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Innovative Real Time Remote Doctor Consultation Application A lot of research is being done across the world today to provide innovative and technology powered solutions in the Healthcare industry. We have seen a lot of advancement in the way information technology has empowered the entire healthcare management right from conducting simple diagnosis to entire body scans to making patient medical records available electronically on demand (so called Electronic Medical Records). Further to this a lot of work is being done to safe guard this sensitive information as per HIPAA and HL7 standards. On the other hand there is still a wide gap in terms of providing high end medical care to patients living in remote locations with very minimal access to the world class doctors or so called specialists. Due to the fact that the so called Specialist doctors are too busy, it is only possible to handle a said number of medical cases on any given day. Even if the doctors are willing to travel to remote locations, the fact that it wastes a lot of time in travel without any productivity makes it completely unviable. In order to bridge this gap several solutions have been introduced into the market like online doctor appointments with facility to chat and even do video conferencing, Tele Medicine to speak to the doctor on phone and get medical advises etc. However these solutions still does not give any advantage to the doctor to consult the patient physically and do any primary diagnosis in real time. This situation has led to the thought of coming up with an innovative real-time and remotely managed doctor consultation system called DocBox that helps patients in remote locations to be able to schedule appointments with the specialist doctors and get expert medical advices. How DocBox works? DocBox is a web based application that acts as a medium for both Doctors and Patients to provide / receive health care services in the form of online consultations. DocBox has the Video, Audio and Chat features attached as part of the application. The way it is different from other online Doctor Appointment and consultation systems is that there is a Clinician attached with DocBox application in every remote location. Clinician registers the patients and fix appointments with available doctors based on a Scheduler / Planner available within the DocBox application Similarly doctors also get registered on DocBox web application with the help of administrator. They configure their (doctor’s) online availability for consultation. On the prefixed day of the appointment patients reach the clinics at the remote place for consultation. Locally a clinician starts consultation with the doctor and based on the doctor’s instructions, clinician conducts tests using the DocBox device and uploads the clinical findings in the local database. The web based software solution captures these clinical findings and uploads the same to the master database. These clinical findings are displayed to the doctor during the consultation and help him

suggest appropriate prescription to patients. Upon completion of consultation complete information related to that consultation is stored in the master database for future reference. Technology around DocBox DocBox uses Telerik Scheduler for scheduling appointments with Doctors based on their availability but it was customized to suit DocBox needs. DocBox also uses Opentok Web API for quality Video / Audio streaming during the consultation process. DocBox has necessary interfaces to capture data from remote storage devices and update the central database at frequent intervals.

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