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Popatas Juice by DR.GAN
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Popatas Juice by DR.GAN
Popatas Juice is the special juice containing mixture of 24 kinds of specific vegetables and fruits which are not changeable. We should blend together as smooth as possible. We must drink it with exact amount and adequate frequency per day. Popatas Juice produces the new stem cells of whole body cells and all organs including nervous system and all brain tissue in order to rebuild the new perfect structures and new function of all cells of the whole body. We can set the change of the new structures and the new stem cells to have the new functions of any systems in the body as what we want to be, and it can be really happened any time permanently. Popatas Juice can cure all diseases including mental diseases and even physical diseases including chronic diseases, congenital diseases and hereditary diseases. Let’s say all various diseases. The more and the longer you drink, the more you can find “ the miracle.” In addition, you will have good shape, slender and firm body without feeling weak, exhausted or hungry at all. All skin of the whole body will be tight and full of elasticity with smooth whitish skin as well. Everyone who drinks Popatas Juice more than 3 months will definitely bright, good looking, smart and forever young. How to drink Popatas Juice We should drink 1 glass every 2 hours, in total 6 glasses per day. For healthy persons or the recovery patients You should drink Popatas Juice 2 consecutive days a week in total of 1,700 ml per day, 1 glass every 2 hours for 6 glasses. You can start the first glass immediately after waking up in the morning. You can continue this pattern as long as possible for your good health. For sick patients or chronic diseases or congenital or hereditary diseases You should drink Popatas Juice every other two days that is drinking Popatas Juice one day and two days off alternatively in total of 1,200 ml per day, dividing into 6 glasses [200 ml per glass] every 2 hours. When you are getting better 50%, you can drink every other three days that is drinking Popatas Juice one day and three days off with increasing volume of 1,500 ml per day divided into 6 glasses per day every 2 hours until the symptoms are improving 80% or already cured, the pattern should change into 2 consecutive days a week. After all diseases cure, you should continue drinking Popatas Juice for another 6 months, but you can drink it


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continuously if you like the taste of Popatas Juice. Do not think it is wasting of money or expensive! It is not comparable with expense of previous therapy or drugs and ridiculous costs you’ve spent for the past of whole life. Another option I recommend is only AEMCE [ Activating Electro-Magnetic Cellular Energy ] practicing 5 rounds per day without wasting of money and drinking Popatas Juice. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ***The core of therapy by Popatas Theory is “ AEMCE practicing“*** AEMCE [ Activating Electro-Magnetic Cellular Energy ] If you cannot drink Popatas Juice Only AEMCE practicing Do it right and strictly at least 5 rounds per day ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Popatas Juice by Doctor Gan

** All the right is legally preserved, it is not allowed to copy or distribute or sell for business in any conditions. This is just for the therapy of the patients to cure all diseases. **
[ The sequence is based on the alphabets and divided in 2 groups of fresh and dry contents]
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

Asparagus 4-5 stalks Beet Root 1 piece [ use only juice ½ small cup ] Bitter Melon 1 small piece [ use the whole part ] Broccoli 1 [ use only its flower ] Brussels sprouts 5 pieces or egg plant 1 piece Red capsicum 1 bell [ use the whole part ] Carrot ½-1 piece [ only juice ] *use only fresh Celery ½-1 stalk Cranberry 10 pieces or strawberry 10 pcs or raspberry 10 pcs [ choose cranberry as the first choice ] Garlic 2-4 cloves Ginger 2-4 small slices Green apple [use only juice 3 glasses] *use only fresh Mint 4-8 leaves Onion ½-1 piece Passion fruit 2 pcs [ or freeze frozen passion fruit ] or kiwi fruit 1 piece or grape fruit 1 piece [ use the whole part ] Pineapple core 1 whole piece Red tomato 1 big piece Yoghurt 1 cup of 150 gm. [ natural homemade ] In Thailand, Yolida, Meiji, Goumet and Daily home [natural flavor, 0% fat ] are recommended. [ You can do it by yourself at home as in the internet. ]

From 19-24 all are dry components [ You can use fresh, powder or dry pattern ] 19. Cinnamon powder 1-2 teaspoons 20. Flaxseed 2-4 tablespoons 21. Oregano 1-2 teaspoons 22. Parsley 1 teaspoon [if you have fever or abdominal pain, you can add 2-3 teaspoons.] 23. Rosemary powder 1 teaspoon 24. Walnut 8 pcs [ hazelnut, brazil nut, pecan or almond] Note: If the readers have had the previous book of Popatas No. I or the previous website concerning the Popatas Juice, I’ve changed the recipe not to use orange juice any more. Only green apple juice, carrot juice, beet root juice and passion fruit are enough for the base in the blender. Where to buy all fruits, vegetables and seasoning! You can buy all of these in fresh or frozen or dry components in the fresh markets which are cheaper than the supermarkets. For 5 kinds of nuts such as walnut, hazelnut, Brazil nut, pecan and almond as well as


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flaxseed, you can buy in the supermarkets or Macro if you live in Thailand. Frozen strawberry, cranberry, raspberry, kiwi are sold in Macro, Tops, Foodland, Villa market. Frozen passion fruits are sold in Macro and Royal project shop. Frozen Brussels sprouts are sold in Macro. We can increase amount of green apple juice more than 3 cups in the blender in order to dilute the juice for easy drinking in stead of condensed Popatas Juice. Apart from the recipe I’ve mentioned, you can add more contents of each to sooth your flavor such as fruits, nuts, flaxseed and natural yoghurt to make it delicious. UNSECRET TIP OF THE RECIPE OF POPATAS JUICE! Every one, every diseases should add all of 24 kinds of the recipe that is the best and the most correct. Let’s try it! For the patients who have had under weight less than the standard or thyroid patients of all types [hypo- or hyperthyroidism or euthyroidism] You should add Quinoa 3 tablespoons and Oatmeal 3 tablespoons in the days you do not drink Popatas Juice only at the 5th hour after waking up from the morning. For the recovery patients discharge from the hospital You can add oatmeal 3 tablespoons, Quinoa 3 tablespoons, wheat germ 2 tablespoons, buckwheat 2 tablespoons and flaxseed 2 tablespoons boil together and eat it on the days you do not drink the Popatas Juice and divide into 3 meals : breakfast, lunch and dinner only 1 month of recovery period. Then you should eat 2 meals only at the 5th hour and the 12th hour from the time of waking up. You should do as everyone who practice the Popatas Theory to have only 2 meals per day. For the one who need more collagen to the skin and increase hormone You should add buckwheat 2 tablespoons and 1 avocado blended with the Popatas Juice. But buckwheat is omitted in the patients who have cysts, tumor and cancer. *****The cereals I’ve mentioned above, we can add to the recipe or not, it does not matter. The core of this theory for the Popatas Juice is only all total 24 kinds of the fruits and vegetables, that is enough to cure all diseases! ***** How to blend the Popatas Juice! We should wash all fruits and vegetables as clean as possible except nuts and flaxseed and slice them into small pieces. Then we should add all the components in the blender without separation of all fibers. We use apple juice more than 3 cups, carrot juice [less than 1 piece] extracted from the fresh green apples and ½-1 carrot. But the beet root, we can add all parts with or without extraction. Passion fruits can be used all liquid and seeds. We should blend all of these together and use all juices we’ve extracted as the base for easy blending. Do not add water, ice, salt, sugar or honey in the blender. During process of blending, we should gradually add a little bit of the components several times until it is smooth and then mixed together in the preparing bowl if there is a lot amount of Popatas Juice. We can blend the mixture again, we also add the powder or dry component at the final period of blending. If it is so condensed, we can add more green apple juice. We can also add more fruits such as cranberry, strawberry, raspberry, black grape, kiwi or apple juice to have good taste. We can also decrease the amount of seasoning into 1/3 of the ingredient to drink easily. The four kinds of vegetables which is compulsory, not to miss, are broccoli, asparagus, red capsicum or green if no red one and Brussels sprout [radish or egg plant]. For sick patients who cannot drink orally, we can extract all fruits


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and vegetables to be only liquid to feed through the feeding tube to the stomach with the volume of 1,200-2,000 ml [ 100-200 ml every 2 hours]. For the small children since birth up to 1 year, the volume of Popatas Juice per day should be up to 600 ml. Children 1-3 years, the volume should be 1,000-1,200 ml per day Children more than 3 years, the volume should be 1,200 ml per day We should drink all Popatas Juice day by day or keep in the refrigerator not more than 2 days! In the day we drink Popatas Juice, there is no food by that day, only pure water in between of Popatas Juice is acceptable. If we’re hungry, we can eat walnut or hazelnut 5 pieces each time every 4 hours, in total not more than 20 pieces per day. But if you’re not hungry, it’s not necessary to eat nuts because of money consuming. We can drink Popatas Juice with special pattern as 6-3 6-3. The day of 6 glasses without food as described, but the next day we can drink 3 glasses in the morning, noon and before bedtime only together with various kinds of food in the Popatas Theory, I will describe later. But actually, I do not want you to drink 6-3 6-3 pattern because of money consuming. The first priority is AEMCE and the second priority is drinking Popatas Juice because this theory emphasizes that every one should have equality, no need to spend more expense. AEMCE needs only surrounding air around us that we do not buy or search out of our home at all. Why we have to drink Popatas Juice every 2 hours! We have to drink Popatas Juice every 2 hours because nutrient energy from the Popatas Juice can replace spare cellular energy of the whole body in order to maintain young age without any wrinkles and feel fresh at all times. Do not worry about hungriness because if we drink Popatas Juice with exact amount, we are not hungry due to high fiber and high sulfur in the Popatas Juice so that large amount of energy producing in the body, adequate enough to maintain activities of daily life and treat the diseases and all symptoms as well. If we cannot drink Popatas Juice in exact time of 2 hours interval, please do not worry we can drink almost close to 2 hours as possible. The reason is energy consumption of the cells and also hormonal consumption of the whole body. Remember that the days without Popatas Juice, we have to concentrate to use only 24-35 kinds of fruits and vegetables recommended in the Popatas Juice and do not eat the only single one regularly, but bring all of these fruits and vegetables to cook many varieties of food. That makes the good results of the therapy to cure all diseases. How to practice and eat food on the days without Popatas Juice! Please follow food recipes and only 2 meals per day! The first meal of the day is 5th hour after waking up instant oatmeal 4-5 tablespoons mixed with hot water [ hot oatmeal ] or oatmeal with one dish of varieties of food in the Popatas Theory The second meal of the day is 12th hour after waking up oatmeal with 2-5 dishes of varieties of food in the Popatas Theory, but just for full stomach The ones who follow Popatas Theory should practice and choose food in the Popatas Theory in the days without Popatas Juice. The ones who cannot drink Popatas Juice should practice the same food with only 2 meals per day. The reasons we eat 2 meals per day at 5th and 12th hour are 1. Enough energy for the whole systems to work 2. Complete digestion and defecation in one day. The energy for the whole cells of the body mainly comes from the breathing air by only AEMCE. The compulsory rule of Popatas Theory we must avoid totally is eating


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simple carbohydrate such as all kinds of rice including plain rice, sticky rice, white rice, brown rice, unpolished rice, half-polished rice, red rice, all products made from rice, corn, green bean, konjac powder, Chinese barley, dry protein made from tofu, pasta, spaghetti, vermicelli, rice noodle, egg mixed with wheat flour noodle, konjac flour noodle, cornflake, rice flake with pumpkin, rice flake with black sesame [ black sesame is allowed to add in the food occasionally.] Only oatmeal is recommended as complex carbohydrate. Apart from that, we should avoid milk, tea, coffee, sparkling water, alcohol or spirit, rice milk, corn milk, chocolate, essence of chicken, bird’s nest, all candy, ice scream, cake, all fruits with sweet taste including guava, rose apple, cantaloupe, all kinds of banana, custard apple, Chinese pear etc. Fruits which are not sweet should be avoided as well. Except fresh soy milk is allowed to drink 2-3 glasses per week. The last group we should avoid is all herbs including Chinese herbs, Thai herbs with wide range of patterns, antibiotic, injected medicine, topical medicine, eye drop or eye ointment as well as supplement medicine or food including vitamins. Although I’ve ever taught the knowledge concerning vitamins to treat many diseases, but all of those are medicines, and we have to take it for the rest of the life. It’s wasteful! So I do not recommend any supplement food or vitamins any more. Now we’ll talk about many varieties of food in Popatas Theory, what we can eat in the days without Popatas Juice or every day we do not drink Popatas Juice at all. All foods should be made from only vegetables and fruits in Popatas Theory and some kinds of vegetables. I recommend oatmeal with food made from deep sea water fish such as salmon fish, tuna fish, mackerel fish, saba fish, one eyed fish, snapper fish, hamagi fish or other sea fish. I recommend not to eat freshwater fish. I also recommend chicken breast or fillet. We can cook all deep sea water fish and chicken in various kinds such as fry, boil, grill, roast, steam, make a curry, make a plain or spicy soup, make a steak, make a salad, mix with chili paste, mince and mix with vegetables and chili etc. Shrimp or prawn is allowed to eat not more than 4 per week, but crab should be taken occasionally, only when recovery from the diseases already. Other meats such as pork, beef, squid and shellfish are not allowed to eat. We should cook with many kinds of vegetables and fruits of Popatas Theory in the wide ranges of food alternatively, but not repeatedly. Many kinds of vegetables are allowed to eat apart from the previous 2435 kinds in the Popatas Theory such as all salad vegetables, lettuce, spinach, ivy gourd [tum lueng] vegetable, dill, celery [not Thai coriander], string bean, wing bean, cauliflower, cabbage, raw papaya, basil, sweet basil, bear’s head mushroom, golden needle mushroom, origin mushroom [brown mushroom and alga occasionally], egg tofu and 2-3 eggs per week. Apart from all of these vegetables should be avoided. We should omit morning glory, sprouts, long bean, kra-ched vegetable, kale, green pumpkin, cucumber, top bitter melon, sweet vegetable and cha-om vegetable. The rest of all of these, please ask me individually. Many seasonings are allowed to add for cooking food such as tomato sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce [not black sauce], salted soy bean, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, pepper, small chili, oyster sauce, slight sugar and honey and avoid salt in food. Example of many varieties of food can adapt properly in specific conditions. But we must try to eat in the boundary of Popatas Theory as much as possible especially in the period of treatment. We should eat adequately, and persevere to do AEMCE frequently and accurately, so we all reach the success in the treatment. Examples of varieties of food are fried chicken or shrimp with basil, suki, fish or chicken tom yum, chicken or shrimp green paste curry, fried mixed vegetables with lemon and honey, mixed vegetables and fish with tamarind curry, mixed vegetables and fish or shrimp with green chili paste curry, fish or chicken or shrimp salad, fish steak, chicken steak, grilled chicken, spicy minced chicken or fish salad, minced chicken or fish with vegetables and chili, mixed raw papaya with tomato and lemon, chili, honey and soy sauce [no pickled crab, no pickled freshwater fish], fried eggs, omelet, steam eggs 2-3 eggs per week, fried plain mixed vegetables,


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fried broccoli with shrimp, egg tofu plain soup, lettuce plain soup, mackerel or tuna fish sour and spicy, grilled seasoning chicken with special sauce, fried fish with red pepper paste and milk, mackerel fish with chili paste, mixed vegetables and chili paste, fried broccoli and cauliflower mixed with fried tofu, some walnut, honey, soy sauce and lemon with red chili, chicken curry with red chili paste and milk, fried seawater fish. Any vegetable oil can be used to cook, but not much at a time and not frequent. Many ready-made curry pastes can be used for cooking, but not out of my suggestion in order to good result to yourselves. The reason I recommend oatmeal and many western vegetables and fruits is that Popatas Juice is universal, everyone in this world can use it. Most of all vegetables and fruits are already sold for a long time around the world including Thailand. The important issue is I emphasize the treatment of all diseases. Oatmeal contains lots of vitamins and minerals, not only producing energy but also less sugar and high fiber. Apart from that, oatmeal is cheap and easy to buy in every country all around the world. It is also stayed in the stomach for 4-6 hours because oatmeal is the form of complex carbohydrate. Oatmeal is good for complete digestive system of the bowel as well. The best way to eat oatmeal is mixing with hot water without adding sugar, milk, honey or salt. I allow to add hot chicken soup to oatmeal for good taste for the ones who do not get used to the taste of oatmeal. Some can buy oat bar for carrying in the bag instead of oatmeal. One oat bar is equivalent to one cup of oatmeal for one meal. But the best one is hot oatmeal which is the cheapest. Anybody who wants to reduce weight! Popatas Juice can decrease weight without any side effects with high nutrients, high calories, high energy and decrease continuously without rebound effects, but we have to strictly continue Popatas Juice at least 6 months. Mostly the standard of decreasing weight is around 5-10 kilogram in the first month and gradually reducing month by month until reaching the proper level of the standard of each individual to be fit and firm again. Some patient can reduce the weight down to 25 kilogram per 3 months with bright, shiny, fine and white skin of the whole body without wrinkles or shrinking skin and no weakness. This helps to reduce accumulation of fat to have a good slender shape of whole body, not only the local parts. The most important one is no lack of nutrients definitely. Duration of treatment The patients with many diseases will gradually improve day by day, disease by disease 20-70%. If the patients have many diseases, they should do the combination between drinking Popatas Juice and AEMCE , this will increase the rate of healing. We also can use Popatas Juice to apply to the skin lesions for healing the diseases such as fever, headache, we can apply Popatas Juice to the scalp around half an hour and rinse it off or we do not rinse it and let it dry. If we have insect or animal bites, skin bruise, abrasion, skin infection , rash or itching skin, we can apply the Popatas Juice and do not forget to drink it in combination as well. Normally we recognize the result of treatment as improvement of the symptoms around the 4th time of Popatas Juice, some disease has had the result at the first day of Popatas Juice. Some symptoms or chronic diseases will take more time to recover depending on individual that how one can do accurately in both drinking Popatas Juice and AEMCE. In the first period of treatment, the symptoms of the diseases still appear depending on the diseases of individual such as headache due to history of migraine for ten years, some has had bowel gas and abdominal distension due to history of intestinal problems, some has had pain in the previous areas of pain. But most of them always have no symptoms any more after AEMCE 5 rounds per day already. It’s a miracle! For example, ones with hyperlipidemia, hypertension or diabetes mellitus, after drinking Popatas Juice and stopping medication taken for many years of whole life and there are no symptoms at all. Although stopping the medicine we should do AEMCE frequently to get quick results. Every day after waking


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up on the day of drinking Popatas Juice or not, we should start to do the first round of AEMCE immediately[sit on the bed, stretch both legs and lean the back against the head of the bed]. We have to do AEMCE 5 rounds per day every 3 hours, but actually we can do any time of the day if you have spare time, not necessary to wait to do every 3 hours. When we drink Popatas Juice, we have to buy selected vegetables and fruits, even clean and blend it by ourselves. So you know what you eat is something useful to your body. I’m not a distributor and I do not retain the Popatas Juice for myself. Every one can do it at home and the important one you should study and understand the same knowledge before practicing my theory that this theory is not talking about the value of nutrients and characteristic of each vegetables and fruits that each one has which nutrients to treat what diseases. But the treatment of this theory is the treatment with deep down to the cellular level from blending of all mixed 24 ingredients together and producing electromagnetic wave energy and frequency for all cells. So do not pay attention only properties and advantage of each kind of vegetables and fruits. It’s not only that point! When you already know the advantage of Popatas Juice, but it will not the most advantage to the readers if you’ve still got stuck in the previous belief regarding the modern therapy and got stuck with creating the condition to your life. So do it and put the intention to do it right and you will see the change definitely. In conclusion, every thing will be successful depending on the patients, not me, because I’m not existed! If you know the method of this theory, you can treat yourselves definitely. Finally, I want to let you know that “the ones who follow and practice this theory and recovery from all diseases, this is the proof of permanently cure therapy by POPATAS THEORY.” Good luck DOCTOR GAN POPATAS Revised January 19, 2011
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