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About DissertationTeam.com
DissertationTeam.com is a professional dissertation and thesis writing service aimed at helping
undergraduate, Master’s and PhD students with their writing assignments. Over the years we were able to
assemble an outstanding team of experienced academic writers and editors specializing in over 100
disciplines throughout the academia. Our writing experts are available round-the-clock and will be more
than happy to assist you every step of the way from choosing the topic of your dissertation or thesis to
writing the final copy and making sure it adheres to every formatting requirement out there. We
understand that academic life can be quite challenging and time is always of the great essence; that’s
why our writing team is able to tackle even the toughest deadline and come up with the final product that
will wow you and your professors.

Why Should You Choose DissertationTeam.com?
The answer is quite simple: We deliver what we stand for and deliver it fast without sacrificing the quality
of the writing piece. Moreover, we’re proud to present each and every customer with the following benefits
that combined make working with DissertationTeam.com an easy and enjoyable experience:

Every paper is written from scratch and checked through plagiarism detection software;

There are plagiarism reports available on demand in order to ensure that your thesis or
dissertation are 100% authentic and original;

You have a unique opportunity to choose your own writer when placing the order from the list
of available ones in your chosen discipline;

You’re able to discuss the order details directly with the writer before making the final

We’ll revise the final product if you feel any corrections or adjustments are needed;

You’re paying through a secure payment system, so you can rest assured that your money is
safe and sound;

Our customer support team is available 24/7, so in case you have any questions or need
some kind of help, feel free to contact us anytime day or night.

DissertationTeam.com Writing Team
DissertationTeam.com writing team is a real example of professionalism and writing excellence. The
majority of our writers are native English speakers from US, UK, and Australia. They have devoted their
lives to academic writing, completed dissertations of their own (more than 1 sometimes) and know exactly
what a strong dissertation or thesis requires. You’ll be able to stay in close contact with your writer
throughout the writing process and ask for drafts or progress reports if needed. Your academic excellence
is our primary concern, so you’ll do everything in our power to ensure that your dissertation or thesis

arrives on time and of the exact quality you’re looking for regardless of how impossibly perplexing the
topic may seem or how tough the deadline is.

DissertationTeam - The Art of Dissertation Writing
If you're looking for the internet's leading custom dissertation writing service you've come to exactly the
right place. We specialize in providing high quality papers to those who're studying for a PhD or other
graduate level degree, so if you're interested in the best assistance with your written submissions we're
just the people who can help you. Unlike many other custom dissertation services we focus exclusively on
higher degree level work; we don't write high school essays or associate degree term papers. What this
means is that we provide a specialist service dedicated to one sector of higher education, so instead of
having to be a jack of all trades we're very much a master of one. If you'd like to learn more about our top
service, read on!

What we do
At DissertationTeam.com we help graduate students who want to give themselves an extra edge with
their written work. There are many reasons why you might want to use a custom dissertation service to
help out with your doctoral dissertation. It's an important part of your course, after all, and a lot is riding on
it. Why take the risk of handing in a piece of work that might not be up to the required standard? By
getting a professional writer to prepare it for you it's guaranteed that the writing will be top class. Of
course you might be great at writing dissertations yourself but short on time to actually get it done. A PhD
course takes a lot of work, after all, and it can be very hard to do everything that you need to. A rushed
dissertation isn't going to do you any favors, so it's much better to leave it to us and concentrate on the
other things you need to do. Our PhD dissertation writing service has been carefully designed to give you
great results, so you can order your dissertation from us with confidence. By working with us you get the
benefits of the following great features:

All dissertations written from scratch. For high school essays it might be just about
acceptable to do what many cheap dissertation writing services do and deliver a pre-written
essay that's been tweaked a bit to make it look original. At PhD level it absolutely isn't. Your
dissertation will be expected to include original research, so it's obvious that it needs to be
original writing.

Guaranteed 100% plagiarism free content. A graduate level dissertation isn't just going to
be read by the professor who marks it. It's going to be made available in your college library and
might even be published in a peer reviewed journal. This means that any plagiarism is going to

get found out, with serious repercussions for you. We don't tolerate plagiarism and we carry out
our own checks before delivering your dissertation.

500+ professional writers. We let you choose your own writer from our professional team.
You can also stay in contact with them right through the process of writing your dissertation. That
lets you make any changes as they need done.

Prompt delivery. We can meet any deadline, no matter how tight. For speed, reliability and
convenience we deliver for cheap all Ph.D. dissertations by email, so no downloading is required.

Why to choose us
As you've probably found out already there are many websites offering to provide custom dissertation
writing for you. They don't all provide the same quality of service, though. We take pride in the standard of
our writing team and in the papers we deliver, and that means you get the results you need. Don't take
any chances by relying on an inferior provider; find out what makes DissertationTeam.com one of the top
dissertation writing services today!

Please take a second to check our pricing tables for academic and business writing. Number in each
column represents an average price for 1 written page (double spacing, Arial / Times New Roman, 12 pt,
approximately 300 words per page). Total fee that we charge will depend on type of paper you need,
number of pages, delivery date, spacing, and the level of writing. We do not drop complicated or urgent
assignments. If you have one, don't fret and contact support to get the price quote.

Dissertation Writing
Level / Deadline

15 days +

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3 days

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Main 100% features

100% Privacy

100% Plagiarism-free

100% Money Back guarantee

100% Confidentiality

100% Tailor-made papers

100% Unique content

Paper format

300/600 words per page

Double/single spacing

APA/MLA/Chicago style

1 inch margins

Times New Roman, 12 pt

Free features

FREE Revisions

FREE Plagiarism scan

FREE Bibliography pages

FREE Title page

FREE Outline

And more

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly does DissertationTeam.com do?
DissertationTeam.com is a professional online writing, editing, and proofreading service that helps both
students and graduates. In short, we can write, edit, rewrite, or proofread any business or academic

Q: What makes DissertationTeam.com different?
We boast hiring the cream of the writing industry. The majority of our writers are native English speakers
born and raised in US, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe. We openly state
that we do hire ESL writers to satisfy the needs of ESL students who specifically ask for such writers or
editors. DissertationTeam.com is a division of GlobalWriters LLC, an officially registered company
(Companies House #: 7106763), which is vital in terms of the security and protection you are entitled to,
as a client. When your consumer rights are violated, you have a simple legal recourse and can easily
dispute your payment.

Q: How does the process work?
The process is really simple. To hire a writer or editor, press the Order button on any page of the website
and complete each step of the order form. It is vital that you are as specific and detailed as possible to
eliminate unnecessary questions from the writer and to avoid future alterations caused by vague
instructions. You will be able to easily upload any additional instructions (photocopies, pdf files, etc.) while
completing the order form. While placing your order, you can choose a specific writer from the list
provided – we have no problem sharing their amazing credentials. Once you complete the order form, you
will be redirected to the payment page. Make the payment using your credit/debit card or PayPal account.
Once we receive the payment, we will either start looking for an expert in your specified field (usually
takes no more that 30—60 minutes) or assign the writer of your choice.

Q: Can you find writers/editors/researchers for any subject?
Absolutely. For years we’ve been hiring expert writers and editors in various academic and business
fields. We do not decline complicated or scientific projects, so rest assured we’ll do our best to assign a
professional to start working on your assignment as soon as possible.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the finished product?
If you are not satisfied with the delivered paper, you will have 10 business days to request for free
revisions. To make a revision request, simply message your writer specifying the problem and ask the
writer to fix it within a certain time period.

2. Our Guarantees

Q: Will my paper and personal information remain confidential?
Yes. We do not re-publish your paper or sell it to third party. Your name, phone number, and location will
only be known to our customer support department. We will never pass your personal information to your
writer/editor, unless you personally ask to do so for the sake of the project. Again, we will never re-sell or
re-publish your paper to any third party, since we take your confidentiality very seriously.

Q: What if my paper was delivered late?
By having such a large team of professionals, we boast to have the majority of orders to be delivered prior
or according to the set deadline. We might only be late in extreme situations, when a writer falls ill, gets
hospitalized, is involved in a car accident, or is a victim of weather conditions. In these rare cases, every
client has a right to ask for a partial refund following our Money Back Policy.

3. Our Writers

Q: Can I talk to my writer?
Sometimes, yes. Just as most of our clients would like to preserve their privacy, most of our
writers/editors want to stay confidential and avoid direct communication with their clients. However, all of
our freelancers are accepting private messages from clients, so you can always communicate with
him/her through the website. In case your project is really tough and you would like to actually talk to the
person who is going to write your assignment, you will need to contact our customer support department
and notify them about your request. We will find a writer/editor who accepts direct phone calls from clients
and arrange everything for you.

Q: How do I know that my writer/editor is actually a good one?
We spend much time picking the best freelance academics to work on your projects. Though we receive
hundreds of applications each month, only a few are accepted and allowed to use our system. As soon as
your order is assigned to a particular scholar, you can communicate with the person and ask any
questions related to your assignment to find out if your editor is really proficient in the field. Sometimes,
we can send you the writers’ credentials to prove that he/she is an academic.

4. Ordering process

Q: How do I place an order?
Go to our Order page and fill out the order form to provide us with all necessary details and information
regarding your order. If you are a new client, you will need to create an account prior to placing your
order. Once your fill in the details of your request, the support team members will review your inquiry and
contact you for your payment details. Usually, we start looking for a writer/editor to work on your project
as soon as we get your payment, however, we can allocate a writer/editor for your assignment prior to
receiving the funds.

Q: How do I pay for my order?
Once we have confirmed to take on your order (in case it’s an urgent paper), you have to proceed with
your payment before the writer commences working on your assignment. In case your order is not urgent,
you do not need to wait for our confirmation since we are pretty sure that we will allocate your project to a
particular writer. You can only pay for your order online: Visit DissertationTeam.com. Log in to your

account using your email and password Locate the Navigation Panel and click on My Orders Open your
order and press Buy Now Fill out the payment form at PayPal and make your payment PayPal is an
extremely secure online payment service that guarantees purchase protection, transaction monitoring,
seller verification, and security of financial information.

Q: Can I pay with my debit/credit card?
Yes. You can pay with your PayPal balance, bank account, or credit card.

Q: I am nervous about making an online payment. Is it secure?
Absolutely. PayPal is an extremely secure online payment service that guarantees purchase protection,
transaction monitoring, seller verification, and security of financial information.

Q: What if I made a mistake while placing an order?
If you have made a mistake while making an order, please contact our customer support department via
email ([email protected]), or Live Chat.

Q: How do I receive my order?
Once your order is ready, we upload it to your personal order page on the website and email it to your
specified email address.

Q: How do I know if my writer/editor has any questions regarding my
If your writer sends you a message through the website, you will instantly receive an email notification
with a direct link to the note.

5. Cheating and Plagiarism

Q: Is this service legal?
Yes. DissertationTeam.com is a division of GlobalWriters LLC, registered at Companies House
(Companies House #: 7106763). Both British and American firms have to strictly follow the consumer

protection laws, fair trading directives and sale of goods and services legislations. When your consumer
rights are violated, you have a simple legal recourse and can easily reclaim your payment. Our services
conform 100% to all relevant legislation in the UK, and our staff and clients can be assured that in
contracting our services they are not in contravention of any UK laws.

Q: Is it cheating?
Simply put, no.

Dissertation Help
Data Analysis
Literature Review
Dissertation Defense
Qualitative Analysis
Concept Paper Assistance
APA and Academic Editing
Dissertation Consulting
Masters Thesis Consulting
Statistical Power Analysis
Journal Article Assistance
Dissertation Writing

Dissertation Help
Comprehensive Consulting for PhD Candidates
Precision Consulting is widely considered to be the premier consulting firm for PhD candidates seeking
dissertation help. Doctoral candidates frequently cite these reasons for choosing to work with us:

We are more reasonably priced than most other consultants offering dissertation help. We
offer free in-depth consultations with prospective clients, so that we can quote you accurately for the
assistance that you need for your dissertation. We have payment plans for grad students who require

dissertation help, and quote all of our work on a per-project (and not hourly) basis. You pay for
results, not for time.

We offer personalized, comprehensive, and friendly support during and after your
consultation with us, via phone and/or email. We don't consider our job done until your work is
approved, and you are completely comfortable with the work. We are generally available via phone
from 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday, and from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays. We
can create PowerPoint presentations or other visual tools to help you, or can be available via
Webcon for a 'live' consultation. We consider ourselves to be teachers and not doers, and truly enjoy
the feeling of helping a doctoral candidate through the dissertation process. We take pride in our
ability to explain complex concepts in statistics and qualitative methods in a simple way, and have
been referred by numerous committees because of this.

We offer ultra-fast turnaround times, often completing sections within 4-5 business days. We
also have the ability to work within even more stringent timelines, if necessary.

We have expertise in the specific requirements at major online universities such as NCU,
Capella, Walden, Argosy, University of Phoenix (UoP), Nova (NSU) and Grand Canyon
University. We've worked with hundreds of students and professors from online universities, and
typically save our clients thousands of dollars in course fees and reduced terms.

For instance, we have extensive experience with the Concept Paper phase at NCU and
the Annotated Bibliography. Students often come to us after revising their paper dozens of times,
we usually secure approval within a matter of weeks, not months or years.

Similarly, we've worked with many Capella learners on their SMR and proposal process.
Our methodological experts have a great deal of experience with the Capella committee and
mentor requirements, and all have PhDs in either Statistics, Economics, or Psychology.

Our services also extend to other submissions required for the completion of a degree,
such as Capstone research projects. Capstone projects often require the candidate to
demonstrate concrete knowledge and the ability to apply research methods to a real-world
problem. These research projects can be used in lieu of a dissertation or thesis across a variety
of degree areas such as Business, Nursing, and Education, among others. For schools, such as
Walden, that offer this option to Masters’ and Doctoral candidates, we would apply the same
expertise that we do for all of our dissertation clients to ensure your Capstone research is
professionally conducted.

We're experts at all variants of the APA 6 style, including BOLD which is commonly used
by University of Phoenix. Unlike most editors, we go beyond simple format and grammar; all
standard edits include full sentence structure, transition, referencing, front matter, and table of
contents, and guarantee the approval of the document.
We work with clients on a wide range of topics and our core areas of expertise include
Psychology, Nursing, Education, and Business/Leadership. To get a better sense of how we can
assist you with one of these key topic areas, please click on your topic below for a more detailed

Psychology, and psychometrics in particular, is our most common and most widely utilized area
of expertise. Not only are we familiar with most of the instruments that have been developed over
the past few decades (such as Beck Depression Inventory and Child Behavior Checklist), but we

have also developed original instruments and conducted validity and reliability testing. We use
Cronbach’s alpha to test for internal consistency along with exploratory and confirmatory factor
analyses, correlations, and Chi-squared tests to assess test-retest reliability, construct, and
criterion validity. Some of the interesting areas of psychology that we’ve recently investigated in
conjunction with our clients are:

Anger and aggression as it relates to Intelligence (IQ) and Emotional Intelligence.
An investigation into personal and inter-personal risk factors for victimization.
Covariance between therapeutic factors and the Trans-Theoretic Model of
psychotherapy as applied to college students.
The psychology of cybersex addiction and treatment.
The effectiveness of school psychologists and therapists in diagnosing ADHD,
eating disorders, and bullying-related trauma.
Clinical psychologists’ Phenomenological exploration of patients’ lived
experiences following couples counseling.
Clinical psychologists use of Grounded Theory to develop a model for substance
abuse recovery for college students.

Recently, nursing education has undergone a minor renaissance with the introduction of
simulation based testing. As a result, we have developed an expertise in testing the effectiveness
of simulation based exams. We have participated in the development of longitudinal studies to
test the resulting success and effectiveness of nurses who graduated at the top of their classes
from a core set of schools that used simulation based testing compared with those who used
traditional oral and written exams. Beyond simulation based testing, we have also conducted
research in the following areas:

How play therapy impacts anxiety and pain management among hospitalized
children with chronic illnesses.
The effectiveness of various obesity related education and fitness programs
among high school students diagnosed as diabetic or pre-diabetic.
An examination on the effect of relaxation therapy among patients who regularly
visit hospital emergency rooms.
Magnet versus non-Magnet hospitals’ patient satisfaction by region in the United
The effectiveness of planned teaching programs on knowledge regarding the
growth and development among mothers of toddlers.

For the past decade, education research has followed a number of interesting paths. Our
experience in education based research and analysis has followed the progression of bullyingrelated studies, the effectiveness and policy change affects that resulted from NCLB, and the
psychological and scholastic impact of the news of school shootings both within-district and
across districts in the United States. The introduction and adoption of smartphones and the
widespread availability of tablets and laptops has also changed the landscape of education
across all age groups, but especially with respect to elementary and middle-school children.
Students’ as young as 7 and 8 years old have started bringing their technology to school, which

has increased the threat of cyberbullying along with forcing teachers and administrations to
adjust. The following topics are just a select few among the various areas that we’ve researched
in the field of education:

Parents’ and teachers’ perceptions of the effect cyberbullying has on student
academic achievement.
The relationship between the ubiquity of technology and school attendance and
Parents’ and children’s lived experiences and perceptions related to bullying and
cyberbullying in elementary and middle school.
The relationship between texting frequency and writing performance.
How NCLB has affected preparation for secondary education and beyond.
The effectiveness of bullying prevention programs.
Phenomenological investigations into the lived experiences of survivors of school
Grounded Theory studies into developing a model for recovery post schooltragedies.

Among the variety of areas of study that we assist with in the business and leadership arena, the
two key areas have been implementing management techniques in new areas (such as Six
Sigma being applied in Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries) and the implementation
of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles research among various industries and levels of
management. Administration effectiveness, profitability, and margin analysis have also continued
to be key areas of research where our clients focus on one or two areas for comparison (such as
the UK and continental Europe). Banking studies have also, of course, been disproportionately
frequent in the wake of the recent financial crisis. The same can be said for risk management
operational effectiveness studies with respect to leadership factors. Some of the topics that
we’ve helped research over the past 5-6 years have included:

The implementation of Six Sigma in Saudi Arabia.
The relationship operational effectiveness and Leadership Styles.
The relationship between Leadership Styles and Emotional Intelligence.
Supply chain management: A mixed methods investigation into the most effective
practices for efficient distribution and allocation of resources.
Corporate responsibility’s correlation to profitability as a longitudinal study of
publicly recognizable businesses.
Asset types, bank balance sheets, and the ex-ante and ex-post risk management
policies of the world’s largest banks.
Banking privatization and the risk of insolvency and bankruptcy.
Public funds’ effectiveness in reducing systematic risk to the banking sector.
Other Areas

In addition to the areas of Psychology, Education, Nursing, and Business, we also provide
extensive assistance with a wide variety of specialized topics. These areas range from technical
Engineering, mathematical, and statistical analyses to Music Theory and the application of the
biographical information of the composer to the analysis of a given symphony. We also have a

high degree of expertise in Economics, Econometrics, and Mathematical Finance topics and
analyses. In addition to these areas of expertise, we also have a very flexible and highly
intelligent team so please also feel free to contact us with your topic even if it isn’t explicitly noted

We work with clients from around the world. Our ability to help you get through your thesis or
dissertation extends well beyond our borders as our clients include Masters' degree and Doctoral
candidates from countries including the United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand, South
Africa, Germany, France, and Saudi Arabia, among others. We are also familiar with countrybased differences in submission expectations and written English (such as American, British, and
Australian usages). Since a significant proportion of our client base is international, we can be
available outside of our normal business hours of 9am-8pm EST to accommodate any time

We can perform any statistical or qualitative analysis, regardless of the complexity (and
have never turned down a project due to it being too complex). We take on the projects that no one
else can handle. Our dissertation assistance clients often come from top schools such as the Ivies,
Oxford, Stanford, etc. We have specialists in various disciplines (psychometrics, qualitative analysis,
education research, econometrics, methodology, non-parametric statistics, etc.), each with PhDs
from elite Universities. We frequently accept clients who have been turned away by other dissertation
consultants because the project was too complex for them.

We provide assistance to doctoral candidates focusing on qualitative research. Our Head
of Qualitative Analysis, Dr. Timothy Prinz (Harvard PhD, 1998) worked as a government policy
analyst, focusing solely on qualitative research, for years prior to joining our team. Dr. Prinz
personally conducts all qualitative analyses and can assist with virtually any qualitative methodology
ranging from Thematic or Content Analysis to Ethnography, Action Research, Delphi Studies,
Grounded Theory, and Phenomenology.

We don't merely "advise" you. Rather, we participate in the preparation of all five chapters
of your dissertation. We will work with you until you understand all of the material, and are able to
defend the work with confidence and ease.

We customize our help to assist you in developing your topic and specifying your
methodology. Please review our presentation about Topic Development and Methods Specification
below to get a better idea about how we approach these key steps in your dissertation research

We have expertise with virtually every statistical and qualitative software package,
including but not limited to:

SPSS, SAS, and Stata for standard quantitative analyses
R and Matlab for simulations, bootstrapping, neural nets, data mining, and general multipurpose quantitative modeling
NVIVO, NUDIST, and ATLAS for qualitative work
MPLUS, LISREL, AMOS, and EQS for Structural Equation Modeling and Latent Class
SmartPLS for Partial Least Squares Path Modeling
WinBUGS and OpenBUGS for Bayesian Analysis

MATHEMATICA and MAPLE for pure mathematics
We are highly recommended by the Association for Support of Graduate Students, and we are
members in good standing of the Statistical Consulting section of the American Statistical

On this page, we will cover an introduction into our experience working with PhD candidates, and
precisely what our service entails.

Our Experience Working With PhD Candidates
The recent proliferation of online Universities offering PhD degrees (such as NCU, Capella, UoP, etc) has
led to the situation of students often being ill-prepared to complete the dissertation process without
seeking outside assistance from a dissertation consultant who is familiar with the specific processes
followed at these schools. Since expanding our client base to include PhD candidates, we have helped
these students save thousands of dollars in tuition, while graduating months earlier than their peers.
Offering dissertation help to PhD candidates is now one of the top priorities of our firm.
When we decided to begin offering dissertation help to graduate students, we carefully researched the
services being offered by other dissertation consultants and statisticians. We realized that many lessqualified firms had now entered the dissertation help industry, but for the most part, they aren't qualified or
able to do the required work.
Another large problem needed to be addressed: Almost all of these other consultants merely 'advise' on
the statistics for dissertations. For most students requiring assistance with their dissertation, this is not
sufficient. If you choose to work with us, we will assist you at the level of participation that you or your
committee suggests is necessary. As an example, consider a doctoral candidate with a near-approved
proposal, who approaches us for help in getting it approved. For that student, our work would include
selecting the most appropriate quantitative or qualitative methods to use (and not merely the easiest
ones, which many other consultants do), addressing sample size requirements and the means of
sampling, and then assisting with the creation of the methodology section (chapter 3) in APA format. We
would of course also do an APA and grammar edit of the entire proposal. Upon approval from your
committee, we then conduct the data analysis and assist in the creation of a draft of your results (chapter
4). Each of these steps usually takes no more than 5 days, and any/all modifications required by your
committee at any point in the future are included in our fee. Afterward, we prep you for defense and peer
review until you are fully prepared. Since the IRB requires a large degree of care with the handling of
collected data, we of course ensure complete confidentiality.
Over the years, Precision Consulting has helped over 4000 students with their dissertation, in various
disciplines including education, psychology, finance, and many others.

Precisely What Our Service Entails
We work with students at all stages of the dissertation process, from those in the earliest stages (deciding
what topic to study) to those in the latter stages (only needing their data analyzed and their chapter 4
completed). The following list contains what we will do for you at each stage of the process. For specific
information on the process of working with us at various stages, you can also go to the appropriate
section via the menu on the left of this page.

Here is how we can help you with your dissertation if you have an approved topic and your literature
review is completed, which is a common starting point for our clients:

First, we try to truly understand the issue you are studying. We will do this by reading everything
you have produced so far (your proposal, etc), as well as any articles of your suggestion. At this
point, we will be ready to suggest a proper way of moving forward.

We then work on your statistical or qualitative methodology. If you've not yet collected your data,
we begin by assisting you in the development of the optimal sampling strategy as well as the best
methods of analysis for the data to be collected. At this point, we also determine the necessary
sample size for your study by performing the appropriate power analysis, and we examine the
reliability and validity of your constructs. Experimental design (planning the collection of data) is quite
possibly the most important step of a project. Time (and money) lost by poor sampling often cannot
be recovered. Let us help you design a data collection plan that will avoid any pitfalls.

At this point, we assist you with the provision of a draft of your methods section in APA format to
be submitted to your committee for feedback. We will make any/all changes required by your
committee to get it approved, no matter how long (or how many revisions) it takes.

If you need assistance with data entry, we can help you to set up a template, or we can provide
data entry for you for a reasonable extra charge.

If you already have a completed/approved proposal and are ready for quantitative and qualitative data
analysis, we would ordinarily proceed as follows:

When your data is collected, we will conduct the analysis in the software package of your choice.
Unlike many other consultants, we are proficient with virtually every statistical method and qualitative
methodolgy, and virtually all statistical software packages.

We will then send you a professional draft of your results (chapter 4). This will include the outputs
of our analysis (figures, tables, etc) all in APA format, along with a detailed summary of the findings.

Professional APA editing can be provided for the rest of your paper (chapters 1 and 2) for a
reasonable fee. In addition to assisting with the rather arcane APA formatting rules, we also strive to
help you in an intelligent manner with the entirety of your paper, integrating your editing work with
practical suggestions on content. We are also familiar with the particular editing and formatting rules
of various Universities (including all of the major online Universities, who tend to have very specific
formatting conventions), and will of course format your dissertation according to those rules, as well
as to standard APA conventions.

We can also assist you with the development or expansion of your literature review (chapter 2) or
with your discussion section (chapter 5). Please see the menu on the left of this page for more
information on how we can assist you with these sections of your dissertation.

We provide ongoing support throughout the entire process. We can demonstrate how to interpret
the results, provide ample instruction on the methods used (and why) and what the results mean,
suggest reading materials for you to greater understand the particular analytical methods used, give
you a PowerPoint presentation with the main points of the results, and allow unlimited email and
phone support to ensure that you completely understand the results of the analysis and can discuss
them freely. This includes preparation for the defense and peer review process.

We understand the importance and necessity of confidentiality, and provide all of our prospective clients
with a Non-Disclosure Agreement immediately upon contact. This ensures you that your research will not
be shared with any third parties, and your consultation with us is completely confidential.

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