Doctoral Thesis Proposal

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Prof. Dr. Jo┼że Flašker & Prof. Dr. Stanislav Pehan University of Maribor Faculty of Mechanical n!ineerin!

Fro": Prof. Dr. #i$a%i &brahi"i University of Prishtina Faculty of Mechanical n!ineerin!' Sub$ect: Doctoral thesis (ro(osal Dear Prof. Dr. Jo%e Flasker an) Prof. Dr. Stanislav Pehan *ase) on the conversation +ith Prof. Dr. Stanislav Pehan in Pristina as +ell as several )iscussin! bet+een "e an) you throu!h our assistant' Dr. Sh(eti" ,a$-i in or)er to )eter"ine a )octoral thesis (ro(osal' +e +ant to infor" you that' in the )octoral stu)ies at the Faculty of Mechanical n!ineerin!' University of Prishtina +e have a can)i)ate calle) Msc. .ia) .a"a)ani' assistant at our Faculty of Mechanical n!ineerin! in )e(art"ent of /onstruction an) Mechani%ation. #o+' Mr. .a"a)ani to!ether +ith his su(ervisor in )octoral stu)ies' Prof. Dr. #i$a%i &brahi"i is in the sta!e of )eter"inin! the )issertation to(ic. 0ur +ish is one of you to be as /o1"entor of the can)i)ate in )octoral thesis. The can)i)ate is an assistant on the sub$ects: Machine ele"ents' /2D an) )esi!n by co"(uter. *achelor3s an) "aster3s thesis has +orke) in the fiel) of !ears +hen & +as his "entor. Master3s thesis has +orke) in the o(ti"i%ation of (ara"eters of !ear trans"itters an) factors that influence on !ear sustainability. &n or)er to kno+ +hat e4actly Mr. .a"a)ani has +orke) )urin! (ast years & sen) to you also his /5. & kno+ that the !ear )o"ain is an area +i)e enou!h an) re-uires e4(eri"ental research. 2lso e"(hasi%e that the )o"ain of (lanetary !ears are also interestin! because to this fiel) & have +orke) )issertation to Prof. Dr. Jose 6leban$a' +hile investi!ations are carrie) out in the factory Stro$na1Maribor. & "entione) this to infor" you a((ro4i"ately +hat +e +orke) on. 7e shoul) be a+are that the (ro(osal has to co"e fro" us' but the "ain (roble" for us is e4(eri"ental research. Therefore' it +oul) be better that alon! to these (ro(ose) i)eas' if you coul) notify us yours eventual (ro(osals an) e4(eri"ental research. 6o(efully that you +ill ans+er us' take this o((ortunity to !reetin! you.

*est +ishes Prof. Dr. #i$a%i &brahi"i' su(ervisor 1"ail: ni$a%iibrahi"i8hot""

Mob.: 9 :;; << =>? @A?

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