-5266 703-875-6399

Office of Acquisitions Management (A/LM/AQM)
Director Cathy J. Read 526 SA6 RPSO - Frankfurt Raymond Bouford 49-69-7535-3300/3304 RPSO - Miami Rob Lloyd Worldwide Operations Division Chief Vince Chaverini, Jr. 206 SA6 Security Branch (vacant) 208 SA6 Domestic Branch JoAnn Carroll 200 SA6 International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Benita Williams 200 SA6 WWD/Local Guard Branch Sharon James 237 SA6 Information Technology Division Chief John Stever 214 SA6 Telecommunications Branch Reaver Clements 242 SA6 Information Systems (vacant) 212 SA6 Information Technology Commerce Branch Gary Clark 246 SA6 NEA/IRAQ Support Branch William Zlater (Acting) 211 SA-6 Facilities Design and Construction Division Chief Robert Powell L-600 SA6 Architect and Engineering Branch Chief David Vivan L-600 SA6 Construction Branch Chief Howard Williams L600 SA6 Major Support Contracting Branch Tandra Jones L-623 SA6 Business Operations Division Chief Lisa Million 228 SA6 Special Projects Support Team Jennifer Bantel 522, SA6 Quality Assurance Branch Patricia Cake 502 SA6 Contract Management Branch Martha Loverde 530 SA6 International Programs Division Chief Ann Truitt 512 SA6 International Affairs Branch Ed Baren 515 SA6 Grants Team Donald Hunter 517 SA6 Global Programs Branch Anthony MacIntosh 511 SA6 703-875-6639

954-630-1146 703-875-6645 703-875-6645 703-875-6038 703-875-5429 703-875-7320 703-875-6845 703-875-5077 703-875-5250 703-875-6748 703-875-6285 703-875-5164 703-875-6991 703-875-6020 703-875-4230 703-875-5230 703-875-6671 703-875-4676 703-875-5113 703-875-6040 703-516-1708 703-875-4655 703-875-6643

Despatch Agency - Brownsville Scott Tiedt Despatch Agency - Baltimore Sara McInnis European Logistical Support Office Timothy P. Farrell European Logistical Support Office Charles Olden Transportation and Travel Management Division Chief Ed Brennan 5100 SA3 Transportation Operations Luis Roque 5100 SA3 Transportation Management Branch Ann Gibson 5100 SA3 Transportation Analysis and Travel Larry Pickerign 5100 SA3 Transportation Management Claims Donna Williams 5100 SA3 Secure Logistics Division Chief Charley Lyons 226 SA21 Motor Vehicle Branch Chief Russ Baum SA-7B Warehouse Branch Chief Michael Carney 752 SA7B Management Operations Branch Chief Stephanie Beal 228 SA21

956-982-6899 410-631-0045 32-3-540-2015 32-3-540-2016 202-663-0901 202-663-0903 202-663-0902 202-663-0909 202-663-0936 703-923-6262 703-644-3295 703-912-8527 703-912-8527

Office of Program Management and Policy (A/LM/PMP)
Director Cecilia Coates 250 SA15 Diplomatic Pouch and Mail Division Chief Jeff Meyer L120 SA1 Operation Branch Vacant L120 SA1 Unclassified Pouch and Mail Branch Mark J. DeDomenic SA32 Classified Pouch and Mail Branch Brian Bennett LOC SA8 Mail Management Branch (DPO) Mike Francis L120 SA1 Policy Branch Ana Baide 250 SA15 Professional Development Branch Barry Thomas (Acting) 250 SA-15 Professional Development Branch (Vacant) 250 SA15 Logistics Policy and Professional Development Division Chief Dorothy Jones 250 SA 15 Business Analysis Division Chief Wesley Green 250 SA15 Performance Measure and Improvement Branch Barry Thomas 250 SA15 Property Management Branch Ron Tate/Charles Chavez 250 SA15 Logistics Systems Division Chief Dee Woodard 3150 SA15 System Planning and Analysis Branch Aimee Kobelka SA-15 Systems Integration and Support Branch Ngon Tran 3150 SA-15 703-875-5194 202-663-1810 202-663-1809 703-302-7751 703-922-3023 202-663-1806 703-875-6287 703-875-5838 703-875-5838 703-875-6656 703-875-4993 703-875-4354 703-875-6121 703-875-7084 703-875-4346 703-875-4342

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Operations (A/OPR) Office of Logistics Operations (A/LM/OPS)
Director Steve Hartman 527 SA6 Regional Logistics Center Division Chief Robert Browning 508 SA6 Despatch Agency - Miami Betsy Pratt Despatch Agency - New York Lewis Wolkofsky Despatch Agency - Seattle Ray Schoenberg 703-875-6936 703-875-4585 305-640-4574 732-855-8880 206-764-3805 Deputy Assistant Secretary Keith D. Miller, Acting 1417 Special Assistant Birgitta Drewes 1417 Deputy Director Thomas J. Sgroi 1417 202-647-3427 202-647-4801 202-647-2852

Office of Allowances (A/OPR/ALS)
Director George Indyke L314 SA1 202-261-8700


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Team Supervisor for East Asia and Pacific, Near East Asia, South Asia and Western Europe Sam Bebee L314 SA1 Team Supervisor for Africa, Central Asia, Europe and Western Hemisphere Cassie Washington L314 SA1 Regulations Specialist Marco Cuniberti L314 SA1




Office of Commissary and Recreation Staff (A/OPR/CR)
Director Annette Cocchiaro L304 SA1 202-663-1330

Office of Facilities Management Services (A/OPR/FMS)
Director Harry Mahar B2A61 Facilities Maintenance Services Division Chief Charles Mays B2A61 Administrative Officer Vacant B2A61 Domestic Environmental and Safety Division Chief Harry Mahar, Acting B2A61 202-647-2082 202-736-4705

Director Dr. Keith D. Miller H328 SA1 Africa Dr. Pamela A. Ward H328 SA1 East Asia and Pacific Dr. Connie W. Buford H328 SA1 Near East, South Asia, Canada and the Mediterranean Rim Countries Dr. Beatrice H. Cameron H328 SA1 American Republics Dr. William H. Scotti H328 SA1 Western Europe Robert L. Gross H328 SA1 Eastern Europe David Cramer H328 SA-1 Administrative Support Division Anna M. Schuhart H328 SA1 Special Assistant Wanda M. Lyles H328 SA1 Information Coordinator Carol T. Sutherland H328 SA1

202-261-8201 202-261-8213 202-261-8226 202-261-8209

202-261-8221 202-261-8210 202-261-8218 202-261-8207 202-261-82-3 202-261-8223


Office of Real Property Management (A/OPR/RPM)
Director Adam Bodner 1264 Design and Construction Division Chief Orlando Miguel 1264 Assignment and Utilization Division Chief Howard Aldag 1264 Special Projects Division Chief Robert H. Sanders 1420 Project Management Support, Acting Chief Laura Eppers 1264 202-647-0618 202-647-3860 202-647-3477 202-736-7827 202-736-7171

Office of General Services Management (A/OPR/GSM)
Director Barry K. Shpil B258 Art Bank Program Director Lisa Kuhn B258 Audiovisual Services Branch Chief Fredrick S. Edelkamp B258 Authentications Chief Denitra Thorne Hawkins SA1 Diplomatic Reception Rooms Manager Essandra Collins 8th Floor Employee Service Center Chief Jacqueline Pridgen 1252 Fleet Management Operations Chief James Goodwin, Jr. B258 Operations Support Branch Chief Lisa Y. Brown B258 Scheduling of Diplomatic Reception Rooms Lisa Sellman 8th Floor Special Services Division Chief Vacant B258 Video Production Unit Chief Meg Ravnholt-Hankin B258 202-647-3695 202-647-1435 202-736-7959 202-663-1848 202-647-2275 202-647-3432 202-647-3159 202-647-1666 202-647-4183

Office of the Procurement Executive (A/OPE)
Procurement Executive Corey Rindner 967 SA-27 Policy Division Director Kim Triplett 967 SA-27 Evaluation and Assistance Division Director Paulette V. Donnelly 967 SA-27 Federal Assistance Program Director Georgia K. Hubert 967 SA-27 Competition Advocate/Ombudsman Jan Visintainer 967 SA-27 703-516-1689 703-875-4079 703-516-1697 703-812-2526 703-516-1693


Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Information Services (A/GIS)
202-261-8766 202-261-8766 202-261-8758 202-261-8785 202-663-1980 202-261-8823 202-261-8815 202-261-8752 202-261-8820 202-663-3992 202-261-8774 Deputy Assistant Secretary Margaret P. Grafeld SA2 8000 Administrative Assistant Vicki L. Dotson SA2 8000 Quality Control Auditing Specialist Angelico E. Jiongco SA2 8016 Financial Auditing Specialist Camilla Palmer SA2 8024 Staff Director Jeffrey C. Lee SA2, 8000 202-261-8300 202-261-8049 202-663-2197 202-663-2221 202-663-2222

Office of Language Services (A/OPR/LS)
Director(Acting) Thomas Hufford H1400 SA1 Deputy Director Thomas Hufford H1400 SA1 Translating Division Chief Joseph Mazza H1400 SA1 Translation Coordinator - All Languages Jason Kopp H1400 SA1 Intake of Translations - Non-Romance Languages Rachel Polakoff H1400 SA1 Status of Translations Jackie Peterson H1400 SA1 Interpreting Division Chief Patricia Arizu H1400 SA1 Intake of Interpreting - European Languages Binh Akers H1400 SA1 Intake of Interpreting - Other Languages Julie Donat H1400 SA1 Assigning Unit - Int'l Visitors/ATA Program Marc Fallow H1400 SA1 Intake Program Support Zbigniew Ostrega H1400 SA1

Office of Directives Management (A/GIS/DIR)
Office Director Thelma J. Furlong 2400 SA22 Deputy Office Director Michael Cheman 2400 SA22 FAM Section Supervisor Barbara Shacklock 2400 SA22 Forms Section Supervisor Kirk Masterson 2400 SA22 Administrative Supervisor Greg Davis 2400 SA22 Information Collection Coordinator Mary Cochetti 2400 SA22 ClassNet, Website Development/IT Coordinator Edward Shearer 2400 SA22 202-312-9604 202-312-9605 202-312-9616 202-312-9605 202-312-9617 202-216-5842 202-312-9619

Office of Overseas Schools (A/OPR/OS)


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Office of Information Programs and Services (A/GIS/IPS)
Director Vacant 5073 SA-2 202-261-8300 Deputy Director Alex Galovich 5009 SA-2 202-261-8328 Staff Assistant Chris Chang 5081 SA-2 202-261-8553 Agency Records Officer, Records and Archives 202-261-8424 Management Division Tasha Thian 5049 SA-2 eRecords Bill Fischer SA-13 703-923-6472 Records Service Center, Newington, VA Blane 703-923-6472 Kauthen SA-13 Chief Privacy Officer, Privacy Division Christina 202-261-8407 Jones 5025 SA-2 Chief, Requester Liaison Division Alex Galovich, 202-261-8322 Acting 5001 SA-2 Requester Communications Branch Wilma Manning 202-663-2656 8011 SA-2 Advocacy and Oversight Branch Rosemary White 202-663-3975 1117 SA-2 Chief, Programs and Policies Division Rosemary D. 202-663-1517 Reid 5029 SA-2 Information Program Access Branch Darlyce M. Eley 202-261-8334 6073 SA-2 Information Life Cycle Management Branch Brandi 202-261-8345 Garrett, Acting 4013 SA-2 Chief, Statutory Compliance and Research Division 202-261-8656 Patrick Scholl 5037 SA-2 European, Africa, and Near Eastern Affairs Branch 202-261-8470 Terry Gordon 7004 SA-2 Western Hemisphere and East Asia & Pacific Affairs 202-663-2634 Geoffrey Hermesman 2073 SA-2 Management and Public Diplomacy Branch Melody 202-261-8312 Adams 8101 SA-2 Chief, Archiving and Access Systems Management (202) 261 8853 Division Andrew N. Blumenthal 5025 SA-2 State Archiving Systems Branch Lisa Haralampus 202-261-8405 3073 SA-2 FREEDOMS Branch Daniel L. Kiser 3077 SA-2 202-261-8405 Chief Librarian, Ralphe J. Bunche Library Fran 202-647-3002 Perros 3239 HST Information Resources Branch Ned Kraft 3239C 202-647-2739 HST Information Services Branch Hugh Howard 3239 202-647-0451 HST Chief, Resource Management Staff Crystal Abrams 202-261-8348 5033 SA-2 Chief, Systematic Review Programs Marvin Russell 202-261-8420 5021 SA-2 Paper Review Branch Marvin Russell, Acting 202 703-923-6400 SA-13 Electronic Review Branch Marvin Russell, Acting 202-261-8420 5021 SA-2 FRUS, Mandatory Review Branch Susan Weetman 202-261-8483 4100 SA-2

EAP Regional Director E. David Zweigel American Embassy Manila EUR Customer Service Manager Maria Stephen American Embassy Vienna Chief of Graphic Services Regina T. Cross B934 NEA Regional Director Theodore J. Vickers American Embassy Cairo

+63-1-301-2000 +431-339-2974 202-647-1082 +20-2-2797-

Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (A/SDBU)
Operations Director Shapleigh C. Drisko L500 SA6 Procurement Analyst Keisha S. McCormick L500 SA6 Senior Procurement Analyst VACANT L500 SA6 Senior Procurement Analyst Willie L. Taylor L500 SA6 Procurement Analyst Patricia (Trish) B. Culbreth L500 SA6 Procurement Analyst Judith (Judy) E. Thomas L500 SA6 OBO Coordinator Louis H. Pruitt L500 SA6 Admin.Support Specialist Omnia Franckiewicz L500 SA6 OBO Coordinator Vacant L500 SA-6 703-875-6823 703-875-6824 703-875-6824 703-875-4240 703-875-6881 703-516-1953 703-875-6586 703-875-6822 703-875-65-86

Commercial Services Management Office (A/CSM)
Director Jason Passaro 540 SA15 Management Analyst Carla Linder 540 SA15 703-875-5114 703-875-5116

Bureau of African Affairs (AF)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Johnnie Carson 6234A Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary (S/USSES, AF/EX, AF/RSA/Regional) Donald Yamamoto 6234A Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary (AF/C, AF/RSA/Security Karl Wycoff 6234A Deputy Assistant Secretary (AF/EPS, AF/W) William Fitzgerald 6234 Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary (AF/C, AF/S) Susan D. Page 6234 Deputy Assistant Secretary (AF/PDPA) D. Bruce Wharton 8200 Executive Secretary (Contractor) Joann Rice 6234 Staff Assistant Janice Gross 6234A Staff Assistant Melissa Hudson 6238 Financial Management and Budget Officer N. Manilka Wijesooriya 3519 202-647-4440 202-647-4485

202-647-1819 202-647-4493 202-647-2446 202-663-3356 202-647-2530 202-647-4424 202-647-3201 202-647-2306

Office of Executive Director (AF/EX)
Managing Director Steve Johnston B926 Director of Administration Pamela G. Holton, Acting B934 Printing Specialist, Supervisor Arthur Hampton B934 CONUS Regional Director Raymond Poole B934 Director of Marketing Roberta Mather-Brown B926 Operations/Process Director Frances Mari B931 202-647-1632 202-647-2512 202-647-1107 202-647-3835 TTY 202-647-3842 Executive Director Mike Raynor 3519 Deputy Executive Director Larry Andre 3519 Chief, Human Resources Pamela Mansfield 3519 Foreign Service Officer Katherine M. McGowen 3519 Foreign Service Officer Liz Siletzky 3519 Chief Budget Officer Brian LaJuett 3519 Receptionist (Supprt Service Specialist) Crystal Campbell 3519 202-647-1298 202-647-4417 202-736-7527 202-647-1467 202-736-7584 202-647-1969 202-736-4200


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Supervisory Post Management Officer Maria Brewer 3519 Post Management Officer (AF/C) Sylvie Martinez 3519 Post Management Officer (AF/E) Charles Morrill 3519 Post Management Officer (AF/S) Art Hermanson 3519 Post Management Officer (AF/W-Francophone) William Quick 3519 Post Management Officer (AF/W-Anglophone) Lewis Clark 3519 GSO (Support Service Specialist) Sonja Wray-Brown 3519

202-647-1351 202-647-1842 202-647-0605 202-647-1711 202-647-1409 202-736-7490 202-647-2118

Country Officer (Rwanda & Burundi) Renee 202-647-3138/7 Lariviere 4244 Country Officer (Gabon, ROC, Sao Tome & 202-647-9465 Principe) Joel Fifield 4244 Country Officer (Chad & Central African Republic) 202-647-2973 Madeeha Ashraf 4244 Africa Great Lakes Desk Officer Adam Keith 4244 202-647-4966 Country Officer (Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea) Nico 202-647-4514 Van Dijck 4244

Office of East African Affairs (AF/E)
Director Geeta Pasi 5238 Deputy Director David Reimer 5238 OMS For Director and Deputy Sabiha Stephens 5238 Country Officer (Ethiopia) Joel Wiegert 5238 Country Officer (Kenya) Susan Driano 5238 Country Officer (Djibouti & Eritrea) Maria Beyzerov 5238 Country Officer ( Senior Somalia) Pamela D. Fierst 5238 Country Officer (Uganda) Laura E. Anderson 5238 Country Officer (Tanzania) Alexanderia Haidara 5238 Country Officer (Somalia) Matthew P. Walsh 5238 Country Officer (Somalia) Karen L. Clark 5238 Country officer Uganda Laura Anderson 5238 OMS for the Officers Connive Collins 5238 202-647-5242 202-647-5520 202-647-9742 202-647-6473 202-647-8913 202-647-6453 202-647-5082 202-647-5924 202-647-5684 202-647-8284 202-647-5652 202-647-5924 202-647-8852

Economic Policy Staff (AF/EPS)
Director Anthony Newton 4248 Deputy Director Shannon Cazeau 4248 OMS Verlene Brown 4248 Foreign Affairs Officer Elliot M. Repko 4248 Foreign Affairs Officer Gabrielle Mallory 4248 Program Specialist Tawanna L. Davidson 4248 Program Analyst Camille Jackson 4248 International Economist Ada Adler 4248 202-647-4066 202-647-4067 202-647-3503 202-647-4099 202-647-4033 202-647-5774 202-647-6724 202-647-4075

Office of Regional and Security Affairs (AF/RSA)
Director John Hoover 5238 Deputy Director, Regional Affairs Bryan Hunt 5238 Congressional Affairs Officer Kathleen Moody 5238 African Union Desk Officer Ryan Bowles 5238 Democracy & Human Rights Officer Learned Dees 5238 Strategic Planning Officer Lisbeth Thompson 5238 Deputy Director, Security Affairs Michael Bittrick 5238 Military Advisor Col. Mike Skardon 5238 Foreign Affairs Officer Susan McCarty 5238 Foreign Affairs Officer Julie Chalfin 5238 Contracts Specialist Jimmy Savino 5238 Contract & Program Assistant Jenel A. Williams 5238 ACOTA Program Director Tim Rainey SA23 ACOTA Regional Manager Scott Fisher SA-23 ACOTA Regional Manager Lars Hudnall SA23 ACOTA General Operations Samantha Kronschnabel SA23 ACOTA Logistics Coordinator Charles Colden SA-23 ACOTA General Operations Manager Brendan Mooney SA-23 ACOTA Regional Manager Richard Roan SA-23 ACOTA General Office Manager Kevin Gentry SA-23 ACOTA IT Specialist Thomas Pattison SA23 202-647-6476 202-647-5772 202-647-5788 202-647-7373 202-647-5803 202-736-4094 202-736-4097 202-647-7371 202-736-4096 202-647-7191 202-647-5776 202-647-6480 202-663-3657 202-663-3653 202-663-3655 202-663-3659 202-663-3549 202-663-3652 202-663-3628 202-663-3617 202-663-3457

Office of Southern African Affairs (AF/S)
Director Sue K. Brown 4236 Deputy Director Elizabeth Susie Pratt 4236 Country Officer (Lesotho, Mozambique) Joyce Namde 4236 Country Officer (South Africia -Economic Officer) Susan F. Walke 4236 Country Officer(Angola) Omar Ahmen 4236 Country Officer (Botswana, Malawi, & Namibia) Phaedra Gwyn 4236 Country Officer (Zimbabwe) Rachel Doherty 4236 Country Officer (Swaziland & Zambia) Jared M. Yancey 4236 Country Officer (South Africa OIC) Margaret Diop 4236 202-647-9836 202-647-9849 202-647-9857 202-647-9850 202-647-9858 202-647-9856 202-647-9852 202-647-9838 202-647-9862

Office of West African Affairs (AF/W)
Director Mary Beth Leonard 4246 Deputy Director Jason Small 4246 Deputy Director Dundas McCullough 4246 Country Officer (Nigeria) Christie M. Arendt 4246 Country Officer (Guinea, Niger) Tiffany McGriff 4246 Country Officer ( Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Liberia & Cape Verde) Andrew Silski 4246 Country Officer (Mali, Cote d, Burkina Faso) Emily Narkis 4246 Country Officer (Ghana, Togo) Andrea Cameron 4246 Nigeria(ECOWAS) Augustine Fahey 4246 Mauritania, The Gambia Renee M. Ragin 4246 202-647-3395 202-647-2214 202-647-1597 202-647-2637 202-647-1658 202-647-0252 202-647-2791 202-647-1540 202-647-1755 202-647-3469

Office of Central African Affairs (AF/C)
Director Cynthia H. Akuetteh 4244 Deputy Director C. Pat Alsup 4244 Country Officer (Democratic of Republic of Congo) Rick E. Swart 4244 202-647-6491 202-647-4977 202-647-2216


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Country Officer (Benin & Senegal) Ashley Stewart 4246


Office of Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs (AF/PDPA)
Director Bruce Wharton SA3 Deputy Director Edward Kemp SA3 Planning and Coordination Officer (PACO) Lynn Roche SA3 Chief, Public Affairs Bill Strassberger SA3 Media Officer Marissa Rollens SA3 Public Affairs Specialist Nicole Peacock SA3 Program & Project Specialists, BN's Terri Rookard SA3 Administrative Officer Karen Coates SA3 Office Management Specialist Lydia Ellison SA3 Cultural Coordinator Patricia Ehrman SA3 Country Officer (Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo-BrazzCountry Officer Central Africa (Burundi, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Tijen Aybar SA3 Country Officer (Country Officer-Southern Africa: ( Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia Stephanie Jensby SA3 Country Officer -Western Africa: (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d Kim Gillen SA3 202-663-0500 202-663-0502 202-663-0507 202-663-0529 202-663-0531 202-663-0519 202-663-0517 202-663-0503 202-663-0515 202-663-0523 202-647-1637

Program Officer May Doherty 5819 Finance Asst. Leslie Robinson 5819 Conf. Prev. Officer Andy Loomis 5819 Planning Team John Zavales 5819 Planning Team Nazik Salih 5819 Planning Team Trampes Crow 5819 Planning Team Morgan Courtney 5819

202-368-4994 202-643-0299 202-647-4597 202-643-0825 202-647-9777 202-643-0825 202-643-0326

Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Janice L. Jacobs 6811 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Michael D. Kirby 6811 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Overseas Citizens Services Jim D. Pettit 6811 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Passport Services Brenda Sprague 6811 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Visa Services David T. Donahue 6811 Personal Assistant to A/S Jacobs Phuong Handler 6811 Office Management Specialist/PDAS Barbara Brawner 6811 Office Management Specialist/OCS DAS LaToya Jones 6811 Special Assistant Douglass Benning 6811 Staff Assistant Sarah Duffy 6811 Special Assistant Cris Dilworth 6811 Staff Assistant Nichole Walton 6811 Staff Assistant Matt Horner 6811 Unclassified Fax 202-647-9576 202-647-9577 202-647-6541 202-647-5366 202-647-9584 202-647-9576 202-647-9577 202-647-6541 202-647-7408 202-647-7948 202-647-7948 202-647-7948 202-647-7948 202-647-0791



Office of Sudan Programs Group (AF/SPG)
Presidential Special Envoy to Sudan General Scott Gration 5819 Senior Representative to Sudan Timothy R. Shortley 5819 Director of Operations Cameron Hudson 5819 OMS Susan Noblick (contractor) 5819 Speical Assistant to Speical Envoy of Sudan Kristina Johnson (contractor) 5819 Executive Officer Mark Atchison (contractor) 3817 Director of Program Coordination Lee Martinez 5819 Darfur Team James (Rob) Satrom 3817 No/So Team Leader Marti Flacks 5819 Sudan Desk Officer Jessica El Bechir 3817 Darfur Team Leader Kathy Crewe 5819 Public Affairs Officer Jonathan P. Lalley 5819 International Outreach Coordination Dana Francis 5819 No/So Team Peter Quaranto 3817 Communications Director Maire Nelson 5819 Programs Allison Lombardo 3817 No/So Team Joseph Tucker 3817 OMS Wanda Curry 5819 Spec. Advisor Princeton Lyman 5819 Planning Officer Chris Wendell 5819 Dir. of Programming Chris Runyan 5819 Desk Officer(South) Jessica El-Bechir 5819 Desk Officer Omid Harraf 5819 Desk Officer Melis Tusiray 5819 Peace/Security Colin Thomas-Jensen 5819 Peace/Security Karim Smither 5819 Darfur Team Sean Brooks 5819 202-647-4531 202-647-4084 202-647-4317 202-647-4531 202-647-5066 202-647-9778 202-647-5066 202-647-3817 202-647-5796 202-647-7491 202-647-4248 202-647-7484 202-647-4345 202-647-2618 202-646-7043 202-647-7494 202-647-7494 202-647-4083 202-647-6479 202-647-7491 202-647-5796 202-647-1158 202-647-4752 202-647-7494 202-647-9854 202368-2074 202-647-3958

Office of Executive Director (CA/EX)
Executive Director Geraldine Kam H1004 SA1 Deputy Executive Director Laura Dogu H1004 SA1 Senior Management Advisor Richard Hermann H1004 SA1 Special Assistant Rebecca Haas H1004 SA1 Post Analysis Division Timothy Roche H901 SA1 General Services Division Terry Mobley H1007 SA1 Human Resources Division Herbert Casey H1010 SA1 202-663-2500 202-663-1356 202-663-2511 202-663-3923 202-663-2560 202-663-2600 202-663-2529

Consular Systems and Technology (CA/CST)
Managing Director & CIO Kirit M. Amin SA-1 H901 Deputy Managing Director Vacant Liaison Division Director James Strudwick SA-1 H901 Program Management Officer John Atkins, Acting SA-1 H901 Division Chief, Enterprise Ops Support Michael Doctor SA-1 H901 Division Chief, Independent Operations Donald Lyles SA-1 H901 Division Chief, Enterprise Systems Haar Sandhu SA-1 H901 Division Chief, Enterprise Systems Devlopment Gene Shuman SA-1 H901 202-663-1101 202-663-1109 202-663-3851 202-663-3220 202-663-1505 202-663-1115 202-663-1702 202-663-2406


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Division Chief, Enterprise, Technology, Architecture and Process John Atkins SA-1 H907 Special Assistant Kim Milner SA-1 H901

202-663-3220 202-663-1137

Office of Public Affairs and Policy Coordination (CA/P)
Director Suzanne I. Lawrence 4800 Deputy Director Karen E. Martin 4800 Special Assistant Melissa D. VonHinken 202-647-4744 Office Management Specialist Tamica Reaves 4800 Office Management Specialist Oslyn A. Caesar 4800 202-647-1489 202-647-2598 4800 202-647-1488 202-647-4110

Deputy Assistant Secretary David Donahue 6811 Managing Director Edward J. Ramotowski L703H SA1 Special Assistant Berenice Mariscal L703 SA1 Policy Advisor/Domestic Operations Sandra J. Shipshock L703G SA-1 Senior Coordinator Interagency Timothy W. Smith L703A National Visa Center Director Lisa Barker NVC Public Inquiries Kentucky Consular Center Director John Coe KCC Public Inquiries

202-647-9584 202-663-1153 202-663-1152 202-663-1155 202-663-1160 603-334-0927 603-334-0700 603-526-7690 606-526-7500

Office of Field Support Liaison (CA/VO/F) Office of Fraud Prevention Programs (CA/FPP)
Director Daniel Goodspeed 4805 Deputy Director Max Aguilar 4805 Team Leader Kurt Vicha 4805 Team Leader Paula Ferguson 4805 Team Leader Sonya Tsiros 4805 OMS Nicki King 4805 Special Assistant Susan Randolph 4805 202-647-4280 202-647-6151 202-647-0732 202 647-6401 202 647-7053 202 647-2826 202-647-6368 Director Ellen Conway L703E SA1 Post Liaison Division Chief David Franz L703A SA1 IV Control and Reports Division Charles Oppenheim L415 SA1 202-663-1173 202-663-1120 202-663-1087

Office of Information Management and Liaison (CA/VO/I)
Director Martha Sardinas L415 SA1 Deputy Stephanie Kronenburg L415 SA1 202-663-1249 202-663-1616

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Passport Services (CA/PPT)
Deputy Assistant Secretary Brenda Sprague 6811 Managing Director Florence Fultz 3rd Fl SA29 Special Assistant Judy Penn 3rd Floor SA29 202-647-5366 202-663-2444 202-663-2443

Office of Legislation, Regulations and Advisory Assistance (CA/VO/L)
Director, Acting Vincent Beirne L603C SA1 Deputy Director Vacant L603D Legislation and Regulations Division Nancy J. Altman L603D SA1 Advisory Opinions Division Jeff Gorsky L603 SA1 Coordination Division Eric Cohan L603H SA1 Waiver Review Division Marcia Pryce L603A SA1 202-663-2826 202-663-2826 202-261-8040 202-663-1187 202-663-1246 202-663-2866

Office of Field Operations (CA/PPT/FO)
Managing Director Issuance Operations Florence Fultz 3rd Floor SA29 Senior Regional Director of Passport Services Gary Roach 3rd Floor SA29 Division Chief for Customer Services Nancy Pace 3rd Floor SA29 Director for Office of Strategic Planning and Cost Analysis Anne McDonagh 3rd Floor SA29 Director of Office of Passport Legal Affairs and Law Enforcement Liaison Jonathan Rolbin 3rd Floor SA-29 Managing Director Support Operations Barry Conway 3rd Floor SA-29 Senior Advisor for International Affairs International Affairs Michael R. Holly 3rd Floor SA29 202-663-2446 202-663-2495 202-261-8054 202-663-2467 202-663-2491

Office of Diplomatic and Public Liaison (CA/VO/P)
Director Gary Sheaffer L703O SA1 Public Inquiries Division Chief Harold Woodley L703M SA1 Diplomatic Liaison Division Chief Doni Phillips L703P SA1 Visa and Information Microlog Visa Priority Data Microlog Congressional Inquiries Web Content & Customer Svc Manager Karla Gentile L703 SA1 202-663-3579 202-663-1144 202-663-3211 202-663-1225 202-663-1541 202-663-1516 202-663-3889

202-663-2430 202-663-2472

Office of Passport Policy Planning and Advisory Services (CA/PPT/PAS)
Director Gail Neelon, Acting 3rd Floor SA29 202-663-2427

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Overseas Citizens Services (CA/OCS)
Deputy Assistant Secretary James D. Pettit 6811 Call Center Managing Director Michelle Bernier-Toth 4th Floor SA29 Special Assistant Laura Hruby 4th Floor SA29 Special Assistant for Children's Issues Shalan Obando 4th Floor SA-29 Office Management Specialist Claudette Richardson 4th Floor SA29 202-647-6541 1-888-407-4747 202-647-9018 202-647-4863 202-647-2692 202-647-5300

Office of Information Management & Liaison (CA/PPT/IML)
Director (Vacant) 3rd Floor SA29 System Liaison & Training Division Sherman Portell H907C SA1 Record Services Division Gale McCoy 500 SA17 System Liaison & Training Division Amamda E. Jones 3rd Floor SA29 202-663-2409 202-663-2408 202-955-0257 202-663-2643

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Visa Services (CA/VO)


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Office of American Citizens Services (CA/OCS/ACS)
Director Hugo Rodriguez, Acting 4th Floor SA-29 Division Chief (AF) Jack D. Markey 4th Floor SA-29 Division Chief (WHA) Robert (Drew) Haldane, Acting 4th Floor SA-29 Division Chief (EUR) Andy T. Miller 4th Floor SA-29 Division Chief (NESCA) Viktoria Lopatkiewicz SA29 Division Chief (EAP) Tim Ponce 4th Floor SA-29 Crisis Coordinator Elizabeth Cherry 4th Floor SA-29 202-736-4996 202-736-4937 202-647-4853 202-663-2452 202-736-4999 202-736-7443 202-736-4987

Office of Policy Review and Interagency Liaison (CA/OCS/PRI)
Director Edward Betancourt SA29 4th Floor 202-736-9104

Office Of Children's Issues (CA/OCS/CI)
Director Julie Furuta-Toy 4th Floors SA-29 Deputy Director Kathleen Ruckman 4th Floor SA-29 Sr. Specialist LaKeesha Stewart 4th Floor SA-29 Public Outreach Coordinator Ryan Palsrok 4th Floor SA-29 Abduction Unit Chief Martha Pacheco 4th Floor SA-29 Program Analyst Clifton Oliphant 4th Floor SA-29 Team Leader Children Ann McGahuey 4th Floor SA-29 Administrative Assistant Phillip Crews 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Elizabeth Cherry 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Shalan Obando 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Bonita Harris 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Stephanie Robinson 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Micah Mills Grant 4th Floor SA-29 Team Leader Children Barbara Greig 4th Floor SA-29 Administrative Specialist Dwayne Cross 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Kathie Baker 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Bill Herzog 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Servies Specialist Marc Derks 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Natalie Wazir 4th Floor SA-29 Prevention Unit Chief Dale Rumbarger 4th Floor SA-29 Administrative Assistant Sylvia Claridy 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Saynora Pittman 4th Floor SA-29 CO-Op Childrens Issues Jewel Brown 4th Floor SA-29 Adoption Unit Chief Gerry Fuller 4th Floor SA-29 Correspondence Specialist Tamika Garrett 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Marc Saint Victor 4th Floor SA-29 202-736-9083 202-736-9123 202-736-9130 202-736-9134 202-736-9131 202-647-4917 202-736-9137 202-736-9144 202-736-9122 202-736-9165 202-736-9138 202-736-9094 202-736-9135 202-736-9142 202-736-9141 202-736-9168 202-736-9147 202-736-9145 202-736-9169 202-736-9127 202-736-9157 202-736-9162 202-736-9154 202-663-2928 202-736-9099 202-736-9097

Citizens Services Specialist Brykyta Shelton 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Ruth Lincoln 4th Floor SA-29 Citizens Services Specialist Patricia Hickey 4th Floor SA-29 Adoption Hague Unit Chief Katherine Monahan 4th Floor SA-29 Accrediting Entity Liaison Mikkio Stebbing 4th Floor SA-29 Central Authority Liaison Paul Mezzaferro 4th Floor SA-29 Hague Systems Liaison Stephanie Kronenburg 4th Floor SA-29 Hague Implementation Jean Louis, WAE 4th Floor SA-29 Hague Systems Anti-Fraud Christina Leone 4th Floor SA-29 Hague Implementation-Contract Consultant John Ballif, WAE Hague Implementation-Contract Consultant Alisa Rulnick Hague Implementation co-op Kevin Hill Hague Adoption Outreach Liaison Sarah Shaffer

202-736-9159 292-736-9096 202-736-9085 202-736-9098 202-736-9086 202-736-9118 202-736-9182 202-736-9178 202-736-9095 801-796-1137 301-762-1963 202-663-3748 202-663-2808

CA/OCS/P, the Office of Planning, Programs, and Systems Liaison

Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Michael H. Posner 7802 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Deborah E. Graze 7802 Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel Baer 7802 Deputy Assistant Secretary Kathleen Fitzpatrick 7802 Deputy Assistant Secretary Tom Melia 7802 Deputy Assistant Secretary Eca Reeves 7802 Senior Coordinator for Global Democracy Strategy Mark Susser 7802 Senior Director Michael Kozak 7802 OMS for DAS Fitzpatrick Donna Ifill 7802 OMS for DAS (vacant) 7802 Special Assistant Joshua Morris 7802 Staff Assistant Charmaine Coleman 7802 Special Envoy for Anti-Semitism Hannah Rosenthal 7802 Senior Advisor Lynne Davidson 7802 Reports Coordinator Stephen Eisenbraun 2428 OMS for Special Envoy for Anti-Semitism Eunice Johnson 7802 OMS for Special Advisor for International Disability Rights Sarah Crosskey 7802 OMS for Special Advisor for International Disability Rights Sheila Milam 7802 Executive Assistant to Special Advisor for International Disability Rights Katherine Guernsey 7802 Special Advisor for International Disability Rights Judith Heumann 7802 202-647-2126 202-647-2590 202-647-1403 202-647-3315 202-647-2570 202-647-2570 202-647-4091 202-647-2126 202-647-1780 202-647-1780 202-647-4648 202-647-1731 202-647-2013 202-647-2551 202-647-1042 202-647-1783 202-647-4298 202-647-1716 202-647-1677



Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Special Representative for International Labor Affairs Barbara Shailor 7802 Staff Assistant Lynda Walker-Johnson 7802

202-647-9723 202-647-1024

Human Adm Scott Jones 7802 Media Strategist Matthew Miller 7802 Press Officer Evan Owen 7802 Press Officer/FSO Rebecca Weidner 7802

202-647-1573 202-647-4127 202-647-4747 202-647-8307

Office of International Religious Freedom (DRL/IRF)
Director Marc Susser, Acting 2428 Deputy Director (Vacant) 2428 OMS Gwen Mack 2428 202-647-0463 202-647-1422

Office of Europe Affairs (DRL/EUR)
Africa Director Douglas E. Kramer SA-1, H-430 Europe Director (Acting) Eric G. Falls SA-1, H-430 EUR OMS Linda C. Hayes SA-1, H-430 AF OMS Tanika N. Willis SA-1, H-430 EUR Deputy Director (Acting) Susan M. Corke SA-1, H-430 AF Officer Sharon C. Cooke SA-1, H-430 AF Officer Stuart M. Crampton SA-1, H-430 AF Officer Bonnie T. Daley SA-1, H-430 AF Officer Mollie X. Davis SA-1, H-430 AF Officer Karen M. Gilbride SA-1, H-430 AF Officer Simone O. Joseph SA-1, H-430 AF Officer Rachel E. Spring SA-1, H-430 EUR Officer Laura N. Carey SA-1, H-430 EUR Officer Patrick J. Harvey SA-1, H-430 EUR Officer Orly R. Keiner SA-1, H-430 EUR Officer Daniel L. Nadel SA-1, H-430 EUR Officer Peter P. Sawchyn SA-1, H-430 EUR Officer Wendy B. Silverman SA-1, H-430 Vetting Officer Eric C. Concha SA-1, H-430 202-261-8015 202-261-8025 202-261-8000 202-261-8001 202-663-2652 202-261-8013 202-261-8106 202-261-8021 202-663-2707 202-261-8017 202-261-8009 202-261-8196 202-261-8022 202-261-8023 202-663-2900 202-261-8014 202-261-8007 202-261-8019 202-261-8010

Office of the Executive Director (OES-DRL/EX)
Executive Director Sandy M. Robinson 2880 Deputy Executive Director Ernestine Pierce 2331 Staff Assistant Crystal Brown, Acting 2880 Finance and Programming, Director Natalie Howard 2880 Information Management and Administrative Services, Director Anthony D. Bell 2452 Human Resources Liaison Aubrey Whitehead 2880 DVC Reservations 2846 Human Resources Division Chief Lisa Burridge, Acting SA-27, 900 202-647-4068 202-647-4068 202-647-4068 202-736-7376 202-647-0751 202-647-6857 202-647-3970 703-875-7045

Office of Multilateral and Global Affairs (DRL/MLGA)
Director Joseph Cassidy 7822 Deputy Director Lynn Sicade 7822 Senior Advisor for Multilateral Affairs Christopher Camponova 7822 OMS Sylvia Thomas 7822 OMS Robin Smith 7822 Program Analyst, Internet Freedom Sarah Labowitz L308 Program Analyst, Internet Freedom Katharine Kendrick L308 Program Analyst, Internet Freedom Stephen Morris L308 Foreign Affairs Officer Lea Rivera L308 Corporate Social Responsibility Justin Underwood L308 Foreign Affairs Officer Vivienne Wildes L308 202-647-4380 202-647-2362 202-647-4311 202-647-2264 202-647-1385 202-632-2049 202-632-2046 202-632-2042

Program Unit (DRL/P)
Director Patricia Davis H-430 Deputy Director Katrina Fotovat H-438 Program Officer Kara Cumberland H-430 Program Officer Jennifer Matchell H-430 202-663-2689 202-632-2105 202-663-2907 202-663-2907

Western Hemisphere Affairs (DRL/WHA)
202-632-2041 202-632-2045 202-632-2037 EAP Director Susan O'Sullivan 7817 EAP Acting Deputy Director Micah Watson 7817 Deputy Director Catherine Newling 7817 Director Robert W. Boehme 7818 WHA Officer Kimberly Holbrook 7817 Foreign Affairs Officer Sarah Buckley-Moore 7817 Foreign Affairs Officer Julie Turner 7817 Foreign Service Officer David Moo 7817 Franklin Fellow Randall Doyle 7817 EAP Acting Deputy Director Micah Watson 7817 WHA Officer Cory Andrews 7817 202-647-8271 202-647-8288 202-647-8257 202-647-8237 202-647-8242 202-647-8254 202-647-8239 202-647-8234 202-647-8305 202-647-8288 202-647-1238

Office of International Labor Affairs (DRL/ILA)
Special Representative for International Labor Affairs Barbara Shailor 7802 OMS Robin Deloatch 7802 Director Mark Mittelhauser 2422 OMS Wendy Mazon 2422 Deputy Director Perlita Muiruri 2422 International Labor Officer Delaram Cavey 2422 Foreign Affairs Officer Tu Dang 2422 Foreign Affairs Officer Mancharee Junk 2422 WAE Foreign Affairs Officer Alden Irons 2422 Program Analyst Sarah Morgan 7818 Program Analyst Carrie George 2422 202-647-9723 202-647-1577 202-216-5886 202-216-5882 202-216-5894 202-216-5885 202-216-5887 202-216-5883 202-312-9763 202-647-8283 202-549-8515

Office of Near East and South Central Affairs (DRL/NEA)
Foreign Affairs Analyst Leslie Taylor H-430 202-663-2697

Office of South Central Asia (DRL/SCA)
Director Jeffrey Hawkins Deputy Director Laura Carey Foreign Affairs Officer Yelda Kazimi H-430 Foreign Affairs Analyst Leslie Taylor H-430 Leahy Vetting Analyst/Desk Officer Alexandra Hoey H-430 Intern Robby Uppal

Office of Policy, Planning and Public Diplomacy (DRL/PPD)
OMS Eunice Johnson 7802 Acting Director Sundaa Bridgett-Jones 7802 Congressional Liaison Carol Finerty 7802 202-647-1783 202-647-4311 202-647-1472

202-663-2889 202-663-2697 202-663-1470


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


(STEP/OMS) Kevin Martin

Office of East Asian and Pacific Affairs (DRL/EAP) Office of Africa (DRL/AF)

Office Manager Specialist Kendra Fletcher 2nd Fl SA14 Facility Security Engineering Division Michael Barela 145 SA24 Management Analyst Marvine Panning SA24

703-312-3605 703-323-6651 703-923-6813

Office of Diplomatic Couriers (DS/C/DC)
Deputy Director Dale P. Cazier 21st Fl SA-20 571-345-3384

Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary and Director of the Office of Foreign Missions Ambassador Eric J. Boswell 6316 Executive Assistant Tanya Sears 6316 Staff Assistant/Scheduler Pat Mackall 6316 Special Assistant Kenneyatta Counts 6316 Special Assistant Joanne Reams 6316 Staff Assistant Meaghan McKissic 6316 Sr. Legislative Affairs Advisor Stephen Greene 6316 Staff Assistant Meredith Fox 6316 Legislative Affairs Advisor Katherine Harris 6316 202-647-6290 202-647-1496 202-647-1493 202-647-1479 202-647-1224 202-647-2714 202-647-1497 (202) 647-1728 202-647-0147

Assistant Director For Domestic Operations (DS/DSS/DO)
Assistant Director Barry Moore 23rd Fl SA20 Special Assistant Kevin Tehan 23rd Fl SA20 Personal Assistant Vacant 23rd Fl SA20 Senior Resource Manager Aileen "Lee" Smith 9th Fl SA-20 Management Analyst Linda Williams 12th Fl SA-20 Management Analyst Assistant Vacant 12Fl SA-20 Resources Assistant Kimberly Batchellor 9th Fl SA-20 571-345-3785 571-345-3786 571-345-3787 571-345-3002 571-345-7697 571-345-3733 571-345-2959

Office of Investigations and Counterintelligence (DS/DO/ICI)
Director Douglas Quiram 12th Fl SA20 Counterintelligence Division Chief Russell Humberstad 19th Fl SA20 Professional Responsibility Division Kimber Davidson 17th Fl SA20 Criminal Investigations Division David Whitehead 12th Fl SA20 Field Office Manager Daniel Meehan 12B06 SA20 Management Analyst Kevin Anderson 12C06 SA20 Boston Field Office Special Agent in Charge Jim Ennis Suite 1001 Chicago Field Office Special Agent in Charge Daniel Clutch (Acting) Suite 2318 Houston Field Office Special Agent in Charge George Nutwell Suite 870 Los Angeles Field Office Special Agent in Charge Wesley Weller Suite 1273 Miami Field Office Special Agent in Charge Chris Culver Suite 404 New York Field Office Special Agent in Charge Chris Paul Suite 500 San Francisco Special Agent in Charge J. Pat Durkin Suite 900 Washington Field Office Special Agent in Charge John Schilling Suite 300 Computer Investigations and Forensics Division David E. Trosch 12th Fl SA14 571-345-2945 571-345-7654 571-345-2277 571-345-2994 571-345-2904 571-345-2918 617-565-8200 321-353-6163 713-209-3482 213-894-4610 305-536-5781 201-346-8100 415-705-1176 571-226-9300 703-312-3660

Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security and Director, Diplomatic Security Service (DS/DSS)
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Diplomatic Security and Director, Diplomatic Security Service (DS/DSS) Jeffrey W. Culver 23rd Fl SA20 Office Management Specialist Pat Greeson 23rd Fl SA20 Special Assistant Daniel Chase 23rd Fl SA20 Special Assistant John Cerri 23rd Fl SA20 Attorney Adviser Paula Barton 22nd Fl SA20 Public Affairs Grace Moe 21st Fl SA20 571-345-3815

571-345-3815 571-345-3811 571-345-3812 571-345-3006 571-345-2506

Diplomatic Security/Countermeasures (DS/C)
Deputy Asst. Secretary Gentry O. Smith 23L04SA-20 Special Assistant Gina A. Humberstad 23J04- SA 20 Office Manager Regina "Genie" Hebron 23J06-SA 20 571-345-3836 571-345-3834 571-345-3835

Office of Physical Security Programs (DS/C/PSP)
Director Nancy Rolph 10th Fl SA14 Facilities Security Division Joe Zaranka 10th Fl SA14 Physical Security Division SA14 Defenisive Equipment Armored Vehicles Steven J. Bernstein SA7A 703-312-4089 703-312-3104 703-312-3113 703-644-3465

Office for Protection (DS/DO/P)
Director Martin F. Kraus 5th Fl SA14 Chief, Dignitary Protection Paul Bauer 5th Fl SA-14 Special Agent in Charge, Secretary's Detail Kurt Olsson HST 2248 Special Agent in Charge, Protective Liaison Michael VanBuskirk SA-33 Special Agent in Charge, Major Event Coordination Unit Michael Bishop SA-14 703-312-3322 703-312-3352 202-647-8627 202-895-3644 703-312-3874

Office of Security Technology (DS/C/ST)
Director Wayne Ashbery 1st Fl SA14 Program Manager Bert Blakeman 1st Fl SA14 Countermeasures Protection Division Mark Steakley 4th Fl SA14 Office Manager Specialist Jamie Alajarmeh 4th Fl SA14 Security Technology Operations Division Steve Romero 2nd Fl SA14 703-312-3667 703-312-3665 703-312-3277 703-312-3460 703-312-3607

Office of Domestic Facilities Protection (DS/DO/DFP)


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Director Jan D. Abbott HST 1214 Special Assistant Sandra Gust HST 1214 Office Management Secretary Doris Weaver HST 1214

202-647-0032 202-647-9738 202-647-0003

Security Engineering & Computer Security Training Division Rob Hollingsworth SA11 Security & Law Enforcement Training Division Bob Weitzel 3rd Fl SA11

703-204-6221 703-204-6188

Security Support Division (DS/DO/DFP/SSD)
Division Chief George Bailey L309 SA1 Administrative Assistant Louise Jefferson L309 SA1 Policy and Planning Specialist Lori Strickland SA-1 L309 Operations and Special Access Program Manager Robert Serth HST B237 Access Control Supervisor Kenya Hairston HST B237 DS ID Media (Credentials) Edward Land SA-20 9G04 Identification Services (DSIS) Program Manager Carolyn Jackson SA-1 DSIS Gov't Employee Office Supervisor James Makle HST B266 Resources and Budget Project Manager Jonathon Myers SA-1 L309 202-663-1676 202-663-1345 202-663-1385 202-647-0511 202-647-3854 571-345-3745 202-663-1348 202-647-3855 202-663-3699

Assistant Director for International Programs (DS/DSS/IP)
Deputy Assistant Secretary Charlene Lamb 23rd Fl SA20 Deputy Assistant Director John Eustace 22nd Fl SA20 Special Assistant Scott Kim 23rd Fl SA20 Office Manager Sarah Gregory 23rd Fl SA20 571-345-3841 571-345-3458 571-345-3826 571-345-3842

Office of Regional Directors (DS/IP/RD)
African Affairs Regional Director of Operations Michael Ross 22nd Fl SA20 East Asian and Pacific Affairs Regional Director of Operations David Lyons 22nd Fl SA20 European Affairs Regional Director of Operations Joan Andrews 22nd Fl SA20 Near Eastern Affairs Regional Director of Operations Pittman Orr 22nd Fl SA20 South Central Asian Affairs Regional Director of Operations Niall Meehan 22nd Fl SA20 Western Hemisphere and Canada Affairs Regional Director of Operations Karl 'Jonathan' Kahele 22nd Fl SA20 Contingency Operations Regional Director of Operations Kevin Bauer 22nd Fl SA20 571-345-3455 571-345-3459 571-345-3435 571-345-3005 571-345-3467 571-345-3479

Uniformed Protective Division (DS/DO/DFP/UPD)
Division Chief Bill Evans HST B235 Administrative Assistant Betsy Cosgrove HST B235 Special Events Program Manager Liz Wood HST 1214 DSO Program Manager Kenneth Perry HST B235 DSO Program Manager Roger Mencl SA-14 3020 Uniform Operations Russell Brigham HST B235 202-647-0613 202-647-0777 202-647-5925 202-647-0776 703-312-3427 202-647-0772


Office of Overseas Protective Operations (DS/IP/OPO)
Director Chris Schurman 16th Fl SA20 571-345-2395

Assistant Director for Training (DS/DSS/T)
Assistant Director Mark Hunter SA11B Special Assistant Julia Hill SA11B Senior Legal Advisor William Clancy SA11B Program Analyst John Cupp SA11B Office Administrator Lydia Hickey SA11B FASTC Operations & Program Manager Charlie Sparks SA11B 571-226-9761 571-226-9762 571-226-9727 304-885-5701 571-226-9760 571-226-9729

Office of Special Programs & Coordination (DS/IP/SPC)
Director Charles 'Jeff' Horkey 21st Fl SA20 571-345-2495

Executive Director for Diplomatic Security (DS/EX)
Executive Director Tracy Hitt Mahaffey 23rd Fl SA20 Office Management Specialist Khaliah Sharif 23rd Fl SA20 Special Assistant Clint C. Boushell 23rd Fl SA20 Special Assistant Clifton W. Flowers 23rd Fl SA20 Deputy Executive Director William R. Terrini 23rd Fl SA20 Human Resources Management Division T.J Shelton 9th FL SA20 571-345-3816 571-345-3816 571-345-3820 571-345-3821 571-345-2726 571-345-3768

Office of Antiterrorism Assistance Program (DS/T/ATA)
Director Jeff Breed SA11B Executive Assistant Ann Marie Schubert SA11B Deputy Director (Acting) Ed Guard SA11B Special Assistant Jason Kight SA11B 571-226-9631 571-226-9630 571-226-9634 571-226-9632

Office of Mobile Security Deployment (DS/T/MSD)
Director Scott Moretti 3rd Fl SA11 Deputy Director Tony Smith 3rd FL SA11 OMS Tara Houser 3rd FL SA11 Admin Support Specialist Allison Williams 3rd Fl SA11 703-204-6246 703-204-6245 703-204-6243 703-204-6212

Office of Management Services (DS/EX/MGT)
Director Linda Watts 14th FL SA20 Special Assistant Dan Pappas 14th FL SA20 Administrative Assistant Anne Amussen 14th FL SA20 Management Analyst Deborah E.W. Patterson 14th FL SA20 Technical Management Analyst Melton Roper 14th FL SA20 Contracting and Procurement Division Chief Bill Black 8th Fl SA20 Logistics Services Division Chief Patrick Hasiak 8th Fl SA20 571-345-3830 571-345-2744 571-345-3833 571-345-2747 571-345-2730 571-345-2172 571-345-2151

Office of Training and Performance Support (DS/T/TPS)
Director David Schnorbus 3rd Fl SA11 Deputy Director Nancy Stout 3rd Fl SA11 Exec. Asst. Joyce Dixon 3rd Fl SA11 703-204-6205 703-204-6182 703-204-6203


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Fl SA20 Space Management Chief Marilyn Natoli 8th Fl SA20 Administrative Operations Chief Yolanda Atkins 8th Fl SA20 Policy and Planning Division Chief James Weston 14th Fl SA20 Policy Analysis Chief Julie Stewart 14th Fl SA20 Strategic Planning Chief Carly Smith 14th Fl SA20 Freedom of Information and Privacy Act Division Chief Kathleen Siljegovic 14th Fl SA20

Office of Computer Security
571-345-3755 571-345-2143 Director Mary Stone Holland 15th Fl SA20 571-345-2589

Office of Information Security Programs
571-345-2694 571-345-2738 571-345-2729 571-345-2712 Director Cheryl Hess 13th Fl SA20 571-345-3080

Office of Personnel Security and Suitability
Director James Onusko 11th FL SA20 571-345-3219

Chief Technology Office (DS/EX/CTO)
Chief Technology Officer Bryce Bhatnagar 17th Fl SA20 Systems Management Division Chief John Clynch 18th Fl SA20 Capital Planning and Architecture Division Chief Alene Peters 17th Fl SA20 571-345-2243 571-345-2098 571-345-2326

Assistant Director for Threat Investigations and Analysis (DS/DSS/TIA)
Assistant Director Robert A. Hartung SA-20, 23rd Floor Special Assistant Peter Dinoia 571-345-3813 Resource Manager Elizabeth H. Miller SA-20, 23rd Floor Office Management Specialist Kristen Adams SA-20, 23rd Floor Management and Program Analyst vacant SA-20 23rd Floor 23A23 571 345- 3809 SA-20, 23rd 571-345- 3804 571-345-3807 571-345-3805

Office of Chief Financial Officer (DS/EX/CFO)
Chief Financial Officer Vacant 8th Fl SA-20 Office Manager Ansley LaBarre 8th Fl SA-20 Financial Planning Division Chief Gloria J. Williams 8th SA20 Financial Execution Division Chief Robert Baldre 10th Flr SA-15 571-345-2197 571-345-2199 571-345-2208 571-345-2200

Overseas Security Advisory Council (DS/TIA/OSAC)
Executive Director (vacant) SA20, 24th Floor Deputy Executive Director Peter Ford SA20, 24th Floor 571-345-2218 571-345-2216

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Foreign Missions (DS/OFM)
Deputy Assistant Secretary and Deputy Director Justine M. Sincavage HST 2236 Managing Director Bruce R. Matthews SA33 202-647-3417 202-895-3504

Diplomatic Security Command Center (DS/TIA/DSCC)
Director Glen A. Gershman SA20, 19th Floor Deputy Director Paul A. Houston SA20, 19th Floor 571-345-3132 571-345-3134

Office of Intelligence and Threat Analysis (DS/TIA/ITA) Office of Property, Tax, Services and Benefits (DS/OFM/PTSB)
Acting Office Director Cliff Seagroves 2236 Senior Program Officer (Property) Melissa Morgante 2236 Senior Program Officer (Customs) Terry V. Davis SA-33 Program Specialist Irina Kolb 2236 202-647-1395 202-736-7173 202-895-3540 202-647-0530 Director Kurt Olsson SA20, 20th Floor EUR/WHA Division Chief Larry Daniele SA20, 20th Floor NEA Division Chief Katherine Parkin SA20, 20th Floor AF/SA/EAP Division Chief Stephen Capelli SA20, 20th Floor 571-345-3936 571-345-3939 571-345-3934 571-345-3932

Office of Diplomatic Vehicles,Tax, and Customs (DS/OFM/VTC)
Diplomatic Motor Vehicles Director Joan Morningstar 246 SA33 202-895-3528

Office of Protective Intelligence Investigations (DS/TIA/PII)
Director Richard Ober SA20, 20th Floor Rewards for Justice Program Rachel Schindel-Gombis SA20, 20th Floor Division Chief Matthew Dooley SA-20, 20th Floor 571-345-3863 571-345-2952 571-345-3866

Regional Offices
Chicago Director Houston Director Los Angeles Director Miami Director New York Director San Francisco Director 312-353-5762 713-272-2865 310-235-6292 305-442-4943 646-282-2825 415-744-2910

Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs (EAP)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Kurt Campbell 6205 Personal Assistant Daryl Hegendorfer 6205 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Joe Donovan 6205 Acting Office Management Specialist Patty Rhodes 6205 Deputy Assistant Secretary Joseph Yun 6205 Office Management Specialist Gina Miller 6205 202-647-9596 202-647-9596 202-736-4393 202-736-4393 202-647-6904 202-647-6904

Senior Coordinator for Security Infastructure (DS/SI)
Senior Coordinator Donald Reid 23rd Fl SA20 Special Assistant Jacqueline Atiles 23rd Fl SA20 571-345-3788 571-345-3790


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Deputy Assistant Secretary David Shear 6205 Deputy Assistant Secretary Frankie A. Reed 6205 Office Management Specialist Anthony J. Franco 6205 Office Management Specialist Twana Robinson 6205 U.S. Ambassador to APEC and Economic Coordinator Kurt Tong 6205 Office Management Specialist Elena Adesso 6205 Chief of Staff Jim Loi 6205 Receptionist Dominiece Reynolds 6205 Staff Assistant Roniece Briscoe 6205 Staff Assistant Marybeth Turner 6205 Staff Assistant Jeffrey Adler 6205 NSC Director Danny Russel EEOB 312

202-647-6910 202-647-8929 202-647-8929 202-647-6910 202-647-7266 202-647-7266 202-736-4161 202-647-6600 202-647-6916 202-647-6921 202-647-6921 202-456-9245

Information Technology Assistant James Gant 6310 General Services Officer Jack Poo 4313A General Services Officer Deryl van Cobljin 4313A Customer Service Liaison Kim Gooden 4313A General Services Assistant Dee Brabham 4313A Supervisory HR Officer Annette Hales 4313A Human Resources Specialist Cynthia Coriell 4313A Human Resources Specialist Gail Lawrence 4313A Human Resources Specialist John Stanley 4313A Human Resources Assistant Vacant 4313A Rover Secretary Valerie Liff 4313A

202-647-5594 202-647-6141 202-647-8617 202-647-8643 202-647-8616 202-647-8611 202-647-4734 202-647-7320 202-647-6139 202-647-8146 202-647-8611

Office of Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Island Affairs (EAP/ANP)
Director Christopher J. Marut 4312 Deputy Director Kit Traub 4312 Country Officer (Australia) Jane H. Carpenter-Rock 4312 Country Officer (New Zealand, Samoa) Michele L. Petersen 4312 Country Officer (Micronesia, Palau, Marshall Islands Anusha E. Seneviratne 4312 Country Officer (Fiji, Tonga, Tuvalu, Nauru, Kirbati, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Is., Vanuatu) Douglas G. Carey 4312 Country Officer (Port Moresby, Solomon Islands) Douglas G. Carey 4312 Country Officer (Australia) Laurie M. Williford 4312 Intern Matthew Hellman 4312 Intern James Tetlow 4312 Office Manager Margaret S. Benson 4312 Office Manager Carolyn M. Pollard-Ford 4312 202-736-4659 202-647-9990 202-647-7828 202-736-4745 202-736-4683 202-647-5156

Office of the Executive Director (EAP/EX)
Executive Director Karen Stanton 4313A OMS for Executive Director Lakieta McRae 4313A Deputy Executive Director Dan Christenson 4313A Administrative Officer Mary Martinez 4313A Special Advisor Larry Baer 4313A Supervisory Post Management Officer Andrew Hogenboom 4313A Senior Advisor (Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei) Vacant Bogota Post Management Officer ( Korea, Japan) David LaMontagne 4313A Post Management Officer (AIT) Mary Martinez 4313A Post Management Officer (Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, Papua New Guinea) Michael Bradecamp 4313A Post Management Officer (China, Hong Kong, Mongolia ) Grace Choi 4313A Program Assistant Helga Lumpkin 4313A Post Management Officer (Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam) Rebecca Edwards 4313A Program Assistant Julia Beres 4313A Assignments Officer Susan Mutschler 4313A Assistant Assignments Officer Cindy Richards 4313A Awards Coordinator Natalie Hill 4313A Chief Financial Management Officer Annie Carter 4313A Financial Management Officer C.T. Forrester III 4313A Financial Management Officer Phyllis Mead 4313A Financial Management Officer Vickie Hart 4313A Financial Management Officer Gong Li 4313A Travel/Budget Ondine Hassan 4313A Budget Assistant Delia Espinosa-Bunn 4313A Budget Assistant Adaisha Garrison 4313A IT Assignments and Systems Officer John Nave 6310 Information Technology Specialist William Carter 4313A Information Technology Specialist Angela Holden 6310 Web Developer Liliana Freedman 6310 202-647-9054 202-647-9054 202-647-9054 202-647-6220 202-647-6220 202-647-6223 8-879-2264 202-647-7654 202-647-6222 202-647-8612

202-647-5156 202-736-4712 202-736-4675 202-647-8674 202-736-4741 202-647-9690

202-647-6280 202-647-8612 202-647-6219 202-647-5581 202-736-4634 202-647-6457 202-647-6206 202-647-6218 202-647-6217 202-647-7502 202-647-6200 202-647-5579 202-647-9052 202-647-6153 202-647-8610 202-647-8592 202-647-5534 202-647-8653 202-203-7234

Office of Chinese and Mongolian Affairs (EAP/CM)
Director Daniel Kritenbrink 4318 Deputy Director William Klein 4318 Senior Coordinator, U.S.-China S&ED Pamela Park 4318 Coordinator, U.S.-China S&ED; Officer for Finance Julie Petruzzi 4318 Assistant Coordinator, U.S.-China S&ED Andrew Scheineson 4318 Officer for Public Diplomacy Thomas Hamm 4318 Office Management Asst. to the Director Taryn Jackson 4318 Office Management Specialist Domenica Williams 4318 Bilateral Political Affairs Unit Chief Laura Rosenberger 4318 Officer for Human Rights and Consular Affairs Sung Choi 4318 Officer for Human Rights Seth Patch 4318 Foreign Affairs Officer Pei Tsai 4318 Presidential Management Fellow Caitlin Costello 4318 Officer for Mutlilateral Affairs Brian Andrews 4318 Officer for Hong Kong Peter Barte 4318 Officer for Pol-Mil Affairs Federick Brust 4318 Officer for Mongolia John Gorkowski 4318 Officer for Non-Proliferation Christopher Mohrman 4318 202-647-6787 202-647-6789 202-647-6813 202-647-8839 202-647-6803 202-647-8775 202-647-6796 202-647-9141 202-647-6802 202-647-6772 202-647-6819 202-647-6813 202-647-8997 202-647-6774 202-647-8880 202-647-6782 202-647-7628 202-647-4829


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Economic Unit Chief John Wecker 4318 Economic Officer Steven Sinha 4318 Officer for Trade Peter Dycaico 4318 Officer for ESTH and Energy Andrea Finnegan 4318

202-647-6959 202-647-4832 202-647-6798 202-647-9956

Office Management Specialist Crystal Long 5312


Office of Regional and Security Policy Affairs (EAP/RSP)
Director Henry V. Jardine 5313 Deputy Director Tanya C. Anderson 5313 Congressional Advisor Melissa Sweeney 5313 Strategic Planning/Foreign Assistance Kim Archea 5313 Global Affairs Officer Jason Vorderstrasse 5313 EAP Military Advisor Tuan Ton 5313 Assistant Military Advisor Constantine Panayiotou 5313 Science & Technology Advisor Elizabeth Prescott 5313 Counterterrorism Coordinator Stuart Allan 5313 Program Analyst/Grants Officer Ariel Wyckoff 5313 ARF, Multilateral Security Affairs Officer Kevin Sheives 5313 ASEAN Affairs Coordinator Jack Andre 5313 Leahy Vetting Coordinator David Rodiquez 5313 5313 Leahy Vetting Coordinator (trainee) Nile Johnson 5313 Office Manager for the Director Geneva R. Hart 5313 Office Manager Marasha Williams 5313 ASEAN Affairs Officer Kimberly Radford 5313 Strategic Planning/Foreign Assistance Hana Sarsour 5313 Foreign Assistance Tamara Rivera-Wilson 5313 Foreign Affairs Intern Markus Brazill 5313 Transatlantic Diplomatic Fellow Dana Rudaka 5313 Environment and Energy Advisor (AAAS) Mari-Vaughn Johnson 5313 202-647-2278 202-647-4406 202-647-2313 202-736-7707 202-647-2031 202-647-2399 202-647-8815 202-647-2722 202-647-1217 202-647-9446 202-647-1217 202-647-6094 202-647-2989 202-647-2389 202-647-8883 202-647-1260 202-647-2343 202-647-7029 ext. 6.7707 202-647-8894 202-647-8883 202-647-6192 202-647-2389

Office of Economic Policy (EAP/EP)
Director James Steele 5317 Deputy Director Robert Koepcke 5317 Foreign Exchange Officer Wataru Otsuka 5317 Foreign Affairs Officer Rock Cheung 5317 Foreign Affairs Officer Ryan MacFarlane 5317 Foreign Affairs Officer Youngha Yu 5317 Special Advisor Gerald Whitman 5317 APEC Program Director Natalie Nii Singapore 202-647-2001 202-647-2011 202-647-4806 202-647-2020 202-647-2025 202-647-1937 202-647-1947 65-67322503

Office of Japanese Affairs (EAP/J)
Director Kevin Maher 4206 Deputy Director Simon Schuchat 4206 Economic Affairs Chief Matthew Koch 4206 Political Security Officer Christopher Greene 4206 Political Officer Geneve Menscher 4206 Political Officer Todd Campbell 4206 Trade Affairs Officer Stephanie Eshelman 4206 Global Issues Officer Heather L. Dresser 4206 OMS Gladys Williams 4206 Stay-in-School Kimberly Coniam 4206 Economic Officer Brian Brendel 4206 202-647-1311 202-647-3154 202-647-4741 202-647-2914 202-647-5239 202-647-3155 202-736-7233 202-647-4459 202-647-2913 202-647-4428 202-736-7050

Office of Korean Affairs
Director Edgard Kagan 4206 Deputy Director Dan Larsen 4206 ROK Unit Chief Joshua Huck 4206 DPRK Unit Chief Dan Tikvart 4206 ROK Political Officer Gary Childs 4206 ROK Economic Officer Deena Magnall 4206 Public Diplomacy Officer Nini Forino 4206 ROK Political-Military Officer Brian Himmelsteib 4206 DPRK Pol/Ext. Officer Jennifer Roque-Nichols 4206 DPRK Human Rights/Refugees Officer Jamie Oberlander 4206 DPRK Desk Officer Mary Elizabeth Polley 4206 DPRK Non-Proliferation Ed Shin 4206 Six-Party Implementation Julie Kim 4206 DPRK PMF John Hughes 4206 KEDO, FOIA Al O'Neill 4206 Office Management Specialist Roberta T. Cooper 4206 Office Management Specialist LaKeia Vanzego 4206 202-647-7717 202-647-7868 202-647-4316 202-647-5727 202-647-6706 202-647-1039 202-647-4743 202-647-0176 202-647-6727 202-647-0081 202-647-5961 202-647-7718 202-647-0333 202-647-6727 202-647-7869 202-647-7717 202-647-7700

Office of Taiwan Coordination (EAP/TC)
Director W. Brent Christensen 4312 Office Manager Cynthia Miles 4312 Deputy Director David Atkinson 4312 Political Military Officer Nancy Talbot 4312 Foreign Service Officer Christopher Keeley 4312 202 647-7712 202-647-7711 202-647-7713 202-647-7706 202-736-4229

Office of Public Diplomacy (EAP/PD)
Director Thomas Hodges 5318 Deputy Director Kathy Schalow 5318 Policy & Coordination Officer Jeff J. Daigle 5318 Cultural Coordinator Laneice R. Brooker 5318 Country Officer (Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam) Peter Velasco 5318 Country Officer (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Timor-Leste, Malaysai, Singapore, Pacific Islands, and Papua New Guines Ruth Kurbauer 5318 Country Officer (China, Hong Kong, AIT Taipei, Mongolia) Thomas Hamm 4318 PD Officer (NSEP Fellow) LeeAnne Shaffer 5318 Country Officer ( Japan and Korea) Nini Forino 4206 Deputy Assistant Secretary Jennifer Park 5318 Policy & Coordination Officer Jeff J. Daigle 5318 202-736-4598 202-647-7263 202-647-7122 202-736-4524 202-647-7080 202-647-7059

Office of Public Affairs (EAP/P)
Director Darragh Paradiso 5312 Deputy Director Kelly McKellogg 5312 Information Officer Vacant 5312 Public Affairs Specialist Katina Adams 5312 202-647-2149 202-647-1028 202-647-1029 202-647-2539

202-647-8775 202-647-7059 202-6474743 202-647-3653 202-647-7122


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Foreign Affairs Officer LeeAnne Shaffer 5318 Public Diplomacy Advisor for PACOM Marrie Schaefer OMS Florence Mwela 5318 OMS Dorothy Tapscott 5318

202-647-7059 808-477-0111 202-647-7234 202-647-7180

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Ann Stock 5-B05/SA-5 Secretary Paulette Jordan 5-R14/SA-5 Chief of Staff, Acting Rick Ruth 5-Z17/SA-5 Secretary Lorraine Taylor 5-Z15/SA-5 Staff Assistant Mary Gant 5-X15/SA-5 Special Advisor/Secretariat Director Michele Peters 5-R17/ SA-5 Special Assistant Ashley Eisenman 5-S14/SA-5 Special Assistant Chelsea Maughan 5-AA15/SA-5 202-632-6445 202-632-6440 202-632-6442 202-632-6448 202-632-6453 202-632-3345 202-632-6445 202-632-9325

Office of the Foreign Policy Advisor (USPACOM)
Foreign Policy Advisor Amb. Gene Christy Deputy Foreign Policy Advisor LTC Philip DuPont, USA Assistant Foreign Policy Advisor Capt. Skye Nakayama Secretary to the FPA Terri Yamamoto USPACOM Joint Operations Center USPACOM Joint Operations Center 808-477-7602 808-477-7617 808-477-7601 808-477-7602 808-477-7227

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Academic Programs (ECA/A)
Deputy Assistant Secretary Alina Romanowski 5-U17/SA-5 Managing Director Marianne Craven 5-X17/SA-5 Special Assistant for Policy Lisa Blonder 5-P14/SA-5 Special Project Officer Lana Muck 5-Q15/SA-5 Senior Policy Advisr David Plack Staff Assistant Sarah Thompson 202-632-9331 202-632-9331 202-632-3294 202-632-9330 202-632-9331 202-632-9331

Office of Maritime Southeast Asia (EAP/MTS)
Office Director Mark Tesone 5210 Deputy Director Mark Clark 5210 Office Manager Ruby Thomas 5210 Office Manager Lisa Marcel 5210 Senior Country Officer Indonesia Andrew Herrup 5210 Country Officer Indonesia Brooke Spelman 5210 Country Officer Indonesia Vacant 5210 Country Officer Malaysia Jim Bangert 5210 Senior Country Officer Philippines Sue Niblock 5210 Country Officer Singapore and Brunei Nathaniel Turner "Nat" 5210 Country Officer Timor-Leste Doug O'Neill 5210 Country Officer Philippines Vacant 5210 202-647-2143 202-647-0097 202-647-1221 202-647-4700 202-647-2543 202-647-4393 202-736-7056 202-647-4932 202-647-2301 202-647-2769 202-647-1823 202-647-2927

Office of the Academic Exchange Programs (ECA/A/E)
Office Director Rosalind Swenson 4-B06 / SA-5 African Programs Branch Chief Robin Bradley 4-B11 / SA-5 European Programs Branch Chief Mary Ellen Koenig 4-B08 / SA-5 East Asian Programs Branch Chief Matt McMahon 4-K06 / SA-5 Western Hemisphere Programs Branch Chief Vacant Near Eastern Programs Branch Chief Donna Ives 4-B09 / SA-5 Study of the US Branch Chief Britta Bjornlund 4-N06 / SA-5 South Asian Programs Branch Chief Sue Borja 4-B12 / SA-5 202-632-3234 202-632-3223 202-632-9443 202-632-9432

Office of Mainland Southeast Asia (EAP/MLS)
Director Daniel Shields 5206 Office Manager Carolyn Hodges 5206 Deputy Director Patrick W. Murphy 5206 Country Officer Burma Kate Nanavatty 5206 Country Officer Cambodia Vacant 5206 Country Officer Laos Jennifer Handog 5206 Country Officer Thailand Demian Smith 5206 Country Officer Vietnam (POL/MIL) Marc Forino 5206 Country Officer Vietnam (Econ/Comm) Sara Litke 5206 Country Officer Lower Mekong Tanya Rogers 5206 Office Manager Alice Greene 5206 202-647-4495 202-647-4988 202-647-3065 202-647-0056 202-647-3095 202-647-2036 202-647-0036 202-647-4023 202-647-1699 202-647-2566 202-647-0064

202-632-6050 202-632-3342 202-632-3264

Office of the English Language Programs (ECA/A/L)
Office Director Lawrence Corwin 4-B16 / SA-5 Materials Development and Review Branch Chief Maria Snarski 4-B13 / SA-5 Programs Branch Chief Rebecca Smoak 4-B15 / SA-5 202-632-9281 202-632-9279 202-632-9277

Office of Global Educational Programs (ECA/A/S) Office for North Korea Affairs (S/NKP)
Special Representative for North Korea Policy Amb. Stephen W. Bosworth Room 5209 Special Envoy for the Six Party Talks Amb. Sung Y. Kim Room 5209 UNSCR 1874 Implementation Coordinator Amb. Philip S. Goldberg Room 5209 Special Assistant Ms. Johna Ohtagaki Room 5209 Executive Assistant & Scheduler Ms. Patricia A. Hart Room 5209 202-647-4611 202-647-4611 202-646-4568 202-647-4599 202-647-4611 Office Director Paul A. Hiemstra 4-CC17 / SA-5 Educational Information and Resources Branch Chief Caryn Danz 4-CC16 / SA-5 Humphrey Fellowships and Institutional Linkages Branch Chief John Sedlins 4-CC13 / SA-5 Teacher Exchange Branch Chief Jennifer M. Gibson 4-CC14 / SA-5 202-632-6345 202-632-6353 202-632-6328 202-632-6343

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Private Sector Exchange (ECA/EC)
Deputy Assistant Secretary Stanley Colvin 5-BB11/SA-5 202-632-9288


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


5-BB11/SA-5 Senior Advisor Nicole Deaner C2-BB02/SA-5 Director, Office of Exchange Coordination and Compliance Susan Geary C2-BB02/SA-5 Director, Office of Designation Sally Lawrence 5-CC15/SA-5 Academic/Government Programs Designation Division Chief Constance Harley 5-O17/SA-5 Special Assistant Daniel McCartney 5-CC13/SA-5 Private Sector Programs Division Chief Karen Hawkins 5-N17/SA-5

202-632-9290 202-632-9297 202-632-9289 202-632-9313 202-632-9292 202-632-9294

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Professional and Cultural Exchanges (ECA/PE)
Deputy Assistant Secretary Maura Pally 5-W17/SA-5 Managing Director Chris Miner 5-R17/SA-5 202-632-3346 202-632-3345

Office of Citizen Exchanges (ECA/PE/C)
Director, Office of Citizen Exchanges Len Korycki 3-B16 / SA-5 Deputy Director (Vacant) SA-5 Near East/South Asia and Africa Division Chief Curtis E. Huff, Jr. 3-L12 / SA-5 Western Hemisphere and East Asia Division Chief Raymond H. Harvey 3-K11 / SA-5 Cultural Programs Division Chief Colombia Barrosse 3-B11 / SA-5 Youth Programs Division Chief Craig H. Brown 3-B13 / SA-5 202-632-6062

Deputy Executive Director Helene Vonnegut 4-BB07/SA-5 Deputy Executive Director Katherine Yemelyanov 4-T06/SA-5 Human Resources Division Chief Felicia Gibson C2--P19/SA-5 HR Operations Branch Leader (ECA) Joyce Mondy C2-S11/SA-5 HR Operations Branch Leader (IIP) Renee Brown C2-R11/SA-5 Training Officer Andrea Ikenson C2-U15/SA-5 Support Services Division Chief Donna M. Briscoe 4-BB08/SA-5 Resource Management Division (ECA) Chief, Acting Yolanda Robinson 4-Q06/SA-5 Resource Management Division (IIP) Chief Loretta Gentry Milburn 4-BB10/SA-5 Grants Division Chief Fannie Lue Allen C2-CC17/SA-5 Program Management Staff Chief Michael E. Weider 4-BB11/SA-5

202-632-6380 202-632-6378 202-632-6025 202-632-3259 202-632-6022 202-632-3215 202-632-6393 202-632-3358 202-632-6014 202-632-6361 202-632-6375

Office of Policy and Evaluation (ECA/P)
202-632-6053 202-632-6057 202-632-6415 202-632-6411 Director of Policy and Evaluation (Acting) Julianne Paunescu 5-B06 / SA-5 Director of Alumni Affairs Lisa Heilbronn C2-A19/SA-5 Evaluation Staff Chief Robin Silver 5-J06 / SA-5 Cultural Property Staff Executive Director Maria Kouroupas 5-E02 /A-5 Policy Officer Julianne Paunescu 5-B06 / SA-5 202-632-6326 202-632-6177 202-632-6319 202-632-6197 202-632-6326

Office of International Visitors (ECA/PE/V)
Director Alma R. Candelaria 3-B06/SA-5 Deputy Director Carol Graubauskas 3-B07 / SA-5 Community Relations Division Chief Vacant SA-5 New York Program Branch Director Donna Fran Shirreffs 601 NYPB Community Resources Division Chief Aisha Tyus SA-5 Voluntary Visitors Division Chief (vacant) SA-5 Western Hemisphere Affairs, East Asia, Near East/South Asia Branch Chief Michael Cain C2-E20/SA-5 Africa/Europe Branch Chief Robin Neilson C2-G20/SA-5 Africa Branch Chief Chris McShane 03-K06/ SA-5 East Asia and Pacific Branch Chief Terry Blatt 3-Q06 / SA-5 North Africa, Near East/South and Central Asia Branch Chief Colleen Fleming 3-N06/SA-5 Europe and Eurasia Branch Chief Charlotte Titus 3-T06 / SA-5 Western Hemisphere Branch Chief Arlene Ferrill 3-R06 / SA-5 Regional Programs Division Chief Sana Abed-Kotab 3B-B05/SA-5 Multi-Regional Programs Division Chief Alison Plank Moylan 3-B08 / SA-5 202-632-6383 202-632- 6383 646-282-2850 202-632-9381

J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (ECA/FFSB)
Chairman Anita B. McBride Washington, DC Jean Becker Houston, TX Jan D. O'Neill Midland, TX John Sibley Butler Austin, TX Dina H. Powell New York, NY John W. Johnson Houston, TX Shirley M. Green Austin, TX Kathryn F. Hubbard Indianapolis, IN Gary R. Edson Washington, DC Robert D. McCallum, Jr. Washington, DC Staff Executive Director, acting Benedict Duffy C2-E07/SA-5 Deputy Director Mary Wong C2-F13/SA-5


202-632-6091 202-632-9338 202-632-3319 202-632-9357 202-632-9390 202-632-3303 202-632-9380 202-632-6166

202-632-6190 202-632-6190

Cultural Property Advisory Committee (ECA/P/C)
Chairman Katherine L. Reid Chapel Hill, NC Robert O'Brien Los Angeles, CA Joan B. Connelly New York, NY Winston S. Holladay Robert B. Korver Carrollton, TX James L. Martory Boston, MA James Willis San Francisco, CA Executive Director Maria Papageorge Kouroupas 5-E02 / SA-5


Office of the Executive Director (ECA-IIP/EX)
Executive Director Sheldon Yuspeh 4-BB06/SA-5 202-632-6376

Bureau of Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs (EEB) OD-22


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED

Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Jose W. Fernandez 4932 Personal Assistant Brenda Dudley 4950 Executive Assistant Laurent Charbonnet 4932 Senior Advisor Michael L. Szymanski 4934 Coordinator for Eurasian Energy Diplomacy Initiative Richard L. Morningstar 4844 Secretary Val Towns 4844 Coordinator for International Energy Affairs David L. Goldwyn 4880 Office Management Specialist Robert Byla 4880 202-647-7971 202-647-7971 202-647-6985 202-647-5881 202-647-4532 202-647-4166 202-647-8543 202-647-8543

Personal Assistant

Samia McDermott 4950


Office of Development Finance (EEB/IFD/ODF)
Director Julie Nutter 4871 Deputy Director Roland DeMarcellus 4953 202-647-9426 202-647-9154

Office of Investment Affairs (EEB/IFD/OIA)
Director Wesley Scholz 4669 Secretary Kimberly Butler 4669 Deputy Director Gregory Hicks 4669 202-736-4762 202-736-4907 202-736-4365

Office of Monetary Affairs (EEB/IFD/OMA) Office of Commercial and Business Affairs (EEB/CBA)
Special Representative Lorraine Hariton 5820 Deputy Special Representative Christopher Beede 5820 Program Specialist Emily Soroko 5820 202-647-1625 202-647-2615 202-647-2680 Director Thomas Engle 4880 Secretary JoAnn Hinton 4880 Deputy Director David Meale 4880 202-647-5935 202-647-9497 202-647-9792

Trade Policy and Programs (EEB/TPP)
Deputy Assistant Secretary William Craft 4652 Secretary Sheila Johnson 4652 202-647-5991 202-647-5968

International Communications and Information Policy (EEB/CIP)
Deputy Assistant Secretary Philip Verveer 6820 Secretary Avis Alston 6820 202-647-5212 202-647-5212

Office of Agricultural, Biotechnology and Textile Trade Affairs (EEB/TPP/ABT)
Director Edward Kaska 4470 Office Management Specialist Harold Slaughter 4470 Senior Advisor for Biotechnology Jack Bobo 4470 202-647-0133 202-647-3090 202-647-1647

Office of Bilateral and Regional Affairs (EEB/CIP/BA)
Deputy US Coordinator John Spilsbury 5806 Secretary Delores Justice 5806 202-647-6842 202-647-8345

Office of Multilateral Affairs (EEB/CIP/MA)
Senior Deputy US Coordinator Richard Beaird 6820 Secretary Evelyn Cook 6820 202-647-5832 202-647-5832

Office of Bilateral Trade Affairs (EEB/TPP/BTA)
Director Robert Manogue 4658 Secretary Yvonne Jamison 4658 Deputy Director Amy Holman 4725 202-647-4017 202-647-3784 202-647-1983

Office of Strategic Planning/Satellites (EEB/CIP/TS)
Deputy US Coodinator Steven Lett 3843 Secretary Renee Carson 3843 202-647-5832 202-647-8344

Office of International Intellectual Property Enforcement (EEB/TPP/IPE)
Director Jean Bonilla 4931 Secretary Juan Leos 4931 Deputy Director Janet Speck 4452 202-647-3985 202-647-3251 202-647-2324

Office of Economic Policy Analysis and Public Diplomacy (EEB/EPPD)
Director Maryruth Coleman 3844 Secretary Ronelle Jackson 3741 Senior Coordinator Nancy Smith-Nissley 3741 Deputy Director/Policy Analysis Team Ruth Hall 3844 Deputy Director/PA Advisor Public Diplomacy Team Emily Bruno 3741 Secretary Sherry Booth 3741 Congressional Coordinator Robert Armstrong 4934 202-647-1936 202-647-9204 202-647-1682 202-647-1808 202-647-4864 202-647-0847 202-647-2679

Office of Multilateral Trade Affairs (EEB/TPP/MTA)
Director Whitney Baird 4452 Secretary Amber Boyd-Eiholzer 4452 Deputy Director Carol Henniger 4452 OMS-Share Point Site Administrator VACANT 4686 202-647-6324 202-647-6956 202-647-4108 202-647-4321

Transportation Affairs (EEB/TRA) Executive Staff (EEB/EX)
Executive Director Suneta Halliburton 4480 Deputy Executive Director Diane Castiglione 4480 Office Administrator Sharon Miles Bell 4480 202-647-2720 202-647-3248 202-647-1949 Deputy Assistant Secretary Kris R. Urs 3425 Secretary Tucker Richmond Stewart 3425 202-647-4045 202-647-4045

Office of Aviation Negotiations (EEB/TRA/AN)
Acting Director Wendell Albright 3425 Secretary Linda Sweikhart 3425 Deputy Director Wendell Albright 3425 202-647-9797 202-647-5865 202-647-9797

International Finance and Development (EEB/IFD)
Deputy Assistant Secretary Deborah McCarthy 4950 202-647-9496


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Office of Transportation Policy (EEB/TRA/OTP)
Director Jerrold L. Mallory 3425 Secretary Donna V. White 3425 202-647-5844 202-647-8001

Energy, Sanctions and Commodities (EEB/ESC)
Deputy Assistant Secretary Robert Cekuta 4843 Secretary Syeda Chowdhury 4843 202-647-1498 202-647-1498

Conflict Advisor Mark A. Tervakoski 4220 Azerbaijan Desk Officer Peter Kaufman 4220 Armenia Desk Officer Joseph Farrelly 4220 Senior Georgia Desk Officer K.G. Moore 4220 OMS Violet Kotto 4220 Minsk Group Co-Chair Robert A. Bradtke 4220 Georgia Desk Officer David Swalley 4220 Public Diplomacy Officer Ruth Anne Stevens 5511

202-647-6758 202-647-9677 202-647-6576 202-647-6048 202-647-8741 202-647-0713 202-647-0346 202-647-6948

Office of Terrorism Finance and Economics Sanctions Policy (EEB/ESC/TFS)
Director Tom Delare 4657 Deputy Director Andrew Weinschenk 4657 Iran and Libya Sanctions Act Unit Chief (vacant) 4843 Secretary Jeanie Anklewich 4657 202-647-7677 202-647-6203 202-647-2856 202-647-7489

Office of Central European Affairs (EUR/CE)
Director Alex Karagiannis 4228 Deputy Director Kim Krhounek 4228 Deputy Director Betty Bernstein-Zabza 4228 Austria Desk Officer Elizabeth Sweet 4228 Bulgaria Desk Officer Tomika Konditi 4228 Czech Republic Desk Officer Elizabeth Frankenfield 4228 Germany Desk Officer (Pol-Mil) J. Laurence Wright 4228 Germany Desk Officer (Econ) Kara Aylward 4228 Hungary Desk Officer Jon Martinson 4228 Slovenia Desk Officer Elizabeth Sweet 4228 Poland Desk Officer Mary Glantz 4228 Romania Desk Officer Bianca Menendez 4228 Slovakia Desk Officer Jon Martinson 4228 Slovenia Desk Officer Elizabeth Sweet 4228 Unit Chief, Switzerland Desk Officer Ivan Weinstein 4228 PPD Officer Ronald Hawkins 4228 PPD Officer Michelle Riebeling 4228 Global Affairs/Energy Officer John R. Rodgers 4228 202-647-1484 202-647-4577 202-647-2441 202-647-4782 202-736-7152 202-647-3238 202-647-2448 202-647-2584 202-647-3191 202-647-4782 202-647-4139 202-647-1457 202-647-3191 202-647-4782 202-647-0425 202-647-0127 202-647-2622 202-647-4272

Office of International Energy and Commodity Policy (EEB/ESC/IEC)
Director Stephen Gallogly 4843 Secretary Janice Dawkins 4754 Energy and Natural Resources Division Chief Peter Secor 4754 Energy Producer-Country Affairs Division Chief Matthew McManus 4843 Secretary Cindy Prince 4843 202-647-3036 202-647-2230 202-647-2871 202-647-3423 202-647-2879

Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs (EUR)
Office of the Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Philip H. Gordon 6226 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Nancy McEldowney 6226 Deputy Assistant Secretary Thomas M. Countryman 6226 Deputy Assistant Secretary Tina S. Kaidanow 6227 Deputy Assistant Secretary Pamela G. Quanrud 6226 Deputy Assistant Secretary Spencer P. Boyer 6227 Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel A. Russell 6226 Special Assistant Rian Harris 6226 202-647-9626 202-647-5146 202-647-6415 202-647-5447 202-647-6233 202-647-6402 202-647-5174 202-647-6285

Office of European Union and Regional Affairs (EUR/ERA)
Director Kathleen Doherty 5424 Deputy Director (POL) Matt Boyse 5424 Deputy Director (ECON) Tara Erath 5424 202-647-3474 202-647-3246 202-647-3206

Office of the Executive Director (EUR-IO/EX)
Executive Director James D. Melville, Jr. 12A35 Deputy Director Dolores M. Brown 12A35 Deputy Director Francisca Thomas Helmer 12A35 Human Resources Chief Margaret Kurtz-Randall 12A35 Information Management Division Chief Jon Arbin 12A35 Supervisory Administrative Officer Tiye Ray 12A35 Financial Management Chief, Acting Jody Buckneberg 12A44 Lead, Customer Support Center Danny McClough 12A35 Bureau Security Officer Cristobal Romero 5219 202-647-7519 202-647-5979 202-647-7519 202-647-8404 202-647-5831 202-647-9744 202-647-4083 202-647-3286 202-647-5716

Office for US Assistance to Europe and Eurasia (EUR/ACE)
Coordinator for US Assistance to Europe and Eurasia Daniel Rosenblum HST 4227 Deputy Coordinator for US Assistance to Europe and Eurasia Sandra E. Clark HST 4227 Division Chief for Europe Programs Henry Kelley HST 4227 Division Chief for Eurasia Programs Maria A. Longi HST 4227 Division Chief for Program and Planning Mary E. Stewart HST 4227 Division Chief for Budget David B. Goldberg HST 4227 202-647-5102 202-647-5222 202-776-8262 202-647-7707 202-647-6344 202-647-5103

Office of Nordic and Baltic Affairs (EUR/NB) Office of Caucasus Affairs and Regional Conflicts (EUR/CARC)
Director Ethan Goldrich 4220 Deputy Director John Espinoza 4220 202-647-9116 202-736-6795 Director Robert Silberstein 5428 Deputy Director Alan Meltzer 5428 202-647-6556 202-647-8908


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Iceland/Denmark Desk Officer Juliet Gole Krarup 5428 Norway/Sweden Desk Officer Tom Selinger 5428 Latvia/Lithuania Desk Officer Carol Werner 5428 Finland/Estonia Desk Officer Evan McCarthy 5428 PPD Officer Dmitri Tarakhovsky 5428 ePINE Coordinator Julie-Anne Peterson 5428 OMS Merlin McDonald 5428 Stay-In-School Irina Karmanova 5428

202-647-8431 202-647-8178 202-647-8378 202-647-6582 202-647-8606 202-647-8446 202-647-5669 202-647-8179

Office of the Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues (EUR/OHI)
Special Envoy Douglas Davidson 5228 Deputy Director Elizabeth Nakian 5228 Fax 202-647-8047 202-647-8287 202-647-1960

Office of Policy and Global Issues (EUR/PGI)
Director Marc Ostfield 6219 Deputy Director (acting), Congressional Affairs (outreach strategy, confirmation and substantive hearings) Susan Parker-Burns 6219 Logistics and Special Projects Coordinator Johnnetta Abbey 6219 DCM Conf, Democracy/Labor Issues, Trafficking in Persons Carol Werner 6219 Rule of Law/crime/corruption/narcotics, Women's Issues, Leahy Vetting, COM Conference Mary Stickles 6219 Food Security, Protocol Issues, UN/Multilateral Issues Sarah Pierson 6219 Congressional (CODELs, Correspondence, LRMs, reports) Tryg Has-Ellison Has-Ellison 6219 Wikileaks/WPAR, Strategic Planning, LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender) Issues, Health/HIV/AIDS/Influenza/TB/Polio Joseph Kowalski 6219 Counterterrorism, Countering Extremism (CVE)/Radicalization, Office Security Lonni Reasor 6219 OMS, Travel, TATEL James Tate 6219 Muslim Engagement, NGOs, Consular Affairs/Homeland Security Yvette Saint-Andre 6219 Refugees, Science and Technology, War Crimes/International Criminal Court Raffi Gregorian 6219 202-647-6984 202-647-5965

6511 Deputy Director, OSCE Anthony A. Pahigian 6511 Program Assistant Pam Montgomery 6511 Deputy OSCE Coordinator Andrew Plowman 6511 Desk Officer Mark Rincon 6511 Foreign Affairs Officer (NATO/OSCE) Richard Prosen 6229 Intern Jessica Fisher 6511 Deputy Director, PMD Jennifer Laurendeau 6511 Political Military Officer David Salvo 6511 OMS Ana Marie Rodriguez 6511 Fax 6511 Deputy Director for NATO Policy Gus Recinos 6513 NATO Policy Officer Laura Lucas 6513 Fax 5219 Deputy Director for NATO Operations Carleton Bulkin 6513 EUR Senior Military Advisor Tom Goffus 6513 Foreign Affairs Desk Officer Joseph Bernath 6511 Political Military Officer Carrie Shirtz 6513

202-736-7290 202-736-7445 202-736-7291 202-647-7296 202-647-0282 202-6471003 202-647-1308 202-647-1328 202-647-1135 202-647-1369 202-736-7298 202-736-3405 202-647-0985 202-736-7292 202-647-3374 202-647-1602 202-647-2127

202-647-8720 202-647-7117 202-647-8826

Office of Russian Affairs (EUR/RUS)
Director Kyle R. Scott 4417 Deputy Director Michael Carpenter 4417 OMS Robert D. Hill 4417 OMS/Visa Specialist Regina Green 4417 202-647-9806 202-647-6743 202-647-9806 202-647-6150

202-647-7111 202-647-5008 202-647-7465

Office of South Central European Affairs (EUR/SCE)
Director Jennifer Brush 5221 Deputy Director George Frowick 5221 Desk Officer, Albania Sarah Hutchison 5227 Desk Officer, Bosnia Michael Fooks 5227 Desk Officer, Croatia Nicola Verola 5227 Desk Officer, Kosovo Paul Pfeuffer 5227 Desk Officer, Serbia Luka Zahner 5221 Desk Officer, Montenegro Kellee Farmer 5221 Desk Officer, Macedonia Sammie Smith 5227 Desk Officer, Kosovo Marianne Toussaint 5227 Desk Officer, Kosovo Ross Johnston 5227 Desk Officer, Regional Coordinator Keith Kadlec 5227 Desk Officer, Regional Econ Brandon Nugent 5227 OMS/Director Natalie Corneille 5221 Program Support Assistant Lisa Marshall 5227 OMS Donna Patterson 5227 OMS Roscoe Jackson 5221 Desk Officer Bosnia Kallie Knutson 5227 Public Diplomacy Officer Tonia Weik 5221 202-647-0608 202-736-1072 202-647-3747 202-647-4775 202-647-4987 202-647-2452 202-647-0310 202-647-4781 202 736-7479 202 647-9173 202 736-7012 202-647-7660 202-647-2276 202 647-0608 202 647-1829 202 647-1880 202 736-7478 202 647-4277 202-647-9173


202-647-7111 202-647-7321 202-647-8820

Office of Press and Public Diplomacy (EUR/PPD)
Director Maria Elizabeth McKay 3249 Deputy Director Jeffrey Jamison 3249 Senior Deputy Director Stephanie Syptak 3249 202-647-6380 202-647-6933 202-647-7308

Office of Policy and Regional Affairs (EUR/PRA)
Director Theresa A. Grencik 6519 Deputy Director Peggy J. Walker 6519 202-647-9903 202-647-5994

Office of Southern European Affairs (EUR/SE)
Director Kathleen Allegrone 5511 OMS Heather Pishko 5511 Deputy Director James Merz 5511 Sr. Greece Desk Officer Christopher Snipes 5511 Turkey Desk Officer Alexander Schrank 5511 Cyprus Desk Officer Adam Scarlatelli 5511 Sr. Turkey Desk Officer Meghan Gregonis 5511 Greece Desk Officer Ilan Goodman 5511 202 647-6994 202-647-6112 202-647-5120 202-647-6976 202-647-7581 202 647-6976 202-647-9749 202 736-4051

Office of European Security and Political Affairs (EUR/RPM)
Director Bruce Turner 6511 OMS Cornelia Johnson 6511 Principal Deputy Director Karen Decker 6511 NATO Documents, Clearances Joanne Hamilton 6511 202-647-1626 202-647-1626 202-647-2189 202-647-1358


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Turkey Desk Officer Victoria Taylor 5511 Fax Turkey Desk Officer Homeyra Mokhtarzada 5511

202-647-6934 202-647-5087 202-647-5972

Office of Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus Affairs (EUR/UMB)
Director Lawrence Silverman 4427 Deputy Director Mark Bocchetti 4427 Moldova Desk Officer Bernadette Roberts 4427 Ukraine Desk Officer Daniel Hall 4427 Ukraine Desk Officer Elisabeth Zentos 4427 Belarus desk Officer Liam O'Flanagan 4427 OMS Florence Allen 4427 Program Assistant Wilma Horton 4427 202-647-6750 202-647-9049 202-647-6733 202-647-5998 202-647-6799 202-736-4443 202-647-8761 202-647-8303

F1304 SA42 Information Systems Analyst Hassan Gharekhanloo F2206 SA42 Instructional Support Division Karen Audant F1415 SA42 Human Resources Deborah A. Duckett F2210 SA42 Registrar Laura D. Bravery F1245 SA42 Student Messages FSI Registrar F1245 SA42 Deputy Executive Director Gelinda M. Giacomin F2205 SA42

703-302-6732 703-302-7154 703-302-6813 703-302-7144 703-302-7144 703-302-6835

School of Language Studies (FSI/SLS)
Dean Marianne Myles F4415 SA42 Associate Dean for Instruction James North F4416 SA42 Associate Dean for Management David Savastuk F4417 SA42 Research Evaluation and Development Douglas Gilzow F4514 SA42 Continuing Training and Testing Christina Hoffman F4236 SA42 External Programs Candice Hunt F4418 SA42 Near East, Central and South Asian Languages James E. Bernhardt F2277 SA42 Slavic, Persian and Pashto Languages David Red F4628 SA42 European and African Languages Debra Blake F3628 SA42 Romance Languages Marsha Kaplan F3628 SA42 East Asian and Pacific Languages W. Charles Miracle F3261SA42 703-302-7242 703-302-7242 703-302-7242 703-302-6959 703-302-7125 703-302-7244 703-302-7291 703-302-7061 703-302-7013 703-302-7066 703-302-7297

Office of Western European Affairs (EUR/WE)
Director Maureen Cormack 5218 Deputy Director Mike Stanton 5218 Italy/Portugal/San Marino Rakesh Surampudi 5218 Spain/Andorra/Portugal Alexandra McKnight 5218 United Kingdom/Ireland Nima Abbaszadeh 5218 Ireland/United Kingdom Jason Hackworth 5218 Belgium/Luxembourg/Netherlands R. Bryan Marcus 5218 PPD Officer for EUR/WE David S. Feldmann 5218 Deputy Director Stuart Dwyer 5218 PPD Officer for EUR/WE Matthew Boland 5218 Belgium/Luxembourg David Paradise 5218 Portugal/Italy Delia Day Quick 5218 France/Vatican/Malta Mariju Bofill 5218 Vatican/San Marino/Italy Bridget Davis 5218 United Kingdom/ Van Reidhead 5218 OMS/Mai Buck Mai Buck 5218 OMS Bentley T. Bottrell 5218 202-647-3072 202-647-3063 202-647-4361 202-647-3151 202-647-5674 202-647-6585 202-647-6555 202-647-2456 202-647-6587 202-647-1100 202-647-5020 202-647-2632 202-647-4361 202-647-1419 202-647-6557 202-647-3072 202-647-3746

Leadership and Management School (FSI/LMS)
DEAN Charles English E4114 SA42 Associate Dean Gail Neelon E4114 SA42 Policy Leadership Division Margo Squire E4124 SA42 Executive Development Division Gene Kendall E4124 SA42 Leadership Training Division Duane Karlen E3128 SA42 Crisis Management Training James Huskey E4116.1 SA42 703-302-6743 703-302-6743 703-302-7190 703-302-7190 703-302-7016 703-302-7369

Foreign Service Institute (FSI)
Director Ruth A. Whiteside F2102 SA42 Secretary to Director Deborah Mejia F2102 SA42 Deputy Director Tracey A. Jacobson F2102 SA42 Secretary to Deputy Director Vacant F2102 SA42 Special Assistant Mary L. Bothwell F2102 SA42 Staff Assistant Lori A. Renner F2102 SA42 703-302-6703 703-302-6703 703-302-6707 703-302-6707 703-302-6704 703-302-6708

School of Professional and Area Studies (FSI/SPAS)
Dean David Newell F4101 SA42 Associate Dean Nazih Y. Daher F4101 SA42 Associate Dean Katherine Hadda F4101 SA42 Management Tradecraft Training Thaddeus Plosser F4144 SA42 Area Studies Anne E. Imamura F4316 SA42 Consular Training Russel Brown F3116 SA42 Curriculum and Staff Development Richard Welebir F3327 SA42 Economic/Commercial Training Daniel Moore F3327 SA42 Office Management Training Dara Dozier F3108 SA42 Orientation Division Colette Marcellin F2315 SA42 Political Training Andrew Schofer F4312 SA42 Public Diplomacy Amy Bliss F3104 SA42 703-302-6940 703-302-6937 703-302-6940 703-302-6973 703-302-6875 703-302-7161 703-302-7256 703-302-7256 703-302-6920 703-302-6993 703-302-7182 703-302-7454

Executive Director for Management (FSI/EX)
Executive Director Catherine J. Russell F2205 SA42 Management Analyst Wayne Oshima F2205.1 SA42 Management Analyst Coreen Brown F2205.1 SA-42 Management Analyst Arline Hetland F2205 SA-42 Acquisitions James S. Rogers F2131 SA42 General Services Keith Williamson F2131 SA42 Audio-Visual Dennis L. Raulin F1320 SA42 Budget Victor Munoz F2130 SA42 Information Resources Manager Hassan Gharekhanloo F2208 SA42 Information Management Systems Linda Coble F1304 SA42 703-302-6729 703-302-6730 703-302-6731 703-302-3012 703-302-7233 703-302-7411 703-302-6786 703-302-7283 703-302-6732 703-302-7201


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Stability Operations Barbara Yoder F4106 SA-42


School of Applied Information Technology (FSI/SAIT)
Dean Frontis Wiggins K3101 SA42 Associate Dean Tin Cao K3103 SA42 Business Applications William Walls K3119 SA-42 Research Learning and Development James Barclay K3115 SA-42 Enterprise Technology Peter Butler K3106 SA-42 703-302-6957 703-302-7381 703-302-6750 703-302-6757 703-302-9001

Transition Center (FSI/TC)
Director Ray Leki E2122 SA42 Career Transition Counselor Vacant E2101 SA42 Overseas Briefing Information Center Vacant E2123 SA42 Training Division Archana Dheer E2116 SA42 Deputy Director Susan Browning E2115 SA-42 703-302-7266 703-302-7409 703-302-7275 703-302-7267 703-302-7270

Suzanne Jessop 1239 Naturalization Program Specialist Anna Lane 1239 Communications and Outreach Coordinator Gabrielle Hampson 1239 Crisis Management and Support Services Officer Charles Roe 1239 Unaccompanied Tours Support Officer Sherri Rhoades 1239 CLO Program Specialist Kathy Loken 1239 Communications & Outreach/Data Management Specialist Mikkela Thompson 1239 Executive Assistant Snezhina Sandlin 1239 Crisis Management Program Specialist Dianna Rooney 1239 Database Manager Louis Wells 1239 Employment Program Officer (Inside the Mission Melissa Sagun 1239

202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076

Office of Casualty Assistance (M/DGHR/OCA) Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training (M/FSI/ADST)
President Kenneth L. Brown I Building SA42 Administrative Officer Marilyn Bentley I Building SA42 703-302-6992 703-302-6990 Director Kirk A. Leach 1241 Deputy Director Virginia Boncy 1241 Program Assistant Tonyia Warren 1241 202-736-4302 202-736-4302 202-736-4302

Executive Office for the Bureau of Human Resources (HR/EX)

Bureau of Human Resources (DGHR)
Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resouces
Director General of the Foreign Service Nancy J. Powell 6218 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources Steven A. Browning 6218 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources Linda S. Taglialatela 6218 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources J. Robert Manzanares 6218 Special Assistant Adrienne Washington 6218 Special Assistant Frederica Eatmon 6218 Chief of Staff Nicole A. Chulick 6218 202-647-9898 202-647-5942 202-647-5152 202-647-9438 202-647-9280 202-647-5275 202-647-5112

Policy Coordination Staff (M/DGHR/PC)
Director Karen Krueger 6217 Labor Management Relations Steven Polson 6217 Public Affairs Officer Brenda Greenberg 6217 Policy Analysis Officer Jeannette Juricic 6217 Program Analyst Bert Curtis 6217 PMF-Program Analyst Ioanna Paraskevopoulos 6217 Staff Assistant Caroline Kohan 6217 202-647-2609 202-647-4285 202-647-4282 202-647-2665 202-647-2655 202-647-0416 202-647-2675

Executive Director Ruben Torres H1103 SA1 Records Information Management Staff Chief Pamela Bundy H804 SA1 Systems Development Division Chief Douglas Townsend H808 SA1 Systems Oversight Division Chief Barbara Dauphin H800 SA1 Enterprise Systems Division Chief Lisa M. Chichester H722 SA-1 Personnel, Human Resources Officer Sharyn Jordan H1103 SA1 Lead General Services Officer Willie Donnie Poindexter H726 SA1 Assignment Support Division Chief Angela E. White SA3 Deputy Executive Director William Schaal H1103 SA1 Post Assignment Travel Cynthia Davis H515 SA1 Budget Ben Lam H515 SA1

202-663-2375 202-663-1870 202-261-8266 202-261-8286 202-663-2024 202-663-2379 202-663-2358 202-663-0405 202-663-2377 202-632-2079 202-632-2073

Grievance Staff (HR/G)
Director Melinda Chandler H523 SA1 202-261-8110

Office of Civil Service Human Resources Management (HR/CSRM)
Director Jacqueline D. Hill H1104 SA1 Senior Advisor Marcia A. Savoie H1104 SA-1 Accountability, Oversight, & Evaluation Division Chief Kim R. Bruner H1104 SA1 Career Development Division Chief Paul N. Lawrence H1104 SA1 Career Development Resource Center Alejandra Ferreira-Sachero L321 SA1 Executive Resources & Performance Management Division Chief Patricia Wai H1104 SA1 202-663-2128 202-663-2129 202-663-2147 202-663-2134 202-663-3035 202-663-2164

Family Liaison Office (M/DGHR/FLO)
Director Leslie Brant Teixeira 1239 Deputy Director Susan Frost 1239 CLO Program Officer Lycia Coble Sibilla 1239 Education and Youth Officer Leah Wallace 1239 Employment Program Coordinator Marti Doggett 1239 Employment Program Officer (Outside the Mission) Suzanne Jessop 1239 202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076 202-647-1076


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Human Resources Service Provider Paul Gilmore H615 SA1 Policy, Planning, & Program Development Division Chief Colette M. Magwood H1104 SA1

202-261-8133 202-663-2173

Office of Career Development and Assignments (HR/CDA)
Director Michele J. Sison 2328 Deputy Director Stephen J. Blake 2328 Continuity Counselor Staff Division Chief Bernadette Cole-Byrd 2328 Senior Level Division Director Adrienne O'Neal 2332A Presidential Appointments Staff Section Chief Sharon Hardy 2423 Title and Rank Officer Joann Alba 2423 Career Development and Training Section Chief Maryanne Thomas 2419 Mid-Level Division Director Deborah Malac 3100 SA3 Deputy Division Director/Section Chief (Specialist) Thomas F. Gray 3100 SA3 Deputy Division Director/Section Chief (Generalist) Steven C. Walker 3100 SA3 Entry Level Division Director Mark Pekala 3200 SA3 Deputy Division Director/Section Chief (Specialist) Constance Deirman 3200 SA3 Deputy Division Director/Section Chief (Generalist) Virginia Murray 3200 SA3 Assignments Division Director Mary Gray 4200 SA3 202-647-1692 202-647-1692 202-647-4049 202-647-3334 202-647-9731 202-647-9732 202-647-3822 202-663-0630 202-663-0627 202-663-0612 202-663-0656 202-663-0490 202-663-0657 202-663-0420

Office of Shared Services HR/SS
Director Melissa D. Lytell 4100 Deputy Director Lisa Burridge 4100 202-663-0043 202-663-0043

Office of Retirement (HR/RET)
Director, Acting Edward Capers, Jr. H620 SA1 Deputy Director Edward Capers, Jr. H620 SA1 Supervisory HR Specialist Rhonda M. Cummings H620 SA1 Senior Policy Analyst Jacqueline Long H620 SA1 202-261-8960 202-261-8960 202-261-8967 202-261-8965

Office of Employee Relations (HR/ER)
Director Mary Ellen Hickey H236 SA1 Work/Life Division Chief Judy Goodman Ikels H236 SA1 3 FAM Regulations Coordinator Elizabeth Royal H236 SA1 Workers Compensation/OWCP Debora Ellis H236 SA1 Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) Heather Stokes H236 SA1 Disability/Reasonable Accommodation Division Director Patricia Pittarelli H236 SA1 Sign Language Interpreter Jeffrey Bowden/Chari Tamashiro H236 SA1 Child Care/Subsidy Programs Penny McMurtry H236 SA1 Conduct, Suitability and Discipline Program Manager Victoria P. Williams H236 SA1 Employee Relations Specialist (CS & FS) Joanne Armor H236 SA1 Employee Relations Specialist (CS & FS) Marquita Barnes H236 SA1 Employee Relations Ofcr. (CS & FS) Mary Murray H236 SA1 E-transit Coordinator Elizabeth Royal H236 SA1 State Magazine Editor-In-Chief Robert Wiley SA44 Eldercare/EVT Mary Jean Dixon H236 SA1 Leave, Travel Regulations, Alternative Work Schedule (AWS) Specialist Martha Netherton H236 SA1 Reasonable Accommodations and Disability Services Program Coordinator Eliza Bethune-King H236 SA1 Health, Life and Long Term Care Insurances/Flexible Spending Account/Campaigns (CFC/Savings Bonds) Coordinator Shelly Kornegay H236 SA1 Employee Relations Officer (FS) Donna Visocan H236 SA1 Writer/Editor Ed Warner SA44 Art Director David Johnston SA44 Writer/Editor Officer Bill Palmer SA44 Telework Coordinator Heather Stokes H236 SA1 TTY Telephone Unit 202-261-8175 202-261-8161 202-261-8181 202-261-8176 202-261-8178 202-261-8174 202-261-8145 202-263-1688 202-261-8169 202-261-8181 202-261-8170 202-261-8179 202-261-8165 202-203-7115 202-261-8162 202-261-8171

Office of Overseas Employment (HR/OE)
Director John M. Kuschner SA-44 Rm 368 Deputy Director Corinne Thornton SA-44 Rm 368 Human Resources Management Division Chief Michelle S. Long 202-203-7444 Policy Coordination Division Chief Deborah A. Hunsley SA-44 Rm 368 Compensation Management Division Chief Kumiah N. Harrison SA-44 Rm 368 202-203-7433 202-203-7408 SA-44 Rm 368 202-203-7379 202-203-7424

Office of Perfomance Evaluation (HR/PE)
Director Susan E. Alexander H720 SA1 Deputy Director Calli Fuller H720 SA1 Program Development and Guidance Division Chief Bruce L. Cole H720 SA1 Program Operations Division Chief Jacqueline R. Smith H720 SA1 202-663-2060 202-663-2044 202-663-2060 202-663-2060

Office of Resource Management and Organization Analysis (HR/RMA)
Director Philippe A. Lussier H1301 SA1 Deputy Director Jeffrey Miller H1301 SA1 Deputy Director Jeffrey Miller H1301 SA1 Resource Planning and Allocation Division Chief Eugene Batt H1301 SA1 Workforce Planning and Analysis Division Chief Chet Phillips H1301 SA1 202-663-2309 202-663-3032 202-663-3032 202-663-2309 202-663-2321



202-261-8172 202-203-7118 202-203-7120 202-203-7114 202-261-8178 202-663-3509

Office of Recruitment, Examination and Employment (HR/REE)
Director Jeffrey Levine H518 SA1 Deputy Director Carmen Cantor H518 SA1 Examination Division Staff Director Sara Rosenberry RM 324 SA44 FS & CS Recruitment Outreach Branch Chief Linda Cheatham H518 SA1 202-261-8849 202-261-8849 202-203-5117 202-261-8889


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Student Programs Branch Chief Daniel Stewart H518 SA1 Application Evaluation Branch Chief Darlene Whitlock RM 314 SA44

202-261-8924 202-203-5173

6095 Special Assistant Rahima Kandahari NW 6089 Special Assistant Guthrie Gullion NW 6089 Special Advisor Bryan Pagliano NW 6083

202-634-3683 202-634-3684 202-634-3681

Bureau of Information Resource Management (IRM)
Chief Information Officer
Chief Information Officer Susan Swart 6311 Personal Assistant Shari Wagner 6311 Executive Assistant Jeffrey Schroeder 6311 Special Assistant Joseph Yanci 6311 Staff Assistant Nichelle Thomas 6311 Office Assistant (vacant) 6311 202-647-2889 202-647-2889 202-647-2933 202-647-5730 202-647-2144 202-647-2947

Enterprise Network Management Office (IRM/OPS/ENM)
Director Danny Toler SA34 Network Engineering and Design Division Chief (Vacant) Enterprise Operations Division Chief Maurice Crossland SA34 Network Lifecycle Management Division Chief (Vacant) Global Telecom Services Division Chief Al Bowden SA26 Telecom, Wireless, & Data Services Division Chief Terri Staub SA1 703-912-8029


301-985-8711 202-663-3400

Business Management and Planning (IRM/BMP)
Special Assistant Margaret A. Pfister NW6088 Deputy Chief Information Officer Janice Fedak NW6096 202-634-3685 202-634-3081

Information Technology Infrastructure (IRM/OPS/ITI)
Director Robert K. Novak B264 LAN and WAN Service Division Chief David Cooper 224 SA21 Systems Integrity Division Chief Al Herto SA44 Technical Security and Safeguards Division Chief Gary Rosiecki H625 SA1 GITM Craig Specht SA-34 202-647-1001 703-912-8500 202-203-5000 202-663-3640 703-912-8649

Office of eDiplomacy (IRM/BMP/EDIP)
Director Richard C. Boly NE 6069, SA-9 Staff Assistant Lorrell Doughty NE-6154, SA-9 202-634-3097 202-634-3621

Executive Office (IRM/EX)
Executive Director Matthew Klimow SA27 202-875-6000

Messaging Systems (IRM/OPS/MSO)
Director(Acting) Margaret Johnson NW 6076 SA-9 Management Analysis Staff Chief Patsy Butler NW4127 SA9 Messaging Systems Products Division Chief(Acting) Danny Quick 1290 SA-34 Special Messaging Operation Divisions Chief Danny Branch NE6074 SA-9 E-Mail Division Chief Larry McElroy NW4089 SA-9 Main State Messaging Center Division Chief(Acting) Mario Escobar Rm. 5440 HST Beltsville Messaging Center Division Chief John Cabral SA-26/Beltsville 202-634-0204 202-634-0190 703-912-8147 202-634-0208 202-634-0255 202-647-9657 301-985-8005

Customer Service Office (IRM/BMP/EDIP/CLD)
Liaison Division Chief Karen E. Mummaw 4422 202-736-7270

Information Resource Management Business Management and Planning Strategic Planning Office ( IRM/BMP/SPO)
Office Director Kenneth Rogers NW5131 Division Chief Rick Lauderdale NW5154 Division Chief Dean Ergenbright NW5111 Division Chief Clara Boykin NW5096 Division Chief Robert Glunt NW5099 Branch Chief Peter Bergstrom NW5115 Executive Advisor DeAnne Bryant NW5110 202 634-0405 202 634-0392 202 634-0421 202 634-0414 202 634-0416 202 634-0422 202 634-0420

Systems and Integration (IRM/OPS/SIO)
Director Cindy A. Cassil SA9 NW7068 Applications Programming Division Chief Michelle Sparrow-Walker SA9 NE7038 Applications Programming Division Chief Penny Duncan SA9 NW7098 Business Engagement Center Division Chief Catherine Walker SA9 NW7123 Data Center Consolidation Chief Raymond A. Brow SA9 NW7081 Enterprise Server Operations Center Division Chief C.Melonie Parker-Hill SA9 NW7080 202-634-3877 202-634-3802 202-634-3913 202-634-3951 202-634-3976 202-634-3975

Goverance, Resource, and Performance Management Office (IRM/BMP/GRP)
Director Michael F. Ingram SA-9, Floor 5, NE 5067 Performance Management Division Chief Joe W. Cole SA-9 NW6115 Process Management Division Chief Carey L. Moore SA-9 NW6111 Sourcing Mnaagement Division Chief Anne Marie Sheppard SA-9 NE5069 Goverance and Policy Division Chief Tanya M. Williams SA-9 NE4029 202-634-3053 202-453-9089 202-634-3642 202-634-3055 202-634-3056

Information Assurance Office (IRM/IA) Deputy Chief Information Officer for Operations (IRM/OPS)
Deputy Chief Information Officer(Acting) Glen Johnson NE 6075 Administrative Assistant Colette Harris-Duboise NW 6095 202-634-0212 202-634-3084 Director Chief Information Security Officer John Streufert Deputy Director Gary Galloway Systems Authorization Division Chief George Moore Global Oversight Division Chief Kathleen Lively 703-812-2500 703-812-2413 703-812-2203 703-812-2251


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Systems Authorization Division Chief John Feldmann


6510 Human Resources Unit Chief Eric Johansen 6880


Office of Information Resource Mangement(S/ES-IRM)
Director John A. Bentel 7528 Deputy Director Andrew Scott 7528 Deputy Director Kevin L. Wagganer 8th fl. POEMS Systems Administrator Cindy Trodden Almodovar 7528 IMO Mobile Communications I. Maribel Pulido 7528 202-647-2977 202-647-2977 202-647-8676 202-647-8328 202-647-4151

Office of Administrative Liaison (INR/AL)
Director Lawanda Maxwell 2247 Deputy Director vacant 2247 202-647-9012 202-647-6912

Office of Analysis for Africa (INR/AF)
Director Don Koran 6725 Central and East Africa Division Chief Frederick Ehrenreich 6725 West and Southern Africa Division Chief Charles Gurney 6725 202-647-7339 202-647-7675 202-647-6130

Goverance and Policy Division (IRM/BMP/GRP/GP)
Division Chief Tanya M. Williams SA-9, Floor 4, NE4029 202-634-3056

Office of Counter-Intelligence and Consular Support (INR/CCS) Performance Management Division (IRM/BMP/GRP/PFM)
Division Chief Maribel Pulido SA-9, Foor 6, NW6115 202-453-9089 Director Raymond McGrath 6931 Deputy Director Vacant 6931 Foreign Disclosure and Demarche Rhonda Blair 6931 Consular Intelligence Coordinator John A. Lowell 6931 202-647-7679 202-647-8357 202-647-7418 202-647-6416

Process Management Division (IRM/BMP/GRP/PMD)
Division Chief Carey Moore 202-634-3642 Floor 6,

Sourcing Management Division (IRM/BMP/GRP/SM)
Division Chief Anne Marie Sheppard Floor 5, Room NE 5069 202-634-3055

Office of Cyber Affairs (INR/CYBER)
Office Director Judith Strotz 8722 202-647-5574

Office of Analysis for East Asia and the Pacific (INR/EAP) Project Services Office (IRM/BMP/PSO)
Office Director Claire Votaw SA27,1479 Division Chief (Acting) Blair Townsend SA27,1493 703-812-2216 703-812-2451 Director Victor Raphael 2912 China Division Chief Gregory Knight 2912 NE Asia Division Chief John Merrill 2912 SE Asia/Pacific Division Chief (Acting) Andrew Vincent 2912 202-647-4650 202-647-3999 202-647-4767 202-647-4671

Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Philip S. Goldberg 6468 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary John R. Dinger 6468 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Analysis James Buchanan 6468 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence Policy and Coordination Catherine Brown 6468 Deputy Director, Terrorist Screening Ctr. Vacant Special Assistant Jinnie Lee 6468 Special Assistant Russel Menyhart 6468 Senior Advisor for Security Darrell McDaniel 6953 Training and Professional Development Julie Johnson 6468 202-647-9177 202-647-7826 202-647-9633 202-647-7825 703-418-9514 202-647-8933 202-647-7346 202-647-9613 202-647-6936

Office of Economic Analysis (INR/EC)
Director David R. Konkel 8682 Economic Security and Trade Division Chief William Miller 8682 Economies in Transition Division Chief Priscilla Hoffman-Stowe 8682 202-647-3317 202-647-3317 202-736-7917

Office of Analysis for Europe (INR/EUR)
Director Harry O'Hara 2908 Northern Europe and Regional Analysis Division Chief Steve Burant 2908 Southern Europe Division Chief Robert Nash 2908 202-647-8052 202-647-8457 202-647-9222

Office of The Geographer and Global Issues (INR/GGI)
Director Lee R. Schwartz 6722 Multilateral and Transnational Issues Division Chief Leo Gallagher 6722 War Crimes, Democracy, and Human Rights Division Chief Juan Alsace 6722 Geographic Information and Imagery Staff Chief Leo Dillon 6741 Humanitarian Information Unit Acting Chief Lisa Gregory SA-44 202-647-1988 202-647-1935 202-647-5887 202-647-2156 202-634-0340

Chief Paul Mayer 6510 Watch Officer on Duty 6510 202-647-6955 202-647-2728

Office of the Executive Director (INR/EX)
Director Leona Coulombe 6880 Budget and Fiscal Unit Chief Patricia Sweet 6880 Information Systems Division Chief Juan Conde 6510 202-647-1080 202-647-4558 202-647-6481

Office of Analysis for Near East and South Asia (INR/NESA)


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Director Nabeel Khoury 8731 Arab-Israel States Division Chief Conny Mayer 8731 North Africa and Arabian Peninsula Division Chief Tom King 8731 South Asia Division Chief Steve Ghitelman 8741

202-647-8660 202-647-5076 202-647-8413 202-647-78660

Deputy Director David Schwartz 6510 Division Chief Heidi Panetta 6510 Division Chief Jennifer McElveen 6510

202-647-7539 202-647-6860 202-647-9879

Office of Analysis for Western Hemisphere Affairs (INR/WHA)
Director Howard Davis 6781 Middle American-Caribbean Division Chief Catherine Salcedo 6932 South American Division Chief James McElveen 6940 202-647-3555 202-647-2367 202-647-2242

Office of Opinion Research (INR/OPN)
Director Vacant 2911 Deputy Director Regina Faranda 2911 East Asia, Pacific, Africa and American Republics Division Chief Shawn Bird 2916 Europe - Eurasia Division Chief Marta Selinger 2911 Near East and South Asia Division Chief Timothy Gembicki 2916 Media Reaction Division Chief Vonda Nichols 2911 202 -736-4279 202-736-4286 202-736-4638 202-736-4284 202-736-4645 202-736-4303

Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP)
International Information Programs Coordinator
Coordinator Dawn L. McCall 5B17 / SA-5 Secretary Deborah Jackson 5E15 / SA-5 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Duncan MacInnes 5E17 / SA-5 Secretary Renita Johnson 5F14 / SA-5 Senior Advisor (Vacant) SA-5 Management Analyst Laura Hesselton 5A15 / SA-5 Staff Assistant Hui Jun (Tina) Huang 5F15 / SA-5 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Programs Jonathan A. Margolis 5J17 / SA-5 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regional Programs Catherine Jarvis (Acting) 5G17 / SA-5 Outreach Coordinator Lori B. Brutten 5A14 / SA-5 202-632-9942 202-632-9942 202-632-9942 202-632-9942 202-632-9933 202-632-6174 202-632-9934 202-632-9932 202-632-9935

Office of Intelligence Operations (INR/OPS)
Director Elissa Pitterle 8860 Deputy Director Lisa Wenger 8860 Biographic Requests Jessica Jeffcoat 8860 Foreign Maps Procurement Program Staff Coordinator Jane Kuhar SA19 202-647-1463 202-647-1505 202-647-3827 703-746-2400

Office of Outreach (INR/OTR)
Director Susan Nelson 2251 202-736-4610

Office of Publications (INR/PUB)
Director John Harms 6844 202-647-5923

Office of Policy, Planning and Evaluation (IIP/P)
Director John A. Matel 5B09 / SA-5 Staff Assistant Jacqueline Ball-Gull Jee 5E09 / SA-5 Deputy Director Joel Anthony Fischman 5B08 / SA-5 Senior Policy and Planning Officer Todd Leventhal 5B10 / SA-5 Policy and Planning Officer Molly Kress 5E07 / SA-5 Policy and Planning Officer Shannon Swanson 5C07 / SA-5 Program Analyst Christina Hedges 3Y11 / SA-5 Program Analyst Katie Ron C1R02 / SA-5 Program Analyst Erin Hart Managing Editor (INFOCENTRAL) Sophie Folly 3BB08 / SA-5 202-632-9954 202-632-9956 202-632-9955 202-632-9957 202-632-9959 202-632-9958 202-632-9405 202-632-2907 202-632-9257

Office of Analysis for Russia and Eurasia (INR/REA)
Director Wayne Limberg 2254 Acting Chief, Regional Analysis and Eastern Republics Division John P. Williams 2254 Acting Chief, Russia Domestic Affairs Division Robert Otto 2254 Chief, Foreign Policy and Western Republics Division Eugene Fishel 2254 202-647-5642 202-647-9186 202-647-0497 202-647-9213

Office of Analysis for Strategic, Proliferation, and Military Issues (INR/SPM)
Director Douglas Rohn 6675 Proliferation Division Chief Beth Frisa 6675 Military Forces and Technologies Division Chief Stewart Eales 6675 Strategic and Proliferation Issues Division Chief Joshua Handler 6675 202-647-8550 202-647-8230 202-647-9760 202-647-7103

Office of Regional Programs (IIP/R)
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Regional Programs Catherine Jarvis (Acting) 5G17 / SA-5 Secretary Martha Alston 2CC14 SA5 Senior Advisor Marcia Bosshardt (Acting) 2CC13 / SA-5 202-632-9932 202-632-2814 202-632-6596

Office of Technical Collection Affairs (INR/TCA)
Director Judson Barnes 8722 Administrative Assistant Elsa Carkanji-Silos 8722 Imagery Center (INR/TCA/IMC) Chief Lisa Dyer 6510 202-647-4318 202-647-1344 202-647-9030

Global Programs (IIP/G)
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Global Programs Jonathan Margolis 5J17 / SA-5 Program Coordinator Tracey Newman 2-G04 / SA-5 Senior Advisor Berta Gomez 2-B05 / SA-5 202-632-9934 202-632-2716 202-632-2813

Office of Analysis for Terrorism, Narcotics and Crime (INR/TNC)
Director Suzanne McCormick 6510 202-647-9035

Office of Information Technology Services (IIP-ECA/IT)


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Managing Director of InformationTechnology Services Victor Riche C1-C11/SA-5 Secretary Michelle Alami C1-D11/ SA-5 Chief of Staff Laura Shane C1-C08 / SA-5 Officer Director, Network & User Support Craig Stewart C1-O5/SA-5 Officer Director, Application Development Shawn Hopson C1-O13/SA-5

202-632-2889 202-632-2891 202-632-2890 202-632-2958 202-632-2908

Office of Aviation (INL/A)
Director Sharon Nell PAFB Fl Secretary Cecille Washington PAFB Fl Deputy Director Paul O'Sullivan PAFB Fl Contracting Officer Representative Mark Cooper PAFB Fl Logistics/Maintenance/Administrative Division Chief Robert Etheridge SA-1, H334 Air Wing Logistics Manager Rogers Woolfolk SA-1, H334 321-783-9821 321-783-9821 321-783-9821 321-783-9821 202-663-1094 202-663-1224

Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary William R. Brownfield 7333 HST Personal Assistant Joel Burger 7333 HST Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Brian A. Nichols 7333 HST Secretary Sharayah Gant 7333 HST Deputy Assistant Secretary Carol Z. Perez 7333 HST Secretary Eileen Biernacki 7333HST Deputy Assistant Secretary Todd D. Robinson 7333 HST Deputy Assistant Secretary M. Brooke Darby 7333 HST Secretary Christine Samuels 7333 HST Staff Assistant Ardenia "Dee" Nash 7334 HST Staff Assistant Bonita James 7334 HST Special Assistant Todd A. Levett 7334 HST Special Assistant (FO) Jeremiah A. Knight 7333 HST 202-647-8464 202-647-8464 202-647-6642 202-647-6642 202-647-6054 202-647-6054 202-647-9822 202-647-9822 202-647-9822 202-647-9635 202-647-7399 202-647-0198 202-736-4143

Office of Americas Program (INL/LP)
Director Joe Manso SA-1 H334 Executive Secretary Joanne Hunter SA-1 H334 Deputy Director Abigail Smith SA-1 H334 Secretary Carolyn Knierim SA-1 H334 Security Assistance Advisor - AirBridge, Colombia Support, OSC/CN Joe Furloni SA-1 H334 Team Leader - South America Tim Hanway SA-1 H334 Program Officer - Colombia Craig Lang SA-1 H334 Program Officer - Bolivia, Panama, Narcotics Rewards Program Matthew Steinhelfer SA-1 H334 Program Officer - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay Matthew Sandelands SA-1 H334 Team Leader - Caribbean (CBSI) Kevin Brown SA-1 H334 Program Officer - CARSI/Central America: Nicaragua, Prisons David Jendrisak SA-1 H334 Program Officer - Mexico/Mérida: Southwest Border Strategy, Canada, Mexico Law Enforcement Training Scott Danaher (WAE) SA-1 H334 Program Officer - Mexico/Mérida: GAO issues, Budget, Prisons, Demand Reduction, Congressional isues Mark Smith SA-1 H334 Program Officer - Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica Vacant TBD (WAE) SA-1 H334 Liaison Officer - Drug Enforcement Administration Joseph Denehy SA-1 H334 Liaison Officer - U.S. Coast Guard liaison, Caribbean Program Officer (The Bahamas, Eastern Caribbean, French Caribbean, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago) Daniel Deptula SA-1 H334 Military Detailee - CBSI, Dominican Republic, Backup for Haiti Michael Pratt SA-1 H334 Program Officer-CARSI/Central America: Costa Rica, ATF, CBP, CAFÉ, Grants Stewart Davis SA-1 H334 Program Officer-Mexico/Mérida: CMEA Implementation, Mexico Policy issues, Rule of Law, Aviation Amy Lemar SA-1 H334 Team Leader Mexico/Mérida and CARSI Coordinator Susan Snyder SA-1 H334 Prison Advisor-WHA Harry Sanchez SA-1 H334 Haiti (CivPol Programs) Meagan McBride SA-1 H334 Program Officer - Colombia, Venezuela Michael Brennan SA-1 H334 Program Officer - Peru, Ecuador Deborah Hooker SA-1 H334 Program Officer-Mexico/Mérida: Press, ALOA process, Congressional issues Tom Perkowski (PMF) SA-1 H334 202-663-2944 202-663-1423 202-663-1146 202-663-1060 202-663-1412 202-663-1415 202-663-1411 202-663-1252 202-663-1242 202-663-2942 202-663-2927 202-663-2926


Office of the Controller/Executive Director (INL/RM)
Controller/Executive Director Robert S. Byrnes 115 SA-4S Office Administrator Brenda Johnson 115 SA-4S Deputy Executive Director James Walsh 113 SA-4S Deputy Executive Director Tim Henderson 102 SA-4 Program Assistance and Evaluation Mark Giroux 2300 SA-22 Administrative Officer Barbara Stevenson B-5 SA-4S Lead Human Resource Specialist Vacant B-2 SA-4S Human Resource Specialist Jean Pigford B-2 SA-4S Support Services Specialist Comilia C. Quander 125 SA-4S Management Analyst - Training Yvonne Schneider B-3 SA-4S Management Systems Division Chief Mary Pat Hayes-Crow 106 SA-4S Information Management (IM) Robert Fuentes 2321A SA-22 Afghan, Iraq, Jordan Support Michael Perez 604 SA 44 Budget Planning, Formulation and Presentation Tony Mazzoccoli 129 SA-4S Budget Execution Cheryl Williams 138SA-4S 202-776-8750 202-776-8750 202-776-8505 202-776-8718 202-776-8338 202-776-8735 202-776-8568 202-776-8504 202-776-8865 202-776-8552 202-776-8373 202-216-5813 202-203-7311 202-776-8519 202-776-8756

202-663-1655 202-663-2938 202-663-1066

202-663-1452 202-663-2937


202-663-1410 202-663-1409 202-663-1428 202 663-2925 202-663-1421 202-663-3839


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Program Officer - CARSI/Central America: Honduras, OTA, USAID issues, INTERPOL issues, SICA, NCSC Grants William Durkurno SA-1 H334 Haiti Coordinator Angelic Young SA-1 H334 Program Officer - Mexico/Merida Action Officer Kevin O'Connor SA-1 H334 Program Officer - Belize, Nicaragua, INTERPOL, OAS/CICTE, DEA/CDI, CBP Kaleb Kroger SA-1 H334


Office of Crime Programs (INL/C)
202-663-1415 202-663-1451 202-663-2940 Director Robert Gifford SA22 Office Management Specialist Catherine Jones SA22 Crime Programs Division Chief David Luna SA22 Criminal Justice Program Division Chief Thomas Browne SA22 Administrative Assistant Vanessa Trader SA22 Foreign Affaris Officer, Global Demand Reduction Programs Brian A. Morales SA22 Analyst for Demand Reduction Javier M Córdova SA22 Administrative Assistant Edward Knowlin SA22 Foreign Affairs Officer, Multilateral Programs John Brandolino SA22 Foreign Affairs Officer, Anti-Money Laundering Advisor Valerie Silensky SA22 Advisor, Anti-Money Laundering Carol Mesheske SA22 Foreign Affairs Officer, IPR/Cybercrime James Vigil SA22 Foreign Affairs Officer, Border Security Marc Gorelick SA22 Advisor (DHS detailee), Border Security Kimberly Sellers SA22 Foreign Affairs Officer, Transnational Crime Scott Harris SA22 Foreign Affairs Officer, Anti-Money Laundering/Anti-Corruption David Mikosz SA22 Senior Advisor Jane Becker SA22 Foreign Affairs Officer, Anticorruption & Governance Initiatives Robert Leventhal SA22 Presidential Management Fellow, Anti-Corruption Alyce Ahn SA22 Program Officer, ILEA San Salvador Luis Diaz-Rodriguez SA22 Program Officer, ILEA Bangkok, ILEA Budapest Jessica Graham SA22 Foreign Affairs Officer, ILEA Team Leader Fred Kennedy SA22 Program Officer, ILEA Roswell Bill Kuhn SA22 Foreign Service Officer, Anti-Money Laundering Jill Nystrom SA22 Public Diplomacy Officer Barbara Silberstein SA22 Program Analyst, Drug Demand Reduction Greg Stanton SA22 202-312-9703 202-312-9711 202-312-9712 202-312-9692 202-312-9691 202-312-9694 202-312-9696 202-312-9702 202-312-9633 202-312-9710 202-312-9714 202-312-9705 202-312-9713 202-312-9708 202-312-9662 202-312-9868 202-312-9717 202-312-9723 202-216-5853 202-312-9701 202-312-9720 202-312-9699 202-312-9704 202-312-9867 202-312-9710 202-312-9693

Office of Criminal Justice Assistance and Partnership (INL/CIVPOL/RoL)
Director, Office of Criminal Justice Assistance and Partnership Erin Barclay 5811 Office Management Specialist Lisa Hillman 5811 Deputy Director Michele Greenstein 5811 Senior Police Advisor Dick Mayer Senior Police Advisor Walter Redman 5811 Training Officer (Offsite) Chuck Ala Outreach Officer Alison Burke 5811 Program Officer Jen Fiorello 5811 Outreach Officer Jahn Jeffrey 5811 Program Officer Meagan McBride 5811 Program Officer Hae Jung Moon 5811 Training Officer (offsite) Dave Purdy Outreach Officer Allison Henry-Plotts TDY Monrovia Program Officer Derry Riedel TDY S/WCI Senior Corrections Advisor Don Stolworthy 5811 Senior Justice Advisor Don Chisolm 5811 202-647-0401 202-647-6108 202-647-0918 207-563-6299 202-736-4910 Cell 202647-0408 202-736-4030 202-736-4375 202-736-4742 202-647-4946 Cell

202-736-4515 202-647-0439 292-647-TBD

Office of Iraq Programs (INL/I)
Office Director Dan Sainz 7811 Deputy Director Amy Coletta Kirshner 7811 Office Management Specialist Daphne McCants 7811 Police Team Leader Jennifer Doumitt 7811 Police Team Officer - Foreign Affairs Officer John Koogler 7811 Police Team Officer - Senior Police Advisor Ronald Dervish 7811 Police Team Officer - Foreign Affairs Officer Robert McElhinney 7811 Police Team Officer - Foreign Affairs Officer Vacant 7811 Justice Team Leader Susan Notar 7811 Oversight and Special Projects Team Leader Kevin Schwartz 7811 Management Officer (Contracts) Gary Alexander 7811 Management Officer (Budgets) Ela Koniuszkow 7811 202-647-0401 202-647-6046 202-736-4950 202-647-4921 202-647-7811 202-736-4936 202-647-0437 202-647-7812 202-647-7836 202-647-0456 202-736-4949 202-647-7671

Office of Africa and Middle East (INL/AME)
Director Helene Kessler 137 SA4-S Middle East Team Leader Adam Bloomquist 150 SA4-S Acting Africa Team Leader, Liberia, SGBV Policy Development Keira Goldstein 154B SA4-S Office Management Specialist Rachel Busenitz 144 SA4-S Africa Program Officer: Botswana, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Namibia, Somalia, Swaziland, WJEI Reagan Beauchamp 144 SA-4S Africa Program Officer: Angola, Burundi, Comoros, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Djibouti, Great Lakes Regional, Lesotho, Mauritius, Mozambique, Rwanda, Seychelles, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambi Leonard Payne 144 SA4-S 202-776-8404 202-776-8559 202-776-8769 202-776-8746 202-776-8644

Office of Policy, Planning and Coordination (INL/PC)
Director Nancy Pettit 7334 Office Management Specialist Brenda Clark 7334 Deputy Director John Bargeron 7334 Press and Publlic Affairs Officer Susan Pittman 7334 Congressional Affairs Jamie Guinn 7334 202-647-0396 202-647-0457 202-647--2827 202-647-2842 202-647-0198



Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Tanzania, Zambi Leonard Payne 144 SA4-S Africa Program Officer: Sudan Dianna English 149 SA4-S Africa Program Officer: Central African Republic, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, TSCTP Tom Cunningham 148 SA4-S Prisons Advisor VaNessa Adams 152A SA4-S Former Ambassador, Special Projects, Nigeria Carl Cundiff Vermont Africa Program Officer: Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Sao Tome & Principe, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, Majo Brandon Neukam 154A SA4-S Middle East Program Officer: Lebanon, Syria Allison Henry-Plotts 151 SA4-S Middle East Program Officer: West Bank, Gaza Steve Peterson 143D SA4-S Middle East Program Officer: Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Algeria, NEA Regional Tom Opstal 144 SA4-S Middle East Program Officer: West Bank, Gaza, Jordan Nate Price 143A SA4-S Middle East Program Officer: Yemen, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain Laurie Freeman 152B SA4-S

202-776-8340 202-776-8797

202-776-8729 802-496-5663 202-776-8517

202-776-8559 202-776-8751 202-776-8562

Officer, USAID, USDA liaison Officer, GAO/IG Sabrina Bahir B432 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Afghanistan Corrections, Afghan NSDD-38 issues, JTF-435 Amy Schmisseur B-2 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Pakistan Sara Maddux B-401 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Aghanistan James O'Gara B-401 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - INCLE Budget Coordination, Afgnanistan Agriculture Extension Lynette Evans B-14 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer Christopher Tatum B-432 SA-4S Counternacartics Officer Kenneth Braz B-2 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer Krystin Borgognone B-401 SA-4S


202-776-8790 202-7767890 202-776-8696

202-776-8696 202-776-8829 202-776-8804

Office of Europe and Asia (INL/EA)
Director David Kostelancik 139 SA4-S Europe and Eurasia Team Leader Judith Campbell 143C SA4-S Program Officer, Eurasia: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan Eric Hamrin 152 SA4-S Program Officer, Europe: Albania, Kosovo Sarah Logan 149 SA4-S Foreign Affairs Officer, Europe: Ukraine Lacy Wright 152 SA4-S Program Officer, Eurasia: Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan (John) Andrew Buhler 151 SA4-S Program Officer, Europe: Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina Andrea Simic 144 SA4-S Program Officer, Europe & Africa: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Uganda Alexandra Pomeroy 144 SA4-S Program Officer, Europe: Azerbaijan, Turkey, Black Sea Regional Sani Sadaghiani 143B SA4-S Asia Team Leader Sarah Groen 147 SA4-S Office Management Specialist Joel Burger 144 SA4-S 202-776-8704 202-776-8786 202-776-8777 202-776-8882 202-776-8329 202-776-8844 202-776-8661 202-776-8734

202-776-8527 202-776-8586

Office of Afghanistan & Pakistan (INL/AP)
Director INL/AP Steven Kraft B-16 SA-4S Deputy Director INL/AP Al Matano B-6 SA-4S Office Management Specialist, Administrative Office Management, Travel Arrangements, Record Keeping Lisa Simon B-14 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Pakistan Police and Interdiction Eli Krall B-432 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - CIVPOL Senior Advisor, Civilian Police Training Melanie Attwooll B-20 SA-4S Program Officer - Senior Afghanistan Justice Manager, JSSP Karen Hall B-2 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Counternarcotics Senior Advisor, Good Performance Initiative, Quick Impact, Demand Reduction Jennifer Harwood B-2 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Multilateral Organizations, Donor Coordination, CN Strategic Policy Michael Overby B-8 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Afghanistan Interdiction (DEA and DOC/CN), Counternarcotics Advisors Christopher Tatum B-432 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Congressional; Foreign Affairs Budget/Policy Analysis Teresa Tu B-432 SAProgram Officer - Afghanistan Gender Issues, Pakistan Police Erica Miller B-8 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Afghanistan Police Program Jared Banks B-8 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Pakistan Lead Officer, Border Programs Sally Schlegel B-432 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Corrections Advisor Kenneth Braz B-2 SA - 4S Foreign Affairs Officer - Anti-Corruption, CNJC, Public/Private Partnership, DOJ Greg Maggiano B-2 SA-4S Foreign Affairs Officer - CNAT, Colombo Plan, Public Information Programs Jennie Kim B-2 SA-4S Counternarcotics Capacity Building, Reporting Officer, USAID, USDA liaison Officer, GAO/IG Sabrina Bahir B432 SA-4S 202-776-8877 202-776-8499 202-776-8790

202-776-8995 202-776-8829

202-776-8512 202-776-8737 202-776-8581

202-776-8565 202-776-8752


Bureau of International Organization Affairs (IO)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Esther D. Brimmer 6323 Executive Assistant Colleen Greer 6323 Special Assistant and Senior Advisor Christopher J. Le Mon 6323 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary H. Dean Pittman 6323 Deputy Assistant Secretary Victoria K. Holt 6323 Deputy Assistant Secretary Suzanne F. Nossel 6323 Deputy Assistant Secretary Nerissa J. Cook 6323 Speechwriter and Senior Advisor Jonathan D. Katz 6323 Effectiveness Advisor Lauren D. Platukis 6323 Senior Staff Assistant Nicholas A. Sadoski 6319 202-647-9600 202-647-9600 202-736-4348 202-647-9602 202-647-9604 202-647-9431 202-647-5798 202-647-9906 202-647-7919 202-647-5153


202-776-8560 202-776-8565 202-776-8724 202-776-8730 202-776-8829 202-776-8787

202-776-8791 202-776-8523

Office of UN Political Affairs (IO/UNP)
Director Marc L. Desjardins 6334 Deputy Director Brian R. Naranjo 6334 202-647-2392 202-647-0043


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Office of Peacekeeping, Sanctions and Counter-Terrorism (IO/PSC)
Director Annie Pforzheimer 5323 Deputy Director Ted Tenoue 5323 Senior Military Advisor COL Howard Gray 5323 Sanctions Chief Erin C. Flaherty 5323 202-736-7733 202-736-7739 202-736-7788 202-736-7847

Office of UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (IO/UNESCO)
Acting Director Kelly O. Siekman

Organization of Islamic Conference (IO/OIC)

Office of the Executive Director (EUR-IO/EX)
Executive Director Thomas J. Tiernan 12A35 Deputy Director Richard Jaworski 12A35 Deputy Director Wayne S. Salisbury 12A35 Human Resources Chief Katherine Munchmeyer 12A35 Information Management Division Chief Jon Arbin 12A35 Supervisory Administrative Officer Tiye Ray 1517 Financial Management Chief Christina Somma 12A44 Lead, Customer Support Center Danny McClough 12A35 Bureau Security Officer Cristobal Romero 5219 202-647-7519 202-647-5979 202-647-7519 202-647-8404 202-647-5831 202-647-9744 202-647-3437 202-647-5694 202-647-5716

Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN)
Assistant Secretary
Acting Assistant Secretary Vann Van Diepen 3932 Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Nonproliferation Policy and Negotiations C.S. Eliot Kang 3932 Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Non-Nuclear and Counter-Proliferation, Acting Ann K. Ganzer 3932 Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Counterproliferation Philip A. (Tony) Foley 3932 Special Representative of the President for Nuclear Nonproliferation Amb. Susan Burk 3310 Secretary Eleanor Eikman 3310 Coordinator for Threat Reductions Programs Amb. Bonnie Jenkins 3310 Special Assistant Tanya Anthony 3310 Secretary Cheryl Williams 3932 Secretary Patrick Fogarty 3932 Secretary Pamela Stewart 3932 Staff Assistant Angela Barber-Wilson 3931 Staff Assistant Alesia Thompson 3931 Staff Assistant Patrice Watford 3931 Special Negotiator for Nonproliferation Ambassador (ret.) Donald A. Mahley 3931 Secretary Pamela Stewart 3932 Special Assistant Erin Harbaugh 3310 202-647-5122 202-647-5999


202-647-6977 202-647-6643 202-647-6643 202-647-6643 202-736-4821 202-647-5122 202-647-5999 202-647-6977 202-647-9868 202-647-9868 202-647-9868 202-647-5999 202-647-6977 202-736-4100

Office of Human Rights, Humanitarian, and Social Affairs (IO/RHS)
Director Atul Keshap 5336 Deputy Director Cari Enav 5336 202-736-7791 202-647-5070

Office of Specialized Agencies (IO/T)
Director Julie Connor 5333 Deputy Director Norman Thatcher Scharpf 5333 202-647-3049 202-647-1045

Office of Human Security (IO/HS)
Director Eric V. Gaudiosi 5328 Deputy Director John Q. Adams 5328 202-647-1280 202-647-1545

Office of the Executive Director (ISN-PM-VCI/EX) Office of Public Affairs and Outreach (IO/PAO)
Director Donna Roginski 1318 Deputy Director and Planning Chief Susan Poulin 1318 Press and Public Diplomacy Chief Mark Schlachter 1318 202-647-7857 202-647-6888 202-647-6393 Executive Director Cathleen E. Lawrence 1803 GVA Conference Services Keith Sanders Geneva Deputy Executive Director--Human Resources Sheila T. Bruce 1819 Deputy Executive Director--Resource Management Rosetta Meadows 1805 Acting Deputy Executive Director--Budget and General Services William S.S. Amoroso 1809 202-647-3442 9-0-11-41-22202-736-7006 202-647-1921 202-736-7366

Office of Management, Policy, and Resources (IO/MPR)
Director George M. Abrahams 4808 Deputy Director Vacant 4808 UN Employment Information and Assistance Lynette M. Podolsky 4804 UN System Coordination/Policy Lynette M. Podolsky 4808 202-647-6424 202-647-8270 202-736-6396 202-647-6396

U.S. Alternate Rep. to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
U.S. Alternate Rep. Eric Sanberg (Vienna) 9-0-11-431-31-

U.S. Alternative Representative to the Conference on Disarmament and Special Representative for Nonproliferation Treaty
US Representative to the Conference on Disarmament Amb. Laura Kennedy (Geneva) 9-0-11-41-22-

Office of International Conferences (IO/C)
Director Denise A. Urs 3428 Deputy Director Olivette M. Hooks 3428 Chief, International Conferences Program Division Lauren D. Platukis 4334A 202-647-6875 202-647-1771 202-647-6892

Special Negotiator for Chemical and Biological Weapons
Special Negotiator Ambassador Donald Mahley 7531 202-647-5999


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


U.S. Rep. to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Deputy U.S. Rep. to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Janet E. Beik The Hague US Representative Ambassador Eric M. Javits The Hague 9-0-11-31-70-

Office of Nuclear Energy, Safety, and Security (NESS)
Office Director Richard K. Stratford 3320 202-647-4061

Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction (ISN/CTR)
9-0-11-31-70Office Director Andrew Goodman 3327 Deputy Office Director Phillip Dolliff 3327 202-736-7077 647-6990

Special Negotiator for Fissile Material and Senior Cutoff Coordinator
Amb. (Ret.) Michael Guhin 3208 202-647-8342

Office of Nonproliferation and Disarmament Fund (ISN/NDF)
Office Director Steven Saboe 3208 Deputy Robert Paulson 3208 Comptroller Linda F. Morgan 3208 202-647-0094 202-647-0919 202-647-3938

Office of Chemical and Biological Weapons Threat Reduction (ISN/CB)
Director Robert Mikulak 2803 Deputy Director Jennie P. Gromoll 2803 Deputy Director David E. Weekman 2803 Deputy Director Jennie P. Gromoll 2803 Deputy Director David E. Weekman 2803 202-647-5477 202-647-8778 (202) 647 647 202 647 8778 202 647 5628

Office of Missile Defense and Space Policy (MDSP)
Office Director David E. Hoppler 5725 Deputy Office Director Shobert 5725 Deputy Office Director Buenneke 5725 William R. Richard H. 647-9325 736-4344 647-3731

Multilateral Nuclear and Security Affairs (ISN/MNSA)
Director J. Christopher Stevens 2139 Deputy Director M. Scott Davis 2139 202-647-9644 202-647-1141

Office of the Legal Adviser (L)
Legal Adviser
Legal Adviser Harold Hongju Koh 6421 Principal Deputy Legal Adviser Mary McLeod 6421 Deputy Legal Adviser James H. Thessin 6421 Deputy Legal Adviser Susan Biniaz 6421 Deputy Legal Adviser Jonathan Schwartz 6421 Counselor on International Law Sarah Cleveland 6421 Special Assistant Stephen Townley 6421 Staff Assistant Veronica Williams 6419 Senior Adviser Phil Spector 6420 Special Assistant Aaron Zelinsky 6421 Personal Assistant Naveed Khan 6421 Personal Assistant Elizabeth Wright 6421 Personal Assistant Marianne Hata 6421 Senior Adviser for Treaty Practice Robert Dalton SA-4 336 Litigation Fellow David Pozen 5519 202-647-9598 202-647-5036 202-647-5036 202-647-7942 202-647-5036 202-647-9077 202-647-7970 202-647-9417 202-736-4760 202-647-1120 202-647-9598 202-647-5036 202-647-7942 202-776-8446 202-647-7302

Office of Regional Affairs (ISN/RA)
Director, Acting Robert Gromoll 1336 Deputy Director Terry Godby 1336 202-647-9318 202-647-8366

Office of Counterproliferation Initiatives (ISN/CPI)
Office Director Tony Foley, Acting 3331 Deputy Office Director Caroline Russell 3470 202-647-6140 647-1296

Office of Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism (ISN/WMDT)
Office Director, Acting Thomas Lowe 6820 Deputy Office Director Dexter Ingram 3733 Deputy Office Direcor Alex R. Burkart 3320 Deputy Office Director Patricia J. Metz 3320 202-647-4170 736-4098 647-2950 736-4429

Office of Strategic Planning and Outreach (ISN/SPO)
Office Director Brandon Buttrick 3209 Deputy Office Director (vacant) 3209 202-647-9336 202-647-9501

Office of the Executive Director (L/EX)
Executive Director Alicia A. Frechette 5519 Deputy Executive Director Lisa B. Greene 5519 Information Resources Manager Ronald D. Corbin 6428 Personnel Officer and Attorney Recruitment Coordinator Mary T. Reddy 5519 Budget Officer John Rinaldi 5519 Administrative Officer Alvin K. Fink 5519 202-647-7591 202-647-9628 202-647-6273 202-647-9638 202-647-8442 202-647-6814

Office of Missile Threat Reduction (ISN/MTR)
Office Director, Acting Pam Durham 3214 Deputy Office Director Ralph Palmiero 3758 202-647-4931 647-3737

Office of Conventional Arms Threat Reduction (CATR)
Office Director, Acting Brian D. Bachman 3328 Deputy Director, Acting William Malzahn 3328 202-647-3937 202-647-0397

Assistant Legal Advisers (L/*)
African and Near Eastern Affairs (L/AN) Linda Jacobson 1336 Building and Acquisitions (L/BA) Dennis J. Gallagher 610 SA6 Consular Affairs (L/CA) Kathleen H. Hooke 4325 202-647-9791 703-516-1543 202-647-0899

Office of Export Control Cooperation (ISN/ECC)
Office Director Yvette Wong 3317 Deputy Office Director Andrew Church 3317 202-647-1966 647-2870


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Diplomatic Law and Litigation (L/DL) Mary Catherine Malin 5420 Economic and Business Affairs (L/EB) Wynne Teel 6429 Assistant Legal Adviser L/EMP Anne Joyce 5425 Chief Financial Disclosure Division (L/EMP/FD) Sarah Taylor SA-1, H228 Legislation and Foreign Assistance (L/LFA) Katherine McManus 6420 Human Rights and Refugees (L/HRR) Evelyn Aswad 3422 International Claims and Investment Disputes (L/CID) Jeffery Kovar SA-4, 205 Deputy Assistant Legal Adviser (L/CID) Linda Grosh SA-4, 207 Law Enforcement and Intelligence (L/LEI) Clifton Johnson 5419 Oceans, International Environmental and Scientific Affairs (L/OES) David J. Sullivan 6420 Private International Law (L/PIL) Keith Loken SA-4, 356 Public Diplomacy & Public Affairs (L/PD) Michael Peay SA5 United Nations Affairs (L/UNA) Todd Buchwald 3422 Western Hemispheric Affairs (L/WHA) Timothy E. Ramish 4325 Afghanistan (L/ASCA) Mary T. Mitchell 4219 European Affairs (L/EUR) Richard Visek 5425 East Asian and Pacific Affairs (L/EAP) Bob Harris 4219 MManagement (L/M) Josh Dorosin 3422 Non-Proliferation & Verification (L/NPV) Newell Highsmith 4330 Political-Military Affairs (L/PM) Stephen Pomper 6420 Treaty Affairs (L/T) Paul Dean 5420 Senior Ethics Counsel (L/EMP/Ethics) Katy Youel Page SA-1, H228

202-647-1440 202-647-0486 202-647-3203 202-663-3122 202-647-5613 202-647-7082 202-776-8365 202-776-8325 202-647-5654 202-647-1660 202-776-8342 202-632-6472 202-647-2732 202-647-7423 202-647-1121 202-647-1242 202-647-4035 202-647-2193 202-647-3582 202-647-6863 202-647-1092 202-663-3191

HR Liaison Vacant 7330 Information Management Officer Roy Williams 7330 Support Services Specialist Jerome Jackson 7330 Congressional Correspondence Unit, Chief Cynthia Andrews 7418 Congressional Relations Specialist Roxanne Reed 7418 Congressional Relations Analyst Amanda Harris 7418 Legislative Reference Unit Kaye Littlejohn 7418 Legislative Reference Analyst Joseph Detellis 7418 Legislative Reference Analyst Kem Carter-Anderson 7418 Legislative Reference Analyst Toby Croll 7418 Congressional Travel Office Director Wayne McDuffy SA-44 Legislative Management Officers Barbara Fleck SA-44 Legislative Management Officers Vacant SA-44 Congresional Travel Unit, Chief Pat Diggs SA-44 Budget Analyst John Carter SA-44 Congressional Travel Specialist Constance Austin SA-44 Congressional Travel Specialist Dee Parks SA-44 Congressional Travel Specialist Tyrea Lonon SA-44 Congressional Travel Specialist Hazel Thomas SA-44 Senate Liaison Office, Legislative Management Specialist Fahima Danishgar 189 RSOB House Liaison Office, Director Vacant RHOB-B330 House Liaison Office, Legislative Management Specialist Stephanie Hoostal RHOB-B330 Senate Liaison Office Director Lynnea Shane 189 RSOB

202-647-2642 202-647-1794 202-647-9290 202-647-1882 202-647-2163 202-647-1882 202-647-2137 202-647-8734 202-647-5420 202-647-8025 202-203-7704 202- 453-8506 202-453-8790 202-203-7703 202-453-8788 202-203-7701 202-203-7702 202-203-7797 202-203-7705 202-228-1603 202-226-4644 202-226-4642 202-228-1602

Senate Affairs
Deputy Assistant for Senate Affairs Miguel Rodriguez 7325 Director of Senate Affairs Erik Pederson 7325 Legislative Management Officer Kristin Devine 7325 Senate Nominations, etc. Robert Fallon 7325 Nominations Assistant Amber McIntyre 7418 202-647-2645 202-647-2233 202-647-1903 202-647-4243 202-647-8068

Bureau of Legislative Affairs (H)
Assistant Secretary
Acting Assistant Secretary Vacant 7325 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Joseph E. Macmanus 7325 Principal Administrative Assistant Marjorie W. Jackson 7325 OMS Nomsa Gonzales 7325 Special Assistant Connie Braxton 7325 Staff Assistant Yvonne Wells 7325 Executive Assistant Andrew Vaden 7325 Administrative Assitant vacant 7325 202-647-4204 202-647-1050 202-647-4204 202-647-1050 202-647-1712 202-647-1807 202-647-1890 202-647-1040

House Affairs
Deputy Assistant Secretary of House Affairs David S. Adams 7325 Director of House Affairs Patrick Alwine 7325 Legislative Management Officer Yekyu C. Kim 7325 202-647-2623 202-647-9379 202-647-9379

Regional Affairs
Director of Regional Affairs Stuart M. Hatcher 7418 African Affairs (except Sudan) Daniel Bellegarde 7418 Consular Affairs Heather Jordan 7418 East Asian and Pacific Affairs Karen Gatz 7418 European & Eurasian Affairs Maria Trejo 7418 Near East Asia Affairs - General Jay Epping 7418 South & Central Asian Affairs Janet Potash 7418 Near East Asia Affairs - Iraq Julie Burlgrin 7418 Western Hemisphere Affairs Joshua Blumenfeld 7418 202-647-8129 202-647-8043 202-647-8632 202-647-8439 202-647-9705 202-647-8142 202-647-8759 202-647-8729 202-647-8733

Office of the Exective Director
Director of Operations Wayne McDuffy, Acting 7330 Deputy Executive Director Wayne McDuffy 7330 Administrative Support Specialist Cela Williams 7330 Administrative Specialist Vacant 7330 Budget Analyst Kathy Quirk 7330 202-647-1714 202-647-2642 202-647-2589 202-647-2253 202-647-2899


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED



Global and Functional Affairs
Deputy Assistant Secretary David M. Turk 7325 Director, Global & Functional Affairs Alan Lang 7418 Arms Control and Verification/Int Steven Knight 7418 Intelligence & Research Janet Potash 7418 Population, Refugees & Migration, Women's Issues, AIDS, G Front Office Shelia Menz 7418 Economics and Trade Betsy Fitzgerald 7418 International Narcotics & Law Enforcement LeighAnne DeWine 7418 International Organizations/Legal Advisor Edward Sagarton 7418 Office of War Crimes Edwin Sagurton 7418 Management (CA, RM, A, M, DS, IRM, OBO, HR) Kimberly Smith 7418 Management (RM, IRM, S/OCR, S/CPR) Kimberly Smith 7418 Ocean, Environment & Science (Special Envoy Stern) Betsy Fitzgerald 7418 Intelligence Operations Stephen Knight 7418 Political Military Affairs, (S/CT, ITAR) Stephen Knight 7418 Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs (R, PA, ECA, IIP) Kimberly Smith 7418 Afghanistan & Pakistan/Special Envoy Holbrooke Greta Lundeberg 7418 Sudan, S/GAC, G/TIP Jennifer Schaming-Ronan 7418 Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Sharyn Magarian 7418 Afghanistan & Pakistan Nicholas Psyhos 7418 202-647-1656 202-647-9037 202-647-8708 202-647-8759 202-647-0752 202-647-8118 202-647-8763 202-647-8134 202-647-8134 202-647-8744 202-647-8744 202-647-8118 202-647-8708 202-647-8708 202-647-8744 202-647-8943 202-647-8065 202-647-8855 202-647-0609

Budget Officer Harold Hodges L217 SA1 Chief, Claims Division Michael B. Gonzalez L217 SA1 Human Resources Specialist Sandra L. Waters L217 SA1 Logistics Management Officer James M. Walters L213 SA1 Medical Records Division Supervisor Cecil A. Grandy SA15A

202-663-1744 202-663-3868 202-663-1746 202-663-1936 703-875-4837

Examination Clinic
Chief, Examination Clinic Cheryl Alston, M.D. L201 SA-1 Supervisor, Examination Clinic Mary G. Brennan L201 SA-1 Chief, Laboratory Services Cecil D. Dunn L219 SA-1 202-663-1680 202-663-1692 202-663-1724

Foreign Service Health Practioners Program
Director, Foreign Service Health Practitioner Anne M. Saloom L209 SA-1 Deputy Foreign Service Health Practitioner Catherine Kazmin L209 SA-1 202-663-1647 202-663-1646

Occupational Health Program
Chief, Office of Occupational Health Vacant H230 SA-1 Occupational Health Program Manager Andrea Anderson H230 SA-1 Health Unit HST B-846 HST Health Unit NFATC E1114 SA-42 Health Unit SA-1 L201 SA-1 202-663-2517 202-663-1114 202-647-2546 703-302-8122 202-663-3974

Foreign Programs
Chief, Foreign Programs Larry Padgett, M.D. L209 SA-1 Deputy Foreign Programs Shane Pierce L209 SA-1 202-663-1662 202-663-1662

Appropriations Affairs
Senior Congressional Advisor Jennifer Chartrand 7325 Senior Congressional Advisor Dorothy J. Rayburn 7325 Senior Congressional Advisor Paul Rademacher 7325 202-647-1902 202-647-0384 202-647-1963

Domestic Programs
Medical Officer Edward Gernon, M.D. H230 SA-1 202-663-1687

Health Education Coordinator
Health Practitioner Susan J. Houck H230 SA-1 202-663-2508

Office of Medical Services (MED)
Office of Medical Services
Medical Director Thomas W. Yun, M.D. L218 SA1 Deputy Medical Director Brooks Taylor, M.D. L218 SA-1 Director, Designated Agency Safety and Health Official Gretchen A. McCoy, M.D L209 SA1 Clinical Director Michael Nesemann, M.D. H209 SA1 202-663-1649 202-663-1649 202-663-1518

Medical Clearance
Chief, Medical Clearances Barbara Mahoney SA-15A Deputy Medical Clearances Ty Flewelling SA-15A 703-875-5413 703-875-5412

Tropical Medicine
202-663-1682 Medical Officer Vacant L-209 SA-1 202-261-8084

Office of the Executive Director (MED/EX)
Executive Director Joseph A. Kenny L209 SA1 Deputy Executive Director Assefa Kidane L209 SA1 Chief, Medical Informatics Ermingarda D. Herring L213 SA1 202-663-3092 202-663-1751 202-663-1229

Mental Health Programs
Director, Mental Health Services Christopher F. Flynn, M.D. L223 SA-1 Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program Manager Vacant Chief, Employee Consultation Services Stanley S. Piotroski H246 SA-1 202-663-1903



Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Piotroski H246 SA-1 Chief, Deployment Stress Management Program Christopher . J. Kowalsky, M.D 3rd Floor-SA-15A

Office of Regional Affairs (NEA/RA)
703-875-4836 Director Raymond Maxwell 5256 Deputy Director Brian Grimm 5256 Policy/Military Adviser Col. Dave Huggins 5256 Officer-in-Charge Multinational Force and Observers Affairs Michelle Cloud 5256 Global Affairs Officer Rina Chatterji 5256 Regional Affairs Officer Vacant 5256 Regional Economics Officer Vacant 5256 Office Management Specialist Melissa Mangold 5256 Program Assistant Carey Ignaczak 5256 Science and Techonology Policy Advisor Jill Shaunfield 5256 Strategic Analyst Peter Howard 5256 Strategic Planning Officer Alice Shukla 5256 Congressional Affiars Vacant 5256 National Defense Fellow Derek France 5256 Leahy Vetter Adnan Hurreh 5256 Global Affairs Assistant Sarah Arkin 5256 Program Assistant Serena Wilson 5256 202-647-1427 202-647-4505 202-647-4506 202-647-3083 202-647-3691 202-647-3945 202-647-3083 202-647-4589 202-647-3945 202-736-7370 202-647-3658 202-647-4761 202-647-3083 202-647-5504 202-647-3014 202-647-1552 202-647-3041

Office of Emergency Medical Response
Chief, Emergency Medical Response Peter J. Molberg, M.D. H230 SA-1 Medical Liaison Officer Ayan H. Ahmed Noor H230 SA-1 202-663-1687 202-663-1366

Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (NEA)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Jeffrey D. Feltman 6242 Personal Assistant Sandy Grigola 6242 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Ronald L. Schlicher 6242 Deputy Assistant Secretary (ARP/MAG) Janet A. Sanderson 6242 Deputy Assistant Secretary (IPA/ELA) Jake Walles 6242 Deputy Assistant Secretary (MEPI) Tamara Wittes 6242 Deputy Assistant Secretary (Iraq) Barbara A. Leaf 6242 Deputy Assistant Secretary (Iran) Philo Dibble 6250 Deputy Assistant Secretary (PPD) Greta Holtz 6250 Yemen Coordinator James McVerry 6250 Staff Assistant Steve Conlon 6242 Staff Assistant David Brownstein 6242 OMS DAS Walles Patricia Weaver 6242 OMS DAS Sanderson Virginia Burns 6242 OMS PDAS Schlicher Mona Skardon/Laura Craynon 6242 OMS DAS Leaf Gina Amos 6242 OMS DAS Wittes Cornelia Garner 6242 Senior Advisor Roopa Rangaswamy 6250 Senior Advisor Vacant 6250 202-647-7209 202-647-7209 202-647-7207 202-647-7166 202-647-7170 202-647-7168

Office of the Executive Director (NEA/SCA/EX)
202-647-0554 202-647-9562 202-647-4447 202-647-8864 202-647-7215 202-647-7215 202-647-7170 202-647-7166 202-647-7207 202-647-0554 202-647-7168 202-647-9547 202-647-9533 Executive Director Jay Anania 4253 Deputy Executive Director SCA Alaina Teplitz 4253 Deputy Executive Director for NEA Martin Hohe 4253 Deputy Executive Director for Iraq Heather Townsend 4241 Supervisory Post Management Officer Jennifer McIntyre 4253 Knowledge Manager Mark Sarfati 4253 Bureau Travel Administrator Laschan A. Taylor 4440A Chief Budget Officer Anne Wennerstrom 4440A Deputy FMO Carol F. Keith 4440A Administrative Officer-Domestic Support Anita Turnipseed 4253 Administrative Officer-Overseas Assignments Constance Dierman 4253 Domestic Personnel Officer Lennell Quarles 4253 Information Management (Domestic) David Amini 4241B Information Management (Overseas) Peter Auger 4241B 202-647-3268 202-647-4882 202-647-2904 202-647-2577 202-647-1411 202-736-7095 202-647-4352 202-647-2897 202-736-7649 202-647-4746 202-647-4540 202-647-4858 202-647-1756 202-647-2290

Office of Egypt and Levant Affairs (NEA/ELA)
Director Nicole Shampaine 5250 Deputy Director Richard Riley 5250 202-647-2670 202-647-6352

Office of Arabian Peninsula Affairs (NEA/ARP)
Director Steve Bondy 4224 Deputy Director Linda Specht 4224 202-647-6184 202-647-6563

Office of Maghreb Affairs (NEA/MAG)
Director Margaret Nardi 1853 Deputy Director Matthew Keene 1853 202-647-4679 202-647-4675

Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs (NEA/IPA)
Director Paul R. Sutphin 6251 Deputy Director John Buzbee 6251 Senior Political Officer Jack Doutrich 6251 202-647-3672 202-647-4580 202-647-14132

Office of Iraq Affairs (NEA/I)
Director D. Purnell Delly 2808 NEA/I/POL George N. Sibley 2808 NEA/I/EAA Dan Cooke 2331 202-647-9405 202-647-8125 202-647-4228

Office of Press and Public Diplomacy (NEA/PPD)
Director James Dickmeyer 6250 Deputy Director and Press Spokesperson Michael Ratney 6250 202-647-4199 202-647-7864

Office of The Middle East Partnership Initiative (NEA/MEPI)
Director Timothy Andrews SA4 Deputy Director Karen Volker SA4 202-776-8570 202-776-8367


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Office of Iranian Affairs (NEA/IR)
Acting Director Jillian Burns 1058 Acting Deputy Director Sara Horner 1058 OMS Mattie Lancaster 1058 Pol-Mil Officer Sara Horner 1058 Political Internal Officer Stephanie Hallett 1058 Economic Officer Raj Wadhwani 1058 Counterterrorism Officer Carlos DeJuana 1058 Consular Affairs Officer Michael Spring 1058 Public Diplomacy Officer VACANT 1058 IDP Program Officer Shervin Hadjilou 5253A IDP Program Officer Nate Swanson 5253A 202-647-2520 202-647-2520 202-647-9391 647-5544 647-2498 647-2513 736-4192 647-2516 647-2569 647-2942 647-3366

Office of Residential Design and Cultural Heritage (OPS/RDCH) Randolph Bennett 1201 SA6 Office of Safety, Health, and Environmental Management (OPS/SHEM) David Needham L318 SA6

703-875-6264 703-875-4137

Planning and Real Estate (OBO/PRE)
Director for Planning and Real Estate (PRE) Jay Hicks 1310 SA6 Office of Building Acquisitions and Sales (PRE/BAS) Robert Doubek 911C SA6 Office of Master Planning and Evaluations (PRE/MPE) Jason Dallara 10W25 SA6 Office of Real Property Management (PRE/RPM) Jack Lipinski 910 SA6 Office of Strategic Planning (PRE/OSP) Alexander Kurien 1004 SA6 Office of Site Acquisitions (PRE/OSA) Patrick McNamara 912 SA6 703-875-6357 703-875-4647 703-875-7483 703-875-7031 703-875-6976 703-875-7198

Bureau of Overseas Buildings Operations (OBO)
OBO Front Office (OBO)
Director, Acting Adam Namm 1308 SA6 Deputy Director Lydia Muniz 1306 SA6 Executive Assistant Nicholas Giacobbe 1303 SA6 Special Assistant Gary Anderson 1302 SA6 Special Assistant Phyllis Patten-Breeding 1302 SA6 Staff Assistant Nancy Lora 1309A SA6 External Affairs Robert Nolan 1301 SA6 703-875-4114 703-875-7493 703-875-5036 703-875-7465 703-875-4053 703-875-5102 703-875-4975

Resource Management Office (OBO/RM)
Deputy Director for Resource Management (RM) Jürg Hochuli 1304 SA6 Office of the Executive Director (RM/EX) Ramsay Stallman 1346 SA6 Office of Financial Management (RM/FM) Jeffrey Reba 1330 SA6 Office of Policy and Program Analysis (RM/P) Isaias (Cy) Alba III 1138 SA6 Human Resources Division (RM/EX/HR) Carmen Montgomery L211 SA6 Information Resource Management Division (RM/EX/IRM) Robert Clarke L100-8 SA6 Management Support Division (RM/EX/MSD) Connie Hines, Acting 1346 SA6 703-875-6352 703-875-6470 703-875-5723 703-875-5748 703-812-2452 703-875-6170 703-875-4320

Program Development, Coordination and Support (OBO/PDCS)
Managing Director for Program Development, Coordination, and Support (PDCS) Joseph W. Toussaint 1311 SA6 Office of Project Development and Coordination (PDCS/PDC) Marcus Hebert 920 SA6 Office of Design and Engineering (PDCS/DE) William Miner 318 SA6 Office of Special Project Coordination (PDCS/SPC) Jaime Salcedo 1112 SA6 Office of Cost Management (PDCS/COST) Katherine Bethany 1001 SA6 703-875-6585

703-875-4097 703-875-6119 703-516-1994 703-875-6369

Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental Scientific Affairs (OES)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Kerri-Ann Jones, PhD 3880 Executive Assistant Shirlett Thornton 3880 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel A. Clune 3880 Deputy Assistant Secretary (OES/O) David A. Balton 3880 Deputy Assistant Secretary, (OES/S) Lawrence J. Gumbiner 3880 Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary (OES/E) Daniel A. Reifsnyder 3880 OES Special Assistant John Whittlesey "Jock" 3880 OES/Congressional Teresa Hobgood 3880 OES Congressional Margaux Herring 3880 Staff Assistant Sandra Pitts-Malone 3880 Staff Assistant Margarita Caraballo 3880 Director E. James Steele 2726 Deputy Director Susan Ware Harris 2727 Kira Vuille-Kowing 2727 Officer SCA Aaron Alton 2727 Staff Assistant Marcus Johnson 2726 202-647-1554 202-647-1554 202-647-3004 202-647-2396 202-647-8309 202-647-2232 202-647-3966 202-647-3550 202-647-6958 202-647-0978 202-647-3004 202-647-4658 202-647-1247 202-647-1511 202-647-4333 202-647-2958

Construction, Facility and Security Management (OBO/CFSM)
Managing Director for Construction, Facility and Security Management (CFSM) Rodney Evans 1301 SA6 Office of Construction Management (CFSM/CM) Daniel B. Hogan 834 SA6 Office of Facility Management (CFSM/FM) Kenneth Schroeder 917A SA6 Office of Security Management (CFSM/SM) Donald Schenck 738B SA6 703-875-6304

703-875-6268 703-516-1578 703-516-1635

Operations (OBO/OPS)
Managing Director for Operations (OPS) Leo Hession 918 SA6 Office of Area Management (OPS/AM) John Finnegan, Jr. 934 SA6 Office of Art in Embassies (OPS/ART) Beth Dozoretz 663 SA6 Office of Fire Protection (OPS/FIR) Bruce Sincox L307 SA6 703-875-5242 703-875-5756 703-875-4198 703-875-6983


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Officer (AF) Daniel Balzer 2727 Officer (EUR) Patrick Hudak 2727 Officer (Social Media) Adrian Schulte 2726 AAAS Fellow (WHA) Christopher Hofmann 2726 Officer (NEA) Wendy Nassmacher 2726

202-647-2061 202-647-3253 202-736-7120 202-647-4347 202-647-6664

Director Christine Dawson 4333 Deputy Director Phillip Antweiler 4333 OMS Edith Frey 4333

202-647-4683 202-647-4268 202-647-3367

Office of Global Change (OES/EGC)
Director Trigg Talley 2480 Deputy Director Christo Artusio 2480 Admin Support Specialist Lauren Grimes 2480 OMS Denise Goode 2480 202-647-3984 202-647-4295 202-647-4220 202-647-4069

Executive Director (OES-DRL/EX)
Executive Director Mary F. Martinez 2880 Deputy Director Ernestine M. Pierce 2880 Staff Assistant Tiana Williams 2880 Finance and Programming, Director Natalie Howard 2880 Human Resources Liaison Eboni Edwards 2880 202-647-4068 202-647-4539 202-647-4068 202-736-7376 202-647-6856

Oceans and Fisheries (OES/O)
Deputy Assistant Secretary David A. Balton 3880 Executive Assistant Patricia Fendwick 3880 202-647-2396 202-647-2396

International Health and Science (OES/S)
Deputy Assistant Secretary Lawrence Gumbiner 3950 Senior Health Advisor Nancy Carter-Foster 3880 Executive Assistant Gladys Brown 3950 202-647-1561 202-647-2435 202-647-1561

Office of Oceans and Polar Affairs (OES/OPA)
Director Evan T. Blooms 2665 Deputy Director William R. Meara 2665 Program Specialist Claudia T. Samson 2665 Marine Research Vessel Authorizations Roberta M. Barnes 2665 Antarctic Fisheries,CCAMLR, IOC Marine Research Gustavo A. Bisbal 2665 APECm Kabd-based pollution, SPREP,SIDS Kelly A. Cohun 2665 Antarctic Affairs Officer, Arctic Council, Beringia Paul Cunningham 2665 ECS Project Lauren Engel 2665 Antarctic Issues, Penguins Susannah Cooper 2665 Senior Arctic Official, Arctic Issues, Arctic Council Julia Gourley 2665 Maritime Geographer Brian Melchior 2665 Marine invasive Species,Polar bear,Ocean Acidification Adrianna Muir 2665 Extended Continental Shelf Barbara Moore 2665 IMO,Freedom of Navigation, Maritime Security,Piracy Gregory O'brien 2665 Dlophins, LFA Underwater sounds, Whales Elizabeth Phelps 2665 Law of the Sea(LOS), LOS Convention Accession, ISBA Kenli Schaaf 2665 Oil spills, National Response teamWSSD, carbon sequestration Caribbean,London protocol, ocean geo-engineering Sherry Zalika Sykes 2665 GMA, ICES,GESAMP,Marine research,Authorizations SOST,PICES,Tsunami Warnings DR. Elizabeth Kim 2665 Geographer, Bounderies, Extended Continental Shelf, Machias Seal Island, Maritime Boundaries issues Brian Van Pay 2665 USCG Liaison, Int. Maritime Organization, LRIT, Maritime Security Brian Robinson 2665 202-647-3925 202-647-3013 202-647-3262 202-647-0240 202-647-6927 202-647-3073 202-647-4972 202-647-0236 202-647-0237 202-647-3264 202-647-0241 202-647-3883 202-647-3947 202-647-4971 202-647-4935 202-647-3039 202-647-3879

Office of International Health Affairs (OES/IHA)
Director Catherine Hill-Herndon 2734 Deputy Director Edwin Brown 2734 202-647-1318 202-647-3649

Office of Science and Technology Cooperation (OES/STC)
Director Daniel Darrach 410 SA23 Deputy Director Susan Gardner 410 SA23 Program Analyst Selina Jenkins 410 SA23 Division Director Samuel Howerton, Ph.D. 410 SA23 202-663-2623 202-663-3217 202-663-3219 202-663-3233

Office of Policy and Public Outreach (OES/PPO).
Director Michael Koplovsky 2726 Officer(SCA) Barbara Cates, Acting 2726 STEP Olimar Maisonet 2726 Officer (NEA) Aaron Alton 2726 Staff Assistant 2726 Officer (AF) Daniel Balzer 2726 Officer (EUR) Patrick Hudak 2726 Officer (EAP) Sumreen Mirza 2726 Deputy Director(PA) Susan Povenmire 2201 Officer(Public Affairs) Alice R. Chu 2201 202-647-4658 202-647-1410 202-647-1511 202-647-4333 202-647-1511 202-647-2061 202-647-3253 202-647-6902 202-647-3486 202-647-1247


Environment (OES/E)
Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel A. Reifsnyder 3880 Executive Assistant Seth Pfeifer 3880 202-647-2232 202-647-2232



Office of Environmental Policy (OES/ENV)
Director Willem Brakel 2657 Deputy Director John E. Thompson 2657 OMS Eunice Mourning 2657 OMS Francine Uzzell 2657 202-647-9831 202-647-9799 202-647-9266 202-647-9312

Office of Marine Conservation (OES/OMC)
Director William Gibbons-Fly 2758 Deputy Director David F. Hogan 2758 Office Management Specialist Carolyn Smith 2758 202-647-2335 202-647-2337 202-647-2335

Office of Ecology and Natural Resource Conservation (OES/ENRC)

Space and Advanced Technology (OES/SAT).
Director Kenneth D. Hodgkins 410 SA23 202-663-2398


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Deputy Director David Turner 410 SA23 Secretary Theresa Fitchett 410 SA23

202-663-2397 202-663-2400

Directorate Defense Trade Controls (PM/DDTC)
Managing Director Robert S. Kovac 1205 SA1 202-663-2861

Bureau of Political-Military Affairs (PM)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Andrew J. Shapiro 6212 Chief of Staff Sho Morimoto 6212 Special Assistant Jane Petersen 6212 Secretary to the Assistant Secretary Simonette Clark 6212 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Kurt E. Amend 6212 Deputy Assistant Secretary Thomas J. Masiello, Brig. Gen., USAF 6212 Secretary to PDAS Amend and DAS Masiello Nadia Brown 6212 Deputy Assistant Secretary Beth M. McCormick 6312 Secretary to DAS McCormick Angela W. Cooper 6312 Staff Assistant Jeffrey R. Kern 6312 Staff Assistant David W. Bates 6312 Staff Assistant James Cerven 6312 Coordinator for Foreign Policy Advisor and State-Defense Exchange Programs Gonzalo Gallegos SA-9 Room NW8-095 Special Advisor to the Assistant Secretary Max Bergmann 2422 202-647-9022 202-647-5039 202-647-8534 202-647-9022 202-663-9023 202-647-9023 202-647-9023 202-647-0337 202-647-0337 202-647-8089 202-647-6604 202-647-70561 202-453-9321

Office on Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA)
Director (Acting) James Lawrence 6114 SA3 Principal Deputy Director James Lawrence 6116 SA3 Deputy Director Policy & Small Arms and Light Weapons Steve Costner 6108 SA3 Deputy Director for Demining Colonel Nicholas Signesi, USMC 6129 SA3 Director, U.S. MANPADS Task Force & Senior Advisor Mark Adams 6130 SA3 202-663-0088 202-663-0088 202-663-0095 202-663-0109 202-663-0111

Office of Security Negotiations and Agreements (PM/SNA)
Senior Advisor Kurt Amend 3242 Office Manager Kim Marshall 3242 Deputy Director / Senior Military Advisor Curt Connell, USAF 3242 Military Advisor LTC Martin Ryan, USA 3242 202-647-8343 202-647-8325 202-647-0622 202-647-8325

Office of Defense Trade Controls Policy (DTCP)
Office Director Charles "Chuck" Shotwell 1205 SA1 Deputy Director Steven Rice 1205 SA1 202-663-2792. 202-663-2803


Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance (DTCC)
Division Chief Glenn Smith H-132 202 632-2799

Office of the Executive Director (ISN-PM-VCI/EX)
Executive Director Cathleen E. Lawrence 1803 Deputy Executive Director--Human Resources Sheila T. Bruce 1819 Deputy Executive Director--Resource Management Rosetta Meadows 1805 Deputy Executive Director-Budget Formulation & Support Services William S. Amoroso 1813 202-647-3442 202-736-7006 202-647-1921 202-736-7366

Office of Defense Trade Conttrols Licensing (DTCL)
Office Director Kevin Maloney Deputy Director Terry Davis 1205 SA1 1205 SA1 202-663-2023 202-663-2739

Political Advisers (POLADS)
POLAD Coordinator Gonzalo Gallegos 2422 OMS Simonette Clark (Detailed to the Front Office) NW8095 SA-9 Program Analyst Dianna Schwegman NW8095 SA-9 Program Analyst Arianna Pittman NW8095 SA-9 202-453-9321 202-453-9323 202-453-9326 202-453-9322

Congressional and Public Affairs (PM/CPA)
Director Jason Greer 5827 Deputy Director David McKeeby 2424 202-647-7878 202-647-8757

Office of Plans, Policy and Analysis (PM/PPA)
Director Kevin O'Keefe 2811 Deputy Director Tom Washburn 2811 202-647-5876 202-647-0272

Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Eric P. Schwartz HST 5805 Secretary Jessica Blanch-Lanos HST 5805 Special Assistant Elizabeth Drew HST 5805 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary David Robinson HST 5805 Secretary Lamyaa El-Fadaly HST 5805 Deputy Assistant Secretary Kelly Clements HST 5805 Deputy Assistant Secretary Reuben Brigety, II HST 5805 Secretary Nenita Knowlin HST 5805 Staff Assistant Lauren Diekman HST 5805 202-647-7360 202-647-7360 202-647-9775 202-647-7360 202-647-5982 202-647-5822 202-647-5767 202-647-5822 202-647-8472

Office of International Security Operations (PM/ISO)
Director Colonel Stanley Brown, USAF 2422 Deputy Director Chris Krafft 2422 Political-Military Action Team (PMAT) Scott Page 2422 202-647-3136 202-736-7742 202-647-9000

Office of Regional Security and Arms Transfer (PM/RSAT)
Office Director Richard S. Sacks 3811 Principal Deputy Office Director Michael F. Miller 3811 Deputy Office Director Daniel Wartko 3811 202-647-9530 202-736-4035 202-647-6391


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Office of the Comptroller (PRM/C)
Comptroller Eric Hembree 8th Flr., SA-9 Deputy Comptroller Arlene Dyson-Merriweather 8th Flr., SA-9 202-453-9239 202-453-9232

Newton 6800 Office Management Specialist Joanne Pettaway 6800 Unclassified Fax Deputy Assistant Secretary Philippe Reines Rm 2318

202-647-8286 202-647-3344 202-647-6180

Office of the Executive Director (PRM/EX)
Executive Director Nicholas Miscione 8th Flr., SA-9 202-453-9358

Office of Press Relations (PA/PRS)
Director Heidi Bronke Fulton 2109 Deputy Director Julie Reside 2109 Press Officer for ECA, IIP, HO, M/OBO, R, SCA, S/CPR Noel Clay 2109 Press Officer for DS, EAP, OIG, P, S/CT Karl E. Duckworth 2109 Press Officer for D, DRL, HIV/AIDS, NEA, S/OCR, S/WCI Darby Holladay 2109 Press Officer for EAP, F, S/P Andy Laine 2109 Press Officer for ISN, PM, T, VCI, WHA Fred C. Lash 2109 Press Officer D, INL, INR, OES, S/P Megan M. Mattson 2109 Press Officer for E, EUR, INL, INR, OES, S/P Robert A. McInturff 2109 Press Officer for A, AF, IRM, M/DGHR, RM, S/CRS Joanne C. Moore 2109 Press Officer for AID, EUR, L, MCC, PRM Laura L. Tischler Room 2109 Media Coordinator Gladys D. Boggs 2109 202-647-2492 202-647-2492 202-647-2492 202-647-2492 202-647-2492 202-647-2492 202-647-2492 202-647-2492 202-647-2492 202-647-2492 202-647-2492 202-647-2492

Office of Multilateral Coordination and External Relations (PRM/MCE)
Director Margaret Pollack 8th Flr., SA-9 Deputy Director Olivia Hilton 8th Flr., SA-9 202-453-9296 202-453-9363

Office of Population and International Migration (PRM/PIM)
Director Suzanne Sheldon 8th Flr., SA-9 Deputy Director Jennifer Purl 8th Flr., SA-9 202-453-9201 202-453-9206

Office of Policy and Resource Planning (PRM/PRP)
Director Nancy Izzo-Jackson 8th Flr., SA-9 Deputy Director Hilary Ingraham 8th Flr., SA-9 202-453-9225 202-453-9293

Office of Assistance for Africa (PRM/AFR)
Director Margaret McKelvey 8th Flr., SA-9 Deputy Director Mary Lange 8th Flr., SA-9 202-453-9304 202-453-9369

Office of Assistance for Asia and The Near East (PRM/ANE)
Director Elizabeth Hopkins 8th Flr., SA-9 Deputy Director Monique Ramgoolie 8th Flr., SA-9 202-453-9271 202-453-9200

Press at AID (PA/AID)
Press Director/Spokesman Lars Anderson RRB 202-712-4035

Foreign Press Centers (PA/FPC) Assistance for Europe, Central Asia, & Americas (PRM/ECA)
Director Thomas Hushek 8th Flr., SA-9 Deputy Director Nancy Iris 8th Flr., SA-9 202-453-9277 202-453-9281 Director of the Foreign Press Center Neil Klopfenstein, Acting 898 SA16 Director of the Washington Foreign Center Vacant 898 SA16 Director of the New York Foreign Press Center, Acting Mark Thorn NY 202-504-6359 202-504-6359 212-317-8328

Office of Admissions (PRM/A)
Director Lawrence Bartlett 8th Flr., SA-9 202-453-9270

Office of Regional Media Outreach (PA/RMO)
Director (vacant) 2105 202-647-0875

Bureau of Public Affairs (PA)
Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs and Department Spokesman
Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs Mike Hammer, Acting 6800 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Vacant 6800 Deputy Assistant Secretary/Spokesperson Vacant 6800 Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner, Acting 6800 Deputy Assistant Secretary Cheryl Benton 6800 Deputy Assistant Secretary Dana Smith 6800 Special Assistant to the Assistant Secretary Ariel Howard 6800 Staff Assistant to the Spokesman Vacant 6800 Staff Assistant Vacant 6800 Staff Assistant Brenda Smith 6800 Staff Assistant Lisa Miller 6800 Personal Assistant to the Assistant Secetary Cre M. Newton 6800 202-647-6607 202-647-6088 202-647-6088 202-647-6088 202-647-6088 202-647-6088 202-647-6606 202-647-8232 202-647-6230 202-647-9606 202-647-6197 202-647-6607

Office of Electronic Information (PA/EI)
Director Janice E. Clark 825, SA-15 Deputy Director Chris Macdonald 825, SA-15 703-875-5086 703-875-5087

Office of Broadcasting Services (PA/OBS)
Director George McNamara, Acting B238 HST Chief of Broadcast Support Branch Mike Kiel 898 SA16 Branch Chief George McNamara B238 HST 202-647-5361 202-504-6411 202-647-5361

Office of the Historian (PA/HO)
The Historian, Acting Edward Brynn L409 SA1 Deputy Historian David H. Herschler L409 SA1 General Editor, Acting Susan C. Weetman L409 SA1 202-663-1123 202-663-1145 202-663-1276


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Chief, Europe and General Division David Geyer L409 SA1 Chief, Declassification and Publishing Division Susan C. Weetman L409 SA1 Chief, Asia and American Division Kathleen Rasmussen L409 SA1 Chief, Middle East and Africa Division Adam Howard L409 SA1 Chief, Policy Studies Division Amy C. Garrett L409 SA1 Chief, Special Projects Division William McAllister L409SA1

202-663-1135 202-663-1276 202-663-3528 202-663-3956 202-663-3415 202-663-3526

Special Assistant-William VACANT 7427 Administrative Assistant Shawnette James-Mauney 7427

202-647-8459 202-647-7490

Office of the Executive Director (RM/EX)
Executive Director Philip J. Schlatter SA-15 Rm 6900 Administrative Officer Valerie S. Dumas SA15 Rm 6090 Administrative Officer Barnaby J. Walsh SA15 Rm 6900 Chief, Administrative Services Unit Shauntia H. Wright SA15 Rm 6000 Chief, Human Resources Helen L. Driver SA-15 Rm 6900 Program Analyst (RM Training Officer) Valorie P. Tyler SA-15 Rm 6900 Chief, Budget Officer John F. Kelley SA-15 Rm 6090 Office Administator Mildred A. Cross SA-15 Rm 6900 703-875-6240 703-875-5693 703-875-7146 703-875-6917 703-875-6591 703-875-6626 703-875-6804 703-875-6644

Office of Public Liaison and Intergovernmental Affairs (PA/PL)
Director Olive Sampson 2206 Deputy Director Mary Pensabene 2206 Regional Programs Chief Eileen McCormick Place 2206 Hometown Diplomatic Coordinator Angelena Alexander 2206 Public Information Line 202-647-7926 202-647-5914 202-647-8390 202-647-5879 202-647-6575

Office of Strategic and Performance Planning (RM/SPP) International Media Engagement
Director Michael Ratney 2105 Deputy Director Samuel Korman 2105 (202) 647 0419 (202)647-1007 Deputy Assistant Secretary Sid L. Kaplan 3800 HST Office Administrator Lela Prophet 3800 HST Office Director Claudia Magdalena Abendroth 3800 HST Office of Planning and Reporting Richard C. Weston 3800 HST 202-647-0300 202-647-0300 202-736-7805 202-647-0313

United States Diplomacy Center (USDC)
Director Stephen Estrada 535 SA29 202-736-9040

Office of State Programs, Operations and Budget (RM/BP) Executive Office (PA/EX)
Executive Director Hattie O. Jones 2214 Deputy Director Kristin T. Bedi 2214 Supervisory Budget Officer Horace Johnson 2214 Supervisory Information Technology Specialist Carol A. Carter 2214 Supervisory HR Specialist Larry McCrary 2214 Supervisory General Services Officer Kevin Bradshaw 2214 202-736-4451 202-647-7555 202-736-4947 202-647-6011 202-647-5400 202-647-6816 Deputy Assistant Secretary Barbara A. Retzlaff 1332 Staff Assistant Sharon Shaw 1332 Senior Secretary Doris R. Cooper 1332 Managing Director Resource Planning & Budget Information VACANT 1332 Director Managing Director for Office of Budget and Planning Douglas A. Pitkin 1332 Director for Operating Accounts Sherry M. Hannah 1331 Director Resource Strategy & Liaison Steve Dietz 1332 Systems Resources and Operations Division Kathleen A. Dehm 1331 Funds Control and Reimbursement Rochelle Dobbins 1331 Budget Advisor Vacant 1331 Director for Programs Accounts Michael J. Heiserman 1331 Office of Budget Review & Concepts Director Richard Knowles 1331 202-647-8517 202-647-8517 202-647-8515 202-647-8515 202-647-8515 202-647-6962 202-647-5064 202-647-5339 202-647-7225 202-647-5339 202-647-6983 202-647-5339

Digital Communications Center (PA/DCC)
Director Daniel Schaub, Acting Room 2317 202-647-6180

Rapid Response Unit (PA/RRU)
Director Leonard Scensney Room 2313 202-647-6783

Bureau of Resource Management (RM)
Assistant Secretary for Resource Management and Chief Financial Officer (RM/CFO)
Assistant Secretary for Resource Management and Chief Financial Officer James L. Millette 7427 Staff Assistant Sharon L. Lee 7427 Special Assistant William V. Chiplis 7427 Special Assistant VACANT 7427 Gift Funds Coordinator and K Fund Manager Donna S. Bordley 7427 Director, GAO Liaison Julianne Shinnick 3800 202-647-7490 202-647-6286 202-647-6234 202-647-5098 202-647-5031 202-647-8170

Office of the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (RM/DCFO)
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Christopher H. Flaggs H1500 SA1 Senior Advisor Troy A. Scaptura H1500 SA1 Special Assistant Wardell J. Wanza H1500 SA1 Staff Assistant Esther C. Tompkins H 1500 SA1 Managing Director Global Financial Management Systems Alan K. Evans 4200 SA15 Director Global Financial Support Systems Sally Zottnick 7000 SA15 202-261-8620 202-261-8629 202-261-8626 202-261-8620 703-875-6900 703-875-7393


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Zottnick 7000 SA15 Managing Director Financial Policy, Reporting, and Analysis Robert Timothy Macdonald H1500 SA1 Director Management Control Carole L. Clay H1100 SA1 Staff Accountant VACANT H1500 SA1 Director Financial Reporting & Analysis Carol A. Gower H-1100SA-1 Director Financial Policy Audrey L. Duchesne H-1100, SA -1 Director, Federal Assistance Financial Management Mazhar Ahson H1502 SA-1

202-663-1447 202-663-2084 202-261-8645 202-261-8631 202-663-2117 202-261-8647

6254 OMS Vacant 6254 PD Deputy Assistant Secretary James R. Moore 6254 CS Office Manager Deborah Watson 6254 SRAP Deputy Assistant Secretary Frank Ruggiero 1517 Special Assistant Matthew D. Lowe 6254 Staff Assistant Opal Blackmon 6254 Staff Assistant Jimmy Mauldin 6254 Staff Assistant Emily Fleckner 6254

202-736-4328 202-736-4331 202-736-4331 202-647-4131 202-647-5495 202-736-4009 202-736-4324 202-736-4486

Office of Global Financial Services Charleston (RM/GFS)
Deputy Assistant Secretary James L. Millette Charleston Office Administrator Erin W. Thomas Charleston Staff Assistant Manly H. Rush III Charleston Deputy Director Marilyn C. Ferdinand Charleston GFS Bangkok Director Barry L. Haney Bangkok FSTO Paris Director Vacant Paris 843-308-5578 843-308-5576 843-308-5608 843-308-5607 622-205-5149 33-1-43-127054

Office of the Executive Director (NEA/SCA/EX)
Executive Director William (Bill) Haugh 4253 Deputy Executive Director Alaina B. Teplitz 4253 Deputy Executive Director for NEA Martin Hohe 4253 Supervisory Post Management Officer Jennifer McIntyre 4253 Chief Budget Officer Anne Wennerstrom 4253 Deputy FMO Carol F. Keith 4440A Administrative Officer-Domestic Support Anita Turnipseed 4241 Administrative Officer-Overseas Assignments Constance M. Dierman 4253 Domestic Personnel Officer Lennell Quarles 4253 202-647-3268 202-647-4882 202-647-2904 202-647-1411 202-647-2897 202-736-7649 202-647-4746 202-647-2821 202-647-4858

Office of Global Financial Operations (RM/GFS/F)
Director, Accounting Operations vacant Charleston Director, Accounting Operations Shari P. Clark Charleston Director, Office of Reports and Reconciliation Ki H. Sung Charleston Fiscal Officer, Office of Claims Michael Washington Charleston Chief, Accounts Receivable Division vacant Charleston GFS Washington Office Director Vivian M. Lesh SA-15 Rm 7030 843-202-3776 843-202-3849 843-746-0587 843-202-3755 843-308-5472 703-875-5678

India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives Affairs (SCA/INSB)
Director Atul Keshap 5251 Deputy Director Thomas Palaia 5251 Unit Chief (India) Anthony Renzulli 5251 Unit Chief (Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh) Sheila Berry 5251 India Desk Loren Murad 5251 India Desk Basant S. Sanghera 5251 India Desk Merin Rajadurai 5251 India Desk Ryan Miller 5251 India Desk Uzma Bashir 5251 India Desk Kelsey Wittenberger 5251 Bangladesh Desk A.D. Tranchina 5251 Bangladesh Desk Jason C. Roberts 5251 Nepal/Bhutan Desk Rebecca Morgan 5251 Sri Lanka/Maldives Desk Viraj LeBailly 5251 Sri Lanka/Maldives Desk Nolan Klein 5251 OMS Veronica Hooks 5251 202-647-1114 202-647-1116 202-647-1112 202-647-1078 202-647-0707 202-647-9515 202-646-7189 202-647-2351 202-647-4517 202-647-2941 202-647-9516 202-647-9969 202-647-1115 202-647-7483 202-647-9512 202-647-1450

Office of Global Compensation (RM/GFS/C)
Managing Director Jeffrey C. Mounts Charleston Director, Office of American Payroll and Pension Operations Keith Koehler Charleston Director, Office of FSN Payroll Operations James A. Anderson Charleston 843-308-5301 843-308-5508 843-308-5393

Office of International Cooperative Administrative Support (RM/ICASS)
Director Thomas J. Quinzio H1504 SA1 Deputy Director Peter A. Hogan H1504 SA1 202-663-3883 202-663-3267

Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs (SCA)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Robert O. Blake, Jr. 6254 OM Jenny Jeras 6254 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Geoffrey R. Pyatt 6254 CS Office Manager Deborah Watson 6254 CEN Deputy Assistant Secretary Susan M. Elliott 6254 OMS Vacant 6254 INSB Deputy Assistant Secretary Alyssa Ayres 6254 202-736-4325 202-736-4325 202-736-4331 202-736-4331 202-736-4328 202-736-4328 202-736-4328

Office of Pakistan Affairs (SCA/P)
Director Tim Lenderking 1861 Deputy Director (Acting) Rohit Nepal 1861 Pakistan Country Officer John Spykerman 1861 Pakistan Country Officer Edward Dunn 1861 Pakistan Country Officer Kate Bateman 1861 Pakistan Country Officer Amy Flohr 1861 Pakistan Country Officer Haroon Ullah 1861 Senior Economic Advisor Robert Deutsch 1861 Pakistan Country Officer James Schwemlein 1861 Pakistan Country Officer Jesse Wald 1861 Pakistan Country Officer Oni Blair 1861 202-647-6711 202-647-6728 202-647-9242 202-647-6710 202-647-9434 202-647-5882 202-736-7924 202-647-9206 202-647-6619 202-736-7907 202-736-7921


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Pakistan Country Officer Siobhan Oat-Judge 1861 Pakistan Country Officer Courtenay Dunn 1861 Pakistan Country Officer Adrian Pollman 1861 Program Management Specialist Tasha Reeves 1861 Office Management Specialist Samantha Cain 1861 Stay in School Hassaan Sohail 1861 Stay in School Daniel Deulus 1861 Pakistan Country Officer Kate Leonard 1861 Pakistan Country Officer Steve Murphy 1861 Pakistan Country Officer Matt Finston 1861

202- 647-9242 202-647-5870 202-647-9552 202-647-7593 202-647-9823 202-736-7920 202-736-7920 202-736-4972 202-647-9819 202-736-7913

Office of South Asian Regional Affairs (SCA/RA)
Director John Spilsbury 5246 Deputy Director Melanie Bixby 5246 Foreign Affairs Officer Jason McClellan 5246 Economic Officer Manuel Micaller 1802A Pol-Mil Advisor Brian Hedrick 5246 Foreign Affairs Officer Jessica Mazzone 1802A Foreign Affairs Officer Deepa Ghosh 1802A Science Advisor Joseph Kowalski 5246 Foreign Affairs Officer Jennifer Anthony 1802A Leahy Vetting Coordinator Joseph Brennig 1802A Foreign Affairs Officer Michael Urena 5246 Economic Officer Tom Coleman 1802A Science Advisor Michael C. Schena 5246 202-736-4251 202-736-4253 647-1136 647-4515 736-4005 647-8080 647-8192 736-4256 736-4334 736-1152 736-4254 647-4521 202-736-4256

Economic Desk Officer Ronita Macklin 5310 Political Desk Officer Joe Mata 5310 Political Desk Officer Alexis Morel 5310 Political Military Desk Officer Nisha Singh 5310 Economic Desk Officer Robert Chamberlain 1843 Political Desk Officer Andrea Farsakh 1843 Political Desk Officer Bradley S. Parker 5310 Political Military Desk Officer Negah Angha 5310 Economic Desk Officer Anne Cummings 5310 Economic Desk Officer Ronita Macklin 5310 Political Desk Officer Joe Mata 5310 Political Desk Officer Alexis Morel 5310 Economic Desk Officer Lauren Frese 1843 Political Military Desk Officer Nisha Singh 5310 Economic Desk Officer Robert Chamberlain 1843 Political Desk Officer Andrea Farsakh 1843 Economic Desk Officer Lauren Frese 1843 Political Military Desk Officer Thomas Reott 1843 Economic Desk Officer Peter Landono 1843 Office Management Specialist Sylvia Claridy 5310 Office Management Specialist Stella S. Brackman 5310 Office Management Specialist Peggy Sullivan 1843

202-647-5311 202-647-5329 202-647-5052 202-647-5985 202-647-7088 202-647-5525 202-647-5986 202-647-5986 202-647-5493 202-647-5311 202-647-5329 202-647-5052 202-647-4895 202-647-5985 202-647-7088 202-647-5525 202-647-4895 202-647-6144 202-736-7417 202-647-5175 202-647-5511 202-647-6023

Office of Press and Public Diplomacy (SCA/PPD)
Director Gregory Sullivan 4440 Deputy Director Paul Houge 4440 Press Officer Karlygash Faillace 4440B Cultural Corrdinator Merrie Blocker 4440B StraComm. Coordinator William Reinckens 4440B Central Asia Joshua Kamp 4440B Pakistan & Afghanistan Brian George 4440B INS & Bangladesh Jessica Pfleiderer 4440B Program Specialist Tyra Bailey 4227 OSP Tracy Simmons 4440B OSP Wayne Dorsey 4440B 202-647-8605 202-647-7042 202-647-8914 202-647-5337 202-647-9051 202-647-8905 202-647-7067 202-647-7940 202-647-7141 202-647-8605 202-647-7507

Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs (WHA)
Assistant Secretary
Assistant Secretary Arturo A. Valenzuela 6262 Office Management Specialist Liliana Celin 6262 Executive Assistant Juan Gonzales 6262 Staff Assistant Jeff Weinshenker 6906 Staff Assistant Siobhan Sheils 6906 Staff Assistant Reid McCoy 6906 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Roberta Jacobson 6262 Office Management Specialist Regina Lee 6262 Deputy Assistant Secretary Julissa Reynoso 6262 Office Management Specialist Claudia Zagarro 6262 Deputy Assistant Secretary Jeffrey DeLaurentis 6262 Office Management Specialist Debra Grau 6262 Deputy Assistant Secretary Jeff DeLaurentis 6262 Office Management Specialist Mariana Nolan 6262 Deputy Assistant Secretary Matthew Rooney 6262 Office Management Specialist Debra Grau 6262 Senior Advisor Charles Shapiro 3248 Senior Coordinator Giovanni Snidle 6918A Deputy Assistant Secretary Fabiola Rodriguez-Ciampoli 6253A Office Management Specialist Trilla Mangum 6262 Deputy Assistant Secretary Jeffrey A. DeLaurentis 6262 Senior Advisor / Public Diplomacy Paula Uribe 6262 Unclassified Fax Senior Advisor Zakiya Carr Johnson 3248 202-647-5780 202-647-5780 202-647-5811 202-647-9227 202-647-5195 202-647-9227 202-647-8387 202-647-8387 202-647-7337 202-647-7337 202-647-8563 202-647-6755 202-647-8563 202-647-8563 202-647-6755 202-647-6755 202-647-2323 202-643-2982 202-647-1313 202-647-7021 202-647-8563 202-646-4655 202-647-0834 202-736-7409

Office of Central Asian Affairs (SCA/CEN)
Director Tom Hushek 1880 Deputy Director Richard Snelsire 1880 Kazakhstan Desk Officer Martin O'Mara 1880 Kyrgyzstan Desk Officer John Gorkowski 1880 Tajikistan Desk Officer Sarah Prescott 8800 Turkmenistan Desk Officer Richard Snelsire 1880 Uzbekistan Desk Officer Brian Roraff 1880 Special Projects Officer Alex Long 1880 OMS Dawn Pearson 1880 202-647-6745 202-647-9031 202-647-6859 202-647-9119 202-647-7644 202-647-9031 202-647-6765 202-647-6757 202-647-9370

Office of Afghanistan Affairs (SCA/A)
Director Henry Ensher 5310 Deputy Director Herro Mustafa 5310 Political Desk Officer Bradley S. Parker 5310 Political Military Desk Officer Negah Angha 5310 Economic Desk Officer Anne Cummings 5310 202-647-6708 202-647-5267 202-647-5986 202-647-5986 202-647-5493


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Special Assistant Cristian Martinez 3248 Senior Advisor Paula Uribe 3842

202-6473903 202-736-4655

Permanent Mission Of The United States Of America To The Organization Of American States (WHA/USOAS)
U.S. Permanent Representative Ambassador Carmen Lomellin 5914 Deputy U.S. Permanent Representative Milton K. Drucker 5914 Special Advisor for the OAS Social Charter Vacant 5914 Counselor for Political Affairs Andrea Brouillette-Rodriguez 5914 Deputy Counselor for Political Affairs Daniel Cento 5914 Political Advisor Jeremy Long 5914 Foreign Affairs Officer Rachel Owen 5914 Counselor for Cooperation & Development Margarita Riva-Geoghegan 5914 Deputy Counselor for Cooperation & Development Melissa Kopolow McCall 5914 Foreign Affairs Officer Kelly Hapka 5914 Foreign Affairs Officer Carla Menendez McManus 5914 Foriegn Affairs Officer Silvia Spring 5914 WAE James Todd 5914 Chief of Staff Andrew Stevenson 5914 Outreach Barbara Adair 5914 Foreign Affairs Officer Fernando Rojas 5914 Program Specialist Deborah Diggs 5914 202-647-9430 202-647-9422 202-736-7532

Colombia Vetting Karen Sanjines 4915 Desk Officer (Peru) James Hogan 4915 Desk Officer (Ecuador) Anaida Haas 4915 Desk Officer (Bolivia) Paul Ghiotto 4915 Regional Advisor Moises Behar 4915 Senior Office Management Specialist Lizbeth Gonzales 4915 Office Management Specialist (Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru) Nadia Doukkali-Kelley 4915

202-647-3023 202-647-4177 202-647-2807 202-647-4193 202-647-1720 202-647-1715 202-647-3338

Office of Brazil and Southern Cone Affairs (WHA/BSC)
202-647-6375 202-647-9378 202-647-9210 202-647-9907 202-647-9913 202-647-9915 202-647-9907 202-647-9057 202-647-9908 202-647-4764 202-647-9916 202-647-9912 202-647-9482 202-647-8650 Director Richard Sanders 4258 Deputy Director Bruce W. Friedman 4258 Desk Officer (Argentina) Jennifer Showell 4258 Desk Officer (Chile) Jason Vorderstrasse 4258 Desk Officer (Paraguay, Uruguay) Virginia Kent 4258 Desk (Brazil Pol) Doreen Bailey 4258 Desk Officer (Brazil Econ) Jennifer Mergy 4258 Desk Officer (Brazil ESTH, CONS, and Social Inclusion Aaron Wodin-Schwartz 4258 Regional Officer Caroline J. Croft 4258 Public Diplomacy Advisor Johanna Villalobos 4258 Program Assistant Elaine Alexander 4258 202-647-3403 202-647-1774 202-647-3402 202-647-2575 202-647-1551 202-647-4994 202-647-2326 202-647-2296 202-647-3778 202-647-6537 202-647-1926

Office of Canadian Affairs (WHA/CAN)
Director Velia De Pirro 3917 Deputy Director Lisa Johnson 3917 Border, Consular, Energy & Law Enforcement Miguel Ordonez 3917 Political Military Andy Wilson 3917 Environmental Officer Dave Herman 3917 SPP Coordinator Susan Sanford 3917 Economic Political David Rovinsky 3917 202-647-2273 202-647-2228 202-647-2256 202-647-2475 202-647-2185 202-647-3030 202-647-2244

Office of The Executive Director (WHA/EX)
Executive Director Brian R. Majewski 3906 Deputy Executive Director Marjorie R. Phillips 3906 Chief Budget Officer Jamie Seale 3910 Administrative Officer James Murray 3906 Personnel Officer Vivian Harvey 3906 Supervisory Post Management Officer Scott Heckman 3906 Post Management Officer Jemile L. Bertot 3906 Post Management Officer Tom Canahuate 3906 Post Management Officer Stephen Stewart 3906 Post Management Officer Cheryl C. Johnson 3906 Management Analyst Elaine Lloyd 3906 FS Assignments Officer (Generalists) Jeanette Hantke 3906 FS Assignments Officer (Specialists) A. Bill Michael 3906 FS Information Management Specialist Ernesto Pizarro 3906 Summer Clerical Kirsti Price 3906 202-647-3318 202-647-4456 202-647-1924 202-647-6666 202-647-3685 202-647-4473 202-647-4458 202-647-3337 202-736-7354 202-736-7828 202-647-4476 202-647-1958 202-647-4436 202-647-4357 202-736-7835

Office of Caribbean Affairs (WHA/CAR)
Director Makila James 4262 Deputy Director Henry M. Rector 4262 OMS Monica Jackson 4262 Desk Officer (Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Eastern Caribbean) Karen Jo McIsaac 4262 Desk Officer (Bahamas, Jamaica) Joslyn Mack-Wilson 4262 Desk Officer (Guyana, Suriname, Aruba, Curacao, St Maarten) Robert W. Piehel 4262 Desk Officer (Human Rights, Gender, Migration) Stephanie Robinson 4262 Desk Officer (Dominican Republic) Geoffrey Schadrack 4262 Desk Officer (Regional Issues) Michael Fortin 4262 Intern Kale Edwards 4262 Promgam Assistant Leila Binner 4262 Desk Officer (Economics, Business, and Trade) Andres Delgado 4262 Desk Officer (Regional Affairs) Charles Carson 4262 202-636-4350 202-736-4766 202-647-5088 202-647-4384 202-736-4322 202-647-4719 202-647-4755 202-647-4757 202-736-4708 202-647-5088 202-647-5088 202-736-4322 202-647-4684

Office of Andean Affairs (WHA/AND)
Director Kevin Whitaker 4915 Deputy Director Andy Bowen 4915 Desk Officer (Venezuela) Margaret Bond 4915 Senior Advisor (Colombia) Shelly Westebbe 4915 Desk Officer (Colombia) Stuart Lippe 4915 Sr. Desk Officer (Colombia) Barbara Williams 4915 Desk Officer (Colombia) Tabatha Fairclough 4915 202-647-1715 202-647-3143 202-647-4984 202-736-7318 202-647-4208 202-647-3142 202-647-0464

Office of Central American Affairs (WHA/CEN)
Director Christopher Webster 5906 202-647-4087


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Deputy Director Amy Radetsky 5906 Desk Officer (Belize & Costa Rica) Jennifer Van Trump 5906 Regional Affairs Officer & (CARSI) Christopher Ashe 5906 Desk Officer (Guatemala) Brett Hamsik 5906 Desk Officer (Honduras) Benjamin Gedan 5906 Desk Officer (El Salvador) Melanie Bonner 5906 Desk Officer (Nicaragua) John Ballard 5906 Desk Officer (Panama) Kelsey Cambronne 5906 OMS Esther Mayberry 5906 Program Assistant Keasha Harris 5906

202-647-3543 202-647-3519 202-736-7660 202-647-3727 202-647-3482 202-647-4161 202-647-1510 202-647-3505 202-647-4292 202-647-4982

Merida Kiersten Stiansen 3909 Merida Advisor Greg Sprow 3909 Public Diplomacy Advisor Gabriel Kaypaghian 3909 IBWC Special Assistant Russ Frisbie 3909 Border Officer Geoff Anisman 3908 Border Officer Georgina Scarlata 3908 Border Coordinator Stewart Tuttle 3908 Vetting Coordinator Janie Pacheco 3909 IBWC Special Assistant Russell Frisbie 3909 Border/Environment Officer Rachel Poynter 3909

202-647-9083 202-647-9292 202-647-7137 202-647-8106 202-647-9895 202-647-1202 202-647-6356 202-647-8209 202-647-8106 202-647-9364

US-Mexico Border Affairs Unit Office of Policy Planning and Coordination (WHA/PPC)
(Acting) Director David Zimov L505 (Acting) Deputy Director Jeffrey Bischoff L505 Planning Officer - Budget Teresa Fralish L505 Planning Officer - Budget Jennifer Ceriale L505 Democracy, Law Enforcement Programs Jenna Ben Yehuda L505 Congressional Affairs Jennie Munoz L505 Democracy, Human Rights, and Justice Scott Miller L505 Budget Evan Marsh L505 Democracy Patrick Reilly L505 Strategic Planning Matthew Lamm L505 Performance Management Melisa Doherty L505 Strategic Planning Ajay Rao L505 Office Management Specialist Carolyn Flegler L505 Vetting Coordinator Jonathan Holmes L505 Political Military Advisor Col. Dan Tomlinson L505 202-663-3069 202-663-3036 202-663-3019 202-663-3037 202-663-3001 202-663-3103 202-663-3058 202-663-3041 202-663-3257 202-663-3038 202-663-3280 202-663-3257 202-663-3094 202-663-3044 202-663-3028

Office of Cuban Affairs (WHA/CCA)
Consular Officer Julianna Aynes-Neville 3234 Economic Officer Jarahn Hillsman 3234 Economic Officer Youliana Ivanova 3234 Economic Officer Gilberto Torresvela 3234 Political Officer Kimberly Penland 3234 Senior Advisor Tom Gerth 3234 Consular Officer Kristin Alderman 3234 Office Management Specialist Clarie Williams 3234 Program Assistant Vickie Alston 3234 Director/Coordinator Peter M. Brennan (202) 647-9389 Deputy Director/Coordinator Cari R. Enav (202) 647-7480 Director/Coordinator Peter M. Brennan 3234 Depurty Director/Coordinator Cari R. Enav 3234 Public Diplomacy Officer Simone Johnson 3234 Political Officer Greg Pardo III 3234 Co-ops Norma Carrillo 3234 Co-ops Andrea Arcila 3234 Stay-In-Sch(Arr. in Feb.) Raymon Tanner 3234 202-647-5224 202-647-5561 202-647-7479 202-647-7488 202-647-7050 202-647-8691 202-636-4018 202-636-4149 202-647-9273 3234 3234 (202) 647-9389 (202) 647-7480 (202) 647-9670 (202) 647-8764 (202) 647-9274 (202) 647-8748 (202) 647-9272

Office of Public Diplomacy (WHA/PDA)
Director Kay Mayfield 5258 Deputy Director Elizabeth Kauffman 5258 Planning and Coordination Officer Peter Samsoon 5258 Editing Assistant Daniel Taylor 5258 Office Management Specialist Taressa Frazier 5258 Country Officer (AND) Chad West 5258 Outreach Coordinator Darla Jordan 5258 Program Specialist Yinett Titolo 5258 Country Officer (CAR) Brittney McClary 5258 Country Officer (CAN/MEX) Gabriel Kaypaghian 3909 Cultural Affairs Officer (E CAR) Blakeney Vasquez 5258 Country Officer (CEN) Jeanie Duwan 4908 Public Affairs Spokesperson Chalres Louma-Overstreet 4908 Country Officer (Brazil/Southern Cone) Johanna Villaolobos 6917 Program Specialist Michele Proctor 5258 Country Officer (Cuba) Simone Johnson 3234 Innovation Advisor, Franklin Fellow Jason Flippen 5258 Public Affairs Specialist Amber Forbes 4908 202-647-7440 202-647-7452 202-647-7164 202-736-4653 202-647-7456 202-647-4176 202-647-4252 202-647-7197 202-647-7195 202-647-7137 202-647-7133 202-647-3559 202-647-0842 202-647-6537 202-647-7188 202-647-9670 202-647-7052 202.647.3296

Office of Economic Policy and Summit Coordination (WHA/EPSC)
Director Kevin K. Sullivan 3248 Deputy Econ Joseph E. Salazar 3248 Deputy Summit Coordination Robert F. Winchester 3248 Assistant Summit Coordinator Shannon Dalton 3248 Assistant Summit Coordinator David Silverman 3248 Summit Advisor Brett Hamsik 3248 Economic Officer Kristina Leszczak 3248 Trade Policy Officer Karin Sullivan 3248 Energy Officer Faith Corneille Rios 3248 Finance Officer Alisa Wong 3248 ESTH Francis Colon 3248 202-636-7530 202-647-0614 202-647-6374 202-647-0616 202-647-0615 202-647-3354 202-647-3940 202-647-3341 202-647-2066 202-647-4408 202-647-3710

Office of Mexican Affairs (WHA/MEX)
Director Alex Lee 3909 Deputy Director Colleen Hoey 3909 Political Officer Courtney Fernandez 3909 Economic Officer Mike Taylor 3909 Security/Cons Officer Gina Cabrera-Farraj 3909 Stay-in-School Anett Soot 3909 202-647-8186 202-647-8113 202-647-8529 202-647-8112 202-647-8107 202-647-8808


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


Office of the U.S. Representative to the United Nations, Washington Office (USUN/W)
U.S Permanent Representative
Secretary Cherise Reid 6317 202-736-7555

Director Jerry Taylor 5758 Deputy Director, Strategic Engagement Steve Tomchik 5758 Deputy Director, Treaty Implementation Neil Couch 5758

202-736-4467 202-647-7383 202-647-0902

Office of Technology and Assessments (VCI/TA)

Bureau of Arms Control, Verification and Compliance (AVC)
Assistant Secretary
Assisant Secretary Rose E. Gottemoeller 5950 Administrative Assistant Patricia (PJ) Moeller 5950 Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Karin L. Look 5878 Secretary Michelle Martin 5878 Deputy Assistant Secretary Marcie Ries 5888 Secretary Margaret Eileen Cottrell 5888 Deputy Assistant Secretary Frank A. Rose 5950 Secretary Annette Day 5950 Chief of Staff Ken Ward 2803 Director Task Force for Strategic Planning Lynn Rusten 5443 Dir. Task Force for Communications and Outreach Terri Lodge 5844 Dir. of Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy John Herzberg 5844 Dep. Dir. of Public Affairs and Public Diplomacy Jamie Mannina 5844 Senior Advisor for Compliance Timothy MacGregor 5951 Senior Advisor for Strategic Issues Richard (Chip) Hartman 5844 Senior Science Adviser Tawny (TR) Koncher 5871 Senior Adviser for Space and Missile Defense Dana Johnson 5751 Senior Advisor Suzanne Dalch 5751 Staff Assistant Sheila Price 5751 Staff Assistant Patricia Caul 5741 Security Manager Andre Bryant 5951 Security Officer Tre'Veon Wheeler 5951 Advisor to Dir. of Communications and Public Diplomacy Alexandra Bell 5844 Senior Advisor Thomas Yehl 5888 Senior Advisor Sarah Lennon 5751 Senior Advisor Eric Desautels 5751 Special Assistant Karen E. Kirchgasser 5951 Special Assistant Robert Nelson 5751 Administrative Assistant Sherry Garner 5950 202-647-5315 202-647-9291 202-647-6830 202-647-6830 202-647-5553 202-647-5553 202-647-7821 202-647-7821 202-647-6693 202-647-5463 202-647-8846 202-647-5479 202-647-7939 202-647-6653 202-736-4290 202-647-1192 202-647-7928 202-647-6045 202-736-7180 202-647-5407 202-647-5460 202-647-5462 202-647-8843 202-647-8776 202-647-8620 202-647-7620 202-647-9056 202-647-5933 202-647-5315

Director Brian Nordmann 5871 Deputy Director David F. Smith 5871

202-647-2408 202-647-6262

Office of Nuclear Affairs (VCI/NA)
Director Jeffrey L. Eberhardt 5751 Deputy Director Gilbert Sateia 5751 202-647-2792 202-647-8685

Office of Verification Operations (VCI/VO)
Director David Round, Acting H1300 SA1 Deputy Director Peter T. DiMichele H1300 SA1 202-663-2298 202-663-2296

Office of Biological Weapons Affairs (VCI/BW)
Director Brian D. Nordmann 5669 Deputy Director Kathy Crittenberger 5669 202-647-2408 202-647-3760

Office of Euro-Atlantic Security Affairs (AVC/ESA)
Director Richard Davis 5724 Deputy Director Donna Phelan 5724 Deputy Director Harry Heintzelman 5724 Secretary Elaine Wright 5724 202-647-9170 202-647-9645 202-647-9238 202-647-4153

Arms Control, Verification, and Compliance AVC/NRRC
Director Ned B. Williams, III 3722 Deputy Director Lt. Col John Miller, USAF 3722 202-647-0027 202-647-0998

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (VCI/OSCE)
Chief Arms Control Delegate Vienna, Austria Hugh M. Neighbour 43-1-369-2667

Joint Compliance and Inspection Commission, the Bilateral Implementation Commission, and the Special Verification Commission
U.S. Representative Jerry Taylor 5758 202-736-4467

Office of Strategic Planning and Outreach
Office Director Brandon Buttrick 3209 Deputy Office Director 3209 202-647-9336 202-647-9501

Office of the Executive Director (ISN-PM-AVC/EX)
Executive Director Cathleen E. Lawrence 1803 Deputy Executive Director--Human Resources Sheila T. Bruce 1819 Deputy Executive Director--Resource Management Rosetta L. Goode 1805 Deputy Executive Director--Budget and General Services William S.S. Amoroso 1809 202-647-3442 202-736-7006 202-647-1921 202-647-8666

Office of Strategic Affairs (AVC/SA)


Organizational Directory UNCLASSIFIED


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