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Messages From The Divine Father
The purpose of prophecy is to wake people up, shake people up, and cause them to examine their lives.
I will give dates and years that these messages were given to me. These dates are when I received the messages, and not when they are to be fulfilled.

I believe that I have been commissioned by divine intervention to give these messages to our world of what is going to happen in the future and how there is going to be a way to escape all that is going to happen. I am not a futurist I am just a messenger to give a warning to the world. Things can change if you listen to what the message is saying to you and your future. Keep in mind these things will happen sooner than you think without notice. Look at what is going on right now in the world. Just look around, you can see it is coming like a freight train down the tracks. e are destroying the land that is all around us. e need more and more power. e are a power hungry world and we do not care whom we run down. hoever gets in our way we will run over. Listen with your hearts not your ears to what is happening all around us. !our children of this world you can change things if you want to. The trains are coming to the intersection. "re you going pull the switch to change things and stop those trains from hitting each other# The warning signals have gone out. "re you as children of this world going to heed the warnings or are you going to turn your backs on them and walk away. These messages are giving to you as a warning. "re you going to listen#
1/20/94 “That with which is the spirit is of me, listen with your heart not your ears. I am all power. I am all mighty God. I am everlasting life.

I am the beginning and the end.” All things come from me that love the Lord all things come to them that love the Lord. I will come in the clouds of glory for all to see. y glory will rain forever. All !hristians........get e"cited# it will be sooner than you thin$. %eep a watchful eye on the s$y I will come in a twin$le of an eye. &e prepared and strong in your faith. &ad things are coming to this earth. 'old tight to your faith and be strong. I am with you in all things. Things are coming upon the earth that the earth has never seen. I can do all things through hrist who strengthens me. 2/1!/94 There is going to be great devastation on the earth. The reason this is going to happen is my people will not listen to me. If my people will turn from their evil ways their wrong doings, sinning, partying, drin$ing, se"ual sinning...I will heal their lands. I shoo$ the earth in !alifornia as a warning. This was (ust a little warning of what is going to happen. At the edge of the )acific *cean are the )acific plates, which is a fault line in the sea. This fault line is going to be were the devastation will happen. There will be a great earth+ua$e in the Los Angeles basin area. 'omes, schools industries built on the fault will be lost. There will be a great tidal wave that will hit the shoreline. &uildings will fall li$e sand castles. any people will die. This will happen without notice. The devastation will be as bad as two nuclear bombs. The resulting shoc$ wave will reach across the ,nited -tates. -cared people will fall to their $nees. The economy will be devastated. -imi .alley will be destroyed where most of the computer chips are made# also 'ollywood will be destroyed. I have warned my people with fires, floods, tornadoes, green rain and landslides. y people will not listen. They (ust $eep on sinning. -o now my wrath will be put upon them. 2/1"/94 The #ord told me more about the $acific $lates and the earth%ua&e. 'e has told me to watch the news on T(. There is going to be an eru$tion on the $acific $lates. This is a sign of what)s coming and how the $lates are moving. 'e also told me there are going to be $roblems in *osnia and that the +erbs are not to be trusted. 2/2,/94 -atch the $acific $lates, the ne.t volcano eru$tion will be /ra&atoa. There will be a tidal wave from this eru$tion that will hit alifornia. Then the earth%ua&es will begin. The #ord also told me to watch the slee$ing bear. 2/24/94 The volcano will eru$t on /ra&atoa in the month of 0ay. The #ord is going to lift the veil off 1erusalem and $our out his s$irit on the world. *ut devastation has to come first. 'e told me to fear not for 'e is with me. It would be the worst devastation the world has ever seen. 2eo$le will die from heart attac&s, and fear3 $eo$le will fall on their &nees as they cry out for hel$. 0any $eo$le will find 1esus as their +avior. 'e told me to &ee$ close and to hang onto him and to not let go, or I could be devoured. This is going to be the year of strong faith. “&e still for I am with you. Thy rod and thy staff shall comfort you. I shall never leave you or forsa$e you.”

4ev. ,5 ! 6 14 To all that can hear,...listen, listen to what the 'oly -pirit is saying to the !hurch. This message is sent to you that is 'oly and true and has the $ey of /avid. 2/27/94 I am having a dream. I am not sure what it is I am seeing but there is a huge crane with a big chain with a big hoo& on it. There was a $it with a steel cover on it. The cover was being lifted off. 8own inside was brightly colored lava that was rising u$ to the to$. The #ord told me the *east is going to come out of the $it. The *east is going to be set loose u$on the world. 9 'ebrew 12 6 123 4ev. 115:, 1151,; ,/2/94 There will be signs in the s&y. 8o not be worried and &ee$ your eyes on 1esus. The unbelievers will be fearful and you will re<oice. ,/10/94 As I wal$ around the universe display, I loo$ down on earth and I feel a lot of shame and pain because they do not obey. *h, if they would (ust obey and turn from their evil ways, I will heal their land. Let my 'oly -pirit guard you and guide you as you wal$ with me day by day.” The Lord told me 'e is going to brea$ that old dirty window that has been getting dirtier and dirtier and that he is going to pour 'is spirit upon the earth. 0or those who will not listen and obey my words and turn from their evil ways, I will shoot fire and smo$e from the belly of the earth. I will show them I am God and if they still will not listen I will bring mass destruction upon them and grief. I will pour hot coals on their heads. *h, listen...oh listen...the time is coming for great sorrow and pain. There will be grinding and gnashing of teeth. *h, children of the Almighty, listen with both ears to what I am saying. &e still in your spirit and hear with your heart. I will pour my wrath upon earth li$e a two1edged sword, awa$e, awa$e unbelievers...my wrath will come swiftly. I am Almighty God everlasting life, the beginning and the end. *h, that I stand at the door and $noc$. &ut you do not hear me. 2ou loc$ the door, you welded it shut. 2ou nailed it shut. &ut you do not hear me. I $noc$ and $noc$...but you still do not hear me. All my children, brothers and sisters, come together as a family as I have meant it to be. 0loc$ together. 2ou need each other. !ome closer and closer. I have meant for you to be a family. &ut you have bro$en away and gone on your own. 3ow it is time for you to come bac$ and be a family of God again because you are going to need each other# because grave times and restless times are coming, and your faith will be tested in these last days. y beloved...what I am telling you comes from me. -ee I 4ohn 5. These things come from me and from your 0ather and the 'oly -pirit.”

II orinthians 451, 6 1" It is written6 “I believed# therefore I have spo$en. 7ith that same spirit of faith we also believe and therefore spea$, because we $now that the one who raised the Lord 4esus from the dead will also raise us with 4esus and present us with you in his presence. All this is for your benefit, so that the grace that is reaching more and more people may cause than$sgiving to overflow to the glory of God. Therefore we do not lose heart. Though

outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 0or our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. -o we fi" our eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen for what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” ,/1,/94 I had a dream about =gy$t. There is a room or tem$le called the >crying room? where @od hears all our cries. All the names of $eo$le crying out are archived here and are written in gold letters with blue bac&ground framed in a gold border. The room is getting full and it is running out of s$ace and soon there will be no more room for cries. This room will be found soon during digging. -hen the seal surrounding the room is crac&ed o$en thousands of cries will be heard. The discovery of this room and the names within will be the greatest discovery in history. -ritings on the wall in 'ebrew will tell about this crying room of @od)s ears. This discovery will change the world)s thin&ing about @od and that he does hear our cries out to him. The room is going to be found in the front of the left $aw of the s$hin.. ,/1!/94 #ast night I had a dream where @od told me that there was going to be an earth%ua&e in 1a$an that will reach "., on the 4ichter scale. 4ev. 1151,3 12516: +=(=B I+ A (=4C I02D4TABT BE0*=4 TD @D8 +even +tars +even leaders of churches +even candlestic&s +even churches +even 1udgments +even horns +even days in a wee& +even +$irits +even trum$ets +even angels years+even heads on red dragon +even branches +even seals +even eyes +even thunders +even years of tribulation +even thousand +even crowns

T'= -IB8D- DF '=A(=B
@od loo&s out the window from heaven to earth. =arth)s $eo$le should be $raying, having fellowshi$, loving one another, caring about each other, being good friends, loving and caring for their children, having $rayer not allowed in schools and $ledging allegiance to their country. -hen @od loo&s out the window he sees $eo$le not caring, moms and dads not having time for their children, laws against $rayer in school, $eo$le hating one another, lac& of friendshi$s among $eo$le, marriages failing, no one having time for @od, mostly they are concerned with ma&ing money to buy more things. +ome mothers having more babies to get more welfare. The view from the window used to be clear but now the window is dirty. +oon he will not be able to see the earth at all. If $eo$le would <ust start caring for one another and turning from their wic&ed ways bac& to @od, get on their &nees and $ray, to @od to hel$ them, then @od would be the greatest >window6washer? and ma&e his view clear again and $ure. *ut so far $eo$le have said >no?, and do not even care for themselves, let alone others so why should they care about what ha$$ens on earth. +o the window remains dirty and grimy. It may crac& and brea& soon from the weight of the grime and dirt of sin and evils on the earth. There will be much crying, gnashing of teeth and $ain that com$ares to a mother giving birth, loud noises, crac&ling, falling, thundering, rumbling, water rushing in on $eo$le, $eo$le dying, fire and smo&e, coming out of earth. There

will be s$itting, s$ewing, rumbling, signs in the heavens, great devastation of things, in<uries, going down, down, down, the greatest disaster the world has ever seen. This comes from your Lord and -avior, 4esus !hrist, son of holy, holy and God in heaven, the holiest. I am your God. I am all power. I am the beginning and the end. I am everlasting life. I created, I can destroy. I am all. I am almighty God, everlasting life. Gion 6 4ev. 143 Gechariah 9. =He&iel 73 0icah ,, 8aniel ", 4ev. !, 4ev. 206" [email protected] =He&iel ,"6,93 ,", "6 9. ,/1!/94 The Lord (ust gave me this scripture to read6 I 1ohn ,52162,3 “&ut dearly loved friends, if our consciences are clear, we can come to the Lord with perfect assurance and trust and get whatever we as$ for because we are obeying 'im and doing the things that please 'im. And this is what God says we must do...believe on the name of his son 4esus !hrist and love one another. Those who do what God says are living with god and 'e with them. 7e $now this is true because the 'oly -pirit he has given us, tell us so.” I 1ohn 45 1643 “/early loved friends, don8t always believe everything you hear (ust because someone says it is a message from God# test it first to see if it really is. 0or there are many false teachers around, and the way to find out of their message is from the holy -pirit is to as$6 9/oes it really agree that 4esus !hrist, God8s son, actually became man with a human body:8 if so, then the message is from God. if not, the message is not from God, but from one who is against !hrist, li$e the 9Antichrist8 you have heard about who is going to come and his attitude of enmity against !hrist is already abroad in the world.” @od told me, >I come as a she$herd to the door of your heart to offer you a free gift of eternal life. I tell you about all the wonderful tings you could have and the wonderful gift of eternal life if you would <ust turn to me, your heavenly Father.? Dnly 1esus can give gift of eternal life. In all of the world, where else could you get a free gift li&e this. If you could &now how the #ord feels how his heart is sorrowful and full of $ain....the tears that are in his eyes, how he feels when his $eo$le re<ect him when he is &noc&ing at the door of their hearts. They did the same thing when he was crucified on the cross, yet he died for us to give us eternal life. Dh, what $ains he had, what $ain to be $ut on a cross and nailed to it and then to be s$it u$on and moc&ed and a s$ear $ut into his side. od said, “*h, people of the world, I am giving you a chance to turn to me. Time is running out. I have warned you many times with devastating storms, floods, earth+ua$es, winds and fires. 2et you still do not listen...you close your ears to me when I call. y children have tried to tal$ to you but you (ust


$eep turning your bac$ on me. 2ou thin$ the world is going to ma$e you rich and you (ust $eep on getting in deeper and deeper. *h, how I pity you for what awaits you. &ecause of your evil doings, and that you do not listen to me, and you ma$e fun of me. *h, but the day is coming when things will not be so happy and wonderful, when money and food is not there. 4ust loo$ at what is ta$ing place in the world today. This is (ust the beginning of what is to come to the world. I send out my messengers to tell you the good news of having eternal life. They are telling you to turn from your evil ways and let me into your life to see the wonders that await you in heaven. &ut you still turn your bac$s on me...you do not care about others. 2ou try to get ahead and run them off the road, because you are in too big of a hurry to get somewhere. 2ou are also pushing your Lord off the road, to the world that is ahead. 2et the warning signs have been posted. 2ou cry out in terror about what is going on in this world and as$ who will save us. Is there an answer: &ut yet, I am right in front of you with my hands outstretched and I tell you that I am the answer to the world problems. 2ou do not heed the warnings and $eep doing things your way. -o now I am coming swiftly li$e a two1edged sword with vengeance on this world. I will ta$e my children home and then I will devour and destroy this earth and all its evil in it. 7oe to you who will not listen, woe to you. This is your Lord 4esus !hrist, your God in heaven spea$ing to you. 7ill you listen:” >I have warned you yet you will not listen, so now you will have to $ay for not listening. I will destroy your cars, houses, boats, $lanes, your casinos, your idols that you worshi$ more than you do me. Cou will see I am a <ealous @od. I created everything and I can destroy everything. I will stri$ your lands and towns of $ower. I am watching you and I &now everything666the evils666you do in the nights and in the day. I &now the cheating you do to one another. 4emember +odom and @omorrahK 2eo$le there did not listen either. 0any great sorrows await you. *ad things are coming that the world has never before seen. Cou <ust do not listen, remember +odom and gomorah did not heed the warning either. I1eremiah 1!59619J ,/1:/94 >Dh, $eo$le of the earth...you thin& everything is all right. Cou are living comfortably and have good <obs, money coming in, and food to eat. Cour children are doing well in school. Cou have a new car and a boat, nice house to live in and <ust got a raise in salary. Cou are getting ready to ta&e a vacation and have a good time. And <ust as fast as it comes, it will be gone and then disaster will hit and everything will disa$$ear. It would be li&e thieves coming in and ta&ing everything you own. Cou will go here and there and you will not find them. Cou will go to the food store and there will be no food, to the ban&s and there will be no money. Cou will try to get gasoline and the $um$s will not wor&. There would be no electricity. It would be a nice clear and sunny day, but off on the horiHon you will see lightening and thin& <ust a storm is coming, so you won)t worry about it. Cou go off to your $arties, going to bars, se.ually sinning, having a grand time of it all when the s&y is getting dar&er and dar&er. And then it stri&es with a vengeance. The wind howls and the lightning hits and huge hail stones fall from the s&y hail stones as big as cars and they smash your cars li&e $anca&es, $utting big holes in roofs, destroying your fancy boats. They smash $ower stations and cut the $ower. (ehicles are destroyed on the road. Then there will be a tremendous sha&ing of the earth and the worst earth%ua&e the world has ever &nown. The noise will damage your ears...it is louder than any <et air$lane you have ever heard. Cou will see crac&s from the o$ening in the earth and they will begin to swallow things. Cou will be fearful and scared with nowhere to turn. Then you will remember what you heard on the radio...beware, I come swiftly as a two6edged sword...oh, you wretched $eo$le, you scoffers, you unbelievers. Bow feel my vengeance, said the #ord.? I &ee$ hearing the #ord telling me the *east is coming. *eware of the *east. >*e ready as if you were riding a buc&ing bronco. The ride is going to get bum$y storm clouds are gathering. *eware, *eware. Fear not, for I am with thee...my rod and staff shall comfort you.? >I will drain your rivers and your la&es. There would be no fish to eat. They will dry u$ and blow away. Cour water will become scarce and what there is will be $olluted and not fit to drin&. Cou will have to drin& bottled

water from wells dee$ inside the earth. Cou will have to learn to eat off the land, for that day is coming. I will destroy your wells.? >*eware, beware the chains that have held the *east are going to be unloc&ed. The angel of the #ord has the &eys to unloc& him.? -hen disaster comes, it will come in the calm of the day. -hen it comes there will be no hiding $laces for the world. It will be li&e an eagle swoo$ing down on its $rey. Cou have nowhere to run. The eagle will get you. All these wonderful buildings you are building li&e the Tower of *abylon will melt away with a fervent heat. Dh, $ray to the #ord that you are saved by 1esus) blood when these days come. Cou will all be branded li&e cows and herded into corrals. All these wonderful cars we travel in will be $art of an auto graveyard, years of steel and rubber. Fire will rain from the s&y and smo&e will billow into the s&y. Cour bodies will turn into ash. Cour machines will be no more. Cour swimming $ools will turn to mud. It will $our down fire and brimstone u$on your heads. I will set loose giant locusts on your land and turn it into a wasteland. Dh, rich man that has all your money stored away in gold. +ome day you will go to get your gold and it will be gone or worthless and you will be left out in the cold. Cou thin& you can buy your way into heaven. Dh, the day is coming when you will see the #ord face to face and he will say, >@o away, I do not &now you.? The day is coming that will be full of sorrow and $ain. Dn that day we will run to and fro and have nowhere to go. Cou will have to gather into grou$s to stay warm. The weatherman will not be able to $redict the weather. There will be storms u$on storms and strange things ha$$ening in the s&y. Things we have never seen before...strange weather formations, strange winds. Cou will say, >I have $lenty of time.? *ut the #ord is ma&ing your days shorter and shorter. ,/22/94 The #ord told me to stoc& u$ on food, water, dried foods li&e beans, rice food we can stay alive on. +omething is coming. I was told to read the boo& of 4evelations. A big meteor is going to fall and $ollute the waters of three great rivers that run into one. There will be cro$ failure and dry weather with no rain. The #ord reminded me to remember Boah, who was told to build an ar& and listen to what @od was saying. The #ord has told me that great troubles are coming u$on this world. There is going to be a colla$se of the economy. 2ower will be shut off and our food sources will sto$. This is not going to last but a little time. It is another sign for $eo$le to wa&e u$ to what will ha$$en on the earth. #ittle things are going to ha$$en all over to give $eo$le more time to wa&e u$ and listen to what the #ord 1esus hrist, son of the living @od is saying to you. Turn to him or else bad things are coming to the earth. +to$, sto$ your sinning, li&e greed, <ealousy, bac&stabbing each other, not caring about one another, se.ual sins, drun&enness and &illing one another. The sign of things to come will be great calm in the world)s weather. There will be no wind, clouds, rain and $lants will not grow. These are going to be signs of what is coming in this world. I am told to get this warning out to the world. In the last days @od will turn your rivers bitter and the seas into blood. 'e will &ill one third of the creatures in the sea and destroy one third of your shi$s. Thin& what it is going to be li&e to live in true, true dar&ness....without television, radio, lights, or heat to &ee$ you warm. This is what the last days will be li&e. *ecause you will not turn from worldly things and your ways of idolatry, you will not turn to @od and let him into your life or heart. Bow these things are going to come u$on us to show you that he is @od and that all of these messages come from your #ord 1esus hrist, the son of the living @od. 1esus died on the cross for your sins to give you everlasting life in heaven. @od said, >I am everlasting life, I am all $ower, I am the beginning and the end. All those who come to me will have everlasting life. All those who don)t will lose it.? ,/27/94 The #ord tal&ed to me and showed me the following5

I saw Borth /orea becoming angry because we are sending artillery and attac& helico$ters to +outh /orea. +omething that loo&s li&e a dart that is $ointed on the end, li&e a missile, was being fired. The missile was green in color with a red sic&le and a red star. It turned into a sword and $lunged into +outh /orea)s heartland and e.$loded and many $eo$le were &illed. Then I saw missiles being fired from each side across barbed wire and heard sabers rattling. The armed forces were being $ut on >red alert.? I saw shi$s coming with tan&s, helico$ters, aircraft carriers and 61,0)s land in +outh /orea. I don)t li&e to tell you what I saw ne.t....a mushroom cloud hitting +outh /orea, turning the s&y orange in color. Thousands of troo$s were heading towards each other. *oth armies wore green uniforms, one side with berets with a red star in the middle. I saw Borth /orea burning. A giant rose u$ with a sword in his hand. 'e had a red star on his hat. There were large shi$s firing and blood covered the land.. 4/4/94 The #ord has told me I am his messenger, as was Boah. -ho was told to build an ar& because a great flood was coming to the =arth. 'e was told to warn others that a great flood was coming. The $eo$le <ust laughed at him and said it was a big <o&e, that there would be no flood. As they watch him build the ar& they sad, >loo& at this man building this ar& where there is no water3 loo&, he builds his ar& on dry landL, -hat a foolL Then @od was ready to ma&e it rain and told Boah to close u$ the door of the ar&. There was another man named #ot. @od told #ot that he was going to destroy +odom M @omorrah for its evil ways. #ot as&ed @od if he could find fifty good $eo$le would @od refrain from destroying +odom M @omorrah. #ot tried to convince the $eo$le to change their ways but they would <ust laughed at him. +o @od told #ot and his family to leave +odom and not to loo& bac& and they left the city. @od destroyed the cities with fire and brimstone. Today the world seems to be heading in the same direction as +odom and @omorrah. I feel @od has made me a messenger li&e Boah and #ot, to give a message of warning of what is about to ha$$en soon. 2eo$le say there is not going to be disaster ha$$ening here on earth. @od has warned us many times in the bible of what could ha$$en for instance li&e he did in the boo& of 8aniel, =He&iel and 4evelations. Things are coming, li&e the world has never seen before. The <udgment is coming to this world. 2eo$le &ee$ turning their bac&s to 1esus. There will be warnings. The storm clouds are gathering and soon will be u$on us. In 199, there were ten thousand fish washed ashore in Te.as and hundreds of dol$hins, which cannot be e.$lained. 7/1/94 'e)s comingL The great deceiver is coming out of Gion....the world dictator. *eware of this great deceiver. 'e will deceive the world with tric&ery and magic. +tay on guard, stay on guard. And do not worry. @od loves you and will $rotect you from what is coming. The deceiver will deceive many. /ee$ watchL /ee$ watch. #ots of worry, $ain, anarchy and sorrow is coming. The glory of the #ord is coming with more $ower than the world has ever seen in history. 0uch ha$$iness and <oy is coming to all that love the #ord. 8o not fear3 the glory of the #ord 1esus hrist the son of the living @od is coming to $rotect his floc& from the evil one that is coming. @og is coming. *eware of @og. 'e will do wonders in the air and on earth. 0any $eo$le will thin& he is their lord the messiah they have been waiting for. 'e is coming from Gion3 @og is coming... hang on tight... stay close li&e a mother hen with her chic&s. There is going to be a great out6$ouring over the E.+ A. The greatest out$ouring of <oy, $eace, ha$$iness, lots of singing, and $raising the glory of the lord. 0any &nees well bend down and cries will be heard. The greatest out$ouring of <oy, $eace, ha$$iness, lots of singing, $raising, the glory of the #ord.

I &ee$ hearing that the 'oly +$irit is going to be $oured out on the world 0ay 17th, which is during 2entecost I also heard that there will be great ri$$ing and tearing of the earth on 1une 9th. The #ord told me when all these messages are given to me from the #ord 1esus hrist, the $eo$le will say these messages are not from the #ord that it is in my mind or that I heard it somewhere else. 2eo$le have been saying it is the >end times? for a long time now. I was warned in @od)s word that this would ha$$en and the #ord told me listen with my heart, not my ears and to trust in 1esus in all things, as 'e is with me in all things. /aniel ;< 6;; “0rom the time the daily sacrifices is ta$en away and the horrible thing is setup to be worshipped there will be ;<=> days. &lessed are those who wait.” /aniel =6<?# ;;[email protected]; atthew <56;A ar$ ;@6;5 Bevelations ;;6< ;<6C ;@6A /aniel ;<6;< D6;5 7/1!/94 I <ust had my eyes o$ened to something the #ord told me to read, in 8aniel 9, about the tem$le. Also read =Hra 26,. I am amaHed how the #ord tal&s to me and shows me things. =Hra ,5:, tal&s about the tem$leL @od told me they are going to start rebuilding the tem$le in 1uly. If this is so, 'allelu<ahL 2lans are being made right now to rebuild the tem$le, now that the $eace treaty has been signed. 'ere is something to thin& about. There seems to be more natural disasters this year than the year before. Botice how many movies there are on $ro$hecy we have had this year and about >end times.? Things are falling into $lace li&e a $uHHle, Things in the world are not going to get better, they are going to get worse because $eo$le will not turn bac& to @od. I feel the $ower of the 'oly +$irit s$ea&ing to me. +omething is going to ha$$en this year. +torm clouds are gathering. !/"/94 I &ee$ hearing the ri$$ing and tearing of the earth on 1une 9th. The #ord revealed to me that there is a herd of wild horses being held bac&, by his hand at the gate and he)s going to let them loose. Two men from different states said on hristian television that they had a message from the #ord that on 1une 9th there will be ri$$ing and tearing of the earth. Dne man from #os Angeles believes that the 'oly +$irit is going to be $oured out on the earth. There is a gray cloud that has been over the Enited +tates. It is going to tear in the middle and the #ord is going to $our his glory down the center of it. That is his 'oly +$irit. Cou &now there were miracles and things ha$$ening in the bible days. -e have no idea what @od)s $ower can really do. -e were not around when @od destroyed +odom and @omorrah, so we don)t &now of his $ower, but I have a feeling we are going to &now soon. @od has warned us for a long time and now the #ord is going to turn his fury u$on the earth. Cou have to remember that @od created this earth and what @od created, @od can also destroy. @od is very dis$leased with us. 'e has been warning us for years. *ut we <ust will not listen, so the storm clouds are getting closer and closer. The #ord <ust gave me this from Isaiah 24 and also in 1onah ,. It shows that @od does give times and dates of things that can ha$$en. The #ord told me to read 1oel 25 2"6,2, the day of the #ord.

!/9/94 -ell, today is 1une 9th and there was a massive earth%ua&e in *olivia, ".2 on the 4ichter scale, but this %ua&e was very dee$ in the earth, about ,70 miles under the earth. Dn this day the %ua&e was felt as far away as 0innesota. A %ua&e did ha$$en on 1une 9th, <ust li&e the #ord said it would. Also on 1une 9th there was the biggest hailstorm in history in the state of Iowa. In 0ontana they had a frea& snowstorm. These things do not normally occur in 1une. The #ord said there would be signs in the s&y. The #ord gave me a glim$se as I was wal&ing today, of what is coming to the Enited +tates. The 4ussians are going to invade us by using tan&ers off the sea of the coast of Dregon. They have learned how to $ut submarines under these tan&ers so we cannot detect them. Then I saw thousands of troo$s coming in rafts along the coastline. The #ord revealed to me that the devil wants to disarm us so then we cannot defend ourselves. -e have lowered our military $ower. -e have banned rifles. The #ord told me all along that the 4ussians been the great deceiver and has a lot to do with what is going on in Borth /orea. This is why a message was given to me about north /orea, where I saw the star and sic&le on the missile being fired. The #ord revealed to me that our military will be very busy. The biggest $art of our military will be fighting in Borth /orea and our country will be left defenseless. This will be when they will invade us. There will be a big battle. Bow I &now why the #ord has told me to beware of the >slee$ing bear,? because of all the cutting bac& of our military $ower we not as strong as we once were. @od hel$ usL !/1"/94 I was wal&ing and tal&ing with the #ord today and he revealed to me that we are li&e little children. -hen we do wrong, sometimes the #ord $unishes us and sends us >to our room.? -hen we do something really bad, he grounds us. !/20/94 The #ord told me his <udgment is on the earth. 'e told me to read Isaiah 2,, 24 and 1oel ,, and Amos 2 1eremiah 2, 4ev. :51612 I &ee$ hearing the #ord saying, >0y <udgment is coming, $ut on the whole armor of @od and $re$are ye the way. *eware of the deceivers.? The #ord told me to tell his $eo$le he is getting ready to o$en the gates to the worst <udgment the world has ever seen. The #ord said, >0y $eo$le will not listen to me, so let them now feel M see my fury and my anger. *uildings will fall and crumble and my $eo$le will &now that I am @od. Dh.....the $ain and sorrow I feel for my $eo$le. I died for them to save them from eternal 'ell and to give them everlasting life, but my children will turn their bac&s on me. There will be rumbling and s$ewing and crac&ling of the earth. There will be wonders and signs in the s&y. There will be smo&e and fire.? !/2"/94 The #ord told me to read 8aniel : M " about what is coming to the world. I was shown a big wave moving across the E.+. from the west coast moving east. This was a giant heat wave. 2eo$le were crying for water. 4ivers were dry. 2roduce was dying on the vines, grass was turning brown and the tem$erature on the west coast is 120 degrees. I was told to store water because there will not be any for three months. This is <ust another warning of what is going to ha$$en. 'e has told me that his wrath comes swiftly. The worth of the dollar is not loo&ing good and there is tal& of the interest rate being raised 1N. This could cause a colla$se of the economy. +omewhere in alifornia the $eo$le are going to $ut u$ $agan idols of a golden sna&e, to be unveiled in 1uly. This will not ma&e @od very ha$$y. 4emember what the #ord showed me about the asteroids hitting the $lanet of 1u$iter. The #ord said that in the last days there would be such signs in the s&y. +omething does not feel right...it is too calm, li&e the calm before the storm. The world is &ind of calm now. Today I saw the most beautiful rainbow. It as vertical and

one of the largest I have ever seen. It was there for about ,0 seconds. And then the #ord told me that his <udgment is on the way.

:/11/94 The #ord @od told me to beware that the deceiver will rise soon with massive and great devastation u$on the world. An economic colla$se will ha$$en very soon. There will be sorrow and $ain and gnashing of teeth, much heart failure and $eo$le falling down. There will be a great s$iritual movement on the world. 'e said, >I am your #ord, I am your +avior. I am the #ord 1esus hrist, the son of the living @od that sits at the right hand of @od in heaven. I am $re$aring a mighty army of true believers. Time is running out. I have warned my little ones 66 my $eo$le 66 for years and decades that this day would come and it has arrived. I am going to $luc& the tree out of the ground and $ull its branches from it and burn them u$. *e strong in your faith and hold tight to your #ord and +avior 1esus hrist. +tay in the word3 do not linger. It is time to be serious about 1esus. #isten to what your father 1esus is saying. I come swiftly as a two edged sword. (engeance is mine,? said the #ord. >*eware, beware of the devil)s henchmen and their tric&ery. The storm clouds are rolling and rumbling and thundering and churning. +torm clouds are a$$roaching. +oon it will be too late. *e careful of false $ro$hets, where $eo$le will say that here is 1esus or the 0essiah or tell you when 1esus is going to return. Cou will &now them by their fruits. The real fruits will be from the holy word. If what they say is not true, wal& away from them. *eware of $eo$le with false faces, they will try to deceive you.? >8o not hold onto the world with all its riches it can offer you. Instead, let go and ta&e my hand and I will comfort you and $rovide all your needs. #et go of this world we live in. 1ust let go. I, your #ord 1esus hrist, son of the living @od am waiting for you to come home. I say again that $ain and sorrow and devastation will come. It will be li&e in the day of Boah, when $eo$le did not listen to me.? The #ord told me to read Isaiah 24, 27. There are terrors in the $it waiting for you. 'eavy rain will $our down from the s&y and earth)s foundation will sha&e. The earth will crac& and s$lit o$en and sway li&e a hut in a storm. The time of sorrow has come. There will be much agony and $ain, more than the world has ever seen before. It would be li&e in the days of Boah. The #ord told me when he was in the @arden of @ethsemane, $raying to his Father that he would ta&e the cu$ from him. The #ord said, >0y father would not ta&e the cu$ from me, but I &now what I had to do, what my father told me to do. 0uch sorrow and $ain shall come u$on this world. :/1,/94 The #ord said today this world is becoming a bigger and bigger garbage dum$. The nations are being $ulled a$art li&e taffy. I heard on the radio today the E.+. is going to have a national identity card. This would be the beginning of the mar& of the beast. =verything is falling into $lace now <ust li&e 1esus said it would, . And things are moving a lot faster now. I feel our #ord will be coming sooner then we thin&. 4ead 8aniel ". :/1!/94 I was out wal&ing today and tal&ing with the #ord. 0y faith was low, as what the #ord told me would ha$$en to the $lanet 1u$iter did not ha$$en. 'e told me that 1u$iter would loo& li&e it was on fire. I felt I was being tested by the devil. The very ne.t I heard there was a big asteroid that hit 1u$iter that made it loo& as if it were on fire. It glowed 70 times brighter then the $lanet. @od told me this would ha$$en. I am $raising the #ord for ma&ing me his messenger. Then 1esus told me what is ha$$ening to this world we live in today. I was shown a boat full of $eo$le on the sea of life and I saw 1esus on the shore with his hands outward calling to the $eo$le in the boat for them to come to him. Then I saw a big storm a$$roaching, but the eyes of the $eo$le in the boat could not see it coming and their minds could not com$rehend the storm. The $eo$le of this world would not

listen so they <ust &e$t rowing out to sea. The big storm came and too& the $eo$le of world under the sea, dee$er, and dee$er to the bottom of the sea. 1esus was sad because he warned them but they <ust would not listen. :/2"/94 The #ord said, >0y rod and my staff shall comfort you, all the days of your life. I will see to all of your needs. 'ave courage and fear not for I am with thee. The great deceiver will arise. I say again, as I have said before, listen with your heart, not your ears, to what I am saying to you. 2re$are for great glory of the coming of the #ord 1esus hrist. /ee$ your eyes on the s&y. 4emember when I said that when $eo$le say O$eace,) then death and destruction comes. Dh, $eo$le of the world, you en<oy your life sitting on your chairs and not hearing what my messengers are saying to you. Cou don)t hel$ $eo$le in need, you turn your bac&s on them. Cou only loo& out for yourselves. +o now you will feel the way the needy feel. 0y wrath comes swiftly as a two6edged sword. It will come when you least e.$ect it. *eware.? The #ord told me to read 4ev. 10 and 8aniel ". The #ord said, >I have given you all of these wonderful things, and I can ta&e them away.? >This is a message to all my little saints, to &ee$ your candles well lit at all times. 8o not let them go out, you could be devoured. The light is the light of 1esus. Cou are to &ee$ your eyes 1esus at all times. -hen you ta&e a light into a cave, the less o.ygen it receives, the less it glows. Dutside of the cave the light becomes brighter again. /ee$ your light well lit and your eyes on me, not the worldly things going on around you. It is time for my little ones to re6ignite the light and let it shine with the love of 1esus or you will fall and never get u$.? :/29/9! The #ord has revealed to me that we are li&e little flames. Inside our hearts is a flame called the 'oly +$irit burning brighter and brighter. *ut when we turn away from @od and turn our bac&s on him, the flame gets dimmer and dimmer. That is what is ha$$ening to the saints today. The flame is getting dimmer and dimmer. Thin& about this......we are children of the light, the love of 1esus. 'e guides us li&e a beacon in the s&y. 'e is li&e our lighthouse in the s&y and &ee$s us from running into the roc&s. 'e hel$s us in bad and good times and &ee$s us away from dangers that lie ahead of us. 'e is the brightest and most glorious light that shines and tears down the dar&ness and brings on his glory for all to see. +oon the glory of 1esus will come to ta&e us home. 1esus says, >I am the light of the world. I am the morning star. I am the way to heaven, the truth and the true $ower, the life eternal. I am the everlasting love, the glory of glory and eternal life for all my children, for all to have as an eternal gift from me by dying on the cross for all sins. All things are given and received from me, your #ord 1esus hrist with my blessing. 4emember, I am your heavenly father that watches over you day and night and $rotects you and guides you all the days of your life.? The ungodly $eo$le today are wal&ing around li&e dried bones. They are already dead and don)t &now it. *ecause all ungodly $eo$le who are not wal&ing with 1esus are dead, the bible is to be used as a road ma$ to guide us day and night. It is truly the word from @od)s own mouth and we as true believers are to read and listen to what he has to say is going to ha$$en in the future. *elieve in the #ord 1esus with all your heart. 11/,/94 The #ord said it would be li&e in the days of Boah. The #ord is $re$aring a $lace for us. 'e is building the ar& in heaven and then he will call us home. -hen we are all at home, he will close the door of the ar& in heaven and the <udgments will fall u$on the earth. It will truly be li&e the day of Boah, you see, it is getting to be li&e Boah)s day now. $eo$le are saying there is no @od and they ma&e fun of him. They have no time for him in their busy lives. 11/10/94

I had a dream in which I saw 2adre island off the coast of Te.as having an earth%ua&e with a tidal wave hitting the Te.as coast. Then I saw alifornia and Bew Cor& having earth%ua&es with buildings falling down. I saw the =m$ire +tate *uilding brea&ing in half. Then I saw the 2otomac river in -ashington 8 roc&ing and rolling bac& and forth. I saw the -ashington 0onument fall down. Then the #ord told me these things would ha$$en in the time of <oy. 12/10/94 I was given glim$ses of what is going to ha$$en in alifornia)s earth%ua&e &nown as >the big one.? First there will be rolling of the ground li&e a wave u$on the ocean. This time the bridges will not fall down, they will be thrown li&e stic&s into the air. Freeways themselves will be s$lit o$en and be thrown into nearby homes. The ground will e.$lode o$en revealing miles of fire in its long crac&s and ma&e big e.$losions as long as five miles of fire. Three nuclear $lants will e.$lode, as will mountains e.$lode as if they had $ut dynamite inside them. 'ollywood is on fire and buildings are crumbling down in #os Angeles li&e sandcastles. Then I saw the ground blowing u$ under alifornia in an u$ward thrust. This ground is s$ewing u$ward and e.$loding. This is not the %ua&e, however, that $uts alifornian and other states into the ocean. ,/,0/97 The #ord told me that something earth6sha&ing is coming this summer. 2eo$le will be afraid and have heart attac&s. 8o not fear what is coming. 'e said he &nows it has not been an easy life here on earth, but that is going to change. @od says he is coming soon, very, very soon to ta&e us all home. ,/,1/97 The #ord told me that the little ones will lead the way. The #ord has given me wisdom and a glim$se of this. I saw thousands of $eo$le on their &nees crying out, $raying to @od to hel$ them from what is ha$$ening here on earth. I saw mountains with huge blac& clouds behind them. I see the sunrise starting to beam to the heavens and the sun getting brighter with its rays flowing down the mountains li&e honey being $oured. It flows down to the $eo$le below who are $raying and crying. Then I hear them saying that 1esus is coming. 2raise @odL 'e is coming for you and me. The #ord says, >This is from your #ord 1esus hrist who died on the cross for your sins to give you eternal life and salvation in heaven. This is a word of &nowledge...$re$are, $re$are for me.? :/14/97 The #ord showed me a s$here of light with beautiful colors coming from it. This s$here is full of love, &indness and <oy, ho$e and caring. Then I saw another s$here a$$roaching with lightning flashing from it. It is very dar& and it is coming closer to the beautiful s$here. The dar& s$here is full of hatred, <ealousy and lac& of love, and as it gets closer to the beautiful lighted one, the lightning bolts hit the other s$here and begins to suc& the $ower from it. -e in this world are letting the dar& s$here suc& the love from the light s$here with our hatred and <ealousy,and not caring for each other)s needs. -e constantly see& more and more $ower. "/1!/9! The #ord said, >'urry now, hurry now, for time is running out. @o tell all you can about me. Time is running out. I am coming, coming very soon now. 'old on tight to me. 8on)t let go....disaster is on its way. *e watchful now...be watchful. I am coming. I will come in the clouds of glory and with a shout, and call you home. 0a<or disaster is coming with a massive earth%ua&e and many shall die. I love my $eo$le, but they will not hear my voice when I call. I say again.....many shall die

"/27/97 >This is from your #ord and +avior.....you must get the word out. The day of ho$e is coming, coming on the horiHon, coming in the clouds of glory hold on to your beliefs. The day you have been $raying and waiting for is coming, coming now. Tell everyone I am coming, coming in the clouds of glory.? Ge$haniah ,59620 4omans " >Bothing else matters. Forget about what to wear, what to eat, where you are going this wee&, get the word out about my love and how I died on the cross for my $eo$le)s sin. @et the word out. I am @od, I am your #ord 1esus hrist that came to the earth in the flesh and sacrificed myself for you, died and rose again on the third day and ascended into heaven and will come again the same way in the clouds of glory. I am, I am the glory and the $eace3 the love, the way and the only way to eternity. @o out and tell the $eo$le the <udgment day is a$$roaching. ome to your #ord 1esus hrist and be saved. I will come in the clouds of glory and snatch you away li&e an eagle does with it $rey. *e watchful now. I am coming in the clouds of glory. Time has run out. @o now tell every brother and sister about this message from your #ord and father 1esus hrist. +omeday soon we will loo& at each other eye to eye.? 7/1/9! 1eremiah "610

The #ord is saying, >Tell my $eo$le I am coming soon with great glory and anger. I am very dis$leased with my $eo$le and the things they are doing. +oon my fury will come u$on my $eo$le in Israel, and this nation in the E.+. I grieve in shame and $ain the way you turn your bac&s on me. Cour riches, etc. are more im$ortant than I am. Cou have been warned for years of what is coming, and you <ust turn your bac&s on me. Bow let the nations feel and see my fury.? The lost souls are crying out and no one will hel$ them find the way home. -e are not fulfilling what we must do by bringing the lost into the &ingdom. -e are too busy doing for ourselves and not fulfilling what the #ord wants use to do. -e are $ushing away the lost and thin&ing only of ourselves and ste$$ing on others li&e ants under our feet. I hear their cries in the dar&ness. *ut no one will hel$ so they <ust fade away into the dar&ness, never to see the light. -e care only about ourselves and not what we should be doing to hel$ the lost ones. +o now you will feel des$air and hel$lessness. In the beginning you thin& you are doing <ust fine and then something ha$$ens to u$set everything. Cou thin& that all is well you don)t need anyone)s hel$. *ut you have been warned. Cou will not listen and you go on your <oyous ways and say everything is fine and then comes disaster. @od told you long ago this day will come and it is coming now. Cou will have to hel$ one another or you will not ma&e it. -e have had it good here on earth. *ut now it is coming to an end. I see through the $ower of the 'oly +$irit, the $ain 1esus feels, disa$$ointment, des$air, anger, shame, bro&en6heart, sorrow, and agony about his children and how they have disa$$ointed him by turning their bac&s on him. I see Twin Towers falling li&e sand castles, shi$s being thrown from harbor into the city, the E.B. crumbling, bridges crumbling, water boiling, E.B. being stri$$ed of its armor. :/9/9! 1ohn 125,76,!6 44670 1esus has re$lied, >0y light will shine out for you <ust a little while longer. -al& in it while you can, and go where you want to go before the dar&ness falls, for then it will be too late for you to find your way. 0a&e use of the light while there is still time. Then you will become light bearers. If you trust me, you are really trusting @od, for when you see me, you are seeing the one who sent me. I have come as a light to shine in this dar&ness of the world, so that all who $ut their trust in me will no longer wander in the dar&ness, if anyone hears me and doesn)t obey me, I am not his <udge, for I have come to save the world and not to <udge it. *ut all who re<ect me and my messages will be <udged on the dayof <udgment by the truths I have s$o&en. *ut I have told you what

the father has said to tell you. 'is instructions will lead to eternal life, so whatever I tell is the truth, for I have said it.? :/14/9! The *ible is a road ma$ with signs on it showing us the way to go on the road of life. There are bum$s and di$s and signs of warnings, s$eed and detours. There are mountains and dangerous curves. Dn this road we can travel the narrow $ath to salvation or the wide $ath to death to and destruction. There is a sign $ost u$ ahead saying, >This way to salvation...? Are you going to turn off the wide road or are you going to &ee$ on going down the road of this worldK There)s another sign coming u$ saying to &ee$ going faster for ha$$iness, riches, wealth, $ower, $arties, and drun&enness. All you need is <ust ahead, so you in your fancy s$eed cars &ee$ on going down the highway of life even faster. #oo& out, here comes another sign $ost this one says >$eace, <oy, love.? Are you going to turn off or &ee$ going down the roadK Cou $ass everything in front of you. #oo&, here comes another sign. This sign says you are going the wrong way.... go bac& before it)s too lateL This is your final warningL 8anger aheadL Cou <ust do not $ay attention and &ee$ going. Cou see another sign, this time bigger with brighter lights on it saying that this is your last warning and to get off nowL This is the way to eternal life and ha$$iness, it is u$ to you. -hat will you doK /ee$ going faster down the road of life to everything you always wanted, riches, wealth, $ower or turn off and ta&e the narrow road that leads to ha$$iness, real ha$$iness and eternal lifeK Dr will you <ust &ee$ going even fasterK It is u$ to you. At the end of the wide road is death, eternal damnation and destruction. -hich road will you ta&eK The #ord 1esus has shown me something very interesting in @enesis I2J. Bow, at last the heavens and the earth were com$leted. +o on the seventh day, having finished his tas&, he ceased his wor& and rested. @od $lanted beautiful trees in the @arden of =den. Dne of the trees was the >tree of life,? and another the >tree of consciousness.? The tree of life was for Adam and =ve to have eternal life en<oying a $ermanent relationshi$ as children of @od. The tree of consciousness was of &nowledge of good and bad. A river from the land of =den flowed through the garden. In @enesis this was the beginning. This was Al$ha. In 4evelations we see almost the same thing, with the beginning and the tree of life. In 4evelation I22J it states that there is another @arden of =den in heaven and also a river flowing of $ure water of life where the throne of @od is and the #amb of @od. Dn each side of the river are trees of life. This will be called >omega.? Cou see what @od created in @enesis, in 4evelation he will rest and end creation and start a new heaven and new earth. The tree of life is no longer on earth...it is in heaven. 0any more trees of life are there with new fruit. "/9/9! The #ord told me there is going to be more terrorist attac&s over the oceans at ma<or air$orts where $lanes ta&e off over the sea. The :4: that was brought down near Bew Cor& is only the beginning of terror in the s&ies. This attac& was a warning of what is coming to the Enited +tates. There is going to be an attac& in #os Angeles with a fully loaded :4: on the way to 'awaii. There will be more attac&s at air$orts that fly out over the seas. These attac&s will cri$$le our airline industries and affect our economy. The FAA and F*I will not be able to sto$ them. There is also going to be a nuclear attac& on E.+. shi$s in the 0iddle =ast seaway by Iran. 0any shi$s will be destroyed. This will cause a great conflict between the 0iddle =ast and our country. All of this has to do with the holding of the terrorist who blew u$ the twin towers and the warning the E.+. has given Iran. They are using stinger missiles, stolen from the E.+. to bring down these $lanes. There will be more attac&s in the E.+. this year when we are least e.$ecting it and more innocent $eo$le will die. -e will not learn how to love one another. The #ord said, >I will ste$ aside and let this great evil ha$$en because of the hatred you have for each other in this world, and you will not listen to what my messengers are saying to you. Cou have been warned for decades what is coming. *e $re$ared for what is coming u$on your world.? "/17/9!

The #ord created this world with his hands. 'e $ut all &inds of animals on this earth for us to en<oy and to ta&e care of. Then he created the greenness of this world for us to en<oy in all its beauty. 'e &new when we needed water to &ee$ us cool and to refresh us so he created all the la&es and streams and oceans to feed us. Then he created man and woman and breathed life into them. @od was $roud of what he made and he let things grow on their own. There became men and women of all races and creeds. @od watched as a father watched his children grow stronger. +oon they were not satisfied with what they had, so they had wars to gain more $ower and $ossessions. They $ut down their fellow man which @od had created that they would love one another and hel$ each other grow. The water 'e gave us to drin& and refresh ourselves is now being destroyed by $ollution. @od gave us the beautiful greenery and we are $ulling it out by the roots and &illing what @od gave us to en<oy and sustain us. Instead we destroy it to have more s$ace to live our earthly lives. @od sent his only son, full of <oy and love and $eace. 'e let him die on the cross in $ain and sorrow. 'e died for us all. *ut once again we are nailing him to the cross. -e as his children are letting him down by not learning to love one another. @od $ut us here on earth to see if this generation could learn to get along with each other. #ong ago @od was dis$leased with a generation so he sent a flood to wash evil from the earth. From the generation, only one family survivedPthe family of Boah. It was li&e starting all over again with this family on earth. Bow, once again, @od is dis$leased with what this generation and what they are doing on earth. @od feels $ain, sorrow, remorse and disa$$ointment about his $eo$le who he has created. @od is going to send his only son to come and clean u$ this mess that has been created. 'e is once again going to $urify the world, only this time with fire. 'e is going to create a new heaven and new earth from the burned u$ world. @od as&s one %uestion, >-hy are you destroying this world that does not belong to youK -hyK -hyK? 11/11/9! The #ord tal&ed to me today and told me there is a $owerful message coming soon, down from the Father of #ights. It is coming with great <oy and ha$$iness for his children and with great terrors for those who do not believe. -atch and &ee$ your eyes on 1esus. The message that will be revealed is $artly in the song, >Turn Cour =yes E$on 1esus.? * -oul, are you weary and troubled, no light in the dar$ness you see: There8s light for a loo$ at the -avior, and life more abundant and freeE” horus5 “Turn your eyes upon 4esus. Loo$ full in his wonderful face and the things of this earth will grow strangely dim in the light of 'is glory and grace.” >Through death into life everlasting he passed, and we follow 'im there. *ver us sin no more has dominion111for more than con+uerors we areE” “'is words shall not fail you 'e promised# &elieve 'im, and all will be well6 Then go to a world that is dying, his perfect salvation to tellE” 'e also gave me a glim$se of what he really loo&s li&e. 'e has white hair and a beard as soft as can be. 'is eyes are as blue as flowing s$ring water. Around his waist is a golden sash, gold as gold can be. Dn his arms were the words, >/ing of /ings,? and >#ord of #ords.? Dver his chest was an e$hod with twelve stones re$resenting the 12 tribes of Israel, white, bordered in gold. There were four rows of three stones each. In his right hand were many stars. 'is robe was soft as chiffon and it loo&ed li&e every $art of him was blowing in the air. 'e was radiant and glowing magnificently, the most refreshingly beautiful sight I have ever seen. The colors were so vivid as nothing ever seen before on earth.

1esus has so much love for this world that he is now holding bac& the devastation. 'is eyes are so blue because he has so much love for this world now.. This is why his eyes are not yet full of fire, because of his love for this world. *ut he will not hold bac& much longer because he is not $leased with this world. 'is love will turn to anger when more $eo$le turn their bac&s on him. 'e then told me to read =.odus 1,. 12/1:/9! This is the last message the Lord has given to me. >0y $eo$le, 0y $eo$le why hast thou forsa&en and my wordK Cou have turned your bac&s to me. -e have foresa&en @od with our human com$assions.? -e have been $utting @od in the closet and have not listened to 'is messages. @od is telling us to re$ent and believe in hrist, receive 'im and you will never &now the sorrow and loneliness and the agony of 'ell. “7hosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved” F Bomans ;>6 ;@ G HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH +e$tember 10, 199" The #ord told me and I $ass this to you5 In 1999 the world is going to be going through turbulent times. There will be $eo$le &illed, disasters, terrible things are coming. -ar is going to ha$$en in the 0iddle =ast in 1999. This very well could be the last hristmas for us as true believers. -e will not go through the great tribulation. -e will be ta&en out of here before it starts. @reat evil is coming u$on this world. @reat =vil. The #ord is going to allow it to come because of our wea&ness. it will all begin by the end of 1999. The vats are over6filled and overflowing. +tand tall, loo& u$, stand tall, loo& u$. 1esus &nows we have had a hard time on this =arth. 'e too had a hard time. +tand tall, the time is short, the time we have been waiting for is u$on us. +e$tember 12, 199" The #ord told me further, >2eace be still.? -hen the %uietness comes we will all be able to hear what he has to say. *ut now it is so noisy all around us we cannot hear him. -hen the %uiet comes we will not &now how to handle it. +ome will frea& out. -e will be able to hear the birds sing their song, the wind blow, the birds tal& to us 6 they have been trying to tal& to us, but we cannot hear through the noisiness. Try going outdoors now and hear what the birds are saying. They are s$ea&ing a heavenly song. If only we could hear them. The church has become silent and too scared to s$ea& out the true word. They are falling at the wayside. In the light and the dar&ness the #ord will outshine all. -hen the #ord returns everyone will &now it, everyone....everyone. The rewards will be given at the time of the arising. +ome rewards will be greater than others. +tand tall, your redem$tion draws near. +e$tember 1,, 199" The #ord told me that true believers have better hearing than unbelievers do. The real true believers are the ones who will hear the trum$. The year 1999 will be the beginning of it all, it is going to be a very turbulent year. The #ord is telling me to listen to the great $ro$hets of long ago....8aniel, =He&iel, 1eremiah. 4ussia is no longer slee$ing. 4ussia is no longer slee$ing. The rising of the great tyrant is coming from 4ussia. The #ord is building an ar& now and $re$aring for de$arture. 'e is building the ar& now.

February 1, 1999 Time is short and thin, very thin. I will $rovide all of your needs <ust li&e I $rovided for the Israelites. /ee$ in the -ord3 do not worry what is coming u$on this =arth. @reat disaster is coming this year. /ee$ reading about the old $ro$hets in the *ible. 4ead through (ern [email protected] with the *ible. These boo&s are from mePI am, I amPI am. 8o not forsa&e what I am saying to you. /ee$ on doing what I have given you to do. /ee$ dro$$ing the messages. They are brining lost souls to the &ingdom. Cour mother will be li&e a new woman. 1ust hold on a little longer. I am coming for all the saints who believe. Cour daughter is in my hands, so let go. I will show you what is true and what is not. *e careful of the net3 a lot of falseness is there. I will show you what is true. 8o not forsa&e the grou$P&ee$ going. @et even closer. They need you as much as you need them. Cou are growing together. 8o more together. Ta&e more outings and listen to each other carefully. The time is very close. Cou will see the light real soon. 0ore, more gloryP&ee$ your heart o$en and listen. @o where there is %uiet and listen. #oo& u$3 your redem$tion draws near. I am almighty @od, the beginning and the end. @reat wonders and miracles are coming this year. 0arch :, 1999 This is what the #ord has revealed to me about the eagle. The wings are -ashington 8. . They are molding and the feathers are falling off with all that is ha$$ening. The eagle can no longer fly. -e have turned our bac&s on @od so much that we don)t care about our fellow Americans. 8isaster is coming to the heartland of America. The worst disaster the world has ever &nown. -e have lost our sensitivity to others. 4ead =$hesians 451:6,2. America no longer caresPwe are number one, not @od. #oo& out for the -est. 8ar& days are here. 8on)t sto$ doing what you are doing. #oo& u$. It is closer than you thin&. Q @od 2.+. The number : is very im$ortant. 0arch 20, 1999 Adam Gion 4 letters each A Q G3 begunnung Q =nd reation Bew ity 1erusalem reation R @od Bew 1erusalem R @od +anctuary +anctuary -hen 1esus was born there was a star. -hen he gets ready to return there will be a very bright star in the eastern s&y, night after night, and it will get brighter as he gets closer to his return. That is why he said to watch the s&ies and to >#oo& u$, your redem$tion is near.? 'e is the morning star. 'e was born in the morning. 0orning3 new day, light dawning of new day. 0ay 12, 1999 I had a vision from the #ord. I was sitting in my chair one evening and saw a vision of a missile coming out from the ground. The missile was green in color with a red star and a sic&le on it. The missile will fly over the mountains and swoo$ down onto the 'eartland undetected. They won)t &now it is coming...it will swoo$ down

li&e an eagle loo&ing for its $rey. The #ord revealed to me why this must ha$$en. It must ha$$en because the world has turned its bac& on him. 7/22/1999 0issiles in *ible 2salms 11526,, 7 @od tests the sons of manP.<ustice of @od “0or Loo$E The wic$ed bend their bows, they ma$e ready their arrow on the string, that they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart IheartlandJ. If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do: The Lord tests the righteous, but the wic$ed and the one who loves violence, his soul hates# upon the wic$ed he will rain coals, fire, and brimstone and a burning wind# this shall be the portion of their cup.” 2salms !454 A $rayer for $rotection “That they may shoot in secret at the blameless# suddenly they shoot at him and do not fear.” 2salms 915,611 “-urely he shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the perilous pestilence. 'e shall cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you shall ta$e refuge# 'is truth shall be your shield and buc$ler. 2ou shall not be afraid of the terror by night nor of the arrow that flies by day, nor of the pestilence that wal$s in dar$ness, nor of the destruction that lay waste at noonday. A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand# but it shall not come near you. *nly with your eyes shall you loo$, and see the rewards of the wic$ed. &ecause you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, even the most high, your habitation, no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwellings, for 'e shall give 'is angels charge over you.” 1une ,, 1999 Another vision from the #ord5 I saw in this vision thousands of men with green uniforms coming to our shores. They had green berets on their heads with a red star. They were coming on a moonless night. First thing they went after was our communication systems and our energy source. The missile in the $revious vision had false mar&ings. The red star and sic&le is not from 4ussia. It was sent from somewhere else to get us angered at 4ussia. -hen the uniformed men come they will come undetected. Bo one will &now they are here. They will blow u$ all of our communications and our energy sources all at the same time, all over the E+A. -e will not &now what hit us. without energy we are ho$eless. They will snea& in li&e ants. A lot of them are already here $lanting their bombs. Thin& about how much fear there is right now about C2/. This is a false screen from the enemy. They will hit all the coastlines. The #ord said, >8o not fear, my rod and my staff will comfort you.? 1une :, 1999 The #ord tal&ed to me that there will be real true believer churches, lu&ewarm churches and dead churches. The real true believing churches will light the way li&e candles or li&e a lighthouse in the dar&ness. The lu&ewarm ones will be going on with their ceremonies, &ee$ing u$ with handed down traditions. The dead church is all out for itself and thin&ing about how much money it can drain from their $eo$le. I1J The true believers church will outshine them all Ibright candlesJ I2J The lu&ewarm ones, @od will s$ew out of his mouth. Idull candlesJ I,J The dead church is dead, dead, dead and they don)t even &now it. Their light is out3 may they rest in $eace 1une 9, 1999

The #ord told me, >4e$air ye the way, re$air ye the way, for the coming of the #ord.? 'e told me there is going to be a submarine off the coast of alifornia. This will be a sub that is not from 4ussia. There is a terrorist named *in #adin, that has $urchased this sub from 4ussia with the missile still on board. They still have the red star and sic&le on them. *in #adin is going to fire this missile on the heartland of America to try to get us mad at 4ussia. That is why it is called a false missile. It is not F4D0 4ussia. -hen it hits it will not do that much damage. It is a warning how vulnerable we are. The #ord told me to read about Dlivet 2ro$hecy. 1une 2,, 1999 The #ord told me that I am a messenger and I give out little messages. I give some messages to others. Dther $eo$le may get similar messages. The #ord said5 >2re$are ye the way, $re$are ye the way.? -e as messengers are $re$aring the way for the #ord)s return. -e are cleaning u$ the $athways for 1esus) return and we are laying down the golden car$et for 'is feet. As we hand out the messages, some will listen, some won)t. +ome will throw them in the trash and some will $ut them in their $oc&ets and some may share them with others. The messages that we are laying down are li&e the $arable of the seeds. The #ord told me that there are dangerous times u$on us, very dangerous times. Bow is the time to $ut on your full armor, stra$ on your shield and raise your sword for the battle that is coming. 2re$are ye the way, $re$are ye the way for 1esus is coming. 1esus) heart is bro&en3 the $ain that 'e is feeling is because of what 'e must do to the world. 'e said that if only the $eo$le would listen and o$en their hearts and $ray, he would hear their $rayers and heal their land. 'e said that the $eo$le will not listen and have $assed the $oint of no return. It is too late now, it is too late. All we can do now as @od)s children is to $re$are the way for 'is return. 'e told me that time is about ready to fold into itself and disa$$ear. Then 'e said, >+tand tall, my children your redem$tion draws night. D$en your ears and listen to the %uiet that is coming. #isten with your heart to what the +$irit is telling you.? 'e told me that for all believers in 1esus to stand in the holy $lace. 1une 24, 1999 The #ord told me how the attac& will ha$$en from the missile from the submarine. They will come in under one of our su$er tan&ers off the west coast, dro$ down dee$ and wait until dar& to fire their missile. I was told that they have 4ussian advisors hel$ing them with the missile and *in #aden $aid them big money for this tas&. The attac& will ha$$en late at night. They will arise from the de$ths of the ocean in their submarine and $re$are to fire. After they fire the missile they will dro$ bac& down to the de$ths. They are high tech missiles. The reason this may ha$$en is that the #ord is allowing it due to the $eo$le)s wic&edness in not listening to his messengers. 'e wants the $eo$le to $ray for safety for what is about to ha$$en to the Enited +tates. 'e loved and died for the $eo$le and will $rotect 'is children from the evil that lur&s. The government will tell the $eo$le that there was a misfire from one of their own missiles from a submarine. The missile will hit in an isolated area and does not do much damage. -hen the missile comes our Air Force will try and shoot it down. *ut su$ernaturally, they will not be able to sto$ it and it will hit /ansas. The government will cover it u$ and lie to the $eo$le and there will be more attac&s form terrorists on the E+A. -e have been warned for years and years about what is coming and we do not heed the warnings. Instead we disarm ourselves and lower our guard and have very little $rotection. The only $rotection is the #ord 1esus hrist 66 he is our shield and our $rotector. Again the #ord said to stand in the holy $lace3 that 'e is returning real soon and to stand tall. 1uly 1, 1999

I <ust as& the #ord about a missile and he told me it is still coming. >I am going to $lunge my sic&le into the earth.? The #ord told me the enemies are coming to our shores3 the enemies be $re$ared, the #ord told me what it means about $lunging the sic&le into the earth. It means it is time for wrath and <udgment to come to the earth. >(engeance is mine,? said the #ord. >I am very dis$leased with my $eo$le,? said the #ord. >Bow I say again,? said the #ord3 >stand in the 'oly $lace, now is the time to stand in the 'oly $lace.? The #ord has said, to not loo& to the riches of this world, loo& to @od instead for the wealth he has to offer. There is more wealth in 1esus than anything in this world. All the wealth we need is in 1esus. The #ord told me he has $re$ared a resting $lace and a safe haven, which 'e is going to bring soon, sooner than you may thin&. #isten with your heart what the s$irit is telling you, listen with your heart. The #ord has told me that a gate is about ready to be o$ened and will let the evil loose u$on this earth. The #ord has said he is very $roud of his children for standing tall, and that their rewards await them in heaven. The #ord said that soon we will see 'im in all 'is glory and s$lendor and more beauty than your eyes can behold. The great battle is on the horiHon. 2ray for your safety, for what is about to ha$$en. 8o not be deceived in this day of deceiving wrath that is u$on us. -here 'e told us it was too late, was not for his children, it was for the worldPfor the evil they have done. It is time to sing the song. I have decided to follow 1esus3 I have decided to follow 1esus. Bo turning bac&3 no turning bac&Pwhere he leads me, I will follow. :/20/99 +o shall the day of the +on of 0an be. C2/ might be a <o&e to a lot of $eo$le today. They)re laughing and saying that nothing is going to ha$$en. And they are not $re$aring for this thing to ha$$en. *ecause they thin& everything is <ust great. 2eace and safety. Thin& about how it was in the day of Boah when he was building the ar&. They laughed at him, they made <o&es of him, s$it on him... >...ha...ha....loo& at the idiot building an ar&.? *ut what are they doing today about C2/K They)re laughing and ma&ing <o&es. It)s not going to ha$$en, nothing)s going to ha$$en...we)re going to have a glorious time in the year 2000. And then came sudden destruction. -a&e u$ America. -a&e u$L 1esus is trying to tell you that I am the light, the way and the truth. 'e is the light and the life, the life of eternal life and salvation. There is only one way to heaven....only one way. And that)s through 1esus who died on the cross for our sins to give us eternal life. -a&e u$ America, wa&e u$. #isten to the $ro$hets and the messengers and what they have to say. 8o not turn your bac&s on them. #isten to what they have to say. Cour strength relies in the #ord, not in this world. Cour strength relies in the #ord, not in this world.

9/2,/99 8ar& days are coming3 the hoof6beats are a$$roaching3 the dar&ness is close. 2re$are the way of the coming of the #ord3 $re$are the way of his coming stand tall he is coming stand tall the light well out shine them all. @reat mercy and $ain well come but the light well bring ha$$iness. >8o not worry or fear,? for I have com$lete control,? he said3 I A0 I A0.? >8o not sway time is short the boo&s are being unsealed the boo&s are being unsealed it is time to sing the song. /ee$ your eyes o$en. 8o not sway there will be signs in the stars and the moon3 do not sway. Bow is the time to come together wal& close now do not sway away nothing else matters now. The light is getting closer hold on a little longer the day you have been waiting for is coming, coming soon with great glory for all to see3 coming now with great gloryPPPP? Isaiah !06162

10/2" /2001 The EB is going to crumb within. The great deceiver and tyrant in the EB well cause the terrorist to attac& America. I am o$ening the door in heaven and coming to bring my children home to where there is great glory and $eace. The windows to the universe are being o$ened. @reat evil M destruction is coming on Israel. 8o not ta&e your eyes of Ceshua. I here all the cries and I am answering them. /ee$ your eyes on Ceshua. +oon I well come and ta&e bac& the deed from the evil one and ma&e $eace on this world again. The evil that is going on now is within usP.. ome to me for $eace and safety. I am the true door to salvation. +ee how fast time is moving loo& at your cloc&s. I A0 the bright and morning star that out shine them all. Bow is the time for all believers to stand in the holy $lace and come together. The strength of the s$irit is in the believers. -e must stand in the holy $lace there is strength there for all to come nothing else matters. Bow is the time to stand in the holy $lacePPPPP.. August 9, 2007 I had a dream last night. I saw three $lumes of nuclear blasts over the Enited +tatesPover Bew 0e.ico, AriHona and Bevada. Also a devastating earth%ua&e will ha$$en in alifornia. This will ha$$en three days after Tim onway dies the devastation will ha$$en. It will start in +e$tember and last into 8ecember. I saw a nuclear blast in Albu%uer%ue Bew 0e.ico, I saw a nuclear blast in 2hoeni., AriHona, I saw a nuclear blast in #as (egas, Bevada. Then I as&ed, >how will these things ha$$en.? A nuclear device will be brought in with the balloons at the balloon rally in Dctober at Albu%uer%ue, B0. I don)t &now if it)s to ha$$en in +e$tember or Bovember, but there is a nuclear bomb already $lanted in 2hoeni., and another bomb is coming in an air$lane to the air show in #as (egas. Another nuclear bomb will be $laced into the +an Andreas Fault somewhere in alifornia to cause the devastating earth%ua&e. In the time of <oy, $erha$s in 8ecember, it will ha$$en. I saw a wave of evil, dar&ness, devastation, and death moving across the southwestern Enited +tates, after these disasters. #i&e the wave or $lague that swe$t across =gy$t in 0oses) time. #i&e a set of dominoes, all going down. I was watching all of this ha$$en from above, loo&ing down at the Enited +tates. I was told not to travel to the southwest. I don)t &now which year this all will ha$$en, but I was told that 0innesota is a safe haven, due to the <et stream, which is li&e a $rotective shield around us. The disasters will greatly affect our economy. I then saw a bright light in the s&y above me after the devastation ha$$ened. It was coming from the heavens towards earth. There is no way to sto$ this devastation. -e have been warned for years to turn bac& to @od, to get rid of our evil ways. +o now it will come. @od is going to remove his hand from these areas and let it ha$$en. It will ha$$en in the time of $eace and safety, when we least e.$ect it. #oo& how %uiet it has been in the Enited +tates since 911. This was the most frightening dream I have ever had.

"ugust $%, $&&% I had a dream how terrorists are going to attac& the E+A. They are going to use trans$ortation li&e truc&s, to carry nuclear devices in. Also truc&s can go inside tunnels with their bombs. And they will use blim$s that fly overhead carrying nuclear or dirty bombs. They can fly them over $ower stations and nuclear $ower $lants

carrying nuclear bombs. They will fly over air$orts and destroy runways. They hate the E+A and they are coming soon, when we least e.$ect them. *e $re$ared. At one time 'itler was going to use blim$s to destroy and gain control over the world. 2ray hard to 1esus to $rotect us...we are un$rotected without his shield. This is <ust the beginningL

'eptember $(, $&&) The shield Iour $rotectionJ is being removed because we have turned our bac&s on @od. 8ar&ness awaits those who will not turn to 1esus. @reat dar&ness. 'ard times. @od will hel$ us through all things and through the dar&ness that is coming to the world. *e $re$ared. It is on its way. +tand in the light, the light of 1esus will $rotect us. /ee$ your eyes on 1esus and everything we do. It is coming very fast now. 'old on to 1esus. 0A4 ' 21 200" America is dying and we the $eo$le are dying with it. *ecause we will not listen to what the #ord is saying. The blood is on our hands. The blood of America is our fault, time has run out. There is no other answer but [email protected]#D4IDE+ +A(ID4PPP. >If my $eo$le who are called by my name will humble themselves, and $ray and see& my face, and turn from there wic& ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land. Scripture the Lord has given me in His word:
I John 4:1-21 God tells me these gifts are from Him and the Hol Spirit !omans 4:1-" I #orinthians 14:1$ %-&' 14:22$ 2%$ 2"-%4 (he gift of prophec He)rews *:1-& +nce ou are )orn again ou are there to sta He)rews *:"-1% He)rews 12:2$ &-1,$ 12-2- .eep our e es on Jesus' hold onto Him !evelation %:*-1& God told me a)out the great tri)ulation /rover)s %:*-%& #all wal0ing with God /rover)s 4:21 2 lifelong 3uest 4atthew *:1"-2,$ 2&-2*$ %1$ %% 4atthew 1:1$ 1--$ 14-1&$ 21-22$ 24 4atthew 1":2& 4atthew 24:1$11$14$%*-4& (hings that are going to happen at the end Lu0e 21:1,-12 Signs John %:%-"$ 1%$ 1& I #orinthians 12:%-4$ --1,$ 12-1%$ 2--2" Spiritual Gifts I #orinthians 1%:--" I #orinthians 14:1$%-*$ 12$ 22$ 24$ 2"$ %2$ %1 Gift of /rophec I /eter 1: 1%-1& 5e hol I /eter 2:4-12 #hosen people II /eter 1:1"-21 Hol Spirit spea0s !evelations 11:1$ 1%
THIS IS A MESSAGE FOR ALL GOD’S CHILDREN: In this picture of the earth there are ! porta"s that #e$ as Go%’s chi"%ren$ #i"" enter #hen &esus co'es to ta(e us to hea)en* There are three spira" porta"s for the east$ the #est$ the north$ an% the south* In each spira" of "i+ht is a %oor#a, to hea)en* Here is Go%’s #or% to -ac( this up: Whirlwind – 2 Kings 2:1-2, 2:11, Job 37:9, 38:1, 40:6; Psal !8:9; Pro"#rbs 1:27, 10:2!, $s !:28, 17:13, 40:24, 41:16, 66:1!; J#r 4:13, 23:19, 2!:32, 30:23, %&# 1:4, 'an 11:40, (os 8:7, 13:3, ) os 1:14, *ah 1:3, (ab 3:14, +#, 7:14

-a.#s – $s 4!:1-3, 60:11, 62:10, J#r 17:20, 22:2, %&# 26:10, 48:30-3!, /#" 21:9-13, %&# 42 'oors – Psal 78:22-23, 24:7-10, /#" 4:1-3

If you could see what *od see
If you could see what *od see you would fill ashamed. *od see, hears, fills everything you do. *od created all things. !ou can push *od just so far. It is like what happen in the garden of +den *od told adam and eve not to eat from the tree. *od warned them not to eat from the tree of good and evil. 'o they thought *od we not see us them eat from the tree wrong. *od see everything *od see all we do he knows when we lie he knows when we kill. *od see and here,s the little ones crying out from the mother,s womb. *od here our cry,s late at night. *od knows when you get drunk and get into a car and drive an kill someone on the hwy. -e here,s when we praise him. *od see you when

we fall to our kness and cry out to him. *od fills our pain and see what we are doing to his world by our greed. *od has been talking to us for a very long time. .ut we will not listen an stand sill and try to here what *od has to say this world is to busy and the nosey to here *od but that is about to change////////////////////0salm 122
*34 L35+' T-I' 36L4 '3 789*od created man and women on the earth and told them to multiply the earth. 'o they did what *od wanted them to do generation after generation they multiply. Then *od people decided to rebel and turn to other *od,s. They became more and more rebellious. Then when *od saw what his children were doing by rejecting *od,s love for them. *od became very disappointed in what his children were doing. -e decided to destroy everything on the earth. *od had his eye on this one man name :oah. *od had been listened to his prayers for a long time. :oah loved *od so *od decided to talk to :oah and tell him his planes to destroy this earth with a big flood. *od told :oah to build a big ark before the flood comes. *od told :oah that he was very disappointed with the people on the earth. .ut :oah told *od he did not know how to build an ark and he asked *od what is an ark. *od told :oah he would teach him how to build this ark. 'o :oah listened day and night to *od how to build an ark. *od and :oah walked togother and talk day and night. :oah loved *od and obay his every word. Then *od told :oah to get ready and get in the ark it is time for you to rise above all this evil that is happen upon this earth and to keep looking up. Then the flood came all upon all the earth to cleanse it of all it +vil. Then after the flood was over there was more, more generations upon the earth. 3nce again the world rebelled *od,s laws. 'o *od decided he was going to send his only son to the world to try to wake up the people and show *od,s love thought his son the people love *od son his son and worship him. .ut there were these unbelieving people that were trying to kill *od,s son. .ut it was not time for him to die yet. 'o *od,s son travel all thought the country to try to get *od people to listen to what he was saying about salvation and *od love for the people. They listen and believed for a short time in his son. Then they turn against *od son and nailed him to the cross because they were an +vil generation and *od son was love and *od son offer eternal life to live with him forever he died on the cross for them he gave up his life for this +vil generation. .ut this is not the end of the story. *od son Jesus layed down his life for all his children that some day his children would live with him in the heavenly forever. .ut what dose Jesus death on the cross really mean to this world today. "re we praising him and worship him every day and reading his word. "sk yourself are we still nailing him to the old rugged cross where he died for us thousand of years ago. "re we thanking him for taken care of us all these years. "6+ + 6+"4I:* -I' 364 +5+6! 4"! ":4 L+"6:I:* 736+ ".38T -I' LI;+ -+6+ 3: +"6T- "6+ + T-I:KI:* +5+6! 4"! ;36 -"T -+ *I5+' 8' 4"IL!. 4o you know how much Jesus loves us. 4o you really care about our Lord 'avior############# "re we just going to keep listen to the world is saying and not listen with our hearts and not seeing our Lord Jesus crying for this world. Jesus is crying for the world in disappointment of this world by turning our backs to his love offering to this +vil world and not reading his instruction manual the word of *od the .ible. "ll we need is in *od,s word all the answers to life are there we just need to start reading *od,s word. There is no other book in the world like *od,s word. *od,s word is our life force. *od word is *od talking to us. :ow once again generation after generation we are not listen to what our father is saying thought his prophecy. *od wants us to totally depend on him for everything he has made for us to enjoy. *od wants more of our attention he wants us to cry out to him and call out forgivness and he would here our cry and heal our land of the +vilness. -ave you ever wonder why so meany fish,birds in our rivers and the sea why this is happen. .ecause it is a warning from *od. e must listen to *od and what he has to say. *od has waited a long time for his children to come to our senses. To want to worship him and praise him. .ut his messages have falling on death ears. 'o now people of the world *od is not happy. !ou do not want *od to get mad. .ut *od has been waiting an now *od has had it. *et ready for what *od is going to do. *od is going to set hell lose upon this world for our disobedience to your father *od creator of everything. Time of peace and safty is over it is coming from the sky for all to see. *od pattence has run out. 0epair it is on it,s way it we come when we least e<pect it. It will come when the world sat peace and safty it will come. 0epair my children I come on clounds of glory. It is time to look up your redemption grows near. 96! 38T T3 *34 ;36 6+0+:T8' "K+ 80. !386 "T T-+ 963'' 63"4'///////////..

0I 1,2ha)e co'e to cast fire upon the earth3 an% 142ho# I #ish it #ere a"rea%, (in%"e%5 67 8ut I ha)e a -aptis' to 1aa2un%er+o$ an% ho# %istresse% I a' unti" it is acco'p"ishe%5 6 Do ,ou suppose that I ca'e to +rant peace on earth9 I te"" ,ou$ no$ -ut rather %i)ision3 6! for fro' no# on fi)e # b#rs in one househo"% #i"" -e %i)i%e%$ three a+ainst t#o an% t#o a+ainst three* 6: The, #i"" -e %i)i%e%$ father a+ainst son an% son a+ainst father$ 'other a+ainst %au+hter an% %au+hter a+ainst 'other$ 'other;in;"a# a+ainst %au+hter;in;"a# an% %au+hter;in;"a# a+ainst 'other;in;"a#*< L=>E !: ./;6: Revelation 10

Bew American +tandard *ible IBA+*J

The Angel and the Little Book
10 I saw another strong angel coming down out of heaven, clothed with a cloud3 and the rainbow was u$on his head, and his face was li&e the sun, and his feet li&e $illars of fire3 2 and he had in his hand a little boo& which was o$en. 'e $laced his right foot on the sea and his left on the land3 , and he cried out with a loud voice, as when a lion roars3 and when he had cried out, the seven $eals of thunder 9a;uttered their voices. 4 -hen the seven $eals of thunder had s$o&en, I was about to write3 and I heard a voice from heaven saying, >+eal u$ the things which the seven $eals of thunder have s$o&en and do not write them.? 7 Then the angel whom I saw standing on the sea and on the land lifted u$ his right hand to heaven, ! and swore by 'im who lives forever and ever, -'D 4=AT=8 '=A(=B AB8 T'= T'[email protected]+ IB IT, AB8 T'= =A4T' AB8 T'= T'[email protected]+ IB IT, AB8 T'= +=A AB8 T'= T'[email protected]+ IB IT, that there will be delay no longer, : but in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he is about to sound, then the mystery of @od is finished, as 'e 9b;$reached to 'is servants the $ro$hets.

Then the voice which I heard from heaven, I heard again s$ea&ing with me, and saying, >@o, ta&e the 9c;boo& which is o$en in the hand of the angel who stands on the sea and on the land.? 9 +o I went to the angel, telling him to give me the little boo&. And he Ssaid to me, >Ta&e it and eat it3 it will ma&e your stomach bitter, but in your mouth it will be sweet as honey.? 10 I too& the little boo& out of the angel)s hand and ate it, and in my mouth it was sweet as honey3 and when I had eaten it, my stomach was made bitter. 11 And they Ssaid to me, >Cou must $ro$hesy again concerning many $eo$les and nations and tongues and &ings

" L+TT+6 T3 "7+6I9" wake 80
e need to wake up. e have been lulled to sleep by our *overnment. hat does it say in our constitution it say + T-+ 0+30L+ dose not our money and conies say no it I: *34 + T6+'T. e have turned our backs on our loving *od. " *od that has giving us everything. e have fought many wars and our flag still stands. e are the great "merica under *od 3:+ :"TI3: ;36 "T9- + 'T":4 8:4+6 *34. :3 one pushes *od around he,s a jealous *od. "re we as "merican going to let others push us around the way other countries do. *od has made us strong not weak. Let us raise our flags all over "merica and show other countries we are not weak we need to wake up before to late. e have fought for our freedom. "re we going to let this beautiful county be destroyed by other nation powers. "re we going to go down with the ship weak "merica or strong "merica# e need to stand with our *od and not let "merica go down. e are one nation under *od our great *od. There is only a little time left. "t one time we were strong flying our flag

what has happen to "merica the great are we going to stand strong or are we going to be strong and show other countries we will not be push around. -ow many more war,s do we need to fought# It,s time to stand with our *od. e our 3:+ :"TI3: 8:4+6 *34 our only hope is our *od our creator of everything. :o one else can help us but our *od. ill we stand strong or go down with the ship "merica# It is time to sing the song like our ancestors did in the time of old. "merica the beautiful 3:+ :"TI3: 8:4+6 *34. *od is our only hope. Let,s learn to love one another again. "nd stand for our friends in Israel an not let them down the way we have been doing by turning our backs on them and our great and wonderful *od our great creator and stand strong side by side with Israel our bother,s and sister,s. Let *od be *od to worship him in our church and rise our hands and praise him for what he has done for us. 9ry out to *od to heal our land and repent of our sins and he will hear us and heal our land "merica the beautiful or are we just going stick our heads in the sand. e are the great "merica that *od created there is no other place like "merica. "re we going to stand strong or are we going to down with the ship# e are one nation under *od. Lets stand strong not weak remember 0earl -arbor. e are the great "merica. Let freedom ring. *et on our knees and cry out to our *od Lord and savior. + our *ods mighty "rmy. 4on,t let "merica go down . The ship is sinking the great ship "merica is sinking. 0ut *od back in our hearts an not outside. !ou have been warned. e can become strong again with *od,s help or just give up the great ship "merica. The ship is going down -+LL3. L+T ;6++437 6I:* "K+ 80 "7+6I9" L+T *34 .L+'' "7+6I9" "*"I:. ILL !38 'T":4 80 ;36 *34 ":4 386 938:T6!# -"T I' I: !386 -+"6T# '+:4 T-I' 7+''"*+ T3 +5+6! 3:+ L+T +5+6! 3:+ ;L! 386 ;L"*' 8:T3 + I: "7+6I9" ."9K. ": + 'T":4 3:I9+ "*"I: 3:+ :"TI3: 8:4+6 *34 43 :3T 08T !386 ;L"*' " "! T3 + -+6+ ;6++437 6I:* "*"I: ":4 + 'T":4 IT- *34 ;36 386 *6+"T 938:T! ":4 L+"6: T3 L35+ +"9- 3T-+6 3:I9+ "*"I:

L+T ;6++437 6I:*
The Woman, the Child, and the Dragon Revelation 12
12 Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve
stars. 2 Then

eing with child, she cried out in la or and in pain to give


"nd another sign appeared in heaven: ehold, a great, fier# red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads. $ %is tail drew a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. "nd the dragon stood efore the woman who was read# to give irth, to devour her Child as soon as it was orn. & 'he ore a male Child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron. "nd her Child was caught up to (od and %is throne. ) Then the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared # (od, that the# should feed her there one thousand two hundred and si*t# da#s+! , #ears

-'=B T'= [email protected]#= F#I=+ *C, T'= =B8 I+ [email protected] I +A- A *[email protected] [email protected]#= F#C [email protected]'T IB F4DBT DF 0= *[email protected] [email protected]+ DB 'I0. -= +'A## 0DEBT E2 -IT' [email protected]+ A+ [email protected]#=+. Isaiah 405 ,1 AB8 F#C A*D(=. -hen children are toc& in at night. 2arents dream of $eace and safety ho$e and love freedom, of the future. In the midst of war, and $overty, The bro&en dreams and the mystery, the s$irit comes and breathes.

T-I' I' " 7+''"*+ *I5I:* T3 7+ ;637 T-+ L364 T3 -I' 9-IL4+6: -3 -"5+ .++: "ITI:*
;irst message is= 4o not fear the arrows that fly by day. Jesus will protect us from what is coming upon this world 7essage two= -e who is awake will not go before those that are asleep. The dead in 9hrist will rise first and we will see him coming on clouds of glory. 7essage three= *et your house in order I "7,I "7,I"7 coming >uickly now prepare the way then after hearing prepare the way I heard the trumpet blast loud and clear. I have prepared a place for you.

J+'8' I' 937I:* 3: ;I+6! 9L384' ;36 -I' 9-IL46+:
Jesus is coming again like he went in the clouds when he left this world. This time Jesus will come on the fiery clouds of glory with a trumpet blast. 6emember +?ekiel the whirlwind ,and and a great cloud with raging fire engulfing itself# "ll the people of the world will see big fiery ships coming out of the clouds with loud blasting sounds coming from the ships. The ships have come to pickup *od,s people. The world will see people rising like fire files rising up all over the world heading into the fiery clouds where Jesus waits to bring us home. Then we will enter into the portals that have whirlwinds in them. e will have new bodies and enter our new heavenly home and live there forever more with *od and Jesus. Then later we will return and live on new earth in glorious new Jerusalem/everything brand new.

+?ekiel [email protected] 1A2 Jeremiah $(@1BA$& Jeremiah [email protected]($ Jeremiah [email protected](A1B
e are in the 11th hour, standing/waiting for change. e don,t know which road to take, as we are at a standstill at ?ero hour. 4oom and destruction is coming to the 8.'. e have failed *od. ho can help us# Jesus can help. -e has all the answers we need/ only Jesus. 0salm ()@ (AD Trust in the Lord and do goodE dwell in the land, and feed on his faithfulness. 4elight yourself also in the Lord and -e shall give you the desires of your heart. 9ommit your way to the Lord, trust also in -im, and -e shall bring it to pass. -e shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noon day. 6est in the Lord, and wait patiently for -im. 4o not fret because of him who prospers in his way, because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass. 9ease from "nger and forsake wrathE do not fret, it only causes harm.

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