Do you have the qualities to be a good mentor

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How to be a good mentor



Do You Have the Qualities to be a Good Mentor?
A good mentoring relationship is meant to provide guidance, support and a willingness to share experience and knowledge. Because women tend to mentor differently and need different things from their mentor than men, this type of relationship will look different than what might traditionally be called mentoring. Women tend to bond more therefore establish more of a relationship with their mentor. So it is important to find a mentor/mentee that meets the needs of both parties. Do you have what it takes to be a good mentor? Let’s explore what qualities a good mentor possesses. A good mentor takes a personal interest in the relationship. A good mentor is invested in the success of the mentee and finds gratification in helping them achieve. They don’t take the responsibility they’ve accepted as mentor lightly. They remember what it was like to be just starting out and want to pave the way for someone else with talent and drive. A good mentor is a good teacher. Excellent communication skills and a willingness to share experience, expertise and knowledge are the keys to any mentoring relationship. They understand that good mentoring takes time and a willingness to share what (and who) they know. A good mentor is a good role model. A good mentor has achieved some success in their profession and has made a positive impact on their community? They show enthusiasm for their chosen career and for the relationships they’ve established inside and outside of their profession? These qualities are crucial to a good mentor. A good mentor meets personal and professional goals for themselves. It is important for a good mentor to set goals for themselves to demonstrate to the mentee how to achieve success not only in their chosen profession but in their personal life as well. This sets a good example for the mentee and provides a positive path for them to model for themselves. A good mentor provides positive and constructive feedback. The mentee grows when shown how to utilize their strengths and identify their weaknesses. A good mentor will have a balance of similarities and differences compared to those of the mentee. By providing situations in which the mentee has an opportunity to showcase their strengths they enhance their professional development and feelings of accomplishment.

A good mentor is respected by colleagues and by the community. By being someone respected in your chosen profession and by the community you set an example for the mentee to look to. The mentee can see themselves in the mentor’s role some day if they simply follow the mentor’s guidance. This quality also provides very important networking opportunities for the mentee not otherwise available to them. A good mentor values the opinions and achievements of others. This quality demonstrates an ability to operate in a successful team environment and boost the accomplishments of the team. This skill will no doubt serve the mentee who will find themselves in similar situations and must be able to contribute and share in the team’s success. A good mentor stays current, or even innovative, in their field. Staying current and being open to new practices and methods in their profession, even teaching or publishing where they have established an expertise demonstrates an enthusiasm important for mentees to witness. Good mentors continue to grow in their profession by taking classes, attending professional conferences or workshops. They join professional and service organizations as a way to grow professionally and personally. It is also a way to network for themselves and the company. A good mentor motivates. A good mentor motivates by being enthusiastic in their profession and in their relationships. They are good teachers, and learners. Good mentors show compassion and are genuinely interested in those around them. They show what it takes to succeed, how to be productive, leads by example. If you have these qualities, you could be the difference in someone’s life. Whether a professional or personal mentor, you show the way.

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