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Residential Electric Service
Service Area

Effective January 1, 2014

New Service
Rates and Fees


Bill Payment

Throughout the Cooperative's service area from existing lines of adequate capacity.

Service Rules

Applicable only for residential use and for use incidental thereto supplied through one meter to each individual unit. The


capacity of individual motors served under this Schedule shall not exceed seven and one-half (7-1/2) horsepower.
Type of Service
Single phase, 60 Hertz at standard voltages. (Three phase service available under special terms and conditions.)
Monthly Rates
Base Charge $20.00
Energy Charge
First 1000 kWh per month (Oct-May)

@ $.097 per kWh

First 1000 kWh per month (June-Sept)

@ $.097 per kWh

Over 1000 kWh per month (Oct-May)

@ $.077 per kWh

Over 1000 kWh per month (June-Sept)

@ $.142 per kWh

Minimum Charges
The minimum monthly charge shall be $15.00 where 15 kVA or less transformer capacity is required. For services that
require more than 15 kVA transformer capacity, the minimum monthly charge shall be increased $1.00 per kVA, or
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fraction thereof, of additional capacity supplied by the Cooperative.
Wholesale Power Cost Adjustment
The above rates shall be increased or decreased by 0.1 mill per kWh for each 0.1 mill or major fraction thereof by which
the Cooperative's total average purchased power cost, including future resource costs that are a component of current

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power costs, per kWh sold for the preceding twelve months exceeds or is less than 74.000 mills per kWh.
Terms of Payment
The above rates are net. The bill is due upon receipt and payable within twenty (20) days thereafter. Service may be
discontinued if bill is not paid within ten (10) days from date of second notice.
To provide revenue for patron's electric service and capital from the patrons. In compliance with cooperative principles
and the corporation's bylaws, revenue for electric service is equal to the cost of service provided. All monies in excess
of the cost of providing electric service is capital, at the moment of receipt, and will be credited to each patron's
individual capital account.
Project RoundUp
Unless a member is prohibited as a matter of law from making charitable donations, or opts out of Operation Round Up
by giving the Cooperative written or oral notice that the member does not wish to participate, the monthly bill for
electric service for each member account shall be rounded up so that there is added to each bill an amount of cents
sufficient to make the bill equal to the next highest dollar amount. A member may prospectively opt out of Operation
Round Up at any time by giving the Cooperative oral or written notice.
Tax Adjustment
The member shall pay any sales, use franchise or other tax now or hereafter applicable to the service rendered
hereunder or imposed on the Corporation as a result of such service.
Above subject to Georgia Sales Tax.

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