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A large number of small crafts such as barge, fishing vessels, supply vessels, passenger boats, jankar etc. are operating at Cochin. The existing slipway dry-docks are not sufficient to carry out the repair and maintenance of the ever increasing number of crafts. The constraints such as availability of land, soil conditions, cost of land etc. lead to the design of floating dock for repair and maintenance of small vessels. At present the most popular material used for the construction of such dock structures is steel. But the high corrosive cost of steel is also high. Hence it was decided to adapt a less expensive material for the construction of this floating dock. The building material, Ferro cement is already found very much suitable for boats, crafts, tanks etc in many countries. The aim of present thesis is design and analysis of a floating dry-docks based on Ferro-cement construction. The mechanical properties of this material are discussed in this these. The designed dock serve flat bottom barges up to 300tons light displacement and self propelled vessels such as fishing boats, passenger boats, jankars, supply vessels etc. having maximum displacement of 300 tons. The analysis of the dock is carried out in the transverse and longitudinal directions. The methods such as intermediate beam analysis, beam on elastic foundation analysis etc are used here. Finally the strength of the structure is checked for safety

Paul J. Nedwell, R. N. Swamy
Journal of ferrocement, Volume 18 International Ferro cment

Iorns, M. E., and Watson, L. L., Jr., ³Ferrocement Boats Reinforced with Expanded Metal,.´ Journal of Ferrocement (Bangkok), V. 7, No. 1, July 1977, pp. 9-16.

Submitted by: AMARESH KUMAR CE-A ROLL NO: 06

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