Dwelling Places (E)

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Dwelling Places (key of E) VERSE 1: E B/A A B/A Lovely are Your dwelling pla - ces. E A E/G# Thirsty, I come after You. F#m7 B A/B E Jesus, my joy, my reward, F#m7 B A/B E Your love’s restoring my soul. F#m9 Now I’m Yours, and You are mine. A/B B And from my heart a song will rise. A

CHORUS: E I love You, I love You, I love You. F#m7 Bsus4 B I love You, I love You, I love You. E C#m I love You, I love You, I love You. F#m7 B E And my heart will follow wholly after You. VERSE 2: E B/A A B/A A Jesus, there is none beside You E A Righteous, ruler of the earth, F#m7 B A/B E Nations will come and bow down. F#m7 B A/B F#m7 Bsus4 B Name over all names, I sing You prai - ses, F#m9 Bsus4 B And all that I can say to You is ©1999 Miriam Webster Hillsong by Integrity's Hosanna! Music Words and Music by Miriam Webster

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