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Interesting information about Georgia and key facts about it. The article introduces a foreigner to a beautiful country.



Georgia is an amazing country located at the boundary between Europe and Asia. It's
bordered by the Black Sea, Turkey, Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Even if it's not a very
popular tourist destination at the moment, Georgia offers a variety of destinations that simply
delight the tourists. This article presents some of Georgia's incredible, but undiscovered
treasures, and gives a hint about its unexposed beauty that you can enjoy.

Georgia's capital is Tbilisi, a multicultural city which combines the European civilization
with the Asian one. It still preserves features of its origins as an ancient Spa and combines
them with features belonging to the Middle Ages and Modern Age. The top attractions
include old historic churches such as the Anchiskhati Basilica (built in the 6th century) and
the Sioni Cathedral (built in the 5th century). The city is surrounded by Narikala, an ancient
fortress, which was originally built in the 4th century. Narikala is located near valuable
historical places like the sulphur baths, the National Botanical Garden or the St Nicholas

Mtskheta is Georgia's ancient capital and it's currently regarded as an UNESCO World
Heritage Site, due to the priceless historical monuments. You can find here a large group of
medieval and ancient religious sites with impressive architecture like the Jvari Monastery, the
Samtavro Monastery and the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. It's highly impressive to discover the
ruins of the timeworn Bebris Tsikhe, the Armaztsikhe acropolis or the Armaztsikhe fortress,
as well as to visit the Institute of Archaeology.

Key cities
Georgia's main cities are unbelievably different by presenting unique and different
landscapes. Batumi is a vivid beach resort, which mixes the beauty of the mountains nearby
with the excitement of modern nightlife. Sighnaghi is an old city that has just been restored
and it resembles an eighteenth century city. Bakuriani is a mountain resort, known for its
landscape of the Caucasus and ski opportunities. Tusheti is an ecologically preserved area
that offers a display of fabulous wild nature.

Natural setting
The country lies in the Caucasus area and therefore is blessed with lovely landscapes all over
the country. There are many national parks that are worth visiting like Algeti, Borjomi-
Kharagauli, Mtirala, Ladodehki or Kazbegi, which all include significant species of flora and
fauna, as well as chances to hike, climb or just explore the area. Mount Kazbek is the favorite
tourist attractions because it's a dormant vulcano with a tectonically active area around it that
intrigues the viewers.

Travel requirements
Georgia is not a member of the European Union (EU), so tourists need a passport to visit the
country. Each tourist has to comply with the national rules concerning passports. For
example, an UK citizen has to fill out UK passport forms. Applications for UK passport
forms can be picked up from the local Post Office or can be completed online.

All the delightful destinations that Georgia provides are a great reason to discover the beauty
of this country. Its architectural wonders are a real joy for every tourist and its magnificent
treasures match even the most sophisticated tastes. Every vacation could be an opportunity to
relish the spectacular diversity of Georgia and to explore its less-known gems.

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