Domestic Auto Parts case

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The functional areas mentioned in the case are:
 Manufacturing
 Distribution
 Marketing
 R&D
The key issues related to these are:
Balance Score Card: Internal processes perspective
I. Learn about customer to bring innovative products.
II. Better coordination between manufacturing and product delivery
III. Manage raw material, be on time
IV. Do product switching, reduce unscheduled downtime, do preventive maintenance
V. Invest in process improvement and new equipment
VI. Lack of cross functional learning skills
Balance Score Card: Customer
I. Does not know how to attract and retain profitable customers
II. Lack of understanding the need and translating by continuous relationship
III. Lack of setting up long term relationship with them
Internal processes perspective
I. Lack of infra tool to create world class wholesalers and distributors
II. Need to streamline
III. Lack of processes to sharing best practices and best thinking in geographical dispersed locations
IV. Lack of cross functional learning skills
Balance Score Card: Customer
I. Need to establish superior reputation of product and company
II. Position as innovator with enhanced products
III. Lack of cross functional learning skills
Balance Score Card: Customer
Lack of knowledge of customer
Lack of cross functional learning skills

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