Do you have a pulse

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Do you have a pulse?

Well yes you do but could you measure it with your webcam? The brilliant minds
at MIT have developed an algorithm which allows us to see the minute changes
that only a camera can pick up. They then amplify the changes for us to see these
minute changes. The BEST PART is that, the source code for this is published
online and anyone interested can download it free of cost for non-commercial
Let’s see what you could do with this algorithm.
 You can accurately measure a person’s heart rate from afar, especially
useful for monitoring an infant’s heart rate.
 It also reveals the area where blood flows, which can be helpful for doctors
to find any abnormalities without even examining the patient.
 It allows the detecting of minute movement in objects that seem inanimate
to the human eye. Some example includes the swaying of a crane in slightly
windy conditions and the minute rotation of the eyeball.
Theoretically it is capable of creating a distant nonattached lie detector, which
will be helpful for governments and intelligence agencies.
The Xbox one’s kinect sensor uses this technology to determine the heart rate of
a person playing a video game.
This is still an ongoing project, and people with ideas can contribute to the
developer’s community.

The QR Code contains the video explanation of what the algorithm can do.
For further information and for the code refer to the following link

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