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Director of Software Engineering with 18 years experience looking for a Middle Management position.



Charles S. Teague * [email protected] d, FL 33813

1715 High Point Dr. Lakelan

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------(Phone) (863) 606-8411 Objective To provide software deployment for complex projects, by creating appropriate arc hitecture, excellent Object Oriented design, and delivering solutions that incre ase the success of your company. Experience Viparious - Elite Software Development

Lakeland, Florida

President April, 2005 to Present Founded and managed all aspects of Viparious. This includes directing te ams of consultants and subcontractors in multiple counties. Viparious has 2 empl oyees, and many subcontractors. A team of 5 of us works on typical projects. V iparious increased the success of our clients by creating visually appealing web sites that are pick-up well by search Engines. * Created an Online Web Application, LienEm. I am fully responsible for t he full life cycle development of LienEm, from gathering requirements, to implem entation and hosting. My team and I wrote the VB.Net, and C# modules using VS 20 05. LienEm is a Custom Workflow with a SQL Server Database used by many clients to process the many legal documents required by the Florida Lien Law. We used s hare point with Microsoft Project to manage the initial development using the RA D methodology. We used Javascipt for Validation and AJAX for performance reasons . - * Gathered requirements, created designs, lead implementation, set up the test environment and deployed a C# Service, which integrates Taxi Software with phone boards. The solution is projected to increase the bottom line of Taxi Ca b Companies with 400 cabs by $700,000 per year. * Developed an online Custom Contact System and a Custom E-Commerce Cart for Surplus Solutions ( My team and I wrote the VB.Net, a nd C# modules using VS 2005 with an SQL Server Database. I used JQuery to imple ment a custom Treeview. I created a custom light box implementation using JQuer y, Javascript (as needed) and VB.Net (on the server). The SEO friendly cart inc reased their net by 1.5 million the first year (Their prior year was less than 1 million gross). They grow from 2 employees to offices and warehouses in multip le states. * Search Engine Optimization and Content Management Systems (DNN) - Curre nt Clients are True-MD, Lakeland Spine Center, Nite Owl, Trinity Medical Center, Chiropractic Center of Lakeland, Liberty Plumbing, Mobility Specialists, Pediat ric Partners, Philip Averbuck, Sun South Equipment Leasing. (This is not all cl ients). * Musser ( - oral and cosmetic surgeons). Developed an Onli ne HIPAA compliant way of submitting Medical Data. We used VB.Net, and SQL Serve r. We created the movie on the website and web personally as well. * Developed a call out phone system called, Marveler (C#) with an SQL Ser ver Database.

* Developed of a contact management system called Rapport Plan System (RP S). RPS provides an efficient way to manage and track follow-up with clients an d prospective customers. - This is a C# Web Application with an SQL Server Datab ase. We created a Windows C# Service for notifications. * Wrote Navigational System in Java for a confidential Robotics Company.

* Provided Bug Fixes for a confidential software company's C# mobile web application and web services with SQL Server database, which tracks the movement of retail stock. Successfully deployed changes to the field, in order validate the proto type.

Publix Super Markets, Inc.

Lakeland, Florida

Systems Analyst/Programmer March, 2005 to April, 2007 * Lead architecture discussion meetings, gathered requirements, created d esigns (including UML Diagrams and Data schema design), lead implementation, set up the test environment and deployed a corporate wide centralized solution for all contact information for 153,000 employees and contractors, as well as all 20 0,000 assets. This solution provided a correlation between all assets and ledger entries. Wrote in VB.Net with Active Directory, Oracle, DB2, and Access reposit ories. Used XML via Biztalk to decouple applications. * Integrated OPTS/MVS mainframe alert system, Computer Associates Unicent er (UNIX), Clarity, Cool Gen, Harvest, LCM, Infoman, CMMS, Active Directory, and Siteminder with Peregrine ServiceCenter (Windows Based). ServiceCenter provide s a way to manage all incidents, problems, assets, configuration items, and chan ge requests for all of Publix's devices, and software. I wrote VB.Net utilities to automatically synchronize Active Directory with a number of the Publix databa ses which include, SQL Server, DB2, and Access. Wrote VB.NET ConnectIT automatio n utilities in order synchronize Active Directory with Service Center. Used XML via Biztalk to decouple applications. * Provided enhancements and documentation for deploying Manugistics TM so ftware (classic VB) which is for transporting all of the Publix inventory from s uppliers to warehouses, and all of Publix's 890 stores. This included writing co mplex Oracle stored procedures (psql). * Created architecture, and design for CARE, Navision, many preparatory a pplications (in VB.Net and Oracle) and external applications at the State of Flo rida, Fair Isaac, The Hartford, and CS STARS. Provided Support for all of the P ublix Claim, Check Writing, and Risk Management Software. Worked with third par ty vendors, and multiple departments to resolve major issues.

Marsh USA Inc.

Chicago, Illinois

Team Leader April, 2001 to March, 2005 * Automated Mission Critical Insurance Claim processes for Risk Managemen t (This includes rewriting existing Visual C++ ATL COM libraries with a VB front -end in C# and ASP Dot Net using a Dot Net frame-work written by another group o f developers. Both Oracle and SQL-Servers are back-ends for this solution.)

* Developed a Dot net DLL in C# that provides one interface for batch pro cessing in oracle, as well as inserting, deleting, updating, and selecting from Oracle, SQL Server, and FoxPro with or without batch transactions. This provide s good performance, and reduces the amount of database specifics that must be im plemented in other parts of the system. The first developer to use this interfa ce complemented the rebus error handling of the dll. * Created the data-architecture for the Marsh Information Center with an ASP Dot Net front-end that uses Java-Script and Dot Net Remoting that trigger le gacy COM objects on a set of servers with multi-processors. The solution allows the maximum CPU efficiently. There are 20 data processes that are submitting av erage bulk-files of One-hundred thousand claims with 6 million corresponding fin ancial transaction on a busy day. A typical claim has 400 to 500 hundred fields and each financial transaction has between 100 to 200 fields. Thus, on a given day Terabytes of claim and transaction data is updated with gigabytes of data. * Held architecture discussion meetings, diagramed and wrote overall arch itecture documents for the Automated ACORD XML project, and the Claims-X-Change project. The Claims-X-Change solution provided the following functionality: * Gather claim data from any insurance group capable of producing claim r ecords in a flat file with a set layout * Convert claim records to a standardized Claims-X-Change format and stor e the converted records into data warehouse. * Provide the converted records to any company interested in receivin g them in real time * Created and monitored project schedules architecting, designing, and im plementing the Automated MQSeries XML Transmission Project, the Automated Conver sion Tool Project, the Base Error Java and C++ Classes Project, and STARS Update Dataflow and Data Schema Architecture. The solutions also included the followi ng technologies: VB Script, Java Script, HTML, DHTML, ASP, Oracle, TOMCAT, Apach e, and Java. * Reviewed and gave recommendations for Java and C++ IDE's, XML parsers, data transmission tools, UML tools, data modeling tools, source code control, bu g tracking, and change management tools. Created and implemented CXC development process. * Interviewed prospective employees, researched and interviewed prospecti ve consulting companies for staff augmentation. * Wrote Stars Update components using Web Services that communicate using HTTP and SOAP


Chicago, Illinois

Solutions Architect April, 2000 to March, 2001 Consulting at Trustmark Insurance, Inc. * Wrote and presented an assessment of Trustmark's Information Techno logy Department for there board and C-level executives. * sers Interviewed numerous executives, administrators, supervisors, and u

* Performed a systems analysis to determine the functionality, end to end process, strengths, and weaknesses of the Information Technology Department 's CORE Project. Consulting at United Entertainment Media * Story Server System Administration (Apache servers received 5000 hits p er day on average) * Customer technical support * Maintained United Bulletin Broad, cgi perl scripts, including multi-thr eaded forums * * * * Documented Story Server installation architecture Monitored and tuned Story Server Processes Tweaked Texis Webinator search engine Monitored Web server instances

* Configured Apache Web server, increasing performance so the front door page of loads three times faster Consulting at Vignette * Converted Global Sports Incorporated project from TCL to Active Ser ver Pages, VB and VB Script, and Java Script (SQL Server back-end) * * Executed ad-hoc tests Documented the conversion process

* Delivered the final application in time for Vignette to roll out th eir V5 training Lucent Technologies - Public Safety Systems Team Lead (Member of Technical Staff) Lisle, Illinois

October, 1997 to April, 2000

* Helped Lucent to move the software development of Computer Aided Dispat ch (CAD) system from a reluctant third party vender to in-house. CAD, a Life Cr itical Object Oriented Client Server application with a SQL Server Database runn ing 24X7, is written in Borland Delphi. * Helped hire and manage our team of ten developers, which corrected this life critical software. * As a team lead I was responsible for design, implementation, bug fixes, working with the test team, support team, documentation team, and the deploymen t team. * Developed new features and fixed bugs in Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), which is a Mission Critical Object Oriented Client Server application with a SQ L Server Database running 24X7 at 30 E-911 Police and Fire sites. * Created, automated and was responsible for the CAD Build Process

* Trained other CAD Developers, CAD Testers, Micro City (hardware provide r), and Customer Technical Support (CTS) and provided support to CTS and Trainin g

* idence

Visited customer sites resolving CAD issues and restoring customer conf

* Lucent was able to sell our product to E-911 Police and Fire sites acro ss the nation * abase. 523 Flowers Chemical Laboratories, Inc. Altamonte Springs, Florida Information Technology Manager May, 1992 to October, 1997 * Developed Objective-C, and C programs on mach (same as UNIX) to automat e the reporting and statistics of environmental analysis * Developed 3 parallel C programs that markedly increased performance We won the 1999 Computerworld Smithsonian Award for Emergency 9-1-1 Dat

* Successfully lead our 3-person team to write and automate 9 object orie ntated programs which ran on 42 mach (or UNIX) computers * Lead Development to enhance C and Objective-C software which saved FCL $530,000 in labor and gave FCL the edge needed to win one $4,000,000 and two $1, 000,000 annual contracts * Worked with a consultant to put FCL on the Internet, m, which includes a fast search of all data for all clients * Technical Details: Used ORB to allow Client Applications editing the sa me record to change for all clients when multiple clients's edited the same reco rd. University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida Graduate Teaching Assistant August, 1990 to May, 1992 * Taught College Algebra and College Trigonometry Education University of Central Florida Orlando, Florida Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences 1992 Research: "Portrait of the Hermite Error Formula" Worked two jobs to pay 100% of these educational expenses John B. Stetson University DeLand, Florida Bachelor of Science in Pure Mathematics 1990 Research: "The Geometric Groups" Worked three jobs to pay 75% of these educational expenses


Heartsaver CPR American Heart Association April, 2004 Planning and Managing IT Projects PerformSmart September, 2001 Business Writing Concero February, 2001 Active Server Pages Concero September, 2000 Java Concero September, 2000 Story Server Vignette May, 2000 Mastering VB Enterprise Development IMG January, 2000 Implementing a Database in Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Productivity Point Internati onal November, 1999 Learning to Lead (Team Leadership) Lucent Technologies September, 1999 SABLIME Administrator Training Lucent Technologies September, 1999 Mercury Interactive TestSuite Professional Services July, 1998 System Administrator for SQL Server 6.5 Global Knowledge Network, Inc. January, 1998 Delphi Training Tour Object Lessons January, 1998 Windows NT Administration Lucent Technologies December, 1997

Computer Skills Overview

Language C# Dot Net, VB Dot Net, ASP Dot Net, C++, Java, Delphi, Visual Basic, O bjective-C, C, VB Script, Perl, TCL, T-SQL Scripts, PSQL Scripts, HTML, Awk, Bor n-shell, Korn-shell, C-shell, Hyperscript, Pascal, Cobol, Modular II, Install Sh ield, Vortex, Peregrine Connect-IT VB Databases Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Sybase, DB2 IDEs Dot Net, KDE, Visual Studio, Vignette Story Server, Borland Delphi, NeXTSTE P, OpenStep, Peregrine Connect-IT Messaging XML, MQSeries UML Tools Visio, Describe, and ER / Studio Test tools Mercury Win Runner, LoadRunner Operating systems Windows Vista, Windows XP, UNIX, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, Windo ws 2003, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5, Windows 3.11, DOS, MACH Hardware Intel, Next, Apple, Sun Web servers Internet Information Server, Personal Web Server, Apache-SSL Server, Tomcat Server , Active Server Pages, CGI Search engines Texis, Webinator web walker

Presentations Dot Net User Group - Basics of C# 2010 Linq to SQL Server 2008 Publix - Unicenter, and ServiceCenter Integration Marsh - "STARS Update Enterprise Edition Dataflow" Marsh - "STARS Update 8.0 & 8.1 New Features" Trustmark Insurance, Inc. - "Assessment of Core Space Project" FCL Effective Management Seminar - "Counseling" UCF Information Management Seminar - "Computer Automation" UCF Defense - "Discussion of the Hermite Error Formula"

References by Request Only.

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