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Sanctus: 2000 years ago, the Dark Knight Sparda turned against his demon brethre n and took up his sword for the sake of mankind. Though despite his brave effort s in our names, I fear some have forgotten the truth of that great sacrifice. If the events of that terrible time were to reoccur, the fusing of both the demoni c and human realms, we, weak humans, would have no means by which to oppose our submission. And so I ask you to unite! And pray that even if such a dark time of chaos were to revisit us, our gracious Savior would shelter us from the storm. Let us pray!

Kyrie: Nero¡ What¡‾s wrong?

Nero: I¡‾m outta here.

Kyrie: But it¡‾s not over yet¡

Nero: All this preaching is putting me to sleep.

Credo: Your holiness! No!


Nero: Kyrie!

Kyrie: Nero!

Nero: Kyrie! Go with your brother and get outta here!

Credo: I will return with help! You stall him until then!

Nero: I won¡‾t hold my breath. You got a jacked up notion of fair play pal. And it¡‾s beginning to piss me off.


Nero: I guess this doesn¡‾t quite cut it. What¡‾s the point of packin¡‾ a sword like that if you aren¡‾t even gonna use it?

Dante: You got a trick up your sleeve.

Nero: I thought the cat had your tongue. But if it¡‾s a trick you¡‾re looking for¡

Dante: Looks like you too, are a¡

Nero: Hate to interrupt, but I wanna wrap this show up before the cavalry arrive s.

Dante: So you¡‾re lookin¡‾ to play huh? Alright, I guess I got some time to kill¡

Nero: Tough guy, huh? Well¡ I think I¡‾ll have to take you down a couple notches.

Dante: Whatever you say, kid.


Dante: Getting better¡ I would even go as far as to say that I underestimated your¡ abilities.

Nero: You aren¡‾t human, are you?

Dante: We¡‾re the same¡ you and¡. I¡ and them¡ Though I suspect you carry something different from the others.

Nero: What are you talking about?

Dante: You¡‾ll come to learn the meaning soon enough. But... business beckons.

Nero: Hey!

Dante: Adios, kid!

============= MISSION 2 =============

Nero: You brought this here for me?

Kyrie: Credo requested. She yearns for your touch.

Nero: Thanks. This blade¡‾s the best battle companion a swordsman could wish for.

Nero: Fortuna Castle, huh? That¡‾s what the witnesses said. Guy just came from hell. He¡‾s gotta hit up a couple tourist sites.

Credo: You jest so lightly in a time of crisis? You must capture him.

Nero: Trust me, I¡‾ll get it done.

Kyrie: Please be careful. You still haven¡‾t recovered.

Nero: There¡‾s no time and duty calls. Can¡‾t pass on an emergency.

Credo: I must return to headquarters and report.


Civilian: Someone help me!

Nero: Is this him¡?

Credo: I¡ I¡‾m not sure.

Nero: Credo, take care of Kyrie. I got this!

Credo: We must evacuate the residents back to headquarters. And report back as s oon as you can, and be careful!

Nero: I got it already!

Credo: Kyrie, run! Go with the others!

Nero: Go! Get outta here!

Kyrie: Nero!

Nero: Not so fast¡ This baby sure can pack a punch.


Nero: Let me guess, more demons?

Berial: Ahhh, the human world, it¡‾s been a while¡ How curious¡

Nero: Fire¡‾s bad for the complexion. I burn easily, never tan.

Berial: When I came to this world 2000 years ago, there was no such human as the likes of you.

Nero: Wanna make it another 2000?

Berial: Silence! Futile pest, you will suffer the wrath of Berial! I, the conqueror of the Fire H ell!


Berial: Your arm¡ you are not human!

Nero: Don¡‾t ask. Damn thing drives me crazy though.

Berial: You are just like he was¡

Nero: And ¡®he¡‾ would be¡?

Berial: I must restore my powers!

============= MISSION 3 =============

Gloria: I owe you thanks.

Nero: You¡‾re from the Order¡? I¡‾ve never seen you before.

Gloria: I¡‾m new. Gloria. You¡‾re Nero, right? I¡‾ve heard rumors.

Nero: Hasn¡‾t everyone.

Gloria: Quite a few in fact, and none too flattering.

Nero: So what¡‾s the deal? Where¡‾re they coming from?

Gloria: It¡‾s strange... No matter the number you kill, more will come.

Nero: Then I¡‾ll leave that chore to you. I¡‾ve got some personal slaying to take care o f.

Gloria: I¡‾ll join with the others, we¡‾ll take care of them. May the Savior be with you on your journey.

Nero: Savior¡


Nero: Didn¡‾t figure this guy for a bookworm¡ That¡‾s one way to get yourself shot. So you after this guy too, or just here to cat ch some demons? Silent type, huh? Well that¡‾s¡ annoying. So much for friendly banter. If you want a fight, then come on!


Nero: Empty¡ A demon; it possessed the Order¡‾s armor. That¡‾s not a good sign.

============= MISSION 4 =============

Nero: This blizzard must be these demons. So this is what you really look like¡

Bael: You¡‾re stronger than you look with a smart ass mouth to match

Nero: Cut me some slack. I¡‾m just not big on toads.

Bael: Foooool! You think I care what you say?!

Nero: If we don¡‾t finish this quickly, it¡‾s gonna scar me for life.

Bael: I will crush you!


Bael: You think¡ you¡‾ve¡ beaten me¡!? Never! You piece¡ of¡

Nero: That¡‾s exactly what I think.

Bael: My brothers¡ will come! They¡

Nero: C¡‾mon, that¡‾s just nasty. Wait¡ did he say ¡°brothers¡±? Oh that¡‾s fair! Now I¡‾v herd of these things?! Sorry pal, we¡‾re closed!

============= MISSION 5 =============

Credo: You have awakened.

Sanctus: Credo.

Credo: My men are currently in pursuit of Dante It is only a matter of time before his location is revealed.

Sanctus: He came to us¡ It was fortunate I was able to participate in the ¡°ascension c eremony¡±.

Agnus: His Holiness¡! You look magnificent! You sent that cocky kid Nero to find Dante?

Credo: You question my command?

Agnus: Yes! What shall befall me s-s-s-should he stumble upon my research facili ty?!

Credo: Our priority is to capture Dante.

Agnus: Why you t-t-t-t¡

Sanctus: Credo.

Credo: Yes, Your Holiness.

Sanctus: Gather everyone. I must ease their minds on this matter.

Credo: Of course. .

============= MISSION 6 =============

Agnus: So, you¡‾ve come. Just as I¡‾d expected.

Nero: Who the hell are you?

Agnus: I am Agnus. Working in secrecy, very few are p-p-p-privy to my existence.

Nero: Funny, to figure an Order official out for a scroll in a hellhole kinda pl ace like this

Agnus: ¡°Hellhole¡±!? Watch your words! Just as fouled mouthed as I had heard¡. The rumors prove true. As will the new ones concerning your d-d-d-demise.

Nero: Don¡‾t you think that¡‾s a little harsh? Killing me because of the way I t-t-t-tal k? Great. More demons.

Agnus: This¡ this is all Credo¡‾s doing. It was Credo who ordered you to follow Dante¡ I was Credo who brought you here!

Nero: Dante¡? You mean the man that killed his holiness? What the hell is going on here?!

Agnus: I don¡‾t have to answer to you. For you are already as good as d-d-d-dead.

Nero: I beg to differ.


Agnus: Tha-tha-tha-that¡‾s demonic power! How can it be¡?

Nero: Look who¡‾s talking, jackass. Answer my question. What the hell¡‾s going on here?

Agnus: How profound¡It¡‾s magnificent!

Nero: OK, did you even hear me?

Agnus: If you want answers, then I shall give them to you. It has only been a fe w years since I began this research¡ Could we isolate and bind demonic power, it co uld enable us to conquer the world! And that, that is the wish of His Holiness!

Nero: What a crock¡ And you may as well ditch the efforts pal because His Holiness is dead.

Agnus: Ahhh, His Holiness has been reborn. As an angel! And soon, soon, so shall I. See what just a small fraction of my research has yielded? Look! How beautiful t his white armor stands! You have no idea the hardship to make just one armor com e to life. I had to capture and control countless demons to harness their souls. Summoning them alone was almost an insurmountable task!

Nero: Summoning, so it was you... who made the gate!

Agnus: Yes, yes, the Hellgate. I created it merely as a reference in substitution for the real gate. But after utilizing an extremely powerful devil arm. It proved sufficient.

Nero: What the hell are you talking about?

Agnus: You should rest¡ Soon you shall be my next subject of experimentation. So th at I can learn a little something from you¡ and that arm.

Nero: Never¡!

Agnus: T-t-t-take him out!

Nero (flashback): Kyrie, run!

Kyrie (flashback) Nero!

Nero (flashback): Kyrie! Kyrie!!

Agnus: How¡ Not even I could succeed in restoring it¡!

Nero: From that day forth, my arm changed¡ and a voice echoed. ¡°Power¡ Give me more powe !¡±

Agnus: What¡?

Nero: And if I become a demon, so be it! I will endure the exile. Anything to pr otect her.

Agnus: This is preposterous! Preposterous!

Nero: I should get back to Headquarters. If what Agnus said is true¡ Credo must¡‾ve kno wn something.


Nero: A forest¡?

Dante: What the hell is this? Must be the effect of the gate¡ Sorry kid, this is go nna have to wait¡

Nero: How much could he really know?

============= MISSION 7 =============

Credo: ¡and that¡‾s the situation so far.

Agnus: Credo! You knew it all along!

Credo: How dare you raise your voice in the presence of His Holiness!

Agnus: That arrogant kid possesses d-d-d-demonic power!

Credo: Absurd!

Agnus: Absurd!? Don¡‾t play me a fool. Is he not your subordinate!? He resurrected Y amato! It¡‾s your fault! It¡‾s your responsibility! It-t-t-t-t¡

Sanctus: Credo¡

Credo: Yes, Your holiness.

Sanctus: Can you apprehend this boy?

Credo: If that is your wish¡ Though who will then track Dante?

Gloria: I will find Dante.

Sanctus: You can guarantee his capture then?

Gloria: Absolutely. It¡‾s good to see Your Holiness has recovered.

Credo: Is she reliable?

Sanctus: She once brought to us the sword ¡°Sparda¡± and hastened the completion of our Savior.

Credo: But she remains almost a stranger to us all¡

Sanctus: Which will only concerns us should a situation arise. As for her identi ty, I have already investigated. Now Credo, find us Nero and Yamato and bring th em back to me.

Credo: As you wish, Your Holiness.

Agnus: That menace Nero appears to be quite close to Credo¡‾s sister, Kyrie. More th an once he called out her name¡


Echidna: Try some seeds on for size! My children! You bastard!

Nero: Sorry, but having you around is more than enough.

Echidna: Your insignificant insults have no effect on me. Though I will tear you r body to shreds!


Nero: Don¡‾t even think about it.

Echida: How shameful to be beaten by a human!

Nero: Hey, don¡‾t step up if you¡‾re not going to put up a decent fight. Didn¡‾t your mom ever tell you not to litter?

============= MISSION 8 =============

Nero: That¡‾s a look you shoot your enemy. OK, well then let me ask you this. What exactly is the Order after. And who the hell is Dante?

Credo: You do not demand answers from me! You possess the power of a demon¡

Nero: Back down! I don¡‾t want to hurt you. I won¡‾t do that to Kyrie!

Credo: Hurt me? You don¡‾t get it, do you?

Nero: You too¡

Credo: I have been chose to take the next step in evolution to become something far more than just human. I am an angel!

Nero: Wrong Credo. All that you¡‾ve become is a demon.

Credo: As the captain of the Holy Knights, you are now under arrest. It is the w ish of His Holiness.


Credo: No¡ Not yet! I¡‾m not finished! Your strength has increased.

Nero: Kyrie¡ No wait¡ this isn¡‾t what you think¡

Kyrie: Why¡? Why did you do this¡?

Agnus: It was our intentions to protect you from the truth. Nero is a demon.

Nero: You son of a ¡.!

Kyrie: Nero¡!

Agnus: Not to worry, I have no intentions of harming her¡ yet. Though it would appe ar your attachment extends beyond friendship.

Nero: She has nothing to do with this. Let her go!

Credo: Agnus! How dare you use my sister! This is my fight and I will finish it! Let her go!

Agnus: His holiness has predicted your defeat and so ordered that your sister be utilized.

Credo: What?!

Agnus: If you want her, then come and get her for I cannot guarantee her fate.

Credo: His Holiness¡ He used Kyrie¡?

Nero: Where¡‾s he taking her? Back to headquarters?!

Credo: I would assume so. Nero, we must set aside this battle until I find the t ruth in this.

============= MISSION 9 =============

Agnus: So, you¡‾ve come.

Nero: What have you done to Kyrie?!

Agnus: Why don¡‾t you check and find out? But don¡‾t expect me to be as easy on you as I was last time.

Nero: If I have to kill you to save Kyrie, then let¡‾s roll!


Agnus: Damn you! DAMN YOU! I will kill you! I will kill you!

Nero: Is that all you got? I think it¡‾s time to put you out of your misery.

Agnus: Your Holiness!

Sanctus: That¡‾s enough, Agnus. Go and prepare for activation.

Agnus: Right away.

Nero: Let her go! Kyrie!

Kyrie: Nero¡

Sanctus: You have indeed inherited Sparda¡‾s power.

============= MISSION 10 =============

Dante: What took you so long?

Nero: You¡ what are you doing here? Forget it, I don¡‾t have time for this.

Dante: And neither do I. So I¡‾ll cut to the chase. I¡‾m here for the sword.

Nero: Your point being?

Dante: It was originally my brother¡‾s¡ Return it to me and I¡‾ll let you go, kid.

Nero: Kid? Well¡ if that¡‾s how you see me I think you¡‾ll blush a pretty pink when I kick your ass!

Dante: Ah, helpful hint. Take a tip from the elders¡


Dante: You cooled off yet, kid? What¡‾s the matter? Why the glare?

Nero: You look as if you¡‾ve just been playing with me from the beginning.

Dante: That sword... was used to separate our world from the demons. I can¡‾t have s omething of that kinda power floating around now, can I? It¡‾s got to stay in the fa mily.

Nero: I need this¡

Dante: Then keep it. Now that you¡‾re calm and cool¡ Get going. Hey! What¡‾s your name?

Nero. You¡‾re Dante, right? Not a bad name¡

Dante: Neither is yours. That regal look suits you.

Gloria: I dress to impress.

Trish: Are you sure you want to let him go?

Dante: Yeah I figure he can bear the burden.

Trish: I know it¡‾s not my business, but this could get ugly.

Dante: Well, if the kid screws up, then I¡‾ll just have to kick his ass.

============= MISSION 11 =============

Nero: What the¡

Sanctus: Is it not beautiful?

Nero: I think we¡‾ve got a difference in opinion on that one.

Sanctus: How unfortunate.

Nero: Kyrie!

Sanctus: Is it not your wish to become one with her? Within the savior your mort al bodies will combine, melting into one to manifest and create his core! A thin g of utter and pure beauty.

Nero: Go blow yourself. I¡‾m here to save you¡ Please trust me.

Sanctus: I¡‾m afraid you are too late. But although still incomplete this is your ch ance to catch a glimpse of the true power of our savior.


Sanctus: Held back by love. Such a shame. Still, I must salute a man who carries the blood Sparda. While not in Dante¡‾s league you still presented a harder fight t han I had anticipated.

Nero: Dante¡?

Sanctus: I had originally intended to absorb him into our Savior, but circumstan ce presenting I¡‾d rather choose the option at hand. When your blood and this sword are combined, we will be able to proceed to the final stage of our ultimate goal .

Credo: Nero! Run!

Nero: Credo!

Sanctus: You have betrayed us. Why?

Credo: I served the dream of a world you spoke of, the savior you preached of¡ but you used my sister, Kyrie, who has nothing to do with this, and that is beyond f orgiveness.

Sanctus: Love¡? For a sibling? How foolish. All that is needed is absolute power!

Oh, it¡‾s you¡Gloria. Unfortunately you did not anticipate a descendant of Sparda¡‾s blood and because of this boy, you have been outwitted, and the savior will be complet ed.

Dante: I don¡‾t know. I¡‾d wager this kid still got some life in him.

Sanctus: You fool! Escape is now impossible! The creation cannot be stopped!

Dante: Hey, kid! You giving up so soon?

Nero: My options¡ are limited¡

Dante: So melodramatic. Besides, if you die without giving my sword back, I¡‾m gonna be pissed.

Nero: Then come and get it.

Dante: What a punk¡


Nero: Kyrie¡ I failed to save you. Kyrie¡

Kyrie: Nero¡ Thank you.

Nero: Kyrie! Kyrie! I swear it! I swear I¡‾m gonna get us out of here together, Kyri e! Kyrie!!


Dante: Check it out! It¡‾s got wings!

Trish: The design shows terrible taste.

Dante: Hey, where¡‾s that thing going? It¡‾s not complete yet is it?

Credo: It is in his heart to save this world from chaos¡ He will begin by driving i t out.

Trish: Now he has what he needs¡ Yamato.

Credo: Sparda used it to seal the Hell Gate from the demon world. The sword is t he key to opening the Hell Gate. The real Hell Gate¡ that lies dormant beneath the city¡

Dante: The sword that separates the human world from the demon world¡

Credo: I think you, the son of the Dark Knight Sparda, are the only one who can

stop the Savior now, Dante.

Trish: Looks like you¡‾ve got a rep to live up to.

Dante: Looks that way.

Credo: Please¡ honor one last request¡ Save them¡ Kyrie¡ and¡ Nero¡

Dante: I¡‾ll do it. I wouldn¡‾t want to deny anyone their dying request

Trish: I¡‾ll sweep the city and evacuate the people.

Dante: Hey, is this your way of switching and dumping this mess on¡

Trish: You wanna switch?

Dante: It¡‾s cool. Let¡‾s stick to the plan.

============= MISSION 12 =============

Agnus: Lend me your ears and fangs. Destroy this world so that the true utopia c an be born!!! Judgment day has arrived!!


Sanctus: Do not fear! Our Savior has come for us to deliver a salvation! We must repent and rejoice for the world has not yet come to an end!


Dante: That¡‾s a solid performance for an old fart like you.


(Start of flashback)

Dante: The Order of the Sword, huh?

Lady: Yes. Are you familiar with them?

Dante: Sorry, religion and I don¡‾t mix.

Lady: It¡‾s a small congregation that gathers in the castle town of Fortuna. I guess the only people who would have heard of it are the ones who take interest in th is type of thing.

Dante: Like you.

Lady: Exactly. So just how much do you know about Sparda?

Dante: Well, from what I can figure there¡‾s a lot of confusion surrounding him.

Lady: The story goes that Sparda served as the feudal lord at the city long ago. The people who live there today take these legends as truth and worship him. Ju st like a god.

Dante: They worship a demon as a god?

Lady: Peaceful worship can¡‾t be condemned. But the real problem is the Order. Latel y they¡‾ve been running amok, catching demons and have even butted in on some of my


Dante: Hmm, maybe they¡‾re starting a zoo.

Lady: Not just demons. They¡‾ve also been targeting devil arms, like the ones you ha ve.

Dante: Okay then, a museum. So what?

Lady: Well, what if their intentions are foul and there¡‾s a diabolical plan behind these apparently random acts?

Dante: Well then, I¡‾ve got something to keep me occupied and¡ Trish.

(End of flashback)

Dante: Things always gotta be complicated¡

============= MISSION 13 =============

Echidna: What in the-- AAH! Who the hell are you?

Dante: Glad I got your attention. I was beginning to feel a little ignored.

Echidna: You may jest, but the kindest fate I offer is to unify and spend eterni ty with a child of mine!

Dante: As appealing as that sounds, I think I¡‾ll pass. Though a fight everyone and then does make life more interesting, don¡‾t you think?


Echidna: My forest¡! My children¡!

Dante: I think that look suits you better. One down¡ two to go¡

============= MISSION 15 =============

Dante: Baby! Yeah! Alright! Nice! Sweet!

Dagon: What¡? How did you know!?

Dante: You can hide that body. But that smell¡ hoo! There¡‾s no covering up!

Dagon: Insult me once more time and I will make you suffer more than you thought possible!

Dante: I¡‾d actually like to see you try that!


Dagon: Don¡‾t think this is the end¡ there are more of us¡

Dante: He wasn¡‾t kidding¡ it¡‾s like an All-You-Can-Eat buffet.

============= MISSION 16 =============

Dante: Oh great. As if I didn¡‾t have enough obstacles already.


Dante: Alright! C¡‾mon!


Berial: A human posing as God¡? How ridiculous!

Dante: You don¡‾t say¡

Berial: What the¡

Dante: Wish you would¡‾ve noticed me earlier. Now my coat is all charred.

Berial: The infamous son of Sparda. I will avenge my compatriots slain by your s word!


Berial: You surpass my abilities¡ How shameful!

Dante: You can stay and die or you can walk your ugly ass back through that gate ! It¡‾s your call, pal.

Berial: I¡‾ve retreated once and will not do so again!

Dante: That¡‾s a letdown¡ I was hoping for a bit more than just a few sparks¡

First I whip it out! Then I thrust it! With great force! Every angle..! It penet rates! Until¡! With great strength¡! I¡ ram it in! In the end¡ We are all satisfied¡ a e set free¡! Don¡‾t look so big from where I¡‾m standing. Now it¡‾s just you and me, Mr. Savior.

============= MISSION 17 =============

Agnus: It was my assumption that those demons would prove far inferior in the fa ce of your tactics.

Dante: You summon and kill¡ summon and kill¡ I fail to see the logic here. Is sanity t he price to pay for power?!

Agnus: Humans¡ they are but stubborn and foolish. It takes a journey to Hell for t hem to accept and praise their God. A fact that tickles irony¡‾s judgment.

Dante: And your judgments interest me not. For I¡‾m here¡ to reclaim¡ what is rightfully ine.

Agnus: Yamato! That is what you seek. And that is why I wait in your path!

Dante: You will fumble in your opposition of my quest. Though I encourage! For a n opportunity to battle a being of such grand delusion as you is a sweet fortune !


Agnus: How¡ can there be such a difference b-b-b-between us.

Dante: You surrendered your humanity. It¡‾s that simple.

Agnus: If you¡‾re not human¡! So why am I inferior?

Dante: You assume human are weak. Ok yeah their bodies lack the physical ability of a demon but humans possess som ething that demons don¡‾t.

Agnus: What..? What is it that demons l-l-l-lack? Please for the sake of my rese arch! Please! tell me!

Dante: If you¡‾re gonna continue your research in the next world¡ Do your homework firs t. And the rest is silence.

============= MISSION 18 =============

Dante: I know this thing is a major cultural artifact¡ but it¡‾s bad for the community.

Trish: You get it back?

Dante: That¡‾s one sword¡

Trish: And one to go. Need some company?

Dante: I think you¡‾d better help the others. Try to get them as far away from here

as possible.

Trish: Got it.


Sanctus: You destroyed the Hell Gates!

Dante: Yeah¡ kinda tainted the view. So¡ you ready to fight now or what?

Sanctus: You traveled this far to fight me!? You could never touch the power of the Savior!

Dante: Sounds like you¡‾re overcompensating... Besides, I didn¡‾t want you to get a crea k in your neck for lookin¡‾ down at me.

Sanctus: Silence! What would it take for you to alter your position?

Dante: How about death! So, you ready to eat your words?

Sanctus: Do as you wish, your attempts are futile.

Dante: The true form must be inside¡ Looks like it¡‾s up to me to take care of ugly her e!


Sanctus: Even Yamato is powerless in opposition to the Savior!

Dante: If the exterior is solid¡ then you gotta take it out from the inside.

Sanctus: No¡! What have you done?!

Dante: Time to wake up kid, you¡‾re missing out on all the fun! Nero! It¡‾s up to you from here, kid! An opportunity to save the world doesn¡‾t happen everyda y you know! Savor it!

Nero: Then time I will savor¡ Let¡‾s clean up this mess!

============= MISSION 19 =============

Dante: Do what you gotta do, kid ¡®cause I¡‾m about to send this guy on a one way trip t o hell!

Nero: Don¡‾t worry. I¡‾m gonna get this done!

Dante: Good luck, kid!


Nero: Talk about shaking things up in here¡!

Dante: Hey kid! You should see what I¡‾m going through!

Nero: Guess we¡‾re in the same boat then.


MISSION 20 =============

Sanctus: We had originally intended Dante to form the Savior¡‾s core. Perhaps it wou ld¡‾ve been wise to adhere to that choice.

Nero: Too late for regrets. Now release Kyrie!

Sanctus: Why oppose the order? I knew your faith was weak, but I always thought you served our wishes.

Nero: Bad enough you lying about all this and trying to kill me... But what real ly pissed me off was using Kyrie!

Sanctus: What is that? Love?

Nero: Look it up.

Dante: Come on, kid! It¡‾s time to finish this!

Nero: Wrapping things up on my end.

Sanctus: Don¡‾t be too sure, boy! Although flawed, the power of the Savior is beyond that of which you can defeat!


Sanctus: The power of Sparda¡ Why won¡‾t you give me strength? Am I not worthy!?

Nero: Never could take those legends too literally. But I do know that Sparda ha d a heart. A heart that could love another person, a human. And that is what you lack. This time I will save you! Just hold on¡

Sanctus: Don¡‾t move or I¡‾ll¡

Nero: Sorry I took so long. Kyrie¡?


Nero: It¡‾s over.

Dante: Took your time.

Nero: What, you¡‾re look gin for an apology?

Dante: Well how long am I gonna have to wait for it? This guy just doesn¡‾t let it go!

Nero: This is where it started and this is where it will end by my hand.

Dante: Alright then¡ go finish it, kid.

Nero: Wait for me¡ You know God, I always hated that you made my arm like this¡But now with it, I can destroy this thing. Who would¡‾ve thought¡


Nero: Now I know¡ This hand was made for sending guys like you back to hell! And ¡ now¡ ou¡ DIE!!!


EPILOGUE 1 =============

Nero: I guess I should thank you.

Dante: But that¡‾d be out of character. Maybe you should just throw an insult my way instead.

Nero: Yeah, that sounds better. Still, I owe you.

Dante: Don¡‾t sweat it. I had my reasons for helping¡ Take care of yourself.

Nero: Wait. You forgot this.

Dante: Keep it.

Nero: What¡? I thought this meant a lot to you. ..?

Dante: That¡‾s the only kind of gift worth giving. I want to entrust it to you, and so I am. What you do from here is your call.

Nero: Hey, Dante! Will we meet again?

Kyrie: So¡ Is this the end?

Nero: Maybe¡ Maybe.

Kyrie: The city¡‾s a wreck.

Nero: Yeah.

Kyrie: I¡ I am still alive, right?

Nero: Yeah. We both are. Kyrie... If I¡‾m a demon and not a human anymore¡ Is this what you want¡?

Kyrie: Nero, you¡‾re you. And it¡‾s you I want to be with¡ I don¡‾t¡‾ know anyone who is a s you are.

Nero: Looks like they¡‾re determined to interrupt. Guess that kiss is gonna have to wait.

Kyrie: It¡‾s all right. I¡‾ll wait.

Nero: Thanks¡ Now¡ Let¡‾s rock!

============= EPILOGUE 2 =============

Lady: You¡‾re a lifesaver. Now I can finally do my job in peace.

Trish: If it was a lifesaver gig then don¡‾t you think we deserve a little more? You call this sincerity?

Lady: More? Was it not your fault that things escalated to the level that they d id? Bringing Sparda into the spotlight?

Dante: Hey! I was just getting to the good part!

Trish: This is your case too, Dante.

Dante: Yeah¡ Well, we take what we can get right?

Lady: Well... Then it¡‾s settled.

Trish: ¡°Devil May Cry¡±. It¡‾s a customer with the password. They¡‾re nearby. What should ?

Dante: You need to ask?

Lady: Can I come along?

Dante: Do what you want, but don¡‾t expect to get paid.

Lady: There¡‾s something so exciting about all this. You think so, right?

Trish: I won¡‾t lie¡

Dante: OK, are you ready? Come on, babes! Let¡‾s rock!!

====THE END====

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